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  1. so

    Bury , Rochdale , Doncaster , Mansfield , Oldham , Rotherham , Crewe , Chesterfield, Scunthorpe , Carlisle or...................................... Woking , Sutton , Borehamwood , Eastleigh , Ebsfleet , Solihull Moors , Maidstone , Maidenhead , Dover , Bromley . £18 or £23 .......yes i would pay the extra fiver .  
  2. Sutton Saturday

    Spot on , excellent post , it's funny how one supporter thinks a player has talent yet the supporter sat/stood next to you thinks he's awful.  
  3. Sutton Saturday

    Working won 3-0 at Bury , went easy on us then.
  4. Sutton United vs Town 18/11/2017

    Sutton 2-2 Shaymen Batty , Waring . att 1978
  5. Woking

    Another word to describe Heath is "Bouncebackability"  hopefully that will come sooner rather than later , i think he thrives on pressure and his comments about not caring what supporters think is a million miles away from the truth , it bothers him . He takes the plaudits when its going well and it was going better than well not long ago , now he is under pressure he has to do it again , will he , who knows but last season we had Stalygate and he answered his critics me included , we now have Wokingate , looking forward to his reaction hope its a positive one and distinguishes any thought of being in a relegstion battle , getting relegated to the Conference North was horrendous , twice would be , well , cannot think of any words to describe that .
  6. Woking

    Love his comments re Morgan not in the squad ," We cannot have 3 forwards on the bench so went with Waring and Tommo ".  One goal between the pair of them , one a loanee the other who has been the biggest disappointment this season when it looked a good signing at the time . Morgan should be starting never mind missing out on a place on the bench . I think Heath worry's too much about the opposition instead of concentrating on his own team , Woking had a good result against a league club , is he really throwing that into the mix. I give up.
  7. Woking

    Yes a change in approach , home to Woking and he sets up not to lose , against a team who probably would have been happy before kick off with a point , if he goes to Sutton and Hartlepool with the same mindset then we will get battered . To me it feels like he has lost belief in his players and they know it . I would love to be a fly on the wall in the dressing room when he is doing his pre match motivational chat ....... back to basics lads , keep it tight , good team this lot , nothing silly , if in doubt row Z. Hoof .Hoof .Hoof .Hoof , Hoof.
  8. Woking

    Bloody hell , it's the fans fault . All rise for Kim Jong Heath.
  9. Woking

    The hardest thing in Cheshire is your cheese......................after Chester fans confronted then thought better of it .
  10. Woking

    He was crap , i preferred Clemence.
  11. Woking

    What's blue and white and slides down a table?.
  12. Woking

    Nobody expects us to go up , we all hope at the start of the season we might , with the exception of Trev who is the ultimate flag bearer we want to see us at least hold our own and become an established National League club then try and kick on when we are in a position to do so . This club historically does not do mid table obscurity , it's never been built on solid foundations , we have flirted with success then its fallen down . If ever a season summed this club up perfectly it was the Wembley/Relegation season .  
  13. Woking

    He started the season playing one up front , changed it and has now gone back to it , if his thinking is ugly not pretty football from now till April then we are back in the Conference North before you can say "Hoof".
  14. Woking

    12th of September, Orient away , 3-0 , top of the league albeit for only 5 minutes , for 5 minutes Heath was the manager of the best team in the league , hard to believe when you look at us now . Injuries and suspensions kick in and since then we have won one , the form table i dare not look but we will be somewhere near the bottom . It's been a spectacular fall from looking like a team of worldbeaters to a team who cannot beat anyone . During that period the manager took all the plaudits and quite rightly , for me it was him changing the system after the first 4 games , during the summer he had plenty of time to think how he approaches a season in a league he has never managed in and his conclusion was to make us difficult to beat , that was obvious as soon as we kicked off against Aldershot . I said to my mate at the final whistle against Maidenhead , Wow , that has got to be up there with one of the best all round performances i have seen in all the years supporting this club , despite conceding 2 late goals it did not take anything away from the win. This is what frustrates me , Heath has shown what he can do , he is the ultimate Jeckle and Hyde manager in my opinion , same as last season , he was gone after Stalybridge but what happened after it , he found a winning formula , not pretty but effective , we didn't blow teams away but battled our way out of the league . De ja vu this season we have had our day in the sun , it's now a battle and ugly football just to stay in this league . One word to describe Heath is "Frustrating". He had the tools to do the job but has now decided not to use them . Get prepared for a relegstion battle its coming.  
  15. Woking

    First 4 games we were awful playing Denton up front on his own , Heath changed the style and we went on a good run , injuries and suspensions kick in and it goes pear shaped , same personal at the club why not go back to what worked , instead he brings in Tom , Dick and Harry .