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    Yip , including the Hartlepool game that’s 11 points from a possible 15 so it’s probably ok to let the boss have free reign with selection. Same with the players , if you’re winning but not playing it’s about taking your opportunity when you get it. 
  2. Summer Recruitment

    Big thing for everyone involved or to be involved will be professionalism and attitude. JF will expect 100% commitment and focus and wont accept anything less. Doesn’t matter whether it’s AC Milan or FC Halifax Town .. he’ll think that you’re paid to do a job and you should be 100% all the time . I think the real positive thing is that he seems to have inherited a group which largely are doing that and it’s brought early results.. anyone who is brought in moving forward will follow a similar pattern I think .. hard working, positive attitude, good character and-hopefully talented into the bargain.  To be fair , it’s all just chat until the club is safe this season .. beat Solihull Saturday then it’s easier to have that conversation 
  3. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    I’ve not been once (yet) ...but the fact folk are on here , posting , commenting .. taking time to have an opinion surely means they actually give a s**t?  Some folk are naturally more positive than others . That’s just life 
  4. Seen it comment , not seen it don’t!

    The club have a part to play in finding ways to get folk back through the door but the most important part is making the match day experience enjoyable and putting a team on the pitch that they want to watch ..,£18 is a lot of money to some folk but give them entertainment ,effort and atmosphere and you might just entice them back
  5. Town Vs Solihull 24/03/2018

    Town 2 - Solihull 1 Hanley , fondop talom  1542
  6. Team Vs Solihull

    Maher may have pulled a hamstring today so will need to see if he’s fit ...

    Sounds like a game to write off , take the point and move on. Still undefeated .. can’t be a bad thing 

    Sounds like a first half to forget ! Need to start well in the second against 10 men. torquay beating Solihull Moors 1-0 halftime 
  9. commentary

    Rooney off .. sounded like he was their playmaker 
  10. commentary

    Yeah , no sound ... showing as offline just now

    Game on ! Yassss

    I’ll be gutted if this games off 
  13. Neil young

    Definitely a positive start. He will want to lift all the standards around all aspects , no doubt about it. His knowledge of players as you can imagine given his previous roles is first class but he will have people watching games and players for him too. Don’t know much about Young to be honest but now he’s away then any replacement will need to do the business in terms of adding to that network and helping with analysis. 
  14. Neil young

    Might be an opportunity has come up and Fullarton has let him go. However , it could also be that the manager will look at everything and see who is adding value , not just in terms of players. One thing he’ll do after the Notts experience is not mess about if he thinks something needs fixed or addressed. 
  15. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Regardless of opinions of Denton , it’s a brave decision of a new manager to not start with the top scorer . If results had been different then the scrutiny would be on him ! I’m pretty sure he’ll pick a team to pick apart guiseleys weaknesses and if that means Denton starts then so be it. I just hope the game goes ahead because the tails are up right now