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  1. Crowds at home

    big wake up for the BOD snoozing on the job
  2. Fans

    Skircoat Road is hardly "up the road" but I get your point
  3. Radio Leeds aren't doing commentary on The Shaymen and Radio Solent Havant!
  4. Fylde Tuesday

    Not so, he will be celebrating a “no doctor day”
  5. Hartlepool

    Does that include the bar steward in the black?
  6. Relegation form

    if only we had some left wingers and right wingers
  7. Maidenhead

    In fairness I think JF has effectively corrected the problem of throwing away valuable points in the last couple of minutes of games
  8. Maidenhead

    Think he’s part of the media team today......doing the filming!
  9. Maidenhead

    Sounds an improvement 
  10. Music

    ticks two boxes, what’s not to like Mr B?
  11. Adam Morgan - Next big thing

    I wasn’t trying to be dismissive of Rick’s subsequent career more recalling the bright bursts these players had for us 
  12. Harrogate Town

    It does have the feel that most home fans have just donned their coat and gone down for a quiet Saturday afternoon out hence the lack of diehard support 
  13. DB interview in't Worrier

    Can we not argue that we have NHS 111 on speed dial if required or get Mr Steele to count to 1999! tonight Mr B is going to party like it’s 1999!
  14. HRLFC

    spot on
  15. DB interview in't Worrier

    Where is Dr A H Muir when you need him?