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  1. Available managers

    Even some that have declared interest haven't applied! 
  2. Available managers

    Well other contenders have given interviews to the press, so nowt wrong with your man being out in the open 
  3. Nathan Clarke applies for job.
  4. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Still wrong one 
  5. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Wrong one! 
  6. Available managers

    What names that then? Or you just stirring it up? 
  7. Matty Browns Interview

    A very small black hole 
  8. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Welcome back though Shamps?! 
  9. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Neither do I, talking to someone today who has encountered his team's on a regular basis and his verdict was "if you want direct football Ronnie is your man" 
  10. Doncaster game now behind closed doors!

    As is Bobby Ham 
  11. Doncaster game now behind closed doors!

    Looks like Regan Booty playing 
  12. Available managers

    Could Steve Nichol be in the running? Knows the club, knows the players and got the U19 playing some good stuff? Just a thought 
  13. Doncaster game now behind closed doors!

    Doncaster Rovers get it wrong! Thought only our club got things wrong. 
  14. Available managers

    In all honesty we are not a bad proposition, we have a decent stadium for the level (take aside the current pitch issues), the current squad is competative and only needs a few additions, training facilities are as good as they have been for years, and we still have the kudos of players like Vardy and Gregory, although that selling point isn't as bigger pull as it once was, due to the level we are at compared to then.  Like Ronnie Moore said a lot of success at this level is based on organisation, team spirit and finding a system that fits your players. 
  15. Available managers

    Keith Hill would be my choice I think, if he was prepared to drop to non league