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  1. Available managers

  2. Who would want to take over our club?

    Aye I remember Calderdale explorers ! Shite name but they did get crowds of 1,000 now and then 
  3. Scot

    Aye davey boy has flown the nest with his mate, added a decent contribution to be fair !
  4. Bury

  5. Jack Earing

    They can all walk for free 
  6. Jack Earing

    Absolute desperate now cos of a deal for the hotel won’t be done for 4-6!weeks ! Season starts in 3 potentiallly investors may pull out leaving Bolton with no where to go least when we went bust we could make plans for glue league , Bolton can’t 
  7. Shuddersfield's new kit

    Fantastic marketing ploy from paddy of which the poodles will have been well rewarded, awaits the actual unveiling of the new kit in a few days 
  8. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

     Clarke as assistant to an experienced head or vice versa works for me 
  9. Fullarton Gone!!

    Unemployed man offered £80.000 a year job , that’s another way of looking at it 
  10. Available managers

    Keith Hill would be amazing , got one of the traditional **** 5 into div 1 and kept them up, would imagine he’ll have bigger and better offers , saying that though if he’s out of work and someone comes offering £80.000 a year to get back into the game 
  11. Available managers

    Poss bit too old but would be a good shout 
  12. Available managers

    If aspin was appointed it would divide the fan base even more , if he was in charge and we were bottom after 10 games this board would implode Aspin as chief scout however   
  13. Farsley

    If you’re going for promotion yep but not if you’re looking at a lower mid table finish 
  14. Farsley

    According to Bolton forum Chorley made an offer of £500 per week for mcnulty at tranmere but York doubled the offer , would he have been value at £500 but not £1000 per week 
  15. 12th July Season Ticket Counter update

    Perhaps people want to support the club by not paying £8.62 a game but by paying £20 a game