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  1. Hartlepool team

    If they aren’t considering it then we really are up against it with this. BOD
  2. Hartlepool team

    IF the board are going to sack Heath then may as well do it tomorrow try and get some fresh impetus for Saturday ! Sure Brown could pick the team ! 
  3. Hartlepool team

    Self destructing 
  4. Hartlepool team

  5. Sutton v Town game thread

    Bring back Craig Midgley 
  6. Sutton v Town game thread

    Defeat on Tues will probably see a repeat of the Stalybridge atmosphere v Eastleigh unless we get off to a flyer 
  7. Cartman signs

  8. Sutton Saturday

    A good performance and result could persuade me to visit the monkey hangers 
  9. Harry Middleton

    Every forum of every club is full of rumours and itk gossip, we are no different trust me 
  10. Other Sites

    This site is no different to any other independent fan forums, least we have a busy one , anyway is the official back up and running yet thought closed for imminent repair
  11. Harry Middleton

    Yeah sure 
  12. so

    Guiseley and Woking have arguably taken a step closer to that dream with last nights results !!
  13. Woking

    What’s happened to Neil Young ? 
  14. Woking

    If Morgan goes he will surely end up at a league club then ! Maybe he’ll be at the same level or more probability drop another 
  15. Bottom Line

    Have given up hope of a shot at the play offs for this season , the only positive about yesterday was a point further away from 4th bottom