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  1. D B

    I was thinking about B D signing managers,its so easy to be conned into someone talking the talk,which it looks as if this as happened twice,and the last one as we all know can tell a tale, I was conned by a nice young man who ended up stealing from me using my van for private jobs and putting petrol into his car from my garage account,but to me he was the worker i was looking for,no I dont blame David its easy done,but i got wise and David will im sure now,up the town we needed the win
  2. Altrincham

    Rubbish,our chairman is spending more time with town than is own business,we dont want him to end up like Rokes who ended up ill running town, spelt name wrong sorry
  3. Unanimous

    I was here 10 years ago and i asure you it is, its the foot ball going down hill not the club,can we afford to pay him off thats the question
  4. Three wise monkeys

    If I was the board and read this I would think is it all worth it ,what would you all do then, no one to take their place ect ,this club as never been run as well as now, apart from the quality of football, the manager asked for players he got players,the board dont have money for more players we need whats rest to keep the club afloat,its the old story one in one out ,but we cant get then out yet,dont ask me why,im like everyone else waiting
  5. Three wise monkeys

    More than rubbish
  6. Ask Away................

    Well said
  7. Meeting with DB

    Thank you Steve
  8. Meeting with DB

    As said before i thought it was a meeting with our manager not db
  9. Meeting with DB

  10. Where are they now.

    Thought this for a while,we need some photos on the walls ,i nearly brought some from home
  11. Barrow

    David,Bobby and Stuart go to all away matches as fans just like we all do
  12. Mekhi Mcloed

  13. Paul Hendrie

    It would be nice to see Wille Carlin,was my favorate player
  14. Mekhi Mcloed

    Mekhi told me he had a sore leg
  15. Kosy

    Fullerton said in courier that kosy isnt going anywhere and no one as come in for him,