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  1. Available managers

    Ronnie Moore it is, 6pm tonight?
  2. Season Ticket

    I've got a feeling it will be ronnie
  3. Available managers

    Very good point 
  4. Available managers

    Hopefully the manager will be announced today!  
  5. Job

    I agree, he'll know very well possibly a old head from huddersfield town, bosomworth would trust him and more likely give more for recruitment, players and backroom staff!
  6. Se You There

    Might of been Danny Hattersley on the opposing squad. 
  7. Se You There

    Highlights were good, that number 11's first name is something like Danny, from what I heard on the pitch.
  8. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    Yeh, probably !
  9. Se You There

    Nope, theres a new player with that tattoos on his left arm, cant see his number though !
  10. Se You There

    What number ?
  11. 19/20 player rumours

    Aswell as the manager ?
  12. Available managers

    Wouldn't mind if we went for someone like him !
  13. Available managers

    Does anybody have anymore news about the next manager ?
  14. Available managers

    It'll be announced this weekend, I bet 
  15. Available managers

    Erm..  That's a first