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  1. pre season friendlies

    Won’t be playing Stockport this year, considering we are in same league.
  2. 5 min Season review video

    The club have tweeted a small video showcasing some of the highlights(or lowlight to certain posters on here) Really good little video and very professionally done.  
  3. Who's going who's staying?

    He may or may not have met up or talked to all players yet. 
  4. Players going

    Who else should leave? 
  5. Released List

    Odelusi, Preston, Tomlinson, Rowley and Berrett all free to leave. Am disappointed that Tomlinson didn’t get a chance, but he was injured for a lot of the season.
  6. The Shay & The council   A very interesting read, am glad we have a few councillors that support the shay. And as someone who has stood next to Roger Taylor on the terraces on and off for the last 13 years, I’m sure he will be putting his   Voice to good use protecting the shay.
  7. Who's going who's staying?

    100% believe that in a successful team, Southwell would be one of the best players. When he actually gets the ball he very rarely loses it, is strong and is a very intelligent player. Problem was that he didn’t get the ball that much. Unfortunately in football and players at this level. You have players and systems that don’t mesh, hence why a lot of players at this level are trash at one club and good at another in the same league. It’s up to JF next season to alter his tactics slightly  i honestly think the likes of josh Mac, Tomlinson, Southwell and somehow Dave signing would be a very very good line up in this league.
  8. Where’s Wally Fullarton ?

    The only team that showed a bit of class at the shay was Leyton orient and we were beating them twice coming into the 90th minute. Every team in this league is the same technically, but look closely at. The squads of the top teams. All over the pitch their is a wealth of experience of playing at this level and above. The only part of our team that you consider experienced was the back line. Wage wise you will get more for your money signing experienced defenders. our forward line and midfield have been made up young players stepping into this level for the first time or a year removed King, Maher, Edwards even Staunton and sellars have maybe a season or less of playing at this level regularly. I think Tomlinson and MacDonald coming back to anything resembling what they were before their injuries would be superb signings in themselves and like many others I really see a good player in Southwell. With another year under their belts the consistency of the likes of King & Maher will improve and i really think we have the making of a decent team, i also feel JF will loosen the shackles a bit next season when we play more limited teams that sit back and try to play like we do.  Time will tell but I’m hopeful of at least challenging for top half/play offs next season.
  9. Playoffs

    And potentially notts county, even Macclesfield could maybe bring 300 if they were decent
  10. I haven’t bought mine, but will be getting 1 x adult and 2 U12 tickets. Would suspect a lot of people are still holding off for a month or two yet. we need to sell 724 adult tickets or thereabouts to make the same amount of money if we sold 450 adult tickets last season.   A 1000 sold season tickets would bring about 55,000 more into the coffers.
  11. Dan Gardner/Transfer Rumours

    Out of contract at Oldham and just returned to training after a lengthy time out due to injury. He has been linked for a return to chesterfield. Would we want him back at the shay, if the opportunity ever arose??
  12. Areas you'd improve for Next season??

    Am glad the club listened to the suggestion of having a an appearance at the shay junior World Cup. Is the prefect place to flog a few season tickets. 
  13. So far we’ve sold over 400 season tickets according to Twitter. Considering we only sold 450 all of last season and we are still in April. Hopefully we can sell well over 1000
  14. 2017/18 Vs 2018/19

    So we finish in the same position and interestingly we only scored 4 less goals than last season. Won the same number of games but had a way better goal difference.
  15. Bye Bye Kosy

    Don’t get that. Kosys demeanour in general is that of a very intense player. He’s never been a happy player so to speak.  Honestly don’t think his behaviour would be any different if we had him signed to A 3 year contract or if next week is his last game. Think people are reading into this way to much.  Whatever happens He has served us well and I wish him the best at wherever he ends up.