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  1. Town v Dover 17/11/2018

    Shaymen 2-0 Dover  Southwell , Kosylo  1522
  2. John Askey

    Winking relieves the pressure but can make you go blind , that explains what Fullarton meant .
  3. John Askey

    The board are now known as the Three Masons a handshake and a wink means Lenighan has gone , a handshake with the other hand on their hip means Tomlinson is back before the season finishes , four winks means Kosylo is suspended .
  4. John Askey

    Who play their games at the FBI Shay Stadium.
  5. John Askey

    Right so he still with us , glad somebody knows what is going on with injuries etc .
  6. Tonight’s draw

      Right player wrong manager as seen with Tomlinson , different player under Fullarton .
  7. John Askey

    I think he is on a rolling contract , initially 2 months , given another month , did not even get on the bench for Saturday so that must be him going or gone 
  8. John Askey

    Results wise Fullarton is mirroring Heath , he came in and kept us up , Heath came in and got us promoted , we had a brief spell under Heath where everybody thought he might do well at this level , Fullarton has done the same started well and now the wheels are coming off . Heath went on a winless run of 11 games and then won 2 on the bounce followed by an 8 game winless run which eventually ended his time at the club . Fullarton started the season well and we are now on a 12 game winless run . Dover on Saturday is a game he has to win , improvement seen at Morecambe ? Is this a turning point ? We thought the same when Heath got six points against Chester and Aldershot . A win on Saturday and get to the second round of the FA Cup and continued improvement thereafter and show us he is the right man for the job . Decision making is comparable , Heath found a winning formula when he played Denton and Morgan together , fell out with Morgan and never recovered , fell out with the supporters with his touchline antics . Fullarton brought in Lenighan , big mistake in my opinion , caused alot of damage and gave him too long to prove himself which was never going to happen. Two big mistakes by both Heath and Fullarton , Heath never recovered from his , time will tell if Fullarton can repair his , if not we are heading for a relegation scrap just like last season .
  9. Tonight’s draw

    It's a "meh" draw for Wimbledon , they won't fancy either us or Morecambe , second bottom of league one and only won twice from 17 games .  
  10. Tonight’s draw

    Very likely , doubtful we will get the live game , too many non league clubs at home to league opposition. Salford get past Shrewsbury they have Scunthorpe at home  Wrexham v Newport  Solihull v Blackpool Billericay/Chesterfield v Grimsby . A few others possible but if we are on the Sunday show it's money in the bank £12,000 when we played Eastleigh.
  11. Tonight’s draw

    Good draw , loads of worse ones possible , would have preferred an easier tie but we are at home at least , nothing to lose everything to gain , Morecambe to deal with first then only 90 minutes away from a big club in the third round .
  12. Tonight’s draw

    I think it's a decent draw , at least it's at home , they are struggling and will not fancy a trip up here.
  13. Tonight’s draw

    Different to first round when a big club like Sunderland/Barnsley would have been a big pay day but ended our participation in the cup . Biggest incentive now for us and Morecambe is somebody like Woking/Guisely/Southport at home and getting into the third round where it could potentially be  a massive pay day , I wanted a big club in the first round as our form suggested we would lose to anyone but going to Morecambe who admittedly are struggling it was a massive boost and hopefully it's a turning point and our form improves , it only takes one game to change things I hope Saturday was that game , we'll see.
  14. A street near you.

    Well put , 700,000 lost their lives during World War 1 , we will never forget what they did for future generations.
  15. On to Morecambe

    Good effort , hope the manager and players appreciated it , taking 500 to an away game when you consider what is being served up at the moment is mad . Percentage of home fans travelling away is probably bigger than most clubs which shows how many hardcore supporters stick with the club through thick and thin . We don't need to put on free travel and reduce admission prices to £1 to keep supporters turning up like Bradford City.