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  1. Loyalty vouchers

    Apparently some fool forgot to place any at the turnstiles. Just about sums up this club's backroom organisation at the moment. 
  2. Relegation form

    No but Neil Ross is almost ready to come back
  3. SOS Moderators

    Football in a football thread and South Stand bar for everything else. It's not difficult is it!
  4. Sutton United

    That to me is Fullerton's consistent weakness.
  5. Gateshead Game

    We are FC Halifax which comes before H
  6. This is how to do highlights

    and all this at NO cost the the Brighouse supporters. All free on YouTube. When you compare what we pay £4.99 and actually get - we are being sold garbage I'm afraid! If Brighouse with 150 home fans can do all that for free - why do we get rubbish for £4.99 a month? 
  7. This is how to do highlights

    Exactly my point Flea - stupidly easy except we don't do it!!
  8. Brighouse Town - replays, 3 different camera angles for each goal, professional graphics etc. All this for a club with 150 supporters!! Free to air and not 4.99 a month!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V53rrKzZQQ0
  9. Lenighan's contract

    Tell me you ignorant fool what have I said that is in any way wrong or misleading?
  10. Lenighan's contract

    Islam is the root of most of the world's problems. Christianity is a very tolerant religion and accepts the views of other faiths. Islam on the other hand is the world's most intolerant religion. Just look at the freedom the Western Christian counties give to other faiths to be able to worship freely. Compare that with the way other faiths are treated in Islamic counties.  You really do honour your name Bollox with the above statement. Absolute and utter bollocks! I repeat Islam is the root of the vast majority of the world's problems.  
  11. Salford Match thread

    Too right. On a par with Tom Harbin as the worst ever p[layer to wear a Town shirt.
  12. Salford Match thread

    So we have Simon Lenighan as his replacement - Oh ****!
  13. David Bosomworths Interview Online

    Joke Flea - take a chill pill!
  14. David Bosomworths Interview Online

    He'd have to unblock loads of people across social media!! 
  15. Foxtrot 1

    Definitely a drill. Team leader call are instructions to do something.  Another point - the loudness and clarity shows that the system is fine. It is George and his Mic/connection that make everything sound odd.