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  1. FA Trophy Final

    Hardy was a unused sub. Both evenly matched game was split between the 2 halves, apart from Orient coming out in the second half creating lots more chances and being the  better team. They even had a goal cleared off the line by their own player  Jordan Maguire Drew was there stand out player. 
  2. James Hardy

    Do you think we could go for lois maynard ?
  3. James Hardy

    He'll then be ours  !!!!!
  4. 19/20 player rumours

    Tom walker- salford city.  Think he player under Fullarton in his U23 squad at Bolton. Contracts up. Left winger. Could be a replacement for Kosy.  Played 40 scored 5. Could be part of Salford clear out and Didn't get onto the pitch at Wembley!! Rodney, Walker and Hardy. Oooooo I like it(fingers crossed) !!!
  5. James Hardy

    Towards the bottom...
  6. James Hardy

    On the bench against Leytien Orient 
  7. James Hardy

    Let's just hope so, give the fans something to get excited about, when Rodney and Hardy sign. Would we have to sign Rodney on a fee from Salford? If we get these signings done and dusted asap then season tickets could up getting to Bosomworths target of 2000!
  8. Squad 2019/20

    Who's this player still to sign a contract - Kosy (won't be him, he's long gone), Duckworth or Sellers??
  9. James Hardy

    Them 4 would be the stars of the show!!
  10. James Hardy

    Hardy and Rodney will be 2 top class signings that will definitely help us move up that leauge and score goals. More likely of Hardy to move than Rodney to us, but we will wait and see.  Please Mr Fullarton and Mr Chairman, go make some pure gold !!
  11. James Hardy

    Out of contract and says he is not currently in any discussions, the games against salford could of been his last. Fullarton could be after him??
  12. Jon Stead

    Should we ??? 36 but a goalscorer, experienced and from Huddersfield. Think he could up here, finish of his career with a seasons contract, with Nathan Clarke??? 
  13. 19/20 player rumours

    Yeovil have released a few decent players inc: Alex Fisher, a big forward who would do well maybe next  to Southwell or even Rodney ! 
  14. 19/20 player rumours

    Jon stead ?? I would 
  15. 19/20 player rumours

    Probably Duckworth, I could see sellers and Kosy going.