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  1. Lower league player biogs

    There’s two good books by Gary Nelson, ex Charlton, they’re called Left Foot Forward and Left Foot in the Grave, highly recommend them. 
  2. JJRyan3377

    Mick “woody” Woodmansey is a distant relative on my dads side. 
  3. JJRyan3377

    This is the Kitman that certain posters have said I’ve been posting under an assumed name. Flea will vouch for this as I got him a programme at an away game when you were all boycotting buying one. I left not because Billy Heath got sacked, but because I got a promotion at my everyday job. This happened on the morning of the Orient game and I told Bill and the Chairman that I would have to quit at the end of the season because it meant doing alternate shifts and weekends, Bill got sacked the next day and I volunteered my services for the Saturday game under Neil Young, but as you all know it was called off before kick off. I left with no malice towards the club or staff or supporters. I still check out this forum as I do the other clubs I’ve worked for. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook and am not the type to slag people off. I wish you all the best moving forward and hope you achieve your goal of gaining promotion to the League. Best wishes Martin Woodmansey