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  1. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    I see what you mean, but this years squad is ridiculously young. Only Browny really is close to 30. The rest are all 25 and under.  Just listening to Clarkey last week at farsley tells me a lot.  Clarkey is held in such high regard at former clubs as well. Look at the reception he got at orient last season.   
  2. Videos and picture from training on twitter

    Don’t mind skarz as a back up option at left back. Legs have gone, but still a good professional. Might sign him on no contract forms, pay as you play type deal.
  3. Available managers

    Dieter(didi)  Hamman had a failed few months at Stockport county. hes definitely not been mentioned!
  4. Classy response from JF

    Another courier story, this time with JF. Classy response and respect him for his time here and to thank him for helping transition club from part time to full time. A nice bit of closure for me.
  5. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    I don't know what you mean Gav, hahahahaa
  6. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    And I wasn’t trying to have a go back at ya mate. Just how I personally feel. I stand with Monty and I argue with him all the time and his outlook is very much on your wave length hahaha 
  7. The Pitch

    What idiots doesn’t get below 25 degrees up north, then installing at Bruce(I lived in Flynn, so not far) which can get down to minus temps in winter regularly is just plain stupidity on the highest level.
  8. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    I am Hoddie, I support the club and i trust the board. I go down to the shay in hope rather than expectation, but most of all I go down to have a laugh with people I have been watching town with since I moved over. i want the club to succeed, but I don’t expect it. And you know what.. when we do succeed, it feels 100 times better when it’s not expected.  
  9. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    And there’s another article this morning with Clarke recapping the last few days and yesterday’s game. Another really good read. Now I was happy enough with JF, but we’ve heard more in the least two days from Clarkey then the last 3 months.
  10. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    To me, it’s about timing. At this stage of pre season you need some sort of continuity. A new manager wont Be announced till the end of the week or Monday. Leaving them one friendly and a week and a half of preparation. With Clarke and Nichol at least in the short term, there is a constant, meaning we will prob sign Nolan & Wyatt and a few others. What harm in letting them have a chance with what we already have.   
  11. Available managers

    I think it’s the right move until sept/Oct time. Let’s get into the season and see how we are doing. Keeps what little continuity we have, no extra wages, and Clarkey can still play while Nichol runs team. If we are adrift by sept/Oct I’m sure Clarkey would step aside anyway.
  12. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Courier story just online stating he is in for the job. And you know what,  I’m all in for it. Let’s give him a couple of months. He is a model pro, knows the players and with such a short amount of time till the season starts, he would make sense. Look after 10-15 games if we are well off pace, bring someone in, and let him go back to playing.
  13. Jamie Fullarton

    JF started taking warm up again at back end of last season. 
  14. Pitch now Foocked

    Bit hard as I think he is on holiday at moment.
  15. Pitch now Foocked

    Unless club are lying, then the council has sprung this on the club last minute.