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  1. Crowds at home

    Some are very impatient , some will back the manager to the moon and back like last season when it was clear Heath had lost the plot . Far too early to call for his head but you might be right if we lose tonight , win and silence the doubters , simple. Or a draw even would not be a disaster.
  2. Crowds at home

    It's a results business , if he doesn't get the results critiscm will be inevitable , personally I think he will do ok and hope patience is shown by our supporters , I found it difficult to support Heath due to him being a complete bellend.
  3. Crowds at home

    We need a reaction tonight , Fullarton is being tested for the first time since he arrived . Is it another false dawn or is he the real deal. He is young and inexperienced a full season under his belt is what he needs so will cut him some slack , keep us top half going into new year and take it from there , it's a better squad than last season but I think certain players are being underused and not given a chance to fulfill the promise they have shown , which I find strange , then some are clearly wasting a squad place but I expect , sorry hope that will be sorted shortly.
  4. Crowds at home

    Exceeding expectations to meeting expectations to not meeting expectations on current form . Why bother with expectations , Halifax Town and expectations should never be in the same sentence , hope is a more appropriate word . 11th is okay , not great ,after the start we made I was hoping we were in for a good season , that hope while not distinguished is slowly fading , I would hope we can just Bob along nicely but we don't do bobbing along nicely it's either great or shite , mid table obscurity is not something we can do , if ever a season summed up this club it was last season going from promotion material to relegation fodder in record time . I don't want a repeat of that and on current form no win in five , we can't afford that to be 6 , then 7 and so on so forth . I hope we win tonight , I expect we won't.
  5. Fans

    Home fans fighting amongst themselves in the East Stand which nearly happened on Saturday , a heated argument which could have turned nasty , wasn't you by any chance?.
  6. Crowds at home

    He might as well do for the amount that go in the South Stand . From the East Stand it looked empty on Saturday.
  7. Crowds at home

    Hopefully they will be , but meanwhile we will have 10 to 12 home games against clubs with less than 50 travelling , going full time and charging above the going rate is reliant on us doing well , which isnt going to plan . The new system with 7 clubs going into the playoffs keeps the season alive longer if your not in a relegation battle then you won't be far off 7th , we have to hope we can stay mid table and still insight of a play off place . Anything like last season and we are up ship creek. Which part of loyal did the south stand loyal not understand, it was empty on Saturday apart from 30 odd at the front who tried to create an atmosphere . The atmosphere created by them was great and we weren't doing that well , I know they have had a few banned is that permanent or temporary , if any do come back you would like to think it's a lesson learned and they will behave.  
  8. Crowds at home

    We can thank the nearly 1000 Hartlepool fans for subsidising tonight's attendance , put us up to ninth in average attendances . That wont be beaten all season in fact you could look at 10 clubs in this league who together won't tally up to that figure .    
  9. Hartlepool

    And 2 wins from 9 since he came , not exactly the Ace of Diamonds .
  10. Hartlepool

    Desperate for him to do well , matched Hartlepool with 9 men and scored a wonderful goal , take positives from that but it's going to be tough , could have done without tonight , Bromley away looks easier than Fylde tonight .    
  11. Hartlepool

    A bit similar to Morgan last season , I saw a player in Morgan , Heath didn't utilise him properly , there isn't a player there in Lenighan no matter how you use him . Manager's live and die by their decisions , Heath had us up there and it coincided with Morgan and Denton combining well in a good run of results , he froze him out and lost his job . Similarities now with Lenighan but for opposite reasons , 4 wins from 4 before he arrived and a downward trend since .
  12. Hartlepool

    He cannot say he hasn't been given an opportunity by Fullarton, started every game baring one , simple fact is he doesnt do enough , it has all the hallmarks of a manager desperate to be the man to make a footballer out of him . We have better options on the bench never mind looking elsewhere .
  13. Hartlepool

    He doesn't do enough for me , since leaving Leeds his career suggests he is not good enough and without taking into account his off field antics which makes it easier to be critical and cloud peoples judgement he simply isn't good enough , his short team contract runs out after the home game against Chesterfield on October 13th if he is offered anything else it will be a shock he has about 4 more games left to prove his worth and from what I have seen I doubt he will but Fullarton keeps playing him is that a sign the manager sees a player or is desperate to prove people wrong ?.  
  14. Gateshead prices

    Here is a perfect example mj85 lives in Halifax but is not a Halifax fan , he chose to go and watch Mosseley in the FA Cup on Saturday . He is not a season ticket holder for his club but if he was and knew that producing that season ticket would get him into the Shay for £10 would he have been more tempted to do that rather than go to Moseley ?
  15. Gateshead prices

    They let Sunderland and Newcastle season ticket holders in at half price , I think that is a great idea , we should do the same with anyone who has a season ticket for another club as we are surrounded by big clubs . It might not attract many but I know a few season ticket holders at Bradford/Huddersfield who have asked me how much it costs to get into the Shay and even £18 put them off , they came against Chorley , but if producing a season ticket from another club gives discount then what is there to lose , these people are Halifax born but choose to support a bigger club either through family or other reasons who want their home town team to do well but persuading them to attend the odd game at full price is impossible.