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  1. Piece Hall

    Yeah was at the gig with levellers 5 supporting , saw em down trades club few weeks later 
  2. Well the rumours START

    And you really think Mr B would have agreed to that ? 
  3. Well the rumours START

    Stead would be a great signing but just can’t see it , however if he moves back to hudds with new job ? 
  4. Well the rumours START

    Was on talk sport this morning Vardy to Atletico quite a decent segment tbh, presenters think will be a good move also. 
  5. Financial Crisis

    Remember David brook saying there was a covenant saying football couldn’t be played at Thrum Hall so we couldn’t move there, all bollox btw 
  6. Well the rumours START

    The best thing that could happen to our club is for Vardy to have an outstanding World Cup and a queue of big clubs wanting to sign him, personally think he may go this time 
  7. Mike Fondop-Talom

    Lots of potential there to develop scores basically 4 goals in 6 games to keep us safe , not sure who people think we are going to sign. We need the next Gregory / vardy/ hogan to develop and sell.  Quality players like Norwood are out of our reach
  8. Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley

    Performed miracles at ramsbottom, maybe they’re not as gash as people like to think 
  9. OAPs and Season Tickets

    Too late the poodles have already done it and got the next generation for life  
  10. Playoff final

    Too late the poodles have already done it and got the next generation for life 
  11. Announcement

    People will just assume it’s a Chelsea kit 
  12. Season Ticket prices.

    Wow am gobsmacked, expected an increase but not that much , Calderdale folk can pay £3 more and watch premier league teams, Balancing act I know but oh dear 
  13. First Friendly

    And going off a little later ! 
  14. First Friendly

    Seem to remember him being clattered in a bad challenge 
  15. Barnet

    thank god they did