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  1. Gateshead

    A reminder of the reasons our BOD make sure we live within our means.
  2. How to..... Play football

    Guardiola is a poor mans Fullarton, he needs a few more OTT soundbites to win the Champion League. Seriously the guy is probably the best in the business.
  3. Who cares ...

    Who cares
  4. Fan Brazilian here

    BrazilianNot sure what pubic coiffures have to do with football. Although there are quite a lot of ladies body parts involved in the game
  5. Sixty one years, although I never paid in the early days, waited until the Bobby looked the other way & jumped over the fence from the bus sheds then slid down the bank & mingled in the crowd........ usually about 3,000 in those days.
  6. Jon Stead

    Last season would have taken Stead, next season probably not but Edwards could learn plenty about forward play from him. Rather have Rodders if he can maintain his form with us & at a sensible cost.
  7. Leeds

  8. Budgets, misery and silence?

    And breath, stress is a killer 
  9. Leeds

    Oh dear again, how sad
  10. Leeds

    Oh dear, total Leeds defensive cock up, 1-1 on night
  11. Tranmere Rovers.

    Half wit more like, what a grade A tit.
  12. 19/20 player rumours

    Maybe have a chance with Hardy if deemed too lightweight for Fyldes long term ambitions, similar issue if we consider him, think we need to upsize. Would suspect Duku realistic as Cheltenham probably just want to offload, more does he want to come North.
  13. Clarke

    Without knowing their running costs it's all speculation, crowds only don't give a complete picture, we may be more viable financially who knows. 
  14. Playoffs

    Don't. give a monkies who as long as we beat them, just line em up for us to knock down...….hopefully.
  15. Pitch Renovation

    What like large roly poly's