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  1. Se You There

    We seem to have an ongoing pyramid of commotion.
  2. When will there be an announcement?

    Probably be Boris for manager.
  3. 19/20 player rumours

    IMHO as good a punt as any other.
  4. 19/20 player rumours

    Must be an expert on travel around England by now, don't Google it Twitter Tuton.
  5. Scot

    Football through all divisions is heavily scripted, players have flair subdued by managers scared to death of the unpredictable nature of a Kosylo. Unfortunately for us JF was a master of on field control leading to mind numbing football with little entertainment. 
  6. Sounds like he needs to concentrate on his timekeeping.
  7. He's a gypsy type player, when found out he moves on, better left to continue roaming.
  8. Scot

    Scot is always worth a read, always  thoughtful posts. Standing against the majority does not make an individual's  views correct.
  9. Salford game

    Be a first if they make the correct one, suppose you get the council you deserve. Have come to the conclusion all politicians are toss pots whatever shade or hue.
  10. Doncaster Match Report

    No hard & fast rules, depends on the individual, Clarke appears to be a calm influence on the field & see no reason with correct support why he couldn't  manage & play successfully, many have in the past in the lower leagues.
  11. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Probably not a good idea supporting Town with your medical history, Only do it due to masochistic tendencies brought on by becoming a supporter at a too young & impressionable age.
  12. Anyone going to Square Chapel?

    Shame most of the denizens of said borough choose to shop in Leeds or Manchester. Suspect few Haligonians look a above window level anyway.
  13. The Pitch

    I am no expert but given the time constraints was it sensible to tear the who pitch up. Both goal mouths especially the South looked worse for wear but the rest of the pitch looked serviceable, would seeding or turfing those areas have sufficed.
  14. Available managers

    Not in the Farsley match, CB had him in his back pocket for the most part.