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  1. Collins

    We should look at signing their goalscorers! 
  2. Collins

    Statto: I understand it is their heaviest home defeat ever
  3. Relegation form

    Starting Saturday!
  4. Dave's interview

    Mods out!
  5. Barrow Away

    Damn suits!
  6. Cameron King

    Brentford 970 in eighties/late seventies!  
  7. Dagenham Today’s game

    he usually is! can't remember what he looks like
  8. Dagenham Today’s game

    think we need to claim a walkover in that case
  9. Dave's interview

    You could make the point that the 2000 floaters are more important than the 2000 hardcore and although it won’t be popular you could make the case that to win the 2000 fickle fans is more important!
  10. Dagenham Today’s game

    Any commentary today then?
  11. Dagenham Today’s game

    Wise words
  12. David Brooks

    Impact sub if SL unavailable nothing more
  13. AFC Wimbledon Saturday.

  14. Port Vale Vs Stoke City

    Just watched the footage on Midlands Today, cost £90k to police and the away fans just openly trashed the toilets
  15. Port Vale Vs Stoke City

    Good to let the Youth have a bash!