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  1. Boycott

    Was certainly being "monitored" and was not as much of a rash signing as say Steve Torpey was.
  2. Unanimous

    A fair and common sense post Gav. A quandary for the board let's hope the next step is for the good of the club 
  3. He’s Gone!

    There's always one 
  4. Random image of the day

    N 64,000 dollar question Steve 
  5. Random image of the day

    More like how far have they risen having been given a chance / second chance by FCHT.
  6. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    Must win game no excuses its s nice day, no train strike, pricing initiatives so get down and be the 12th man and get behind the guys from the off. Its a massive week for the club so let's do what we can as fans and hope the management and players respond accordinly.
  7. Away kit

    Next Seasons Away kit revealed before end of this season...… tinpot imo.     Option 2 for me and well done LG.
  8. Team Vs Aldershot

    Agree if his knee is 100%.
  9. Forthcoming week

    Opens up can of worms.         ......     what would you say in their shoes