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  1. Maidstone thread

    That’s a very attacking lineup but strange that 3rd game of the season and we can’t fill the bench 
  2. Fullarton Out!

    Only a preseason friendly true, but we were really bad today
  3. Boston Thread

    Very poor today.  Fullarton has a lot of work to do in the next 7 days. Have to say though, I was impressed with Jordan Preston. 
  4. Boston Thread

    Hanley is completely out of his depth
  5. Foxtrot 1

    I don’t mind the dirge it’s Tom bloody Hark whenever we score that needs to be binned
  6. Port Vale thread

    Pretty good summary. If Odelusi had an end product he could be a threat going forward. Maher definitely needs a partner in midfield, he can’t be expected to do it all on his own. King looked good when he came on, Edwards too (quality finish by him and great run and cross by Tommo for our 2nd) Not convinced by Staunton on tonight’s showing. Hanson looked composed at right back and looks like the type of player who could get better with more games. Hanley frightens me to death though at left back! We look like we could get bullied by big strong forwards so hope Browny comes back fit, we needed a big unit in there tonight to take command. Southwell did ok and Tomlinson worked his socks off. Very strange why Kossy didn’t get any minutes. 
  7. coalville saturday

    Oliver Cromwell
  8. Stockport Match Thread

    Anyone remember that pre season game against Sheff Utd?  That team that Billy Heath put looked decent and they looked an absolute shambles.  Turned out ok for them in end  Early days...  
  9. Now or never

    Well there’s always 2 sides to the story I guess. Only time will tell if JF is the right fit for us. From what I’ve seen and heard so far I believe he might be. 
  10. Now or never

    I think Ian (I assume that’s the Notts fan you’re referring to) conveniently forgets the atmosphere JF walked into there. He never stood a chance! It’s a gamble for sure but one I think just might pay off. The club was treading water and needed to push on. I predict exciting times ahead. And I’ve got a bet on with Ian to prove it ;-)
  11. Going Full Time

    Time for them to go where? And who would replace them?  
  12. Hartlepool tonight

    Chester, Guiseley, Solihull and Torquay all drawing. Barrow winning 
  13. Hartlepool tonight

    Sutton just equalised - Torquay drawing
  14. Hartlepool tonight

    Can’t fill the bench tonight

    Just received this text from a pal of mine who’s a Notts County fan: Bloody hell mate. Just seen who you have appointed as manager. Probably the worst we have ever had and that's saying something! However, I am not too downhearted at the appointment and I have a feeling he will do ok. Welcome Jamie.