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  1. On the basis of one out one in....

    Yes , according to Billy EVERYONE is paying more , I bet that comment went down well in the boardroom , the bloke only has a few months left on his contract and is slagging off his employers .  
  2. Board or Billy?

    Happens at every club , only FC ESPN of Manchester are the exception , same manager since they were formed which must be 15 years ago . More a cult than a club. Heath will see his contract out , no point getting rid now should have gone in December, whatever anyone's opinion all I want is 3 points on Saturday and survival at the end of the season , its a merry go round of managers and players at this level , what is important is we start next season in this league.    
  3. Board or Billy?

    Well we were top in September so we were promotion candidates , I never expected us to stay there but there is no getting away from what has happened since , injuries and suspensions aside which every manager has to cope with but ours is the worst of all according to Heath , the fact we are now in more danger of relegation than promotion is down to Heath.
  4. Board or Billy?

    It's laughable that fans defend Heath when at times he is undefendable , best one is using Tomlinson because he fits into our system , a system which has reaped 2 wins from 17 .  If we were top half and pushing for a play off spot then fair enough but we are not .
  5. Board or Billy?

    Bristol City winning at Man U was what you call a freak result if they played each other 100 more times then Man U would win 99 of them . Chester have been in the bottom four most of the season and look like staying there so their know that despite the odd win they are likely to be in a relegation scrap. Us on the other hand have gone from being potential promotion candidates to relegation candidates in a few months , Chester fans have not seen their club anywhere near the top . If we had not had that good run we would be in that bottom four and well and truly in it. Our downtown is not "Just Football" it is the manager who is using a system which doesn't work and disregarding one that did , if we get relegated it won't be the players fault but one man alone , Billy Heath.
  6. Banker home win Saturday then?.
  7. Board or Billy?

    I don't get him at all , first four games he played Denton on his own up front and you could see from the first game against Aldershot it was never going to work , he changed it and put Morgan alonside him , we then went on a good run . He has never gone back to it , Kosylo is back so it would have been good to see him go back to that system but letting Morgan go shows he is not interested . I must be missing something because it was clear that Denton/Morgan/Kosylo reaped most rewards going forward but Heath didn't see it , if your playing a system which doesn't work then go back to a system that did.
  8. Board or Billy?

    There is struggling and there is struggling , from top of the league after beating Orient to a relegation scrap looming , that is not all down to losing key players the manager needs to pull his finger out and stop blaming it on bad luck and no money.
  9. Board or Billy?

    51 points available , 12 points from last 51 , 16 points to reach the magical 50 , I think we will stop up but it will be alot closer than some think , our safety net is the quality of teams below us , Torquay, Guiseley , Chester and Solihull have been poor and let's hope that continues , Torquay have gone in my opinion but it only takes one of the other 3 to find a bit of form and we could get dragged into it. It's our form which worries me , no getting away from the fact that 2 wins in our last 17 is shocking , we need a win on Saturday , 3 points from a side below us will give us a bit more breathing space , defeat and and the slow suffocation continues.
  10. Board or Billy?

    September , during that good run when we topped the league , filled us with false hope , since then it has been dull with the odd bright moment . If Denton had not been suspended and Kosylo injured then that form might have continued , instead we dropped like a stone , most managers have to cope with injuries and suspensions , Heath failed.  
  11. Board or Billy?

    Results have been very extreme this season from going to Orient and beating them 3-0 to going to Hartlepool and losing 4-0 , Chester 4-0 to Maidenhead 1-4 . 3 struggling clubs and a mid table average club . It makes no difference who the opposition is , its which FC Halifax Town  team turns up . This is what frustrates fans about Heath ,its all or nothing , it puzzles me how we can go from blowing Chester away who were admittedly very poor to Maidenhead and getting stuffed by an average side who we have taken 4 points off in the league . Orient Saturday already beaten them 3-0 away , struggling below us so it should be our first double of the season but it could be any outcome .    
  12. Adam Morgan

    Yes the forecast is looking gloomy.
  13. Adam Morgan

    Yes , but Tomlinson fits into a system that isn't working !!!.
  14. Adam Morgan

    Nice to see someone read Dentons flick on , I think Morgan was best suited to fill that role but Heath didn't .   
  15. On the basis of one out one in....

    All Heath does is moan about injuries and not having funds to bring in players , sounds like whoever he was after have been offered better deals elsewhere. Hope nobody else cries off this week we might not be able to fill the bench for Orient .