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  1. Dover and Morecambe match offer.

    Sod, too good to miss, bound to regret it
  2. Samnni Odelusi

    Seven dwarfs available on short term loan until proper pantomime season starts
  3. Samnni Odelusi

    Totally agree, something not plumb up, we don't need to know the detail but put it right or replace him. Little I have seen on him he appears to be at least a good impact player against tired legs.
  4. Great Game

    Midfield is still an issue, has Berret played alongside King yet? he isn't spectacular but is steady & possibly a better option than Staunton in this position, Maher does the grafter in there well enough. Staunton is a good defender & emergency midfielder but first line, no.
  5. Samnni Odelusi

    JF was appointed on his ability to spot & improve young players, it may be down to injury circumstances but I have seen little of this up to press. Unlike a few on here I do think he has assembled a squad with potential so he is part way there. King is starting to drive midfield but we are desperately short of a leader upfront. Re Odilusi I really hope he is now beginning to click, possibly down to positional change, now for Macleod???
  6. On to Morecambe

    Credit where credits due, to come away with a 0-0 is far more than I expected, we'll done all concerned including the travelling support.
  7. Dan Holman

    We have had many players of this type against us over the years...………………….very rarely have they disappointed
  8. Goole tonight

    Unfortunately our cup doesn't  tend to overfloweth, Odelusi would indeed be an unlikely hero, akin to the fish & loaves or the walking on water trick.
  9. Goole tonight

    In effect youth team supplemented by first team benchers, be an interesting encounter, some of those boys can actually play football. Who is managing them though.
  10. Interview

    Sounds more like a pop group. Think what the team need is clear concise instructions like ...Gerrit upfield, wack it into row Z or please gents pass it to a blue shirt.
  11. fullarton is trying his best

    Disagree with the comments regarding player capabilities, we have a player's with the qualities to succeed in this division played correctly. Edwards has potential but needs benching for a few games to recover confidence.  We need an old head up front & midfield as we did from the first match of the season, not rocket science even the Noggin's on here are agreed on that.
  12. Blame the board

    Suggested in the closed season going full time & in doing so losing players such as Hotte etc. could be likened to chucking out the baby with the bath water, welcome to the deep end!!!
  13. Season tickets

    You really are an objectionable gogshite or a pathetic troll, whichever you just reinforce what types have taken over this forum. Time I stopped posting methinks.
  14. More to come ??

    He is quick no doubt, if he can match his speed over the ground with speed of thought to his football feet I agree.
  15. Season tickets

    Didn't lay claim to being normal myself also have no problem with people having an opposing view to my own & voicing it but once or maybe twice is enough to convey the message to the hard of understanding anything more is sanctimonious hectoring. Sometimes less is more.