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  1. Jacob Hanson

    I'm happy with this signing.
  2. When Glory Shone Around Upon FC Halifax Town - Discogs

    I use discogs. It's just helped me raise several hundred pounds selling various vinyl albums and singles.
  3. Guiseley have not one, not two....

    Wasn't it Bignot that got Chester relegated? This seems a really underwhelming appointment for Guiseley.
  4. Player of the season

    It's got to be Brown for me. A rock in defence and a good captain. 2nd place Kosylo, Collins in 3rd.
  5. New Signing

    I worry when we are reduced to taking Guiseley rejects!
  6. I was a little worried by some of the comments from Bosomworth when he talks about wanting to develop players for the Football League. Sureley we want to see the BOD develop the team and the club for the Football League. Halifax Town has been a Football League club for most of its history. Many fans want to see the club get back there, not be struggling near the bottom of the National League, or dare I say it, stuck in National North. David, can you offer us a realistic path back to League football. If Accrington, Morecambe and Barnet can do it on worse attendances than ours, surely we should be able to do it??

    Thank God Bosomworth has appointed Fullerton, a young coach with no experience whatsoever of managing in the National League. And only 12 unsuccessful games  as a manager at Notts County to boot. I'm so pleased we didn't get a manager like Gary Mills or Richard Money, both bosses with years of experience of managing at National League level . And both with a promotion  to the Football League on their cvs. That's not for us, is it David?

    Just looked at the article on his time at Notts County. Two lines in particular stood out: Notts have taken just one point from a possible 15 at home The 41-year-old's 12-game spell in charge was brought to an end following Saturday's 4-1 home loss to Exeter An uncanny resemblance to Kelly's record at Oldham. He lost his last home game there 5-1.  

    Has Bosomworth gone mad?? Fullarton's record in management is pretty much as limited and bad as Darren Kelly's was, and we all know how that turned out.
  10. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    We need to remember we are now in a relegation battle. Sorry,but I think we need someone with more experience than Billy Barr at this moment in time.
  11. Proposed winter break.

    I thought they already had a break. Isn't it called the 4th and 5th rounds of the FA Cup, since the way they field very  weakened teams, and often get knocked out, it already gives their first team players a break!!!
  12. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    The first question Bosomworth needs to ask the candidates is "Are you happy to work with a part time squad and just 2 nights per week training?" Second question: "Do you have experience of managing within a part time set up, and did you achieve any success?" Because this is the reality of our club. A part time set up trying to function in the National League with a lot of full time clubs. Those 2 questions will quickly sort out the Mark Bowers from the Peter Taylors of this world! Third question: "Do you have a good knowledge of the best part time players plying their trade within sensible travelling distance of Halifax?" (This is with a view as to who might be available for future recruitment ). Fourth question "What sort of contacts, if any, do you have at neighbouring Football League clubs". (This, of course, is to try and improve our record and get some good loan signings in ). My fifth question would be "What style of football do you like to play? " "Supplementary question to this: "Can you show any previous evidence as manager of playing attractive, passing football" ( Because if we are going to be stuck at National League level rather than the Football League, we might at least have some entertainment rather than the sort of dull stuff that Heath served up.
  13. As soon as Aspin went full time, his managerial reign seemed to go pear shaped. My point is, the players are part time, any new manager needs to be comfortable with that. Worst thing is, a new manager comes in, knowing we are a part time set up, then starts whingeing he can't cope with it, and wants to go to full time training. Like Cox and Kelly did. Result - Failure.
  14. Sorry to start yet another thread on who the new manager should be, but I think this point is very important. I honestly can't see Bosomworth risking going to a full time set up any time soon, so that means any new manager needs to be able to work effectively with part time players and training 2 nights a week. And for me, that means someone who is already well used to working part time, is comfortable with that and who has shown good results in that sort of set up. Managers like Money and Mills have been successful and won promotion to the Football League in the past, but that was working in a FULL TIME set up. They would find part time very different, and probably not do as well. Look what has happened recently at National League level when managers used to only working full time with 4 day time training sessions a week were appointed to part time set ups. Things started to go wrong almost immediately with Darren Kelly when he insisted on switching to full time type training, but with most of the players still on part time contracts. Similarly Paul Cox going in at Guiseley, his sudden enforced switch to full time has proved a disaster. So for me we will have to be looking at managers who have shown they can work effectively in a PART TIME set up. So inevitably that means people like Wilkin, Matt Jensen and Mark Bower. Bower, by the way, has taken Avenue from no hopers, rock bottom of National North, to play off contenders within the space of just over a year.
  15. Time to bite the bullet

    Now here's an idea. Let Macc get promoted and go full time. We can then stay part time and pick up some of their title winning players who want to stay part time! Should bring in a few good players.