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  1. Ask Away................

    How would you know if you've never been? 
  2. Rochdale (A) Saturday 27th October 2018

    Available, no food
  3. Footgolf & Awards evening

    Away in Birmingham, may not be back in time unfortunately
  4. Telford game 17th December

    Very likely to be unavailable
  5. Overall Afc Halifax Goals - Since 2006

    Remember your one away to Mixenden, thats about it 
  6. Stats 2014/15

  7. Afc Charity Walk To Altrincham 20Th & 21St March

    Disappointing the number of none AFC walkers sponsorship (I know yours will come Bish!)x
  8. Butlins

    Updated   We have 3, 6 Berth caravans booked, only 14 Deposits paid.  Therefore 4 spaces left, please let Nigel or I know if you are interested in coming next year, thanking you x
  9. Butlins

    People In (14) Hembers - deposit paid Nige - Deposit paid Syko - Deposit paid Bish - Deposit Paid Jack - PAID IN FULL A Probets - Deposit Paid Craig - Deposit paid Martin - Deposit paid Marcus Ratboy - Deposit Paid Bobbins - Deposit Paid Luders - Deposit Paid Sam B - deposit paid Matty G - Deposit Paid Ben Fawkes Dave Foy - Deposit Paid
  10. Details For Saturday Away At Sheffield Utd

  11. Xmas Doo 20Th Of December

    I'll have to see what I can do as I am out on works xmas do the day before and will have the girls on the saturday.....may be able to sort something at some point though
  12. Butlins

  13. Butlins

  14. Butlins

  15. Butlins

    *******We will be booking this MONDAY  10th Nov - if you want to come get your deposits to me - will Only book for those who have paid deposits******
  16. Butlins

  17. Butlins

  18. Butlins

  19. Butlins

  20. Butlins

    Just to make it a nice round figure x
  21. Butlins

    Need your £30 deposits ASAP so we can secure the booking...looking at £90 all in.   Contact me if for details, bank transfer more preferable, easier and quicker...   thanks
  22. Butlins

    Jb not sure yet x
  23. Butlins

    15, is that out lot??
  24. Butlins

    So is that a Yes or a No?
  25. Sky Sports Super 6

    Anyone doing the sky sports super 6 I have set up an AFC league, go to join leagues and enter code 347KMF