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  1. Dover and Morecambe match offer.

    Result!- just 24 hours after posting (above) re "Chesterfieldvouchergate",an apology and an announcement on the website saying how to use the voucher at the Barnet game.As the problem had nor been addressed for nearly 3 weeks,and they've headed the post "Voucher gate" it's clearly down to the power of theshaymen.net What to ask for next?
  2. Dover and Morecambe match offer.

    Yes,Pliny,this is a welcome offer,but  Chesterfieldvouchergate is still a live issue for some of us codgers.I should've let it lie,but I couldn't let it lie. The club are still advertising the £2 voucher availability for adults/seniors at the Barnet game in 2 weeks time.(You have to go back about 12 pages in "news" on the website).I don't think I've missed an announcement re codgers for then.I know the club have received complaints direct.Clearly one official wrongly briefed the turnstile operators for the Eastleigh game;I knew it would be a bit much to expect an apology,but maybe a clarification (or anything) could have been done as a PR plus. As Nick says "it's little things like this that make a difference".I'm thinking of throwing my toys out of the Zimmer frame and not going to the Barnet game if I can't use the voucher..