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  1. Saturdays game in the the FC Halifax Town Community Group Schools Competition sees debutants Copley take on seasoned campaigners Salterlee in what I am sure will be an entertaining game with the victors progressing to meet Savile Park in the next round. Players from both today's schools will have a pre match q & a with a member of the current FC Halifax Town squad before forming a guard of honour to welcome the Halifax and Torquay teams onto the pitch. Please as always show your support and appreciation to both schools teams and ensure their Shay Day experience is a memorable one, good luck to both teams. 
  2. gone full time

    Ha, like the idea in principle but want the club to be in business long after I'm gone. 
  3. gone full time

    Indeed i know where the financial backing is coming from but is that what you really want from our board?? give me a club living within it's means any day than to jeopardise the clubs future stability and continuity for the sake of splashing the cash to achieve success - which does not always work and often ends in tears ( usually of the supporters).
  4. gone full time

    it does if he walks away leaving a big, full time squad on decent contracts/ money, who will pay them then?? 
  5. gone full time

    to an extent so can i  but the financial implications i dread to think about.
  6. Found...........................

    I found a suppository in my ear this morning which is not too bad but i am now concerned as to where my hearing aid is !!
  7. Town v Torquay Utd

    3-0 to the Shaymen. Kossy, Browny and Morgs. Att 1739