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  1. Best starting line up?

    Moyo   Garner/Riley     Macca or wilde mcdonald   Hotte Oliver  Charles                          Kosylo                     Tomlinson   riley or brown or garner for me really in cb 2. Feel kosylos drive and endeavour and also skill will work in the Morgan role. Would swap moyo if we did sign another right back.
  2. Connor Oliver

    Would like to see us play hotte and Oliver in middle with Charles and McDonald on wings with kosylo playing the Morgan role and Tomlinson up front.   A lot of hardworking and skilful players there.
  3. Connor Oliver

    Looks absolute class yesterday, was best player on pitch yesterday, also likes a tackle as well.
  4. James Bolton

    I'm pretty sure Kingsley James had a sell on percentage when we went to tribunal with Chester.
  5. James Bolton

    But the reason they go to tribunals is because a sale fee can't be agreed due to his age. I'm pretty sure the clubs can include a sell on percentage to help reach a conclusion at a tribunal.
  6. James Bolton

    I'm pretty sure sell on fees can be set at tribunals , so yes would imagine so.
  7. Whatever happened to..... George green

    A bit like Adam Morgan. Next big thing at everton, then fall from grace popped up at ossett, then Burnley and last seen on loan at salford. He has been released by Burnley and I haven't seen him sign for anyone yet. He's still young and and quite localish (dewsbury). Is he worth a punt??
  8. Connor Oliver

    Hotte, along with Kev Roberts are the sorta players you want in a team. Always a 7/10 does the basics and gets stuck in. Very underrated player at the club!
  9. Latest news

    Nathan hotte is a great signing, like Kevin Roberts he is always a 7/10 never has a bad game and can fill a multitude of positions. Very happy he has signed up next season.
  10. Groundbloggers promoton video

    Really decent video by two southerners who ventured up for the playoff final.   Beautiful Game15
  11. Agent fees

    We spent £1600 or thereabouts I think.
  12. The North Stand

    The skirtcoat holds 1200(the open bit) should be enough for Chorley you would think.
  13. Extra Texture

    He scored the 2nd goal for fcum in their 2-0 against Stockport on Friday just gone.  
  14. Elliott Whitehouse

    Didn't know if it was common knowledge or been mentioned on here, but supposedly after selling him to Nuneaton for a small fee, we also put 50% sell on clause(according to their forum). He started for England C this past week and their fans are expecting to be sold on for a decent fee before the start of next season. While it won't be vardy or Gregory money, it could be a nice little earner for little to no production of him as a player.