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  1. Shay Pitch

    Take The Shaymen round the grounds of Yorkshire and let everyone share the pleasure 
  2. Poodles in for £10

    Need to include Leeds United, Man utd, Man City and Burnley fans in the offer as I am sure there are plenty of season ticket holders from these teams in Calderdale
  3. Top of the league

    Doubt he would be a player they would be looking at next season. Decent tonight on his day, needs to stop sulking, something I thought we saw the back of. Will be better players than him available in the summer, if we can afford them is a different thing. The money we are probably paying him we need a far better level of consistency from him. Like someone said a team in the top 6/7 playing a more attacking style may bring that out of him 
  4. The pitch

    The ref called the Town Game off on Saturday stating that the players safety was paramount, is that not the case in Rugby? 
  5. The pitch

    24th March home to Tolouse aren't they? Could be a possibility we could in a home to Ebbsfleet on 19th March? 
  6. The pitch

  7. The pitch

    Oh dear 
  8. The pitch

    They must be allowed as premier league teams that have them are allowed to play in the EFL 
  9. The pitch

    Thought most pitches at a decent level are now Desso pitches? 
  10. The pitch

    It needs to be done proper and have one of the Desso surfaces 
  11. The pitch

    Courier reporter has tweeted he can see the reflection of the posts in the standing water in front of the South Stand!!! 
  12. The pitch

    Rugby game us definatley on, no inspection planned. 
  13. New Home Kit 19/20

    As  soon as sponsors are signed up I would have thought 
  14. The pitch

    Easy tiger all I was saying is the club have explained what happened. The ref said game on and then an hour later called it off. Simple, it's the refs decisin 
  15. The pitch

    They have