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  1. Barrows and Khan

    think it's more the fact that there is no intermediate team between the under 19's and the first team. Steve Nichol does a sterling job attaining funding / grants etc for the youth set up so lack of money is not an issue imo.
  2. Barrows and Khan

    Harsh reality but true. 
  3. Macca

    No , but who says we are playing any of those clubs !!
  4. Piece Hall

    A school trip from your lot !!
  5. Macca

    indeed it would; however i doubt JF would let sentiment affect his choice of pre-season friendleis he will select the games he sees fit to augment his pre season schedule / plans. 
  6. Franny Firth

    Sad news RIP
  7. Semi Full Time?

    only job you would get as a "model" would be a fashion model on the radio.