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  1. Hartlepool

    It’s important NOT to panic. We are having a sticky patch that has involved three credible draws and two defeats. I think now is time to manage the expectations. What did everybody seriously expect from this season? We won’t go down. So where should we be? 
  2. Fans

    Away games with The Shaymen are so much better. Wrexham was great. Atmosphere was superb 
  3. Hartlepool

    I honestly couldn’t care less what people on here think though. As a defensive midfielder he’s alright. As a person. The vilification and criticism was unfair. We need creativity and firepower. 
  4. Hartlepool

    My late father taught me an awful lot including not to judge others so easily. I am very proud that I’m not a person that follows other people like a sheep and defends people from witch hunts. Hence the username. 
  5. Hartlepool

    If you think I would be a better option then we are going down 
  6. Hartlepool

    I thought you were bored? Did you sit in the East Stand today? Surely you’re not more bored than being sat in there. I wondered when it was time to hand the books back 
  7. Hartlepool

    His name is Lenighan. And I don’t know you so yes we aren’t having a personal argument. Our heaviest defeat this season was without him 
  8. Hartlepool

    Yes. But we all know you don’t like him so your opinion isn’t fair. I neither like him it dislike him personally. And I know for a fact that since he came in our heaviest defeat was without him 
  9. Hartlepool

    Do you? Ok then. Politicians must all be thick as well. 
  10. Hartlepool

    We need creativity and firepower. JF needs to sign a few more players 
  11. Hartlepool

    Andrich. You know nothing about anybody’s intelligence. Unless you know us both personally? No thought not. So you go away please petal 
  12. Hartlepool

    Nope quite serious 
  13. Hartlepool

    Since Lenighan has come in our heaviest defeat was without him. Why you can’t accept that? I will tell you why. Because you and your almighty friends have judged him on other things so that clouds your ability to assess him fairly 
  14. Hartlepool

    Our heaviest defeat was without no 16  
  15. Hartlepool

    Since he has arrived our heaviest defeat was without him in the team thus we are a tighter unit with him. Can’t even say his name. You holier than thou lot are amusing