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  1. 4 points from next 2 games should see us comfortably top 3 , bit worrying that Yeovil and notts co seem to be getting into their stride
  2. Absolute and utter shambles
  3. Plenty of rum looking old town heads knocking round notts
  4. Don’t think there’s much of a saving buying online etc , most will just pay on the day prob
  5. Would assume they’ll just open another block on the upper tier
  6. Cherry tree for 9 , overnighter !
  7. If the fans and players don’t know the booing was aimed at the officials then maybe they’ll struggle with this football malarkey
  8. So you’re saying we do have a forum then , nearly all forums are independent of the club
  9. Nope , that should carry an automatic points deduction
  10. Already over 2.200 more through the turnstiles than this time last season
  11. I don’t believe the board would set a break even crowd of 2.200 based on last seasons average of 1.550 , really !??
  12. Jmc


    Cameron king has to sign an extension looks a complete different level, especially 1st half last night
  13. Jmc

    Huddersfield Town

    Mick Kennedy went from us to them
  14. Jmc

    Chesterfield today

    Play offs absolute minimum now
  15. Jmc

    Chesterfield today

    Ha saw that myself , my sides are splitting
  16. Jmc

    The fans

    Be 1700 spare seats then ,one of the independent coaches has cancelled as not enough booked on
  17. Jmc

    Pete Wild

    Absolutely no way , what if he suddenly goes on a run like JF last season and suddenly appears hopeless, we couldn’t afford to then sack him, has he got a 2 year deal ? Maybe extend next season
  18. Will probably be more terriers taking up the offer than Yeovil fans in attendance
  19. Similarities to when Macc won the league
  20. Unfortunately the terriers 2 years in the premiership have probably hoovered up all the impressionable 11,12 year olds that will now be terriers for life, sure they’ll go to the odd town game but won’t be town fans as such
  21. Definitely over 500 if chesterfield was on Saturday can only see another 100 or so on top of Wrexham’s following
  22. Be surprised if we manage 500 tbh , notts county away will be a big one for certain
  23. Jmc

    Liam McAlinden

    Talking of Kossy I would say Jamie Allen has put in more effort in these first 8 games than Kossy managed all last year. Also think TSS may need a break soon , his effort has been monumental so far, bound to have an effect soon
  24. 6/5 to finish in top 7 looks tempting
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