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  1. Tranmere at Home

    Club has announced that they are opening the multi story car park behind away end.  Also announced that Tranmere are getting north and skircoat stands. Always nice to have 4 sides of the ground open. Would expect a crowd of around 3000 on Saturday.
  2. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    Agree with that completely. when Wilde went off our back four average age must of been no older than 20/21. The back 4 were very impressive. A bit naive on defending set pieces, but they are young.
  3. Tomlinson

    He’s scored two goals since starting under JF, not playing as an out and out striker playing in a wide three and has also set up a few goals as well.. His hard work, and interplay alone for me warrants us sticking with him for another season.  Him coming in to the lineup has also coincided with our best run of form of the season. Also like Matty Brown states, Tomlinson along with Collins set examples with their experience and endeavour. Says a lot when the hardest workers in the team are among the oldest players and are demanding the same from the young lads. For a bunch of fans who usually love players who put a shift in. I’m surprised Tomlinson isn’t a fan favourite.  
  4. Dover: to the fantastic few

  5. 30/08/1997

    Watched that video hundreds of times over the years.    The most important questions from that welling game, is can anybody put a name to the voice “cmon Brown get up!” And also “number 5 what’s it like to be a tosser” and also any names of the few fans who wanted to have a quiet word with the ref haha.
  6. Macclesfield Away

    Also Tomlinson fits the mantra of a Heath type player. His sprint and slide tackle in the 93rd minute while 4-0 up against chester is the sort of thing that probably resonates with Heath.  
  7. Adam Morgan

    I think a lot of you read into stuff and what goes on behind closed doors. Forgetting his tactics or style of play. Billy Heath is most definitely a motivator and protector of his players. Heath seems very adept at pulling his squad together to form a “Us v’s Them” mentality. Whether The “them” is the league itself or half of our fan base through the rough form.  Morgan wants to play, as does any player but I doubt even if he does leave it will be cause of a bad word against the manager.   We are a lower budget part time team closer to the playoffs than relegation our crowds a run of the mill in this league.   
  8. Denton, Mcmanus, Clarke and MacDonald Goals.

    The lad has obvious talent and pace, but the dark last few months he has been the one consistent shining light. The slights against him were his strength and his finishing. But he has more than held his own this season and let’s hope after breaking his duck in goal scoring yesterday he can chip in with a few more this season. We need to sign him up for a few more seasons, as he definitely has the basics to succeed at a higher level. His drop of the shoulder and turn of pace is almost unstoppable at times. 
  9. Best starting line up?

    Moyo   Garner/Riley     Macca or wilde mcdonald   Hotte Oliver  Charles                          Kosylo                     Tomlinson   riley or brown or garner for me really in cb 2. Feel kosylos drive and endeavour and also skill will work in the Morgan role. Would swap moyo if we did sign another right back.
  10. Connor Oliver

    Would like to see us play hotte and Oliver in middle with Charles and McDonald on wings with kosylo playing the Morgan role and Tomlinson up front.   A lot of hardworking and skilful players there.
  11. Connor Oliver

    Looks absolute class yesterday, was best player on pitch yesterday, also likes a tackle as well.
  12. James Bolton

    I'm pretty sure Kingsley James had a sell on percentage when we went to tribunal with Chester.
  13. James Bolton

    But the reason they go to tribunals is because a sale fee can't be agreed due to his age. I'm pretty sure the clubs can include a sell on percentage to help reach a conclusion at a tribunal.
  14. James Bolton

    I'm pretty sure sell on fees can be set at tribunals , so yes would imagine so.
  15. Whatever happened to..... George green

    A bit like Adam Morgan. Next big thing at everton, then fall from grace popped up at ossett, then Burnley and last seen on loan at salford. He has been released by Burnley and I haven't seen him sign for anyone yet. He's still young and and quite localish (dewsbury). Is he worth a punt??