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  1. That is an amazing claim to fame, I can only count on seeing Pete Shelley’s last gig, seeing the last UK appearance of Lux Interior and The Cramps, and one of the last shows of the original line up of Iggy and The Stooges!
  2. vinnyweknuts


    Unless they buy Bury’s position, save all that faffing around with promotion out of L2?
  3. Didn’t know that history
  4. Big difference between "being happy" and reality, 75% of teams in our league will not mount a serious challenge
  5. Mid table would be the aim of Mr B and a satisfactory outcome based upon recent turbulence
  6. Like Odelusi up front!
  7. Shows the gulf in funding that we are up against, Mr B’s magic money tree is no match
  8. It’s draws like this that will cost us the Championship!
  9. Would he get more than 4 minutes in our team at the moment?
  10. Is there any doubt on game due to volume of rain currently in Yorkshire, not in Halifax yet but Bingley is torrential
  11. It is they who need the good luck!
  12. Ground sharing never works out well!!
  13. Wise words, for whatever reason Mr B has gambled and made the decision so we need to get behind. Although I suspect Wild, like me, woke up this morning and had to check whether this was really true and not a dream!
  14. I have big reservations on Mr B’ s budget choice and am worried Clarke will just take the hump. Happy to be proved wrong , perhaps his MS PowerPoint skills are top drawer!
  15. Hopefully he doesn’t make a trio of inept inexperienced pyramids of emotion
  16. Almost had me fooled there my old cupola until you mentioned work, I thought you were the retired idle rich?
  17. Not being funny but why is there is there a cut off of 31st July, are they not selling them afterwards or will the price just go up? I presume you can pick up the actual season ticket at any time as I don’t plan to go to Halifax just to pick up?
  18. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/yorkshireman-more-than-happy-for-you-to-correct-his-english-20190722187600 bit of a joke as well!
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