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  1. Leyton Orient match.

    I note you haven’t replied to my private message. Is that because you only save your vitriol to show off in front of your mates to get likes. Clearly not adult enough. Gob shite 
  2. Well Done To The Lads

    Here’s hoping. As long as we build on this season. And you never know with a bit of luck Wembley. Ok maybe I dreaming a bit now 
  3. Leyton Orient match.

    I’ve PM’d you. Hopefully you will respond like an adult. 
  4. Leyton Orient match.

    I am sure it will continue. Looking forward to next season 
  5. Leyton Orient match.

    Yet there are posters on here that frequently say let’s see if JGNo1 or Scot can put a positive spin on that etc. Double standards. 
  6. Well Done To The Lads

    We have proved that we are more than capable of matching the big boys. If only we could have turned some of the draws into wins we would be up there. But lots to build on for next season. 
  7. Retained list for next season

    Here is hoping we can sign the two lads up front. We will be a match for anybody with those two  
  8. Leyton Orient match.

    Because he quite clearly hasn’t read the thread. He won’t read the thread. He’s seen my name and jumped on it. A bit like you. Bore off 
  9. Leyton Orient match.

    Hypocrite calling others out for being a hypocrite. Antagoniser calling others out for antagonising.  Carry on criticising. It’s nothing but productive.  You won’t get called out by your cronies though. They must obey the dictator. 
  10. Leyton Orient match.

    You quite clearly didn’t read the thread then. He called me a ****. Do you not think that would antagonise me?  Don’t bother answering as you haven’t read the thread and jumped in midway and jumped on me.  Hoddie and his cronies have won. End of it now. 
  11. Leyton Orient match.

    I meant with everything I had to say. Brexit means Brexit and all that. 
  12. Leyton Orient match.

    I can't even be bothered to reply. You and your cronies are utterly exhausting. And that is why I will be stopping posting. Good luck with the next 25 years of utterly insightful comments. I O Shaymen
  13. Leyton Orient match.

    The whole reason this is all started is because of you. Stop playing the innocent. I haven’t directed any vile abuse at you. So the fact that you think it’s acceptable to do so is baffling. Don’t dress you not being able to cope with it as me antagonising you. Now do everyone a favour and stop making excuses for your behaviour and leave it at that. 
  14. Leyton Orient match.

    Exactly Scot. Put me on the ignore list. They don’t like it because I won’t be bullied into submission. Into having the same unrealistic negative point of view.  **** em. That’s what I say. I’m not here to be liked (good job haha) 
  15. Leyton Orient match.

    The fact of the matter is that without provocation Angus called me a **** and you called me a cretinous moron or something. You can dress it up how you like but that’s a fact.  Now if you can’t handle different opinions and positivity without resorting to insults I suggest you stay at pre school. Oh sorry have I antagonised you?  And your further comments were totally and utterly out of order.  Nothing really left to say to you