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  1. How to..... Play football

    Leicester City. I think the only thing that could top that in this country is a non league club winning the FA Cup.  
  2. 8th of January 1977 . FA Cup . Halifax Town 0-1 Luton Town .
  3. Nathan Clarke

    Played sweeper in that game , a few eyebrows raised when Wilder included him in that role , he did the same this season against Leeds away brought a player in who had hardly played this season which was a suprise to most .He scored the winning goal which looking back was probably the difference between promotion and play offs , had Leeds won that game it would be them going up automatically not Sheffield United . Atherton was class down at Gray's when before kick off we all wondered what Wilder was thinking , years later and he is still surprising people with his tactics and team selection . That's why we are not managers and he is going to Old Trafford , Anfield, etc next season , great achievement for somebody who had his doubters even at this level .  
  4. AFC Fylde vs Town 27/04/2019

    Fylde 1-2 Shaymen  Rodney 2  Att 1633 
  5. Town vs Wrexham 22/04/2019

    Shaymen 1-0 Wrexham  Rodney  Att 2891
  6. Hartlepool v Town 19/4/19

    Hartlepool 2-2 Shaymen  Rodney , Brown . Att. 3444
  7. Town vs Bromley 13/04/2019

    Shaymen 2-1 Bromley  Duku and Rodney  Att 1390
  8. Leyton Orient vs Town 06/04/2019

    Orient 1-1 Shaymen  Rodney Att 5329
  9. Town vs Maidenhead United 30/03/2019

    Shaymen 1-0 Maidenhead  Brown Att 1322
  10. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Taking 4 points from our last two games against a club going for automatic promotion and one on the verge of a play off place , whatever his intention is , it has worked well .
  11. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Sam Johnson is now 2nd in keepers having the most clean sheets , 18 so far , 3 behind Wrexham keeper who is top on 21 and 2 ahead of Solihull keeper . 35 goals conceeded in 40 games , the defence as a whole has been outstanding this season , you could sum the season up as a tale of 2 Halves, defensively we are promotion material , attacking we are relegation candidates .  
  12. Town vs Ebbsfleet United 26/03/2019

    Shaymen 2-0 Ebbsfleet  Kosylo , Duku Att 1107
  13. town v solihull

    Shaymen 1-1 Solihull Kosylo Att 1432
  14. Dover Athletic vs Town 16/03/2019

    Dover 0-1 Shaymen Rodney Att 959
  15. Barnet (A)

    You can say that again !