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  1. Wayne Hennessey did not know what Nazi salute was

    We are all immigrants!
  2. Season Tickets

    I am presuming there is a limit to how many Scarf Tickets that you buy?
  3. Retained list for next season

    Do I not like that!
  4. Hartlepool Game

    Very good summary my friend
  5. Agent Fees

    Perhaps we should have signed the agents instead based upon their slick prowess!
  6. Agent Fees

    I’d need that as well to pull on a filthy red scum top!
  7. Another Announcement?

    Is Walshaw lined up as sparky for the Club Shop
  8. Having a party!

    Shayria Law?
  9. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Purveyors of finest soup, but I am sure it was just cuppa soup
  10. Alarming

    I was surprised at the declared crowd, more like 1000-1100 to me 
  11. Bromley match thread

    Decent Bromley Contingent!
  12. Obscure Day Jobs.

    He’s taken quite a bashing on here
  13. Bromley match thread

    Is it me or is this truly dreadful?
  14. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Chadders had massive flare 
  15. U19’s Season 2018/19

    Well done to the lads
  16. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Jamie Fullarton- Darren Kelly Tactical Impersonator!
  17. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Imre Varadi- Actor- "Sliding Doors" - what would have happened if he'd actually signed for Town!
  18. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Kevin Hulme- Anger Management Counsellor
  19. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Jimmy Case - Barman 
  20. Obscure Day Jobs.

    Dominic Ludden Health Visitor
  21. Having a party!

    No further questions your honour, the prosecution moves that Mr L Clark is a complete idiot!
  22. Well Done To The Lads

    Good to see a thread descend into positivity, just shows what a bit of positive action on the pitch breeds, well done Shaymen
  23. Random image of the day

    Still don’t know why JF signed his pizza delivery man, was it because he was speedy?
  24. Leyton Orient match.

    Lets “hoof” it every week
  25. Another Announcement?

    Have I missed it?