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  1. Connor Oliver Returns

    Signs are at least one team will finish below ius then
  2. Salford splashing the cash again

    BBC site reporting Salford have signed a player from Aberdeen @ £4k a week, Aberdeen couldn't compete. What chance have the majority of National clubs got faced with that financial clout. Hope they fall flat on their faces.
  3. Salford splashing the cash again

    With any luck they will hang around for a while similar to Forrest  Green, at least their local ish.
  4. Port Vale thread

    I have attended all preseason matches to date & have seen nothing to suggest he is as described by the Orient site. JF is going to have to work a miracle to convince me he is anything more than extremely rapid..........hope he proves me wrong.
  5. Foxtrot 1

    Bolloxed if I know.
  6. Port Vale thread

    Vale scored a goal by the forward nipping in between CB's but it was not down to pace it was a cockup, these will happen at our level, play Maher just in front as a sweeper, pace issue solved.
  7. Danny Lowe

    Similar to most of the above Dean played the best football of his career for us thankfully.
  8. Bolton match thread

    With a new squad of largely young players it could be a bumpy ride, up one match down the next. Realistically mid table at best, cup run would be nice, avoid relegation dog fight a must. Just feel JF has brought in a few real future prospects, if they perform as he expects we will be OK, hang on it's going to be an interesting ride.  
  9. Foxtrot 1

    Or even rotate the music to give everyone a reasonable chance. Ride of the Valkyries or 1812 Overture or something from Beethoven 9th, possibly Swan Lake for some of the Southern divers.
  10. Foxtrot 1

    Volume enough to perforate eardrums, entrance music still dire, it really is time for a change.
  11. Bolton match thread

    Just for you McLeod, just as well we have spelling police to keep us on the straight & narrow, however you spell his name one to watch.
  12. Bolton match thread

    Against a strong Bolton team we conceded two soft goals, one from committing to many men forward & one from a defensive responsibly lapse, on the plus side we looked quite capable, King is a find & McCloud scored a superb goal, it appears to be coming together but who knows.
  13. Bolton match thread

    Looks the part, isn't afraid of a tackle & is a neat player.
  14. Bolton match thread

    I hate to criticize individual players but he wanders about in no man's land neither attacking or defending mostly being a liability. All this puts pressure on Handlley in particular & the defence in general. Brilliant sprinter, footballer really not sure, JF has a job on his hands IMHO. Will apologize profusely if I am wrong.
  15. Bolton match thread

    Can see why JF has signed every player barring Odelusi, if some here thought Moyo lacked positional sense !!!!!! still to be convinced on Staunton, very slow, a lesser version of Hotte, wish we could have kept him, alongside King & Maher we would have had a verty competitive midfield.