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  1. Foxtrot 1

    Definitely a drill. Team leader call are instructions to do something.  Another point - the loudness and clarity shows that the system is fine. It is George and his Mic/connection that make everything sound odd. 
  2. Stockport Match Thread

    He has been sat just behind us
  3. Jamie’s jalfrezi

    See the media team tweeted the event was held at Halifax RLFC Club. Have I missed something? Is Tony Abbot back and has Lord Swift of Southowram flogged the ground on the cheap like he was going to?
  4. Denmark v Peru

    You like Halifax is a Rugby Town?
  5. Preston

    5 goals in 43 games at Gatehead
  6. In Whitby yesterday

    Only one Town fan out. Thought there'd be thousands wandering around Whitby.
  7. Retained List

  8. Retained List

    Has it already been announced but Danny Clarke says he's leaving?
  9. who do you want as Play off winners

    Penalty's what. Greengrocer's apostrophe!  
  10. who do you want as Play off winners

    I don't mind going there - rather there than another M25 club. Suppose Flea would't get his Harverster breakfast on a 4 mile away trip!
  11. who do you want as Play off winners

    BPA 2 - 0 up now. By the way they are staying at Horsfall Stadium
  12. who do you want as Play off winners

    BPA one up at half tine vs Kiddy
  13. Josh Wilde

    Liam Ridehalgh is from Southowram
  14. who do you want as Play off winners

      Would think that the most likely scenario - Morecambe
  15. Pre or Post Match

    The award is the Halifax and Calderdale Pub of the Year.