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  1. Excuses started already

    Is it possible to look at companies house information with regards to our budget?
  2. Music at The Shay

    Paradise by Coldplay anybody?
  3. Music at The Shay

    Quite like the song, sounds dramatic. Still think it might be a good idea to change it
  4. Shay Hotel?

    I still find it weird standing in the south stand even though I’ve most probably stood there more times than I did in the skircoat. If it has to go then it must but I’ll always cherish the memories
  5. Can anyone smell that? Goes with cow
  6. City v Spurs

    One of the best games I’ve seen in years, wouldn’t mind a few games like that at The Shay
  7. Another Announcement?

    More realistic prehaps
  8. Another Announcement?

    It was a little disappointing, really thought we’d get hbos sponsoring us or maybe signing Kane 
  9. Agent Fees

    The Prem spent 211 million, Champ 50, League 1: 6 (half by Sunderland), L2: about a million. For reference 
  10. Leyton Orient

    I think I may be the only or one of the few on this forum that will lament the loss of the southern teams in this league, or I used too until I joined this forum. I get to watch my club play more often but never considered travelling costs etc. that increase the costs for the club. It's easy to motivate myself to travel to The Shay, less so to Leyton Orient when there are engineering works. Bloody annoying, credit to those who make it down
  11. DB's Interview In't Courier

  12. Maidenhead today

    Town 4-0 today, was at the away game (going today too) and they were one of the worst teams I had ever seen at this level
  13. Josh Macdonald

    It's impossible at this level but we discovered Vardy, Gregory, Horsfield, Allison.....   And before my time i'm sure there were more
  14. Josh Macdonald

    I would love to see an in form Josh and Kosy in the same team, with our defence and a striker who can score with his head and hold the ball up. Might just get us somewhere
  15. Solihull Thread

    Well done the shaymen