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  1. Dion Charles

    Solid enough signing 
  2. Carlisle match

     Lucky to get 500 on today 
  3. Bratfud City

    Including a number of known trouble makers from Bolton but everything went off without trouble ! 
  4. Bratfud City

    Easily 3000 for the game poss more if reduced to £10 , thought we only paid for police in ground not town centre ? 
  5. Bratfud City

    Was the only friendly I was going to , oh well will spend sat night in Sheffield for the rangers game , SYP seem to be able to manage 10.000 traveling scots but WYP can't deal with a handful of potential troublemakers 
  6. Bratfud City

    They know who the trouble makers are they know what pubs they drink in , not that hard to police, would imagine gate receipts would easily exceed police costs , club should have said no 
  7. Bratfud City

    Just cancel  ****ing season and form a new club playing friendlies against Garforth, Osset etc tinpottery personified! Just **** off 
  8. Bratfud City

    So we cant arrange a friendly with max 3000 crowd ! We pay for police inside ground not outside , absolute shambles just **** off 
  9. Bratfud City

    Yes lots after ! If we can't host a pre season friendly then we really are ****ing tinpot , complete shambles 
  10. Rochdale

    many a time you see Josh skin his defender then next time receive a crunching tackle resulting in a card. Josh then goes to the other wing and shows little interest, he should be demanding the ball and looking at running at his defender again until he's either sent off or subbed 
  11. BBC

    Yes but they don't threaten Man Utd fans with jail if they don't pay Rooneys wage ! 
  12. BBC

    I pay about £40 a month to watch sky and the programmes are way superior to the Beeb , if I don't pay I can't watch , I don't get a letter from Rupert Murdoch telling me to pay my monthly subscription or go to prison.  Comparing Sky programmes and BBC is like comparing English and Scottish premier leagues 
  13. BBC

    And what about his erm tax arrangements that he doesn't seem very transparent about 
  14. BBC

    13000 women were given criminal records to force them to help pay linekers salary last year, if you don't pay your licence just have the facility to watch BBC removed simple 
  15. Rochdale

    More Rochdale fans than I  expected seeing as dale advertised both games as a Rochdale X1 plus £4 cheaper at Chorley