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  1. 900

    Thing I don't understand is why we can't play both players - Duckworth (apart from the Aldershot game, and when fit) has been very good, Hanson has been consistently excellent, with a flare for getting forward in an attacking full-back role. Reading their biogs they're both versatile players, no need to both be battling for one position on the park. To not have Hanson even on the bench is the real strangeness here - either something must have happened to cause this, or the manager is an absolute arse. I know where my money is. Fingers crossed for Saturday.
  2. Random image of the day

    That Noel Edmonds was a great right back
  3. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    I agree. I just hoped today of all days would be the day we played with the shackles off a little bit, maybe in a 'must win' kind of way. Looking at the league table we've got the equal highest number of draws (same as Chesterfield), and the equal lowest number of goals scored (same as Aldershot). Not quite the total football experience I was expecting this season after listening to JF's musings at the end of last season and this pre-season. To be fair, most managers talk total bobbins when they can - JF is no different, but I think the evidence of this season gives us the true picture of the mans abilities and limitations.
  4. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    Spoke volumes for me today when, after 15 minutes or so, Aldershot had a corner - and we had 11 Town players in our box - not one player giving us the option of a quick break. This against a team in the relegation zone, and we're desperate for a win. Only one team wanted to win it at the end, and it wasn't us. Time to go I'm afraid. 
  5. Now Is The Time To Go
  6. 13/02/1999 Halifax Town vs Southend United

    Always worried when I saw Tim Carters name on the team sheet.
  7. Team Vs Aldershot

    Hanson has to start - easily the stand out player of the season (is he injured?), but let's give him scope to make those attacking runs - so Duckworth should also start (he's been good), behind him in the channel.                    Johnson Duckworth Clarke Brown Staunton            Hanson King Berrett                     Kosylo          Tomlinson Southwell Kossy then has free rein to find his own space. Southwell has been roundly slated by lots on here, but (as someone else also pointed out) - how many chances does he realistically get in a game? Sitting back and hoping for a goal on the break is a recipe for disaster in this game... Anything other than a win, it's got to be goodbye JF.    
  8. Cameron King.

    Cameron King was excellent yesterday, fully deserved the MOM award. Suddenly struck me yesterday that he looks like Andy Murray from a distance...just me?
  9. Hanson signs!

    Good comparison, totally agree. Brilliant news!
  10. Jacob Hanson

    For me, Hanson has been our best player this season - he looks a cut above this level and I think he will go far. Saying that, I also rate Duckworth, the games I've seen him he does seem to have time on the ball and no little skill. If the loan is extended on Hanson, is there a system where both players could play? I'm thinking keep Hanson at right back, push Duckworth into a midfield role (where we're often lacking).