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  1. Half Time Entertainment

    It's not the system - we can hear the calls for Green Team leader etc. clearly enough. George and the microphone is the problem.
  2. Edwards

    1s 6d and a bag of washers.  
  3. Missed Out On Another Forward

    But Dan Maguire has gone to York - for now!!   
  4. Brighouse Town

    I believe so
  5. Brighouse Town

    On my plate it's rare only.  
  6. Brighouse Town

    We only do medium rare if that's OK - shame to overcook a good steak!
  7. Brighouse Town

    We will be there - 3 of us.
  8. Maidenhead today

    I made the point about season ticket sales as we walked out and nearly got into punch-op with a d**khead who took exception to that point.   
  9. Gateshead FC

    I used to work with Olley's mum. he has been on a bit of a journey tumbling down the leagues starting at Newcastle. Seems to finally have found his level.
  10. Poodles in for £10

    A bit like Town fans stood near me who borrowed Leeds season ticket cards off their mates and came in for a tenner and would have been there anyway.  
  11. Poodles in for £10

    How about Town season ticket holders bring a mate for a tenner!  
  12. Solihull Thread

    Just one dud on the pitch today - Quigley was atrocious - the kids joining in with his 1st half warm up would have done a better job.
  13. Shay Pitch

    Only one bad payer - Town pay their bills on time. And before you quote Town going bust - I believe Halifax RLFC beat Town to that - 1989 if I remenber.
  14. Barnet (A)

    For now............. if more rain another inspection at 6:00pm
  15. Game off!

    Comedy keeping to be honest Bollox.