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  1. Macca - final call?

    At the top of his twitter account it says ... Don't judge me on mistakes i have made but how i make amends. That is all anyone can do when they do something which is wrong . He has been a great servant to this club and will be remembered fondly by everyone at this club , good luck to him and a massive thank you.
  2. Football makes fans less happy

    Correct , i also look forward to the fixture list , see who is up first , who the Christmas double header is , the new shirt , how many season tickets have been sold , i am coming to the conclusion that the happiest time for a Halifax Town supporter is May to July.
  3. Football makes fans less happy

    The bit about a football fan being at their happiest in the stadium prior to kick off is not rocket science its still 0-0.  
  4. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    That was him .
  5. Football makes fans less happy

    My wife used to ask me if they had won? I asked her why she never asks anymore and her reply was after 30 years i can tell by just looking at your face , strange really because i don't feel any different emotions win/lose or draw thought i was hardened to it , obviously not. The only time it has ever affected my health was getting my head kicked in at Burnley.
  6. New Royal Baby Named ....

    It would only end in Teers.
  7. Kosylo not sure where his future lies

    He signed someone who wore an Alice Band , cannot remember his name but he played against Wrexham in the FA Trophy , the start of Aspins downfall , Alice Bands , ponytails (except Killers) and man buns have no place in football.
  8. Going Up Coming Down

    We can all wave good riddance to Woking tonight if Barrow win at Bromley , i don't think they will Bromley can almost guarantee a play off place with 3 points , if that happens then Woking or Barrow will be the live game unless BT go for a game involving a play off place . We are only 5 wins and a draw from a top 7 place on the back of a terrible season makes you think we have missed an opportunity this season , swapping Macclesfied for Chesterfield and Salford up from the North its tougher already without factoring in who else joins .
  9. Tranmere thread

    We were going down with the likes of Clarke , if one player summed up Heaths tenure at the club its him , negative , boring Shite , get a grip , job done , we are staying up.
  10. Town Vs Tranmere 21/04/2017

    Shaymen 1 - 1 Tranmere  MFT  att 2812
  11. Torquay Away

    Woking losing 2-0 , so that makes us safe if Woking don't score 3 in next 10 minutes.
  12. Torquay Away

    Don't make him angry! You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
  13. Torquay See Our Danger Man As?

    Truro are in a play off spot in the South , long trip to Cornwall . The automatic spot is between Dartford and Havant & Waterlooville ,  Among others who could join us are Hampton & Richmond ( sounds like a packet of fags) or Hemel Hempstead . Braintree and Welling are just below the play offs , hope neither come up.    
  14. Torquay Away

    It makes a refreshing change to watch the day unfold without any pressure and watch other clubs suffering heartache that we have had to endure far too often , 2 years ago was a strange feeling , going to Wembley masked the enormity of it , i dread to think what it would have been like if we had failed to get to Wembley . Be interesting to see who goes and who joins this league next season , Chesterfield and Barnet scrapping for their lives , Harrogate and Salford taking it to the wire, York and Stockport in the play offs , Macclesfield on the brink of promotion , hopefully we get another week with Tranmere coming to us next week meaning a bigger following .
  15. Tomlinson

    He will end up at Sligo Rovers then !!!!!