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  1. Lack of challenging media

    Nope wrong guy he's at Garforth and not totally bald.
  2. Hanson

    If a player has breeched club discipline (and I do not know anyone has) then the manager / club has to take action but to me this should be a fine and not by an enforced absence from the playing squad to the detriment of the team if that player has been one of the recent shining lights. Similarly if a player has tried to undermine the management team and again I an not aware of this happening either.
  3. Lack of challenging media

    I think The Courier provides an impartial, objective view of FCHT matters. Tom; like Fletch and (Pete) ? Barrett before him; is not an ardent Town fan and being autonomous enables a balanced reporting on matches etc. The Courier are able to ask more searching questions in comparison with the FCHT media team but as bubba mentioned earlier they still need the club onside to facilitate a good working relationship with the club and provide a service to its readers. 
  4. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Half term over here students probably gone " home" for the week
  5. The game tonight: Maidstone

    And one of the students off the media team.
  6. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Finally got the green monkey off our backs with the win. Scrappy first half not helped with Tommo and Southwell being forced off with injury meaning we had to reshuffle the pack. Young Hardy struggled to get into the game and neither side created owt of note in the first half with us having a decent penalty appeal turned down. Our customary slow start in the second half gave a glimmer of hope to Maidstone who had some nice passages of play however we grew into the game and weirdly Quigleys missed chance was the catalyst for Town to dominate the last 25 minutes or so with headers from set pieces going close, Clarkey and Preston hitting the woodwork sandwiched around the winning goal. The relief and passion of the players at the final whistle was clear for all to see and we need to carry this on v Havant where a win would see us 8 points clear of the bottom four with a game in hand. STID
  7. The game tonight: Maidstone

    ??? Yes they were.
  8. How many going to Maidstone?

    Think they have your therapists number is it your third one now the other two having fled the country.