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  1. Anyone know how many we sold last season ?
  2. Maidenhead today

    I agree now,but hope he doesnt leave
  3. Solihull Thread

    About leaving
  4. Solihull Thread

    No he didnt say that
  5. Solihull Thread

    Cant afford a tenner steve lol
  6. Solihull Thread

    How can we be sure we are save when 4th from bottom can catch us
  7. Macclesfield avoid winding up order

    My love too
  8. Macclesfield avoid winding up order

    I agree with you, but seemingly it wasnt our fault ,plus i can admire someone who travels all those miles to follow our team ,true shayman  
  9. Macclesfield avoid winding up order

    The council keep changing there mind about how much and havnt stuck to the first agreement,but there is a light in the NEAR future    
  10. Macclesfield avoid winding up order

    If you went to the meeting you would know why we havnt got a club shop,if you didnt go next time and ask
  11. The pitch

    Do you have to be so personal
  12. Meeting with Mr B

    Steve alot of home truths came out and it was very eye opening
  13. Meeting with Mr B

    Grow up,do you know for sure or just trying to always make the board look bad
  14. Meeting with Mr B

    I wish all you people had been there Wednesday instead of making things up all the time,there were things that couldnt be sorted and if you get to a meeting you will find out  
  15. Meeting with Mr B

    David said he visit it if it looks interesting,