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  1. Ben Tomlinson

    Hoping to be, have just signed up on the Ross Clegg Rehabilitation Programme.
  2. south stand for tuesday night

      Would still need a doctor present for the players so would not save that much my fact dodging amigo.
  3. Ben Tomlinson

    Indeed I had a transplant with Micky Flanagan, nerd I say more.  
  4. Ben Tomlinson

    Indeed and as with Ben Thommo the MRI scan was not conclusive and only once they were inside the joint could they see the extent of the damage - or not.
  5. Town vs Morecambe 20/11/2018

    2-1 to The Shaymen after 90 minutes. Southwell and Clarke. Att 1,554.    
  6. Meal Out

    Plenty more where that came from big man, plenty more.