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  1. Dagenham Today’s game

    Over a thousand posts on this board suggests more than merely taking an interest. My point was that because your only connection to the club is the manager, you won’t understand the ‘elation to suicide’ to quote your words. You’re an impartial observer who takes an interest, I get that but when you criticise genuine fans like Ashy who will still be here long after you and JF have gone it does sound a bit patronising 
  2. Serious Head Injury To Fan

    Is he alright now? Not spoken to him for  a couple of weeks 
  3. Dagenham Today’s game

    Because your only investment in the club is the manager
  4. Dagenham Today’s game

    I’m curious Scot did you troll the Notts Co message board as much as this? 
  5. Serious Head Injury To Fan

    The fan in question was Mick McGinley. He was knocked to the ground by a police officer. Another officer approached him and asked if he was ok and took his number. He then received a phone call the following day from the police asking if he wanted to press charges which he declined to do. 
  6. J.F. does he ever go to watch players?

    He played him every game at the expense of the far superior King, I'd say he was his signing.
  7. Scarf

    Alan wouldn’t be sober long enough to know what to do with it
  8. Lenighan leaving Town.

    In itself the league position isn't disastrous (yet) Leaving aside his time at Notts County, what is really annoying fans has been done to death on here, but namely: Signing too many below par players Playing a proven goalscorer out of position Persisting with duds One dimensional tactics Refusal to change things / substitutions  Talking shite  
  9. Lenighan leaving Town.

    I accept that. And my point was that although he was obviously a decent player, don't know anything about his coaching career so cant comment, his brief career in 'management' has been pretty disastrous 
  10. Lenighan leaving Town.

    You were the one who implied he had been in football management "his whole life"  12 games at Notts and 20 or so at Halifax suggests that is not a life spent in management.  A life in football yes, coaching yes probably, but management...? Playing football and coaching kids is completely different from management as many an ex-player has found. I'm not in the 'never happy' category as you put it and I was really hopeful that JF would do well for us but I think you're the one who needs to give posters on here a break Scot by continually bigging up a man who is so clearly out of his depth.  
  11. Lenighan leaving Town.

    Coaching maybe Scot but management???  Give it a rest.  He's had two management jobs and made a cat's ar$e out of both of them 
  12. Downtime

    More attitude and application, less blind pressure. Or something...
  13. Interview

    Both Cameron King and Niall Maher looked and sounded completely gutted in their interviews - JF not so much 
  14. Interview

    Never took any responsibility at all. Just kept blaming the player’s individual errors and their inability to respond to those errors. 
  15. Interview

    Just watched it. Absolutely pathetic. Has now resorted to blaming the players