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  1. 10 years of memorable matches

    Peter butler x10 
  2. Jack Earing

    Doubt he’ll be breaking our wage structure 

    There’s a decent player in Southwell just needs right partner 

    Paying combined wages of over £2,000 for odelusi,Preston and McLeod will see us playing rossendale a damn sight quicker than paying Rodney 

    If Southwell is on £1,000 a week then it wouldn’t smash the budget if we offered Rodney £1.500 , if other clubs top that then fair enough. we’ve managed to get rid of 7 wages inc Kossys so we must have some wriggle room 
  6. Walk out music

    Hawaii 5-0 for me too 
  7. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Stockport and Wrexham appear to be in the same boat , give it another 2 weeks and we’ll all be scrambling for the least shite players that are left 
  8. Walk out music

    Goal celebration j geils band , centrefold all day long 
  9. Women's World Cup disinterest

    It’s a bit meh , watching it for the betting interest only , towns u19 side would hammer them all 
  10. Buzz Effect

    So if they were badly advised why wasn’t any action taken against the insolvency practitioners, they will have liability insurance for such potential claims for mis advice 
  11. Buzz Effect

    And some people still conveniently overlook the fact that £50.000 would have kept the old club afloat, the board would have invested a few hundred thousand keeping it afloat anyway up to this point  whilst not  owning it outright 
  12. 19/20 player rumours

    Getting some pelters on Twitter 
  13. Club have said season ticket sales don’t affect this years budget 
  14. Air Ambulance Charity Shop

     No trust managers involved they work independently of the NHS and require their own fund raising efforts etc, 
  15. Air Ambulance Charity Shop

    Wy air ambulance is not funded under the NHS  and relies on separate funding, took them 12 mins to get from LGI to HX2 last week 
  16. Air Ambulance Charity Shop

    An incredibly worthy cause as unfortunately I have just found out 
  17. Challenge cup

    Fax on bbc  live , good first half , thought a few more would have travelled mind you 
  18. Challenge cup

    Shush that is something that must never be mentioned ! The clubs record crowd is 8.000 v bratfud according to the board. The only 2 things our club had we can be proud of is the crowd v spurs and club crest , both of which the current board fail to recognise 
  19. Fixtures fry-up

    Good idea 
  20. Challenge cup

    Don’t read or comment then 
  21. European Cup Final

    Couldn’t face going into town would imagine it packed of wannabee scousers without a Scouse accent between them, a set of fans who take the piss about Man Utd fir having a large out of town support , irony 
  22. Josh Macdonald

    Is he just signed up for the 1 season ? If he starts like a house on fire hope we manage to extend the deal otherwise he’ll be moving into the FL for nothing 
  23. Fan names

    You are only 50% wrong that’s correct 
  24. Pre Season

    Won’t be many donny fans midweek that’s for sure , Rochdale or bury on a sat would bring a decent following