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  1. Port Vale thread

    Does anyone know if kossy can even make the training sessions, we were on double days the first couple of weeks. This maybe the unfortunate thing with going full time, and a conundrum for kossy.  I imagine for him to go full time would prob involve a need for more money then he is on now. And a part time club will need to have the money to afford a transfer fee. if this is the case and he can’t attend every session, than probably understandbly he won’t fit into JFs plans. If we know anything by now is the managers mantra is attitude and application. And while kossy May have the right attitude, he will be lacking in the application..
  2. Port Vale thread

    Doubt that, Browny signed a new contract with JF as manager. I think he may have a slight injury and with his injury past they are just taking it easy. As for kossy, i fully expect him to play the full 90. Will also think King will start, along with sellars and Edwards. Also think Maher will be on bench tonight. Everything JF seems to do is methodical and with a specific purpose. Might not work out for him here. But his attention to detail seems to be a definite trait.
  3. Bolton match thread

    Disagree about Edward and MFT comparison.  Think Edwards looks a very smart player, has won plenty of headers In preseason, and also looks able to hold the ball up. Also think Tomlinson has showed why JF has given him another contract has linked up very well and worked hard in pre season so far.
  4. Bolton match thread

    The only real players that haven’t  got any experience at men’s football is Hanson and Rowley . All the rest have played men’s football. We are definitely a quicker side than last season. And fitness wise we made only a couple of subs yesterday and were outrunning and outplaying a championship team who had made 11 subs with 30mins to go.  Cautiously optimistic about the new season. And think JF has the right approach with the finances and resources available at the club.
  5. Bolton match thread

    If the squad as is at the moment we have GK: Rowley/Johnson LB: Sellers/Hanley RB: Hanson  CB: Brown/Clarke...... maybe Roberts  DCM: Staunton/Maher  ACM: King/Preston Wingers: Kossy, Odelusi McLeod & maybe Josh McDonald Tomlinson  Strikers: Southwell/Edwards Without Roberts & Josh Mac that’s a squad of 17, including those two that’s 19.  So by my estimations that’s 2-4 more players needing to be bought in.  Deffo need another RB, maybe another midfielder??  
  6. Bolton match thread

    We signed the blonde version Roberts in 2006 on loan from Crewe. He arrived around the same time as a certain Nathan joynes on loan.  He was at Stevenage for a number of years and then captain at Fleetwood, spent the last couple of seasons at Cambridge United and forest Green Rovers. By pre season so far he is definitely looking at playing Maher or Staunton as a holding midfielder.  He also bought King on in that role but King pushed a lot further forward and linked up well. Think Maher, King and Southwell as well as mcleod look good so far.  Hanley looks good when he makes forward runs, but can’t judge him to hard today defensively as he was up against Sammi ameobi, whom-apart from being the best player on pitch must have been about a foot and a half taller than Hanley.
  7. Bolton match thread

    Well on 2nd looking. We do have an extra triallist and he does look a bit like noble Lazarus from a distance. That’s based on a warm up and a Wikipedia glance.
  8. Bolton match thread

    On a completely different note, how many staff do you need for pre match warmups. Bolton from my count have about 7 staff overseeing their warm up. 
  9. Bolton match thread

    There’s no new triallists, from what I can tell. Hanley, Clarke and the black central mid(anyone know his name) are there as well as the forward (Edwards) . 
  10. Stockport Match Thread

    Thought Southwell looked a smart player.  Reminded me slightly of Lee gregory in build/strength. Odelusi has an absolute mare but it’s their first game. So not judging him off one game.
  11. Stockport Match Thread

    Was going to post the exact same thing didn’t they win league with 100points and 100 goals or something similar.
  12. New Signings

    Sellars has tweeted that in the process of moving from London to Leeds he has forgot his tv. So i suspect that yes we are providing accomodation of some sort..
  13. Signings So Far Part 3

    Get the feeling Raheem Hanley is on trial or an unannounced signing. Judging by his many Instagram posts of arriving in Leeds several mornings this week. So that’s another defender/midfielder . Our average in this squad must be no older than 21/22 really wish Collins was still here!
  14. Yorkshire vs Colombia

    If you look at celebration after winning penalty, it appears if vardy had a groin injury. 
  15. Casting the net a lot further.

    No, from his own words knows him well and does some scouting for him....