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  1. Season tickets

    You really are an objectionable gogshite or a pathetic troll, whichever you just reinforce what types have taken over this forum. Time I stopped posting methinks.
  2. More to come ??

    He is quick no doubt, if he can match his speed over the ground with speed of thought to his football feet I agree.
  3. Season tickets

    Didn't lay claim to being normal myself also have no problem with people having an opposing view to my own & voicing it but once or maybe twice is enough to convey the message to the hard of understanding anything more is sanctimonious hectoring. Sometimes less is more. 
  4. Sinnott

    He of the flowing blond locks & surging runs, not afraid to stick in his foot if needed. Always enjoyed watching him.
  5. More to come ??

    Only seen him in the pre-season matches but on those showings needs a hell of a lot of polishing.
  6. Sinnott

    Duckworth & Brown?
  7. Season tickets

    Best not to tempt providence, normal is preferable to nada.
  8. Season tickets

    Unfortunately every thread becomes an insult fest usually with the same half dozen suspects, very tedious & boring for the majority witness the drop off in posts from "normal" posters.
  9. Borehamwood on Saturday

    Have decided to treble boycott it, protest against Boringwood, violence in our society and price of season tickets for coffin dodgers.
  10. Two new signings

    Hope quite a few more follow your example.
  11. We're on the telly

    Do they allow seals in clubs, it explains a lot.
  12. Two new signings

    If the Lenighan saga must continue all season could it at least be contained in one thread, has to be said it has been done to death.
  13. Today's poor attendance.

    Suspect BTM is a much longer term Town supporter than most of his detractor's & far from a glory hunter, on that basis his thoughts are as valid as anybody's
  14. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    A we a better squad without Hobbs?