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  1. Should we be winning on Saturday,

    which one is Chadders?
  2. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    like Burnley fans at The Shay in the early 70's
  3. Full-Time

    we will await Mr B's sliderule verdict
  4. Tonights games

    C'mon Barrow
  5. Tonights games

    BBC reporting Chip Shop attendance as 61, surely that is the first team squad number?
  6. Pliny Harris

    Mr Oblique in the lyrics, I am sure this was played at the time by the chap who climbed the wobbly ladder to the box in the Skircoat Roof, it did make a change form the usual inane disco twaddle ( apologies to DJ Funkmeister if those were his wheels of steel that were spinning)
  7. Full-Time

    I'd rather Jack than Fleetwood Mac as well
  8. Money

    that did for Jimmy Saville, not sure we should be advocating that
  9. Player of the season

    hopefully that wasn't designed as incendiary but for a player with limitations he has been 100% effort
  10. On this day 16th April 1991

    16th April also the anniversary of Billy Ayre's death, what a legend. If I was ever to be interviewed for Shoot! He would be my most feared opponent!
  11. Safe. Well done Jamie and the boys.

    Loving the outbreak of bonhomie following safety
  12. Money

    Entirely right on free under 12s, the children are our future!
  13. Mr B

    Possibly Mr B's cost saving plan, JF can sun himself at his Spanish Soccer Academy during the summer then bobs back mid August to pick up the reins!
  14. Money

    Both East Ends and Arse Ends!
  15. Money

    Oh absolutely, I am no Heath lover but he got us promoted and we were pushing the top of the Conference at that point. The rest is history