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  1. Barrow

    Cue the usual **** from both sides of the argument... zzzzzzz i look forward to hearing a match report from someone there.
  2. Fullarton In

      Not saying we should win or lose, but we are playing away to the team whose manager has just been named manager of the month.
  3. Fullerton has another job

    To be fair half of our fans, especially those at the front abusing the players can barely string together more than the odd grunt or boo. A complete sentence would be almost impossible. 
  4. Will Bosomworth be making a move?

    I remember volunteering at the club and bubba will back me up on this. In the time just after relegation and just before the consortium got involved back around 2004. And thanks to the CVA that Bob Walker and co got us into.   I remember every day leading up to pay day for the players/manager, that the then secretary Richard groves along with Christine and also Arthur Wilson? Having to ring up the same directors/fans Adie/David cairns/ Bland? and even Jim brown basically begging for thousands every months to cover costs! And that was every month in the 3 month period I was there.  And trust me we weren’t paying big wages. i remember sitting with Chris Wilder and Sean Macauley and they were telling me that we paid £80 a game to Karl Colley plus fuel expenses. And we were still thousands short every month! I can only imagine how much money Bosomworth and Co were having to throw away to prop up the club before we went bust.
  5. Will Bosomworth be making a move?

    Fair enough post, but what is the next step to secure foundations for the club, when you don’t own the facilities. In the scheme of things, off the field the club has done a lot this season right. * secured long term training facility along with the purchasing of converted ports cabins that include gym/treatment etc. * Have incorporated several offers into matchdays, like the chesterfield and Wimbledon free kids, pie and peas vouchers, free pint, etc. * Have a shopping presence in town and online with a decent amount of stock. * A very good hospitality set up.   i personally just want a football club to support. An ongoing sustainable football club.  
  6. Will Bosomworth be making a move?

    Yep I’m quite happy to watch our team/club live within its means in relation to the clubs crowds/income. If that means we reflect the mid table mediocrity that we are in this league in terms of crowds then so be it. It just means when we do have the odd season of success it’s even sweeter. Or we could chose your route and pay the likes of readfern, ludden, Woodward £3000 a week, And end up going bust like we did Before. We are Halifax Town, we are what we are, and i for one am grateful that we haven’t had the begging bowl out in the last 10 years. Go on Mr B invest a load of cash into the club. Let’s pay out 3year contracts on 2000 a week wages. And when results don’t go our way and The board get sick of investing in the club and leave. Are the TJ Ashton’s, etc going to be putting their money in the bowls and at the next Jumping Jaks meeting??!
  7. Ebbsfleet

    Even their fans on Twitter have said it was a blatant handball!
  8. Spend it wisely

    Why do people expect us to just and go out and sign a goal scorer and a midfielder in the middle of a season.  Any decent players will be playing for their current club.  Loan players and out of favour squad players at other clubs are the best you can hope for in the middle of the season.  
  9. Ben Tomlinson

    They have to allow all the swelling to go down i think.
  10. Tonight’s draw

    And afc Wimbledon helped contribute to the demise of Kingstonian.
  11. Todays Game - Eastleigh

    Tom scargill has tweeted that their is no interview with the management team
  12. Dayle Southwell

    Gregory was discussed on here as not being up for the job several times in his time with the shaymen, especially after our first year in conf north when we lost to Gainsborough in the playoffs. The reason being he was often played out of position with deano or Danny Holland playing the central role, it wasn’t till the 2nd half of the conf north promotion season and the conf play off season that he shone playing a lone central role with the likes of smithy, Gardner supporting him. Southwell reminds me a lot of Gregory, But the way we are playing means the ball bypasses him a lot. 
  13. Offers

    Fcht community has posted on Twitter that over 300kids have taken up the offer so far for free entry for football clubs on Saturday. Imagine that’s about 30 teams or so. All with at least a couple of parents per team paying full whack to get in, so that will be another couple of thousand in coffers.
  14. West Riding Cup

    Brian Quailey, if I remember correctly his heyday for the shaymen was in a 4-1 trophy win against Doncaster rovers back in 2003
  15. Scott's sister...

    Would rather just handle it and take the odds of them not scoring from an indirect free kick