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  1. The club tweets about lack of signings

    If it is trolling then I expect a warning from the mod. #inconsistency 
  2. The club tweets about lack of signings

    All that energy used to moan and they can’t even use a bit of it to click a few buttons and purchase a season ticket.
  3. Edwards

    Just leave the signing of players to the professionals. Do your bit and buy a season ticket! 
  4. Walk out music

    Always look on the bright side of life. As a tribute to 
  5. Buzz Effect

    The ones that claim we have no ambition are also the ones that are not leading the way in gathering the fans together and funding a new player. They talk the talk but won’t walk the walk. But criticise the ones that do walk the walk. 
  6. Buzz Effect

    You see what you want to see. You feel what you want to feel. Why don’t us fans all chip in to sign a player? Don’t be daft. We would all just rather sit behind our keyboards on here and whinge about what everybody else is trying to do
  7. Another One Missed !!

    Don’t panic. We are the saving the best til last! 
  8. 19/20 player rumours

    You will be here until you die if you want most forum members to understand reality. Bought my season ticket as soon as they went on sale. I O Shaymen. 
  9. One of the favourites to go down

    Nothing to worry about with Jamie at the wheel. I O Shaymen 
  10. James Bolton

    Another one of Lord Aspins gems. Good move for him 
  11. Justin Edinburgh

    Very sad news. RIP 
  12. Shaun Tuton

    Oh yeah. Forgot about that! 
  13. Shaun Tuton

    He could join Morgan in the league of Ireland 
  14. Challenge cup

    Don’t try and get involved in something you know nothing about. Oh yeah. I forgot. He’s a bit inconsistent isn’t he. Anyway hope you manage to get some tickets to see the mighty Fax in the semi finals. Night 
  15. Challenge cup

    Yes you are. And no. Go to bed you bitter old man or I will tell your best mate Bubba to give you a warning for trolling