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  1. Squad 2019/20

    Maynard takes up an option on an extra year at Salford. Kosy interesting Stockport 
  2. Surprised no one has mention it.

    Gary Thompson takes over as player manager 
  3. New kit

    The club wouldn't sell many shirts after the 1st season if that was the case. 
  4. FA Trophy Final

    42K, 4000 from Fylde. Commentator said that Danny Rowe has got a burning desire to play FL, really? Pretty sure he has had many offers 
  5. James Hardy

    No idea? ;-) 
  6. James Hardy

    Way to lightweight for this league. Put them in a midfield 3 with Lois Maynard and you could be talking 
  7. Jon Stead

    Devante been told if he can find a club he is happy with he can leave Salford. Trouble is his form with us will have alerted a few other clubs 
  8. 19/20 player rumours

    Rodney more than Duku although would happily have both. I do however feel Southwell could have a role to play up front with either one of these two 
  9. Salford City

    As most clubs at our level do for big games. Fylde took less than their average home gate!!!! 
  10. Dan Gardner/Transfer Rumours

    Dan Gardner is everything Cameron King needs to be. King had his best game for the club at Fylde on Saturday but needs to up his levels, as good a footballer as he looks he needs to score a few more goals and create more chances. Hopefully that will happen next season   
  11. Dan Gardner/Transfer Rumours

    If course, one of the most talented footballers we have had since FCHT started, sure he was made Oldham captain before his injury 
  12. Nathan Clarke

    Outsanding in the play off semi away at Grays 
  13. Matty Brown

    Credit to Duku for saying to the young lad that he would ask him, and he did just that at full time 
  14. Players who will leave ??

    Wasn't down to Aspin it was down to not being a big fish in a small pond. Bigger clubs than us looking at the same players
  15. Bye Bye Kosy

    The thing is he had his best game for ages yesterday. Doesn't produce anywhere near often enough, when he does worth his place but need to see it on a more regular basis