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  1. Salford splashing the cash again

  2. Foxtrot 1

    Aye bless him, always made one in at 5 a side on a Thursday if we were short, usually wore a pair of shorts several sizes too small and bits were usually hanging out by the end of the game !!
  3. Sponsor’s evening

    Yes mate will be there
  4. Sponsor’s evening

    Fairly accurate description however as you know I was at Headingley quaffing pints of Pimms and cherryade.
  5. Port Vale thread

    Agreed, me too is a real asset on his day and i realyy hope we are panicking for nothing. And yes i enjoyed the cricket thanks, an England win with 5 Yorkshiemen in the team, Joe Root century, nice weather a a nice flow of San Miguel................................................ what's not to enjoy - apart from getting up for work in the morning.
  6. Port Vale thread

    so we could command a fee if there was a parting of the ways ??
  7. Foxtrot 1

    Was at Headingley today for the England v India one day game and the England team came out to Jerusalem blasting out at full belt. True there were 13,000 fans there but it was very inspirational and rousing.