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  1. Niall Maher

    Maybe a few quid more or nearer home.................. or just the lure of Massivefax, bigger shop window.
  2. Sutton

    Looks like it, stood on the end terrace for FA cup match, Peter Reid ran the whole show, we were never in it.
  3. Sutton

    No one on here is quite plumb up, quite a few round the u bend....... generally a shower
  4. Eastleigh match thread

    Suspect he will follow BH but currently he is an FCHT player & top scorer, it's not Dentons fault our style of play has been built around him, sometimes it works sometimes not..
  5. Adam Morgan

    Me first please
  6. Eastleigh match thread

    Due to Dentons limited mobility/speed play will always be more fluid without him but fluidity does not equate to goals in our case. We scored two last Tuesday & both had an element of luck in them, I had given it up as a stalemate up to Hottes deflected goal. Its a conundrum the manager will have to solve, possibly a mixture of with & without as the opposition requires. Non of this alters the fact Denton does not deserve the level of criticism aimed at him on this forum & from the terrace, apart from the odd match he has performed as requested by the manager, scored & made goals, every player has a dip in form & he will contribute more if "supporters" get behind him rather than constantly criticise. He is what he is, he is a Town player for the foreseeable future & in our current situation it is better if everyone is pulling in the same direction.
  7. Sutton

    Not a betting man but would put this down as a non runner. Mention adverse weather & the Shay becomes a disaster area.
  8. Adam Morgan

    Probably never know the truth of the Hibbs situation, hopefully Fullarton can progress his game along with Kosylo & Macdonald, possibly move Khan & Barrows up a level too.
  9. Adam Morgan

    Morgan being prolific in the Irish League is not really a pointer to his potential at a competitive level physically or mentally.    
  10. Adam Morgan

    So who do we have to replace Denton & his goals on the books............. no one. Bearing in mind we don't dine at the top table who would we sign to replace him?
  11. Adam Morgan

    He does what he does, it's  up to the new manager if he has a role to play. As long as he is a Town player he deserves backing & respect although some on here don't know the meaning of the word. We aren't struggling for wins because of one player & currently the prodigal isn't doing it either.
  12. Adam Morgan

    Denton is our player, scores goals, get behind him & off his back.
  13. Simon ainge

    Far from unstoppable, Brown ground him to a standstill thrice last season & he ain't the quickest
  14. Eastleigh match thread

    Will take bore draws away from home until the end of season
  15. New Signing

    Vardy & Horsefield had sparkling careers before joining us