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  1. Halifax RLFC

    Thanks to the council and/or rugby club for  calling off Thursdays reserve team game at the shay. They’ve called it off to allow more time for pitch to recover. Some common sense has been shown...
  2. Shay Pitch

    Don’t quote me in this, but I’m pretty sure this is what Oz does every season. Their won’t be anything different done and the pitch will look it’s usual carpet come August. I’m more intrigued by the waterproof covers that Rochdale has. Circa 150k was a price I heard bandied about. Maybe this is something maybe the clubs and council could raise 50k each to purchase. Saying that though this is from pitch and it came up with this item for sale   Now with Vat it’s around 30k. Surely it’s something we could be looking at to raise money wise. 
  3. The pitch

    Ref will have been here for a good couple of hrs at least. There’s been no rain at all since ref has been here! I’m at ground and  players are going to their cars as we speak.
  4. The pitch

    This ones on ref for me! Why say it’s on and then call it off when theirs people working on pitch and the sun is shining!
  5. The pitch

    Match Off - that’s from Tom scargill 
  6. The pitch

    Our esteemed groundsman on Facebook has stated it’s not looking good. 
  7. Johnson's save vs Barnet

    Sounds like the lads/defence get a £50 a game clean sheet bonus. Club will be skint if we keep our defensive standards up as we have recently!
  8. Colwyn Bay

    In a blast from the past. It looks like we won’t be meeting colwyn bay in a fixture anytime soon as they have voted to apply to join the Welsh league from next season.  Had plenty a decent tussle with colwyn bay as a newly reformed club and always enjoyed our games there.  Vardys last game and goal for the shaymen were against the bay if I remember.
  9. Ya Wee F******G Dancer .

    Scot, despite your allegiance to JF you have a balanced view on things.  JF makes his mistakes, but I won’t be judging him properly till next season when he’s had over a season in the Job. The funniest thing I find on this forum is that people think this small group of posters on the forum is representative of the actual fan base at large. 
  10. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Also with most of our remaining fixtures against top half teams... with our impressive record against those higher up in the table. Maybe a late playoff push isn’t out of the question 
  11. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Win the game in hand on Tuesday we move up to 12th and are 11points from relegation and ONLY 12 from the playoffs....... Let that sink in.....
  12. The Sending Off

    Yes the new ref was the one who had sent 8 off.
  13. The Sending Off

    Always going to be sent off with a referee who had sent off 8 players in only 19 games reffed this season. 
  14. Lack of challenging media

    I think nick is the tall one with dark hair. 
  15. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    Some games we’ve looked good, other games poor. Depending on you colour glasses we have either won only 3 times in 28 or on the other hand we’ve got one of the best defenses in the league and have lost less games then teams in the play off places. We are currently in a better position than we were at this time last season.  I’m not a JF lover, but their is so many agendas from fans it’s unbelievable. People say we have a tough run in, but our best performances have come against teams in the playoffs. This whole season has just been plain weird.  Come 46 games and we’ve finished 14th or so, with off the field progress(which has happened). Will this season be classed as success or failure by fans. As before the season most fans would have been happy with that....