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  1. Selby Town

    Obviously. players taking it seriously, which is just as well, half hearted=injuries.
  2. Barrow

    Can see why new short term injuries aren't reported, why give the opposition an edge, longer terms give ongoing interim updates.
  3. 18th Jan 1969 - Bradford City vs Halifax Town

    Didn't Lawther get off the foul and abusive charge stating the referee misunderstood his comments due to his Irish brogue,,,,,,,,,,,,,,diddly dee, diddly dee.
  4. Online depression

    Teresa May's political downfalls have all been from taking bum advise from dubious advisor's 
  5. 18th Jan 1969 - Bradford City vs Halifax Town

    Phil McCarthy, who never got booked, was booked for nowt, thus ruling us out of a substantial pay-out, Oldham collected it and built a new stand whilst The Shay continued to fall into decay. Loved our battles with either of the Braford teams. My bruv & me always ended up involved with the fisticuffs, both six footers so did have a reach advantage, back to back undefeated.
  6. Injuries Update

    All that is needed in the message
  7. Matt Crooks

    When we had him he was physically slight but still managed to ride the tackles & was clearly a talent, no surprise he has developed into a very accomplished player.
  8. Solihull Replay

    We need to turn up from minute one through time added on, Play as we did in the last twenty minutes of Saturdays match & its winnable.
  9. Boost for Barrow ahead of Saturday’s game

    I get the scent of beef. Seems to have a CV with much travel included.
  10. 30 years ago today 14/01/89 - Burnley away

    Think Paul Fleming was either booked or sent off for booting one one is their wingers into the stand, very feisty match if I recollect.
  11. David Wagner

    Mutually consented their best chance of longer term success out of the door, doubt he will be out of work long.
  12. Tony Flower

    For a winger built like a brick outhouse, always enjoyed seeing him zip down the wing with a decent cross following, not easy to stop when he was on a charge.
  13. Kossy equalises

    A player with his ability doesn't suddenly lose that talent. He has always carried the possibility of self destruct but this season has taken it to the limit & tried the patience of his most ardent admirer's. Maybe up to those around him on the field to steer him away from trouble. Here's hoping he has turned the corner as he is a game changer at his best.
  14. Solihull match thread

    At least Edwards being offside indicates some attacking intent with us in the opposition's half
  15. Chorley

    Yes more than happy to have Chorley in the National as long as we are still there.