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  1. Shay Pitch

    Only one bad payer - Town pay their bills on time. And before you quote Town going bust - I believe Halifax RLFC beat Town to that - 1989 if I remenber.
  2. Barnet (A)

    For now............. if more rain another inspection at 6:00pm
  3. Game off!

    Comedy keeping to be honest Bollox.
  4. Meeting with Mr B

    This is what I got - shame as I'm away most weeks and this next week I can go. No doubt they will invite me to one I can't attend!!   Thank you for your response to our Meet the Chairman event.  Due to the popularity of this evening, we will be holding a number of them.  We will contact you next week with an alternative date for your “Meet the Chairman” sessions  Best Regards   FC Halifax Town
  5. Lack of challenging media

    They are mostly University students (with the exception of Lewis who will be going in September) but that doesn't stop them being Town fans as well!  
  6. Lack of challenging media

    There are at least two Shaymen fans in the media team. My son being one of them. You have remember that as a media team responsible to the club they do not have the freedom to ask questions that maybe they would like to. All club media teams are at the end of the day a mouthpiece for the club. The Q&A with Fullerton being a good example. Whilst the Courier reported all of what was said - the media team were prevented from fully reporting on all answers. That should have been obvious to anyone who looked at the club Tweets and the Courier's Tweets.  In terms of asking searching, difficult questions, that is certainly the job of Tom Scargill. I have tried to prompt him several times to ask questions that we all want to hear answers to but even he has to work under the Paper's editiorial guidelines. 
  7. The best Team for Maidstone

    Idiot - clearly believes all the Remoaner lies and Project Fear nonsense rather than the actual statement from Honda themselves that makes it clear that it is NOTHING at all to do with Brexit. But why let the truth get in the way of a good moan at Brexit eh!!
  8. The usual band of idiots

    Pathetic cretins the lot of them. Most of them coked up!
  9. The usual band of idiots

    From Twitter: @SpireitesPolice: @FCHTOnline Two FCH fans detained for Pyro offences (both juveniles) before the above incident too place at the end of the game. Those detained will be dealt will by @DerbysPolice with the help of @WestYorksPolice officers who were also in attendance at the game. Throw the book at them and ban them. 
  10. Directly from the club: "We’re appalled at today’s incident involving one of our disabled fans and a flare from our OWN supporters. We’ll be investigating this matter and requesting all ground CCTV from Chesterfield. Behaviour such as this will not be tolerated."  
  11. Ask Away................

    Says who?
  12. Braintree

    I've watched every home game and a few away games and we are shite.  There!
  13. Braintree

    Never saw that one coming
  14. Crowd scenes 70s - 90s

    That's me behind the goal with the black coat and blue and white scarf - same one I wear now!  
  15. Boreham Wood

    FA cup game bookings do not count to league suspensions. He has already served a 1 game FA ban for his 2 Warrington yellows. I make it 7 now (counting last Saturday).