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  1. Shay Pitch

    Sure it's not as good as the photo suggests but far better than I anticipated. Crap pitch may have been a leveler against a top four team
  2. Poodles in for £10

    Which then penalises season ticket holders & negates one of the reasons for buying one. Can't win really, kids free with paying adult is the one least likely to ruffle feathers.
  3. Poodles in for £10

    Maybe more entertaining than the football
  4. Weather watch

    Shame one or two on here in need of that type of retail therapy
  5. Random image of the day

    Didn't realise he had passed on. Now he could head & hold up a ball, type of player we currently require.
  6. Top of the league

    If he continues with his petulance he will go nowhere in terms of a football career, shame as he can be a game changer but with his disciplinary record he is more like a liability.
  7. Ferry returns

    A player I quite liked, would have paired him with King but this never seemed to happen, don't. consider he had enough game time recently. Thanks for the effort while he was here.
  8. Shay Pitch

    As in the rugby administration, OK maybe not, why break the habit of a Shay lifetime.
  9. Shay Pitch

    Wonder if any historical debts to Town will be payed by the new administration?
  10. Random image of the day

     The mighty HTFC v Manure, I was there
  11. Dover game

    Defence more than adequate, midfield short of a Ferry type player, CF with an aerial threat & can hold the ball up with of course a few goals in him, sorted.
  12. Dover game

    Is that the ladies of mythology, no suprise finding them in Hebden Bridge, lots of strange women there
  13. New loanee - Ryan Gondoh.

    Lessens the chance of permanent signing cock-up's though, possibly a good thing in the light of some of our recent recruitment.
  14. New loanee - Ryan Gondoh.

    Appear to be going for loanee's with pace, six footer too so also adding height to the squad, much needed in this division & something we have been missing.

    As a child of the sixties I love everyone