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  1. Imagine either josh Mac or Danny Williams will get the start tommorow, as it appears that Jamie Allan will be our with injury. Can deffo see Southwell on bench tommrow.
  2. Only just came back from an injury and started in his first game back from that injury.
  3. Heard a rumour at notts county game, that Cameron king has an underlying hamstring issue. No idea how true it is.
  4. Been one of Allen’s biggest fans, and thought of his as being one of the better and more consistent performers this season. But agree about his performance yesterday. Don’t think he tried to beat a player once. Kept slowing game down when he received ball, and in 2nd half he seem to get the hump and go around kicking their team. Hope it’s just a one off and he returns to form next weekend.
  5. Poor performance by everyone today. No one at races, everything was laboured and done with no pace. Wooton for them was a deserved man of the match. Win next two games and everything is rosy again.
  6. Club have announced on Twitter that just under 400 have been sold so far.
  7. They have opened small areas of Y1 and Y3 as well now. Hope you don’t have to sit in an assigned seat.
  8. You know me flea. I will back him and support him. And I’ve said what you have said in your last paragraph. Just stating that signing for bury this season, wouldn’t have been down to extensive recruitment.
  9. Like I’ve said on another thread. Bury were after him. A team on -12 points and now sadly gone bust. I doubt they were after him as a wanted signing, more of a. You probably won’t get paid but here you can play league football. Type signings.
  10. Not judging the lad, never heard of him and will support him. But Bury wanting him doesn’t Mean much with me. The players Bury would have attracted this season would be whatever released players showed an interest in just being able to play league football this season. There would have been little to no recruiting.
  11. By my rough mathematics, both upstairs and downstairs of Block Y2 hold around 750 seats. I don’t think they’ve opened up the bottom section yet which holds 300. Which would make sense with how many tickets are left in top section
  12. If we launch it in air like Yeovil then you are probably right, but into feet like majority of season so far and Southwell is quite strong and skilful and I think his link up play with other similar players like Allen, king and macalinden could really work. I do like TSS though.
  13. Really think Southwell can bring something to this team. We are set up this year to play in a way that suits him. Really hope he gets a chance and takes it with both hands.
  14. Any particular reason in your mind of why he wants to keep it quiet?
  15. He did say holding midfielder, but would deffo take Liam Hogan to partner Clarkey and push Staunton back up pitch to the CDM role.
  16. Yeovil were a fit/big side, who were decent on the ball. Their game plan was to play high up the pitch and pressure is relentlessly. A bit like we have done to teams. We had chances and hit post 3 times. We are not a poor side, just didn’t have it today and they did. Their goals were from a deflected shot that hit post and they got rebound. And their 2nd goal was a Sammy Johnson mistake unfortunately.
  17. If my memory serves me correctly and I haven’t checked this, we played Yeovil at home at almost the same day and month in 1997. It was a game moved to a fri the week after Diana’s death. Think it was Fri the 5th september and was 3-1 win with their goal coming from someone called warren Pitman?. Think crowd was around 1500. Wasn’t there of course as I was 16yr old and living in Australia. But maybe it’s an omen? Can Shaymus or anyone confirm this?
  18. Earing played his best game for us last night. He’s definitely got the talent, size & temperament. Just think at times he hasn’t quite adjusted to the pace of proper men football. Will definitely come in time though.
  19. Yes the pressing and passing 1st half and early 2nd half was something I haven’t seen from a town team for a long time. But am thinking it’s takes a lot out of you the way we play and we are a bit behind from pre season. Take Clarke out of that team and the average age must be something like 21/22 years old. Only 28 points to safety!
  20. Been absolute pleasure to watch so far. Scary how good we are looking at moment, but this is town so be prepared for 3-2
  21. Know quite a few people who didn’t go away much at all last season, that are going tommorow, myself included.
  22. So for those sad people like myself who like figures. As of 10pm tonight 131 tickets have been sold. There are 496 tickets in the whole of N3(one complete section of seats). And 216 had been available to sell so far and we are currently down to 85 available of the back rows. We will be able to do the maths at the game tommorow if their are no spare seats in that part of the stand.
  23. £1 cheaper until an hr or two before kick off
  24. Think they will just release tickets in batches online.
  25. No it’s deceiving we only started at 200(checked when they first went on sale)and the back few rows of N3. We’ve sold 80 and I gather when’s that’s sold out they will release more and so on. I’m buying mine at game.
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