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  1. Players who will leave ??

    I think it was a very successful manager who pointed out we were shopping at Netto  but it would be good to try at Asda I ain't expecting Waitrose or Booths!
  2. Mj85

    Can it really hold 4350?????
  3. Rodney

    I am surprised that there is not greater regulation on this 
  4. Promotion/Play Offs

    Yes it would be nice for the Class of 92 do the maths and withdraw their investment, that way the Ammies can return to their rightful position, we pick up some bargains and the league doesn’t get distorted (as much!)
  5. Wilder

    Sorry but can’t help who you support, I went to Leeds and Town matches every week during the 70’s!
  6. Players who will leave ??

    what "worries" me in terms of replacements is Scot's comments about JF and his frustrations at just being outbid on every "target" hence we end up with hopeless cases eg SL/Odelusi just on the off chance that JF's pyramid of emotion can throw the switch in crap players head or body. If that is the case then JF is hardly to blame as you have to give a craftsman the tools to do his job.
  7. Young lad assaulted at the shay..

    Not my idea of normal!
  8. Young lad assaulted at the shay..

    Seems strange that they the two bovver groups would go for cocktails together and then go and have a fight elsewhere, I know there are organised fights but this seems a bit bizarre.
  9. Bye Bye Kosy

    Morrissey with a man bun
  10. Wilder

    Sums it up exactly, although I'd like Leeds to go up Wilder certainly deserves it more
  11. Town Vs Wrexham

    is it nailed on for a 0-0 at Fylde?
  12. Town Vs Wrexham

    Why would they want him?!
  13. Disappointing

    Eye opening post
  14. Promotion/Play Offs

    Other way round?
  15. Shay Hotel?

    That is a very emotive subject