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  1. Justin Edinburgh

    unspeakably bad news. time for reflection RIP
  2. European Cup Final

    I might be being controversial here but if I was a fan of a Premier League team I don't know if I'd attend matches, cost, travel, inconsiderate kick off times, having to have a season ticket to get tickets for most games, rip off prices for kit etc. I'd probably rather buy Sky TV subscription and Club TV subscription and stay at home with a carry out
  3. Challenge cup

    The King of PPI involved?
  4. Challenge cup

    As this is over 30 years I doubt anything will change it, fans ebb and flow according to economics, playing level and success in all sports.
  5. 19/20 player rumours

    Very short sighted IMHO, also a false economy for every Vardy there are 1000 Odelusis and Lineghans that will deplete your scarce playing budget. I don't expect a Stasi network monitoring every player for the next Vardy we just need to identify those players that add to the squad rather take away. I'd also rather have honest solid pros rather than punts on wayward problem cases
  6. 19/20 player rumours

    Ru Paul is rumoured
  7. 19/20 player rumours

    Aye we need a Scottish goalkeeper to strengthen our squad 
  8. Challenge cup

    Was Steele on the gate?
  9. Challenge cup

    Well done Fax
  10. Challenge cup

    I agree that Calderdale MBC on this basis should increase the rent for the Dodgers 
  11. Danny Racchi.....

    Jeez TNV thought we’d signed him! Please bear in mind people with pre-existing medical conditions view this site!
  12. Jake Taylor

    For some reason all our youth players are dismissed as not ready  for a man’s league , god knows why!
  13. European Cup Final

    Disappointed with the quality on this National League Final
  14. Pitch Renovation

    Bring on the wise boys!
  15. Squad 2019/20

    Correct , sadly these days most teams need a rebuild every close season