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  1. Players who will leave ??

    Just Browny.
  2. Town Vs Wrexham

    Agreed wow.
  3. Town vs Wrexham 22/04/2019

    2-1 to the Shaymen Rodney and Kossy Art 2579.
  4. Promotion/Play Offs

    @2,500 60% Town, 40% Wrexham.
  5. Season Tickets

    My understanding is they are made by Gucci and are silk with gold embossed lettering.
  6. Would like to think in excess of 1,000 with another 12/13 weeks left and as Aussie John said earlier most true Yorkshiremen will wait till the end of July before parting with their brass particularly as we have had no early bird offer as such just s fantastic one off flat rate price.
  7. Today’s game Hartlepool

    We did OK in the first half attacking with purpose and had a couple if chances to go 2 up before they scored. Not the best view of their equaliser but looked to be an avoidable one. Second half we were flat and lost the tempo sitting deeper and inviting them on but not able to counter attack with any degree of success. Lost the midfield battle and missed Mahers bite and tenacity plus his protection of the back four. Too many poor and wayward passes gave the ball away cheaply in key areas and Kings game too was affected by Maher not bring there and having to play a slightly different role. Customary good saves from Big Sam and was left exposed for both goals particularly the second. Hope Jabba is OK and it was only a precautionary move bringing him off.