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  1. Our magnificent defence!

    I just want to pay tribute to how well our defence have been performing during the last few months. The last time we conceded a League goal in open play was early in the Harrogate game on New Years Day.That's over 2 months ago. The only goal we conceded in the League was at Chesterfield, but that was a penalty.So that is nine League games without conceding an open play goal, which is fantastic going by any standard. The centre back partnership of Clark and Brown is possibly the best in the League, and the other players around them are clearly well organised and drilled, so Fullerton is doing something right there. And Mayer IS doing a great job as a holding midfielder to give extra cover to the defence. The arrival of Hardy, Rodney and Duku have shown that if we can now get the strikeforce, and the right creativity in midfield, sorted, happier times may lie ahead.
  2. The game tonight: Maidstone

    I think Maidstone have won just ONE home League game all season!!
  3. Unbelievable Jeff

    Greggs wrote; You look through our history since Vince.  Aspin- appointed from a higher league. Had experiance. Was a success till the last year.  Kelly- no experiance. A failed appointment and was sacked in no time.  Harvey- lots of experiance. Has the relegation on his cv (still maintain thats not solely at his door) won on our first trip to Wembley.  Heath- had experiance at the level we needed him for and did the job. Albeit was out of his depth at this level.  Fullarton- no experiance and only still in a job because of the bizarre length of contract offered.  There's 5 managers there. Its no coincidence the successful ones had a level of experiance of the game or the level we were playing at. The cheap options are costing the club more than it would in paying an experianced manager a little bit more. I agree with you completely, Greggs. Just one thing I would add. When you appoint a manager with experience, you can also look back and see the style of play that they brought. Was it entertaining? Was it attacking? Was it good interpassing football played mainly on the ground, rather than hoofs in to the air? You have a much clearer idea then what you will be getting. I doubt that Fullerton went in to his interview saying "I will be concentrating mainly on defence. I will set up in a generally negative fashion to try and stop the opposition. There will be lots of 0-0 draws." But that is exactly what he is delivering. Bosomworth took a punt on a rookie and there was no managerial record or style for the BOD to look at. Bosomworth should have stuck to the personnel spec which he and the BOD had quoted to candidates, and that talked about previous experience and proven results. So in a nutshell, when next appointing a manager, GO FOR SOMEONE WITH THE RIGHT EXPERIENCE, AND DON'T BE BAMBOOZLED BY THE GIFT OF THE GAB!  
  4. Just wondering how many of our squad are also under contract for next season. With relegation looking increasingly likely, we could be facing serious financial problems in National North if we are still having to pay out to full time players. We may save a bit of money on away travel, but we will surely lose quite a lot of money on gate income. You can't charge £20 to watch the poor quality that the North is, and season ticket sales will also drop. I warned at the time that Fullerton's appointment was a bad choice. It gives me no pleasure to see that my view has been proven right.
  5. Steve Watson

    Didn't York try this same trick a year or two ago when they poached the Darlington manager? Didn't workthat time.
  6. Lucky, lucky Fullerton!

    Let's face it, at any normal club Fullerton would have been sacked this week. Eleven League games without a win, culminating in the dreadful defeat at bottom four side Havant. Shocking, uninspired performances.  So called strikers who NEVER score. Football even duller and more boring than even " Mr Negative" Heath could serve up. No substitutes, no plan B. Not a single sign that he has any idea how to turn things around. The window of a fortnight between League games was the ideal chance to make a change and get a new manager in before the vital home game against Dover. But Fullerton is so lucky that dithering Dave does nothing. Bosomworth will only take action when it is too late.    
  7. Lenighan leaving Town.

    Frankly, I find this scapegoating of Lenighan pathetic. There are far bigger problems at our club.
  8. Great to see Salford top of the League!

    I certainly hope not. Actually I would like to see some sensible financial investment come in to our club. Bosomworth's fellow directors are no Spring chickens, isn't it time to enlarge the board by bringing in one or two younger members who would put some money in to the team? Or David himself might reach in to his pocket. Get in to the Football League, and the huge tv money provides a massive financial benefit.
  9. I thought that heading would grab your attention! However I say great, not because I like Salford, but because I hate the shocking amount of money they are throwing around at non League level. They are completely skewing the lie of the land for "normal" non League clubs, due to the ridiculous money they are paying in transfer fees and wages, eg Rooney. But I'm really glad to see them top, because I feel the sooner they go up to the Football League, the better, and we get rid of them from the non League scene.  
  10. Michael Collins

    I think some Bradford City fans felt Collins was playing hoofball.
  11. Michael Collins

    Some people are saying "Don't upset a settled team". But that team includes Lenighan. So are these people now saying they are happy to have Lenighan?? My own view is I'd be very happy to have Collins back. But I also beleve in giving people a second chance, like we did Macca. So I'm not going to be shouting for Lenighan to be kicked out, I thought he played well against Gateshead.
  12. Loan signings

    When we were first relegated from THe Football League in the 90's we had a brilliant winger on loan from Sheffield Wednesday. His name was Williams. Michael I think. He was with us around January/February time. He almost saved us from the drop single handed. Unfortunately he went back to Wednesday, and down we went.
  13. I read somewhere this week that only 4 of the National League teams are still part time. Anyone know who these clubs are?
  14. Salford splashing the cash again

    Here's an idea. If Neville and his crew don't think the home crowds at the Ammie's stadium are big enough, they could always pay people to go and watch their games. After all, they're buying everything else...so why not spectators?
  15. Kosy

    Wait til you see the result at Braintree, and people will be crying out to have Kosy in the team!!