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  1. Time to bite the bullet

    Now here's an idea. Let Macc get promoted and go full time. We can then stay part time and pick up some of their title winning players who want to stay part time! Should bring in a few good players.
  2. Some people want Heath to go, some still support him. Fair enough. What I'd say is if you were going to sack him, this week was the ideal window of opportunity. We've gone 12 games without a win, approaching 3 months. The chances of getting anything at Aldershot are very slim in any scenario, so you could write that game off. There is then a 2 week gap until the next League game, the crunch meeting with Chester, a must win game. So there was a space of over 2 weeks to carry out a careful process of recruiting a new manager, to have him in place for Chester. And then to give him time to assess the squad prior to the vital January transfer window. But it looks like Bosomworth will not act. So the alternative now is he must back Heath to the hilt with the money for some deperately needed new signings. And he should make it clear that Kossy stays until the end of the season, because that is our best chance of avoiding relegation.
  3. Selling Kosylo would be madness

    Some of you seem to be missing my key point, which is that without Kossy in the team we have managed to win just one single League game. So how do we avoid the drop if he goes?? Really, how much use is say £85k when you look at the cost of relegation and dwindling crowds? If crowds drop by say 300 over each of the next 10 games this season, at £15 average admission, that is a loss of £45k. With relegation you then get poorer crowds next year in the dreadful National North, plus you cannot charge as much as for National League football, so further money is lost. You've then gained nothing by selling Kosylo, instead we're just worse off all round. The needs of the club should come before the wishes of an individual player. Let's not do a Tuton again. Liverpool and Arsenal hung on to Coutinho and Sanchez, both are still playing brilliantly, not sulking. I'm sure Kossy would do the same - he can then leave in the summer if he wishes after helping us stay up.
  4. Just been looking at the stats. We've only won one League match this season without Kosylo. To sell him in January would be madness, and probably guarantee relegation. Any money received would be more than wiped out by the extra money we would lose by not being in the National. And getting promoted again from National North would be very difficult.
  5. New striker needed urgently!

    I notice Heath has said he is looking to make at least 2 more new signings. We urgently need a new striker who actually scores goals. Look at our shocking goal scoring record at home since we beat Bromley. We failed to score against Wrexham, Maidestone and Woking. The goal we registered against Tranmere happened when Steve Mcnulty, under very little pressure, booted the ball in to his own net. That then leaves us with the one goal against Torquay. So effectively we have scored one goal in 5 home games, which is terrible by any standards. Please get it sorted, Mr. Heath.
  6. Hyde Tonight

    We may know very little about football, but we do know that a 7 goal defeat at Grimsby, a 6-3 home defeat by Braintree, plus the 7 goal home hammering by Cheltenham, watched from the dug out by Mr Kelly are bad, bad results.  Darren was rightly sacked by Bosomworth. I'd have sacked him straight after the Grimsby game. Kelly was the worst manager I have ever seen at our club, and God knows we have had some bad ones like Carrol and Lillis!
  7. Paul Cox

    One thing that can be guaranteed with Cox is total loyalty. He would never walk out on a club and leave them in the brown suff. Never!
  8. The new season starts at home tomorrow against Aldershot. Isn't it wonderful to be back in the National League again? Better quality and hopefully much better games. Heath performed something of a miracle getting us straight back up. Remember when he came in, we had something like 5 contracted players. One was Macca, out for 9 months. Others included Burrow and Hibbs, players that Heath felt he didn't want. So he brought in some players he knew, some from Ferriby, players he felt could do the business ... and guess what, they did! But Heath was working from a standing start, so to record his second promotion in succession from North was pretty good going. And thank God we did go up. Looking at Conference North this year, it's going to be harder than ever to achieve promotion. York City, Kidderminster, Chorley, Darlington, Stockport. All really tough challengers. And then of course there is Salford City, managed by those two really charming gentlemen who I guess we will be seeing again when the BBC run series 3 of their free advert for Salford. Add to the mix Brackley, Tamworth, Southport and maybe even Gloucester, and it's going to be an absolute dog fight for just 2 promotion places. So glad we are out of it. So let's get as many Town fans down to the Shay tomorrow, to celebrate our promotion and enjoy the first game back in the National. Talk to your relatives and friends, let's get as many home fans down as possible. And get right behind the team .And with any luck we could well be looking at 3 points in the bag come 5 o'clock, and a strong message to other teams that Town are back. Up the Shaymen!
  9. Personally, I would like to see a big club implode and collapse financially. It would be their just deserts. It CAN happen...look at Rangers, that came as a huge shock at the time, people thought it couldn't happen. For me one of the worst aspects is the obscene amount of money that agents and hangers on like Neymar's dad take out of the game. They are like leeches, sucking the game dry and putting nothing back in. Some of these "investors" in the big clubs are rich due to oil. I wonder what they will do when the era of electric only cars arrives?
  10. Well done Billy Heath!

    As we approach the new season, back in Conference National, it's time Billy was given the full credit he deserves. In the last 3 seasons he has won the FA Trophy at Wembley, with North Ferriby. Then promotion with Ferriby on a shoestring. He then inherited a Halifax club which had I think just 5 contracted players at the time, just relegated following the demoralising disaster that was Kelly. But he took that situation on board, and then achieved his second consecutive promotion, despite strong criticism from some Town fans. To set this in to context, a club like Stockport County, with attendances more than twice the size of Halifax, and in the Championship not that long ago, have been stuck in National North for more than 4 years now, they have never been able to even make the play offs. So Heath deserves a few plaudits. This season he is managing at a level higher than he has done before, and he may not find it easy, but let's all get behind him and pull together.
  11. Final Crowd predictions

    Anyone know how the gate receipts are shared out for the Final? Do the League take a cut?? Did we get all the gate money from the semi final home leg?
  12. Latest England Squad

    Good to see Dafoe back, and Redmond deserves his chance.
  13. Salford's joint managers are giving up their day jobs and going full time as football managers. The players at Salford will also be full time next season. This League keeps getting harder, and will also be tougher next year as once again 3 out of the 4 clubs relegated from the higher standard National League are likely to end up in North, like last year.
  14. Scott Metcalfe.....

    Rick Holden
  15. Stockport 3-2-1

    3 - Matty Kosylo 2 - Kev Roberts 1 - Adam Morgan