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  1. Lee Gregory

    Er, I don't even like oranges.
  2. Lee Gregory

    Bit like his wallet then.
  3. Barrow

    As I mentioned earlier there must have been 50 / 60 in the main stand where I was.
  4. Barrow

    Ha, Geoff Ralph too I believe??
  5. Barrow

    sorry to disappoint old luv did it on a Word document this morning as my t'internet was down and then copied and pasted when back on line.
  6. Barrow

    It’s not a reason It’s a fact that some Leeds based Town fans are struggling to attend home games due to the ongoing industrial action by Northern Rail and as I mentioned previously I am sure you have commented on this in previous threads; hence my suggestion that anyone who has a similar travel predicament posts on here in the hope that a car owner from that area can be of some assistance. If there are other reasons then fair enough. My views / comments on here are my opinion and are not representative of FC Halifax Town in any way shape or form and I will continue to voice my thoughts as is mine and every other forum users entitlement. Yours in sport, Tezza.
  7. 18th Jan 1969 - Bradford City vs Halifax Town

    Think he's involved at BPA.
  8. Barrow

    Maybe JF identified a threat on our right hand side from Barrow that he thought Ducky could better deal with. Our bench yesterday was as strong a one as we have had all season and, as yesterday we had 6 players not involved in the match day squad. Competition for places is a nice problem to have and it can be as much of a challenge for the manager as to how he "manages" the players not involved against the ones that are.