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  1. Collins

    I’ve heard from several people who have asked him and he’s said he won’t play this season.
  2. Collins

    Collins is a better version of what noble was to Hartlepool yesterday. And also less of horrible little **** which noble is. We have no one who wants the ball from the back line. Collins is that outlet.  
  3. Hartlepool

    Just seen highlights on national league website and it’s hard to see any thing of the incident. Just their player on floor after heading and browny appearing to jump over him on floor 
  4. Collins

    To be honest he hadn’t been playing last season when he signed for us, his last club had been in India many months before signing for us. He then retired after that and came back to coach bradford youth teams. 
  5. Fans

    Look at Chester’s team yesterday. The match day squad had 7 youth team graduates in it. And two of the scorers in yesterday’s game were playing in the youth cup final at the end of last season..
  6. Hartlepool

    It’s the actions of the ref that were the most bizarre. He obviously didn’t see the stamp, even though Fullarton says it was the refs decision.  The ref played on for an good few seconds as we broke up the pitch. My guess and it’s a guess is that the linesman is the man who saw something and him and the linesman were probably also influenced by the little prick that is Liam noble. I can’t imagine the ref or linesman would have been able to see anything that resembled any sort of intent from brown as they were both so far from the play. But considering how chirpy the game had become and the fact browny had already been booked for dissent for the sellars incident, meant the ref was already assuming intent based on browny already being wound up. As for Kossy, he won ball fair and square, it was the follow through that got him a second yellow. I’m just glad the tackle was on noble. Saying that though, would love to have noble on our team. One of those players you hate as a opposing fan, but love if he was one of yours.
  7. Relegation form

    Really think that Southwell is a very good player. Well definitely at the home games anyway. 
  8. Music

    Man I didn’t miss a raiders game  between 1989-1994. That song was sung about 50 times a game. Can’t believe it’s still going. “Fearsome men from the ACT. And we’ll hit ya, hit ya till you see green” Hahahahaha those were the days 
  9. Radio Leeds

    If you wait till prob after 7pm when the show finishes, just go to radio Leeds website and their will be. Listen again option. He’s on for the first 30mins.
  10. Radio Leeds

    Just really like how well spoken JF is. Yes he loves the cliches and what have you. But what he says just makes sense. Funniest bit was Noel whelan telling people to get down to watch non league games with the family as a cheap alternative.  Obviously hasn’t seen prices in the national league!
  11. Manager of the Month - Jamie Fullarton

    I knew Fullarton would get it, because we were top on the 31st aug. Let’s hope the curse doesn’t strike us.
  12. Michael Collins

    I don’t think JF seems the type to reveal anything unless it’s signed, sealed & delivered, much like Mr B. He doesn’t do speculation and I gather as that’s its only just happened, and that neither side has prob made any contact. That all he is saying is the truth. I imagine if Collins reaches out to him, then something may come of it, but the manager seems so focused on what’s at hand that Collins won’t have even entered into his head as he had Wrexham to think about.
  13. Wrexham Match Thread

    Wrexham fans on forum saying it’s a point gained for them. Said we look a very decent side. Well Done Town!
  14. Michael Collins

    This was the quote from JF on the website when he left “Due to the change to morning training and Michael’s coaching career progressing at Bradford City, Michael has taken the decision to retire from playing to focus fully on coaching. Michael will be missed for his influence on the pitch and in the dressing room but we respect his decision and wish him well.  We’ve made it clear that should his situation change then he would be welcomed back to play for FC Halifax Town.”   Now you know JF better than most Scot. Does he mean what he says here. Or was he just blowing hot air to appease fans, etc without any expectation that it may happen? 
  15. Michael Collins

    If he does come back, could we get him a bit cheaper as well... will be owed 3years payout from Bradford city. Extra wages from us.. will be a bonus.