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  1. Selby Town

    Really? Given our striking options are limited anyway why would you hope to have one less option   
  2. Selby Town

    Edwards out for 3 games? Salford, Chesterfield & Aldershot?
  3. Selby Town

    Edwards red card! Do they count for league games? 
  4. Selby Town

    1-0 Halifax 
  5. Barrow

    Possibly, I think the manager is from the school of keep a clean sheet and you always have a chance of a win. What has been the biggest issue all season is the art of goalscoring and creating chances. Over the last few games more chances are being created but still not being taken. 
  6. Barrow

    17 games left so plenty of points to play for. We were 2nd in the league but we aren't now. It's where we are at the end of the season. In all seriousness does it matter that much if we finish 12th or 17th? 
  7. Selby Town

    Gone with a stronger team than I expected. Good for Staunton to get some minutes on the pitch 
  8. Barrow

    We have got a good defence, a top 10 defence, I think we will stay up and if we can finish mid table it's not great but it's probably where most fans would have predicted in the summer. 
  9. Barrow

    I haven't seen anyone say it's been a great season, have you? If so they are wrong 
  10. Selby Town

    I would expect U19 with the likes of Rowely, Odelusi & McLeod 
  11. Barrow

    What, look at the league table? Or say they don't look at the league table? If you asked that question to every manager this evening I would hazard a guess at least 25/30% of them would say they don't look, but I am sure they do. 
  12. Barrow

    Many managers say they don't look at the league table when asked in interviews. Of course they look, not as much as us fans do I wouldn't have thought. 
  13. Barrow

    Love how some pick out from an interview whatever suits their agenda 
  14. Barrow

    Looking forward to next week. Thought you didn't know what "full throttle" meant? A good point today and that makes it 5 league games without a defeat, yes we need to turn some draws into wins starting hopefully next week but in my opinion I feel we aren't a million miles away 
  15. Barrow

    A point against a team in form who are above you in the league away from home is in my opinion a good point.