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  1. Shay Pitch

    Yeah we had a great day out as well, think we should play our home games at random grounds for rest of season tbh 
  2. Shay Pitch

    Sports club 
  3. Shay Pitch

    Start at 7 th April 2 o clock ! Said they’re playing in brighouse 
  4. Shay Pitch

    Mates other half plays for them and said all their games are at brighouse and not using shay pitch , potentially for one off cup games but not league 
  5. Dover game

    No damage done with that result really 
  6. Shay Pitch

    Playing at brighouse though 

    **** me as soon as the intros are over theyed be fighting in lumps ! I suggest a meet up in the Grayston  this sat 5.00 for a meet and greet 
  8. latest offer

    Decent offer to be fair , lots of clubs do a mini season ticket , bundles of 6.810 games etc, may be worth looking at for next season 
  9. latest offer

    Stop it Terry 
  10. Our magnificent defence!

    Hopefully sat will ensure we’re playing in this division next year and get contracts signed and players earmarked and offers in
  11. Meeting with Mr B

    £80-100.000 to kit out a club shop ! Are they building it in gold 
  12. Barnet

    Best all round performance I can remember this season , defence is sorted now to work on the rest of the team . Rodney gave us great options and movement up front, lovely selfless pass to duku for the goal. 
  13. Ya Wee F******G Dancer .

    Let’s see what the crowd is tonight on the back of decent away performances , will be shocked if there’s over 1,100
  14. Ya Wee F******G Dancer .

    Maybe we just have to put up with the dross served up this year if it provides a springboard going forward  a part time club in this league will eventually get relegated as the league gets stronger i worry how they’re going to sell season tickets though , unless we completely implode this week JF will be here next season, if he can get rid of the deadwood and get a couple of decent strikers we may be looking at a good season , maybe this season is just one of transition nothing more 

    Hartlepool population will prob be similar to Halifax and smaller than calderdales