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    If people base things off Twitter, then I’m going on record that we will not be signing Rodney, at least until the season has started and he is not getting game time.  Rodney has liked a post off his missus, saying that it was his first day back for pre season and that it’s a massive year for him and the club at Salford. So all you hoping for dave, need to find some new great hope!

    Exactly the sort of signing i expected, welcome to the club jack Earing, hope you have a successful season with the shaymen.
  3. So where is it ?

    It said tommorow evening in the tweet, so anywhere between 5-9pm by my watch 
  4. We’re making a signing!

    Announced tommorow evening.

    Ivante Rodneivich, wasn’t he on the books of Red Salford Belgrade last season??
  6. Missed Out

    All Bromley & Dover have done is sign players who have been around this league. Conference journeyman. Players who have been poor at one club and decent at another. 
  7. 1 x adult, 2 x U12  Mr B rallying cry forced me into action, i was going to be one of the end of July purchases.
  8. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Their is also a courier story about winning a season ticket. Mr B is disappointed about the number of season tickets sold. Said he was hoping at this stage to be at around 900 sold, but we are only around 600. He did counter by saying that a majority were new season ticket holders for the first time. No inklings of any signings and not hitting season ticket target is a bit of a depressing start to a Thursday! 
  9. 19/20 player rumours

    Edwards has left for an undisclosed fee to Maidstone 
  10. 19/20 player rumours

    Could the lack of announcements, also be down to the fact that maybe if the club have signed players like hardy/Rodney etc. That the announcement of these signings early on would tell agents of any other suitors that the club maybe chasing, that if they have signed these players from the likes of these clubs (e.g “moneybags clubs”) that any other targets may say try get more money out of the club to sign.
  11. Buzz Effect

    Macclesfield got out of this league on a smaller budget than ours. Might not happen again for another 10 seasons, but it can still happen. Lincoln are a bigger club crowd wise than us, but were habitual strugglers until the cowley’s came in. They were down to crowds of 2500 the season before the went up. We got promoted with no money and half a squad that almost got relegated the season before in 97/98.  
  12. Buzz Effect

    I look forward to you approaching Mr B to offer to invest into Fcht and taking over as a chairman from Mr Bosomworth. Will you be available to do a Q&A with the supporters?
  13. Signings should mean absolutely f**k all to season ticket sales. If we based season ticket sales on player signings, then by some people’s reckonings then Signing Odelusi last season should have resulted in a myriad of extra season ticket sales as he was signed from a higher league and a decent YouTube video, and the signing of Cam King should have sent alarm bells ringing as he was signed from a team several leagues below. Nearly all our signings will be based on heresay from a couple of posters on another teams forum. And nearly all signings will be either young up and comers from academies or players that have been the league two/conf/conf north conveyor belt. Next season will come down to Fullerton and how he has adapted to what he saw last season. Yes Rodney would be nice and Hardy a decent addition, but this season to most reasonable won’t be down to the signings, it will be down to Fullerton and his ability to actually tactically manage the team better.
  14. Pitch Partner Membership

    Equivalent of 10 season tickets sold per membership. Extra 100 season tickets sold if we can get 10 or so
  15. Duku For Torquay?

    And like others have said, i don’t expect Edwards to be here at start of next season.  
  16. Duku For Torquay?

    Duku was ok for me, not a first choice player and wouldn’t have pushed the boat out for him. 
  17. Potential Signings ?

    The same Lois Maynard that just extended his contract at Salford on the 31st May till June 2020
  18. Halifax Gala..

    This is probably unfortunately true. Means there will be very little walk up income from the gates this season. Will only get fate income from travelling fans and if we are doing well.
  19. 19/20 player rumours

    Matt Green has also just left Salford as well, only signed around Xmas time and was hailed as a massive signing.  Get the feeling Rodney May get a chance at Salford this season.
  20. Halifax Gala..

    Also Jacob Hanson and Nathan Clarke are in attendance 
  21. Pre Season

    It’s the last game before the start of the season. A game where you traditionally play a team similar to what you will be playing against the next week when the season starts. I don’t care and I’m sure the club doesn’t either. If we were to play a Sheffield united type team it will be at the start of July not the week before.   
  22. Pre Season

    No sarcasm, will be a good test with a full strength line up the week before the season starts. We usually play a conf north club at home the week before, but think this will be a better tune up leading into season.  
  23. Pre Season

    Perfect fixture for the weekend before the season starts.
  24. Challenge cup

    Brilliant game that. And good to see so many local players playing for Halifax.
  25. Josh Macdonald

    Disagree had a 3-4 month period leading up to his injury under heath where he was the shining light. He had built up his strength and was a lot stronger on ball. Lets hope he can return to that level.