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  1. Kosylo implications??

    Can see where the confusion has arisen............. his name begins with K, easy mistake to make, especially for a Town supporter.
  2. Time to bite the bullet

    An appropriate update of the FAT Wembley song would be OK, at least it was for us, about us & unique.
  3. Time to bite the bullet

    Sorry it's depressing crap, it needs something bouncy & uplifting, a footballing, musical wonderbra
  4. New Manager or New Forward?

    Said it before, go out to win every game, never short sell Joe Public. The relegation was a disaster but I enjoyed my trip to Wembley, it all turned out OK,just need to secure our tenure in this division now, if we progress in the FAT even better.  
  5. Richard Marshall

    Strange how a team gels organically at times. The George Mulhall promotion team was similar, always a tweak to be done but the basis is immediately there. Good luck to Scoobie always gave his best for us IMHO.
  6. New Manager or New Forward?

    My point proven 
  7. New Manager or New Forward?

    We have had plenty of manager/player threads but all have descended into name calling or party political broadcasts, be interesting to see how long this one remains on topic. Having said that the subject has become quite tedious to say the least.
  8. Michael Collins

    Maybe the catalyst required to draw out some consistency from Oliver.
  9. New Manager or New Forward?

    Better to get through this season in top half of table then worry about future, mixed bag with BH who knows what the next few months will bring.
  10. Lets Not Get Carried Away

    Don't wish to be carried away just wish to be in this division next season.
  11. What about the game

    This thread should be removed forthwith it appears to be about football & not about a load of tarts wafting tinternet handbags about. Where are the moderators when you want them. Good stuff Flea thanks.
  12. Breaking news

    Those are interesting facts stated in a very accurate manner.
  13. Today game aldershot

    All the swallows have burgered off for the winter, in the meantime a very welcome & unexpected win, well done all concerned. Also big shout out for those supporters that made the journey.
  14. Breaking news

    If players do their stuff for us why does it matter where the hell they came from............... this forum does seem to have been taken over by the loonies.   
  15. U19's 2017/18

    We have had a few less than giant goalkeepers star against us this season. Show some respect to the lad  f*ckwit.