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  1. Gateshead

    Reprieve for Aldershot maybe, rather play the shots than Gateshead 
  2. How to..... Play football

    Any team can do the basics right ! Just some are quicker faster stronger more agile than than the others 
  3. How to..... Play football

    Anyone can play like that with Petro billions 
  4. 2019/20 Expectations

    We were 1 point away from finishing 12th that included a run of 2 wins in 20 , would expect mid table upwards next year 
  5. Budgets, misery and silence?

    That figure is prob skewed by decent away followings last season compared with the previous , we played all the well supported teams on a sat this season rather than midweek 
  6. Pitch Renovation

    The wire was better
  7. North/South playoffs

    Took 1.300 today with few hundred locked out 
  8. Salford City

    So why aren’t they demanding pay rises in line with whoever is our top earner ? 
  9. pre season friendlies

    That could be a decent money spinner if played on a Saturday 

    Yeah right 

    The only result I care about is the one that may increase our chances of signing Rodney 
  12. Would reckon about 800 full adult season tickets by 1st game 
  13. Leeds United

    Play on until the ref blows simple as that 
  14. Bolton

    I’m pretty sure a couple of players are decent earners at the shay so why aren’t they upsetting the apple cart, why would  Rodney signing upset the dressing room 
  15. Clarke

    Excellent news but to be honest couldn’t see him leaving