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  1. Rochdale Pitch

    When I started watching town ya and Rochdale used to compete to see who could be the shittiest in terms of team, ground, attendances ! My god they are a model club for us to emulate now, not the poodlesor bratfud but little old Rochdull 
  2. Appointment urgently needed

    Vince did ok seeing as he had about a month to cobble together a team , kept us in contention till Easter. Aspin did as expected, play offs in conf exceeded expectations, Kelly dud, Harvey shitebag, Heath great first season but the writing was on the wall at Xmas.
  3. Board

    Again ? 
  4. Ebsfleet

    Probably writing “avoid at all costs “ 
  5. Ebsfleet

    New manager neeeds to bring in a new centre half ASAP the goals we are conceding are Sunday league level 
  6. Faces at the match ?

    I’d plump for Michael ! We’d have a team of 11 Ryan Giggs 
  7. Playing Contracts

    Wilde and macdonald if In this division , couple more if we go down 
  8. Appointment urgently needed

    Yesterday’s results have meant that any new manager is thrown into a fire fight with survival by any means the goal. No planning for next season, no issue of training ground or strategy for next season, personally would go for short term experienced manager with bonus for keeping us up and review end of season. Would imagine the job spec has changed since 3 weeks ago now
  9. Up Beacon Hill with no manager to blame

    Fair enough, no probs I know plenty of people who have been personally affected by the recent tragedy 
  10. Appointment urgently needed

    Bookies have us odds on to win tues, very strange 
  11. Up Beacon Hill with no manager to blame

    Some complete pricks here ****ing need to shake their head 
  12. Appointment urgently needed

    1st time ? Blimey most people have had this feeling for weeks , some even months
  13. Appointment urgently needed

    Obviously more away fans and massively less travelling plus we may win a few 
  14. Appointment urgently needed

    The majority of the team are conference north quality unfortunately 
  15. Ebsfleet

    Just about sums up the unprofessionally way the Heath regime has ended, go gloat elsewhere