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  1. resignations

    That was from a lad that works for the club !!
  2. resignations

    2.200 on today with about 1.000 from Fev apparently, they've lost Bratfud and Hull KR and potentially replaced them with Catalans, Toronto, Toulouse etc that's probably 3-500 away fans lost to be replaced by about 40, that's a fair slice of income lost 
  3. Steel City Derby

    Defiinate difference in accents between Halifax and Huddersfield, my side of family from hudds totally different to Halifax , bizarre only 8 miles apart 
  4. Bromley Thread

    Yes it was duckworth he had his back turned and it hit him to let them in  
  5. Next season

    I think we look more like title winners than bottom 4, this division looks a hell of a lot easier to get out of than conf north 
  6. Bromley Thread

    What did Brown do against Aldershot ? 
  7. Bromley Thread

    Centre half should never have pushed forward after passing Moyo the ball , should have dropped 10 yards 
  8. MOM

    Kossy dents and Oliver for me 
  9. Ex Players

    Didn't we also pay £25.000 for Matty Russell at same time ? Christ how badly were we run !! 
  10. Early days but...local derbies

    If we stay down then chesterfield and Vale would be welcome additions if places stay as they are, personally can't see em both dropping 
  11. some little biggies

    BBC gutted united lite are out 

    Could start an ironic Heath out chant every time we win, imagine winning at anfield in fa cup , 6000 town fans chanting Heath out , that'd **** up the MOTD analysis, mind you if we lost 40 on the trot !!!! 
  13. Ten games played league table

    We may not win the league but Torquay definitely won't, good start so important let's push on 
  14. Head Of Scouting

    If he's any sense he'll just stay in the pub every night and copy Royals previews for upcoming games 
  15. Orient v Town match day thread.

    7/2 to win on sat mm tempting