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  1. Town vs Fylde 25/09/2018

    2-1 to the shaymen. Preston and South well Att 1389.
  2. HRLFC

    Okay dokey that's fine but there is some confusion somewhere as I am assured we had scarves available on  Saturday ??
  3. HRLFC

    Please be advised scarves will be available tomorrow before the game along with other usual merchandise in the main reception of the East Stand.
  4. Fylde Tuesday

    It does indeed I am impressed with your grasp of the English language tho you of all people should know the meaning of " has been ". 
  5. HRLFC

    Would imagine he means the distance from Headingley to The Shay.
  6. Fylde Tuesday

    Yes think Cham has been injured.
  7. HRLFC

    Had around 400 pre match dining plus extra pop up bars around the ground