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  1. Now Is The Time To Go

    First job is to keep us up , 3 points tomorrow will ease our worries considerably , he got that long awaited win on Tuesday , let's make it back to back wins .
  2. 22nd February 2016 - NLP TOTW

    It was one of the strangest seasons we have ever had , the appointment of Kelly and Harvey as his assistant was the wrong way round , Kelly was a disaster and Harvey cannot have been much assistance during that period , Harvey more or less got us safe by beating Borehamwood then capitulated against Aldershot and Kidderminster , was it that season we saw the miss of the season against Eastleigh Richard (can't remember his last name ) which would have kept us up . Harvey took us to Wembley so will always be remembered fondly but what happened in those final games with an experienced manager will always be a mystery , injuries to key players was a factor but went to Kidderminster and fooked up on a massive scale .
  3. Town v Havant 23/02/19

    Shaymen 2-1 Havant  Kosylo , Quigley  Att 1442 
  4. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    I would take that now , wouldn't you ?  It's ok saying nothing but a play off place will do but we are not a club who can challenge for promotion consistently just yet , it takes time to build , 14th in our first season full time with a manager learning his trade is a decent platform for next season , the priority now is to be a Conference National side next season . It's ok saying how many season tickets would be sold next season under Fullarton , it would be far less if we were in the Conference North that would be a disaster .
  5. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    Kirby , Ayre , Mulhall , O'Regan , Wilder , Aspin . 40 years supporting the club and that is it , 6 managers who I can say , yes they did Ok to Well to very Well . Kirby plotted the downfall of Man City .....Ok  Ayre went to Blackpool , I was disappointed ...Ok Mulhall came in and saved us from the drop and got us promoted the following season ...Very Well , wish he had stayed another 12 months to give ........ O'Regan more experience ....sacked after a 0-0 draw at home to Rochdale .....very very wrong .doing ok  Wilder did WELL , on a poor budget and has proved what a good manager he is since . Aspin did WELL , got us back into the national league but as the big fish got smaller he found it difficult. Manager's like the above are few and far between , the dross  inbetween are 10 a penny ( not Dave would have liked that appointment)  
  6. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    It's a case of he is an inept manager or given time and gain a bit of experience he will improve , I would like to see a good result on Saturday and hopefully thereafter 12 games to see if he can show us what he can achieve , I have voted to give him the rest of the season and decide then , just stay up and go again with who in the dugout I honestly cannot decide .  
  7. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Against a side who have lost 6-2 tonight .    
  8. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Let's get behind him and the players until the end of the season , we all have our concerns about the manager but let's do the post mortem in April , it's keeping us up that matters and tonight was a huge 3 points .
  9. The game tonight: Maidstone

    8 points clear of Havent and Waterlooville with a game in hand if we beat them is huge , they are currently 4th bottom, hopefully tonight is the turning point and we can drag ourselves away from the drop .
  10. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Get in , needed that , staying up is more important than who keeps us up .
  11. Unbelievable Jeff

    Most managers are like that , they have a system and stick to it even if it is not working , every Chelsea fan booed him when he made the change , one he makes every game regardless of the score .  It's strange when everybody but the manager is thinking differently , I suppose that's why they are managers and we are not . It's an easy game sat in the stands one that most of us think we are knowledgeable about but having to make them decisions in front of 40,000 manager's is not easy . In his case he maybe thought damage limitation on the back of being stuffed by Man City , he thought that rather than being picked off by Rashford on the break a 2-0 defeat rather than 3/4 would buy him more time , if I was on the money they earn the longer I get payed the better .
  12. Unbelievable Jeff

    Man United did it , no coincidence after the departure of Jose they had a run of games against teams in the bottom half .
  13. How many going to Maidstone?

    That's because you are young and inexperienced . That's why I take my hat off to any Pensioner stood on that terrace on a cold Tuesday evening miles from home .
  14. Unbelievable Jeff

    If he was going to be sacked then it would have been after Chesterfield so a new manager would have got the bounce against 3 teams worse off than us .  
  15. Unbelievable Jeff

    If you go back to prior to Kelly then some well known names alledgidly applied the name that stood out for me was Dave Penny or somebody akin to him would have been great , the rumour going round was the length of contract being offered and rather than choosing a manager from the applicants it was a case of who would accept only 12 months . It was crucial after Aspin that the next manager built on what Aspin achieved that is when the board cocked up , we got ourselves back in the National league and have failed to build on it .