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    Papa if you read what i have written , i am (ASKING) if people have herd the same and not starting rumours.. asking it is true or false, i am just saying there were two people at the game who were involved with Osset and who are also well known in the football league who mentioned this? So i asked a question on here!! what or who are you defending becouse it seems to me you are on the back foot for certain reasons. This is a forum and it is what foroms are designed for , descussions .. questions and answers . it was a question and not an aqusation? And finally, if the club are in tentions over a question raised on a forom then the club have bigger problems than the teams performance this season.... which i doubt very much!              
  2. My hubby's friend from work was at the game last night and said that Hanson and Sellars are both dropped from the first team! He is in the know at Osset FC and said something strange is going on with both players at Halifax. I find it a bit confusing considering we only signed Hanson  a few weeks ago, both players are not injured for sure so what is going on? we herd they might be moving to other clubs? does any one know? Nikki X     
  3. 1 POINT IN IT

    Would love toooooo Icke's , if only i was allowed hun. Happy new year! 
  4. 1 POINT IN IT

    Until a few months ago i was punching numbers as a Leeds uni graduate for a well known book makers, working statistics and odds for all types of bets on all sports. Finally i found a job that pays the way and i actually enjoy working for an ORANGE airline as a dolly trolley as most would say!!!!  when we are playing, i am sometimes serving up the best sandwiches and crisps at 30,000 feet  that money can buy . All pilots i work with look out for our (Halifax Town) result using there in flight pit COMMS if we are playing. Good Guys !!!!!  New years day we had a stop over with all the crew in Rome, that evening we had a few drinks. My crew asked me to work out what ODDS Halifax have of staying up. so i got to work using all the numbers i could find and the answer was worrying. from the numbers i could find .... we stay up by 1 point, 1 point from the relegation zone! i have been wrong in the past but i have also been right in the past... the worrying thing is 1 point tells us how close we could be to going down. I hope i am so wrong ... PRAY! Happy new year to all of you.... and to my hansom men in blue.. Nikki x             
  5. Quigley signs!

    According to Allan Hanson kids don't win you leagues either ... "lets Hope"   
  6. Quigley signs!

    Great News!!!!  but remember 1 player doesn't make a team ... we now need to supply him the way he wants to receive the ball. If we can supply him the wright way it will bring others on the field also into the picture. it can either go one way or the other, we really need a 10 in midfield now to really get this show on the road. if we can find a good number 10 in the middle with him up front i think we are onto a big winner.... our defense is solid, a 10 in midfield along with the other midfielders and our new forward could do very , very well indeed. well done JF and to all who was involved.    

    Unfortunately i was called into work last minute so i couldn't make the game but my other half went with two others....and what i here , what a point! we feel very proud this morning and its made our weekend. My other half was saying every player should who was involved yesterday should have a beer bought for them the way they battled against a dodgy ref, 11 men against 10 for 70 mins and lastly the home supporters. Worth every penny spent and more!!! best point of the season.... Great goal by clark.. all - in defending.. Kosy winding up there home supporters to the point of sending them insane lol. Our bunch were standing in the Daggers end and having a bit of a laugh with there supporters until the equalizer came, then it seemed to get a bit lively as my hubby would say. After the game, sellars walked all the way over to the standing daggers fans and had a go (Close up!!... he looked like he was having a go at there supporters close up which set them off. It took a few stewards to pull him away when a couple of supporters threw something at him and hit him on the head. wouldn't want to meet ginger in a dark ally for sure... which goes to show how much fight my hansom boys have even on the back foot. "made my weekend"  very well done to all. including our supporters !!!!!!!!!!!  
  8. Shaywomen

    do you ever see him ?
  9. Shaywomen

    Thats very weird you say that Erik, my other half new him very well... bizzaaaaar we were only talking about him a few weeks ago! WoW! 
  10. Shaywomen

    I know of two, Lisa and I, there is a car pull of four of us...Lisa and I travel the two other halfs!!! both other halfs played a good level of football in there day but the girls no best. the boys look at the football side of things and we look at the leg side of things marking the players on apperance. The two boys see things in a game the normal supporter wouldnt so its interesting to listen to the pair of them chat tactics... for about two minutes! when there is tactics lol, then its back to looking at legs and body shapes etc. what i can say is we have a very hansom team i just wish they could have hansom results. Nikki X  

    Prepare for a crash landing, watching the game today has me thinking to go to the book makers and put 100 quid on us being relegated! at least it will take the sting out a bit when we do go down. We could not believe how week our midfield are when on the ball... the defenders clear it then it comes straight back. our midfield just cant hold the ball up because they are just not physically strong enough plain and simple. They rush the game and make silly passes and loose it more or less instantly. So unless we change the whole midfield before Christmas then its over!!! and change the forwards as well. Kosy went down in our estimations today big time !  very worrying times a head, honestly ............ we haven't got the players to stay up(full stop) lastly.. any one who went to day, dont forget to pay the toll crossing for the dartford crossing.... Robbing b-----ds .....sorry about the language but today has left me soul less!!     
  12. Morecambe

  13. GROW UP!

    Hoddie, I agree mostly with what you are saying... and yes every one is i entitled to there opinion and that is not what i am saying. I am saying there are a few people on here who are personally slandering people on the forum or players etc when they don't like there opinion or wasn't at the game . I'm sure it must of crossed your mind that (some) people on the forum are commenting on how bad some players have played but were not personally at the game. If you know what i mean?? There are quite a few players in this squad who shouldn't be playing here that is for sure and i am the first one to agree we might need to change the manager.     i'm not saying just because you cant make the games your not a supporter like some comments on the forum have suggested...and lastly, what i am trying to get across to people is...  (some) on here spend to much time typing there anger when it would be easier to visit the board and tell them directly. We are going down, no too ways about it for sure! if we don't sort the issue immediately.            
  14. GROW UP!

    quiet simple, if you don't like what is going on, then don't pay to get in and go and watch another team! don,t keep slandering people on here sitting behind a key board.... i'm not defending any one here but folks,grow up! 5 of us today drove 5 hours to the game today and cost half a fortune. we then start reading the forum and people behind a key board are telling us what happened in the game today who wasn't at the bloody game, oh please!!! we honestly had a good laugh on the way home. if you want to have a good moan and be a truly hard core supporter, try supporting your team properly by attending the games because its a joke.  yes big, big changes are needed but stop insulting people by name and picking out individuals, you have no right to do this unless you want to confront the people you are slandering face to face,,, we are in big trouble as a team / club and yes we have a very good chance in being relegated.. leave the name thing out of it and try knocking on the door of the board if you can be bothered. Some of the people on here spend so much time slandering and typing away who could actually jump in there car.. park up in the car park and knock on the door of the club and ask what the hell is going on! so who's who? if you are a true supporter.. then go to the club on Monday and ask what is going on! if not Monday then Tuesday until you get an answer.. so when you knock on the door of the club and ask what the hell is going on, then add your name to this thread so all the fans can see who is actually bothered!   p....d off big time!     
  15. Prepare for relegation.

    Shayman ,they do a great job! but we are seriously worried here.., this is big ...t . we are in big trouble!