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  1. Pitch now Foocked

    I did mention that there was a problem with the pitch about 2 weeks ago and nothing has been done since then. This is absolutely shameful from the Council. I know that Oz had a contractor in to seed the wings because it hadn`t taken as well as he had hoped. They should have had a specialist in and obtained a report straight away. Then they should have acted on the report but NO, they decide at the end of last season to not do a proper job and look what has happened! Oz is allowed to have a holiday. He will be busy enough for the next 9 months. I agree with Flea. I wouldn`t trust Gary Byrnes as far as I could throw him. He is a blusterer and a bull ******* of the worst kind.  If the tenant of a house did not have any electricity or floors or something really important that was necessary for the proper use of that property then they would have every right to withhold the rent and renogotiate the rent until the property was fit for purpose. I hope DB is doing that and thereby saving a little bit of cash to spend on a good player.
  2. Farsley

    I can confirm that the pitch was a bad as anything I`ve ever seen at this stage of the season. As a result of the ruts, the bumpiness and the terrible cut of the grass not one player looked comfortable on the ball apart from Earing. He looked a bit of a find. The left back was quite impressive, but we don`t know who he is. However I have taken his photo and will try to post it here. It may also show the state of the pitch. King looked sharp, Allen didn`t impress me much especially if his finishing today is an example of his play. The photo of the left back is 6mb and I don`t know how to reduce it so if somebody can give me an idea what to do I`ll try to upload the image so we can try to identify him.