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  1. Chester

     Zero chance of swapping it , why would Hereford hastily rearrange a game with all the hassle that goes with it , was an all ticket game as well so big loss for em, 3 games to rearrange this early will probs am they’ll do we to stay up 
  2. Is he the first this season?

    Oh please if there really is a god make this happen 
  3. Today's poor attendance.

    Think housing going to be built there 
  4. attendances

    That’s a stat we should be shouting from the rooftops not try and bury it someone have a word with Kelly or someone lol 
  5. attendances

    And don’t start the new club bollox reason 
  6. attendances

    The average attendance at the end of the season will surely be higher than last seasons so mr B won’t be worrying too much. Incidentally the official website under stats section is showing record attendance as 8042 v bratfud, we don’t have much to brag about but surely we should be proud of the crowd of 36.000 v Spurs , most league clubs record isn’t that high 
  7. Happy days

    Joint leading scorers as well   
  8. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    I know quite a few posters on this forum that have done the jail for various things inc town related stuff 
  9. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

     Massive police costs and we’d sell out nearly any Home 3rd round game anyway , big team away will bring in 2 years income f
  10. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    As bad as you can get ! 
  11. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    Not a great performance but 3 big points 
  12. Let’s get real!

    How does paying off the 2 lads as you allege  cause a jury to find him not guilty , or did he pay the jury off also 
  13. Salford Match thread

    There’s 2 comparative photos doing the rounds of when we played in the play offs when we sold 600, last nights was nearly double including the seats if anyone can post the link 
  14. Salford Match thread

    there is no way there were only 80 fans more in our end tonight than when we played in the play offs jeez 
  15. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Actually shocked Mr B has agreed to this , wow