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  1. Dave's interview

    I’m just pleased I’m not involved ... let them crack on 
  2. Dagenham Today’s game

    Now now TJ ... put that rod away 
  3. Dagenham Today’s game

    I think most fans would say Clarke has been consistent and professional  TNV.... I’d say he’s been a good signing yes 
  4. Dagenham Today’s game

    Hanson is still a signing TNV... and most fans would agree that Clarke has been a success 
  5. Dagenham Today’s game

    Pliny I have absolutely no opinion on Billy Heath and my ‘liking’ of that post was 100% not about him so apologies if it came across as that 
  6. Dagenham Today’s game

    Pliny ... why would I make any comment on Billy Heath ? I don’t know the man
  7. Dagenham Today’s game

    I didn’t know Heath and ‘liking’ this post was down to the second last paragraph Pliny... that’s all  I don’t know Billy Heath and don’t have any opinion on him 
  8. Dagenham Today’s game

    So Clarke walked in and said sign me? Come on Greg ... give the manager some credit man .... Clarke didn’t just land in his lap point I’m making is that if folk criticise the bad then at least balance with the good .. (and I don’t mean you by the way)
  9. Dagenham Today’s game

    Doubtful he will play but I hope you’re right ! 
  10. Dagenham Today’s game

     But it isn’t the majority is it ? Everyone points to Odelusi and Lenighan as two examples ... but don’t mention Hanson, Clarke and Maher as other examples .... you should always look to improve even if signings work ... and if you don’t trust the manager with money ? Then you don’t trust him you must part ways ... I don’t think the club are at that point   
  11. Dagenham Today’s game

    Always enjoy your updates Flea 
  12. Dagenham Today’s game

    The manager has had one window Luke .. one  Signings don’t work out sometimes but if you want to hold money back and get a new manager in then , in my view , that’s counter productive 
  13. Dagenham Today’s game

    Today shows that these players are playing for the manager ... a few bodies in with some quality and they can kick on 
  14. Dagenham Today’s game

    Luke .. they have players out .. they need some assistance , it happens to every squad ... why as a fan wouldn’t you want players in to help rather than just criticising the squad ?
  15. Dagenham Today’s game

    I agree ... this is a squad and a team that needs help .. a blind man can see that . 2 or 3 quality players and they can compete more consistently