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  1. Morecambe

    And the West Riding and FA Trophy to come. 
  2. Morecambe

    Imagine if we win tomorrow. Solid 13th and in the second round of the FA Cup. 
  3. Morecambe

    You’re not the only one with sources
  4. Morecambe

    That’s the attitude. We need this win so the more the merrier. Come on Shaymen. Refreshing to read some positivity for a change 
  5. Morecambe

    Very poor version of Question Time 
  6. Ben Tomlinson

    Ben Tomlinson had completely transformed under the stewardship of JF. Rotten that he got injured but hopefully he will be back fighting fit. 
  7. south stand for tuesday night

    I don’t think there’s been a better sight and sound than the south stand erupting after Kev Roberts scores against Chorley. Magical. 
  8. Morecambe

    He’s here for the season 
  9. Morecambe

    My point is we have a vote to the people of this country and some people don’t even know how to tie their own shoelaces. Stupidity 
  10. Morecambe

    The will of the people. Based on the lies they were fed. I heard one person on the radio say she voted out because her family/friends had. Give me strength 
  11. Morecambe

    He won as his whole campaign was built on lies. No respect for that idiot 
  12. Morecambe

    Because my opinion is different to yours doesn’t mean I am looking for bites 
  13. Morecambe

    And where’s Nigel Farage. Ran the campaign with a load of lies and then pissed off to let everybody else deal with it 
  14. Dover

    Banned for what exactly? 
  15. Morecambe

    A HUGE success. Most forum members will say it’s not but they live in la la land. Aspin getting us to the play offs wasn’t a bad achievement after all eh