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  1. F.A. Cup

    Did you follow town after you finished playing Archie
  2. Plus all the school children at the end he ran to,not nice
  3. Denton

    Browny says playing next match
  4. Chesterfield at Home

    Why blame the board they didnt have boots on,its the mansgers team
  5. Simon lenighen

    When does simons contract finish, anyone know?  
  6. Fan names

    My name from my dog ,archie taylor was my 2nd hero 1st being willie carlin two great players
  7. Brainwave

    Its the commercial side that we would have to get in touch with ,brilliant idea
  8. Aldershot

    Funny hoddle ,im a fan been one for 58 years
  9. Aldershot

    Hes been known to sell cars, lve been a director and if sales staff are busy i would go and help out
  10. Aldershot

    No sorry
  11. Aldershot

    At last i have managed to get on the forun, as i need to say my bit, Iknow that we have been dipping into vardys money ect for awhile its the only way we could keep going so going,full time was going to dip in it more which we are doing ,we asked for full time and we got it,we asked for new players and we got them,the fact they dont seen to be good enough isnt the directors fault the way everyone is going on about the directors we could lose them, then what do you all do,this is the best board we have had for years,but they are only human and get hurt as much as we do,I tried to buy a car off David but the staff told me he spends all is time at the Shay WORKING for halifax town