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  1. Shaywomen

    Yes me
  2. The Players

    He does own it you know,and he and other directors HAVE put their personal money into it,but i think they will think they have given Jamie enough now
  3. Jamie Fullarshite

    Ive been thinking, Jamie would make a good teacher,not a football manager
  4. Actually get rid !!

  5. Actually get rid !!

    Yes I've been there and it was shocking .get rid off manager but not the board we need them best directors we have had for years ,and I know after 60 years following them,they will be as sick as us
  6. Ebbsfleet

    Already in ebbfleet ( just outside ) waiter in my hotel say we have nothing to fear from us,because we can't score and there's only so long you can defend
  7. Dover

    It looks like macloud isnt training well
  8. Dover

    That is rubbish managers job not DB
  9. Updates

    Is anyone having problems with updates on white screen ,got it on bla k area
  10. BOD....sack him

    Grow up, you dont know what you are talking about
  11. Blame the board

    Im fedup of everyone blaming the directors,its the manager thats rubbish,get the board to sell town would be the worse thing we could do,i just wish some of you would go and talk to David he is  very approachable and loves the club as much as we do and gets upset as we do      
  12. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    His business is not him, he will get a wage just like most of us,
  13. Todays Game - Eastleigh

    They got us too far into debt
  14. Todays Game - Eastleigh

    Yes but look where they got us,at least this board as us in black,
  15. Todays Game - Eastleigh

    The board dont take and take there is nothing to take ,plus nobody  would be daft enough to be on the board ,be carefull even they will get fedup of all the personal abuse and go,what would you all dothen because your plan b wouldnt work either,at least they are business people who im afraid do know what they are doing,the manager looks as if he can talk the talk thats how he as got the job,but l dont think he is good enough and a lot of his players arnt either,or the tacktics are wrong,as long as we dont go down ,after 60 years of following town i still coulnt stop going, ps ,not too many insults please for the replys