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  1. Monday 14th August Cock & Bottle (A)

  2. Barnsley (A) 10th December 2016

  3. Rochdale (A) 19th November 2016

  4. Preston B (A) Saturday 12th November 2016

    Available - N
  5. Rochdale (H) Saturday 29th October

    Probably yes, but no food
  6. Dagenham

    Is what Dagenham?
  7. Grimsby (A) Saturday 22nd October 2016

  8. Guseley (A) Saturday 10th September

  9. Footgolf & Awards evening

    Away in Birmingham, may not be back in time unfortunately
  10. Telford game 17th December

    Very likely to be unavailable
  11. Overall Afc Halifax Goals - Since 2006

    Remember your one away to Mixenden, thats about it 
  12. Stats 2014/15

  13. Afc Charity Walk To Altrincham 20Th & 21St March

    Disappointing the number of none AFC walkers sponsorship (I know yours will come Bish!)x
  14. Butlins

    Updated   We have 3, 6 Berth caravans booked, only 14 Deposits paid.  Therefore 4 spaces left, please let Nigel or I know if you are interested in coming next year, thanking you x