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  1. Salford splashing the cash again

    He doesn't play football for money he is ambitious and wants to further his career , moving from league 1 to the Conference is a massive step forward , it's a big jump and personally I don't think he will be up to it but good luck to him he deserves the chance .
  2. coalville saturday

    Great tribute to a legend , hope there is a good turn out for him .
  3. Salford splashing the cash again

    Building a fan base will be the difficult part , when we played them in the Unibond North before the class of 92 got on board they had less than 92 fans , the novelty of Neville and co and climbing the Pyramid has increased considerably their gates but keeping them interested when they walk away in an area where your spoilt for choice will be impossible , most of their fans are as plastic as their new seats.
  4. World Cup Predictions 14/07/2018

    Belgium 2-2 England Kane , Vardy
  5. World Cup Predictions 15/07/2018

    France 1-1 Croatia 
  6. England v Croatia

    Better team won but well done to England a great tournament and they went further than anyone expected.
  7. England v Croatia

  8. England v Croatia

    I think England winning the World Cup eclipses Leicester winning the premier league which makes it even harder to picture.
  9. England v Croatia

    And they all win the World Cup.
  10. England v Croatia

    I would stick to same 11 , I think what we have done is created fear among our opponents , they will be conscious of giving away free kicks and corners as at set pieces we are a real threat , I don't care about the lack of goals from open play when the set pieces are so good. Croatia are a decent side but this is a huge opportunity , sounds daft as getting to the semis is a huge success but I think we will be disappointed if we don't reach the final.
  11. England v Croatia

  12. World Cup Predictions 11/07/2018

    Croatia 0- 2 England , Sterling Kane.
  13. World Cup Predictions 10/07/2018

    France 1-1 Belgium
  14. England v Sweden

    Trippier and Maguire were outstanding 2 players who have come from nowhere to a world cup semi final 
  15. England v Sweden

    Give over ffs