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  1. Barnet Vs Town (12/3/19)

    Barnet 0 -Halifax 2 Duku  Kosylo Att 860
  2. The pitch

    We need to mention this to the BOD, regarding the fact it's embarrassing and that we need to move away from grass to turf in order for both teams to be satisfied !!
  3. The pitch

    In addition, we are the only team in the national that have had their game called off disgraceful !!!
  4. The pitch

    Off to brighouse town now, I bet they will get their record attendance, some ebbsfleet fans are going too
  5. The pitch

    An hour before kick, embarrassing !!!!!
  6. The pitch

    Absolutely disgraceful !!!!!!
  7. The pitch

    How's it looking ??
  8. The pitch

    Fingers crossed   
  9. Town v Ebbsfleet 9/3/19

    Town 2 1 Ebbsfleet Duku Kosy ATT 1405
  10. The pitch

    It'll be about the kit or something along those line 
  11. The pitch

    There was pitch inspection this morning  no news is good news !!
  12. Hardy

    We need to keep this lad, how good is he !!
  13. Barnet

    Won't happen tho becasue Maher is Fullarton's best friend and Hanson is just Fullarton's long lost friend 
  14. Barnet

    Line up prediction -Johnson Sellers Clarke Brown Hanson FerryHardy kosylo Quigley duku Rodney 
  15. Town v Barnet 5/3/19

    Shaymen 2 -0Barnet Rodney Hardy Att 1096