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  1. Bromley match thread

    Final score 2-2  A touch disappointing after being ahead twice 
  2. Bromley match thread

  3. Bromley match thread

    2-1 !!! Rodney !!!!
  4. Bromley match thread

  5. Bromley match thread

  6. Bromley match thread

    Goal !! 1-0 Town yasssss
  7. Bromley match thread

    Listening in online. Let's hope for a good performance today 
  8. Well Done To The Lads

    That’s the balance I guess .. even when wages aren’t astronomical there will always be a perceived ‘pecking order’ at a club and chat amongst the players. 
  9. Well Done To The Lads

    I think the last month and a bit shows that with a wee bit of quality and some competition they can compete with teams in this league 
  10. Leyton Orient match.

    So I’m struggling to see that as an excuse ? Those are statements of fact Hoddie .. not excuses  Fans , quite rightly , judge by what’s going on on the pitch but I also think it’s only fair to point out what’s happening and what challenges there are at times which affects the other 4,5,6 days of the week.  
  11. Leyton Orient match.

    No one mentioned you Hoddie but that’s my point , people jump on the defensive and assume it is? Ive never once said behind the scenes is at fault... not once .. what I have said consistently  is that JF was working his n**s off behind the scenes to try and get the club on a more professional footing and, at times, without the support that other clubs have. That isn’t an excuse that’s just how it’s been... if you read that as ‘everyones at fault but JF’  then there is little I can do about that.
  12. Retained list for next season

    Johnson and Clarke are the first two needing secured imo.  Kosylo is a frustration but on his day he can make things happen so he also needs pinned down to a deal Duku and Rodney ? I just can’t see Town being able to afford one of them never mind both which is a shame but what they have showed is that with that goal threat , the team can compete on a more consistent basis.   Players out for me ? Skarz, Odelusi (has been carrying an injury but would have to have a massive turnaround to get fans onside again), Edwards( juts doesn’t use his physicality well enough for me but is young) , Preston (has done ok but not consistently enough)
  13. Leyton Orient match.

    Hoddie , I’m purely defending his right to post without a bandwagon of personal stuff going the other way. If by an agenda you mean I’ll bring some context to criticism then ok, that’s my agenda. I’ll never apologise for answering criticism that I think isn’t balanced or merited or in some cases from some on here , hugely personal and vicious (and not aimed at anyone in particular... well maybe one springs to mind) 
  14. Leyton Orient match.

    Hoddie , kinda my point.  My perception of him isn’t ‘toxic’ but I do see you as one of the more negative ... just an observation  This is nothing to do with an ‘agenda’ or ‘my mate’ ... I’ve said already, I’m actually quite keen for him not to be at the shay next season so if the club sack him or he leaves then to be honest , that’s football and you will all move on. JGN often says a positive comment and then follows it up with something like ‘I wonder what the negative punters will say?’ and pretty much every time , you see the same folk wading in because they think it’s aimed at them. This is purely my opinion and clearly it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks but it’s a shame that no one is talking about the actual football 
  15. Leyton Orient match.

    I’d politely disagree Rocket  There , unfortunately, is little debate on here but JGN at least brings at times some much needed positivity as this board can be hugely negative at times. Things have been better recently but people should welcome different views not try and bin folk who don’t agree with them. back on topic ... better performance .. should have been three points .. priority now is securing reliable and valuable players for next year