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  1. Collins

    You paying for his contract ? 
  2. Town vs Hartlepool United 22/09/2018

    Town 2-1 Hartlepool  Southwell , kosylo  1864
  3. Relegation form

    Luke I think we’re essentially saying the same thing .. fans clamour for info which is natural but not everyone should see how the sausages are made  it’s not always just ‘dressing room’ stuff which let’s be honest .. is probably the last place where anyone outside of that room hears what’s going on ..  except Flea maybe !  (and relax Flea I’m joking)
  4. Relegation form

    Flea , you seem way more informed than me about the club .... I’m not entirely sure what I’ve done to attract this from you this week? ... but you’re right .. I posted on one occasion what I thought was the case based on a conversation I’d had ... turned out not to be the case ... hence why I said it was an opinion and probably inappropriate at the time...... and I stick to football matters on here now.  I’ll leave any other information outside football at the club to you and others who know more about it than me     
  5. Relegation form

    I think forums are for debate , observation , information and dare I say it ... a laugh  but there are elements of the inner workings that shouldn’t be public knowledge ... like every business I spose. if for example , DB confided in you about something at the club which was sensitive and you decided to open that up to a public forum then I don’t imagine much for information would make its way to you !  Contracts , wages , arguments , dressing room stuff .. all examples of information that should pretty much stay within the club ... in my opinion 
  6. Relegation form

    And there are things that happen at a club that shouldn’t be discussed on public forums ..  You seem to have info about a conversation with a striker ? I know absolutely nothing about that and that’s not ‘glossing’ over anything .. I just don’t know anything about it   
  7. Relegation form

    I’m not sure what the rules of engagement are here Flea but the last time I checked I’m allowed to post pretty much anything I like in post 1 or post 668?  If that means I balance posts I think are overly negative then I’ll continue to do it thanks and if that gets your back up then that’s an issue for you not me. I’ve not ‘shouted down’ anyone so I’m not sure what you’re on about ? Unless disagreeing is shouting down ?  Any post about being meticulous is only a statement of fact and not one exclusive to me .., listen to player interviews or folk that work with him.., that’s not ‘bigging him up’....purely stating a fact about how he operates ? I’m not sure why you seem so upset ? A lot of nonsense gets posted on here and I at least try and keep my posts civil.. and consistent. If JF threatened to walk it wasn’t discussed on here unless I missed or can’t recall it ? If you refresh my memory then I’ll go back and have a look ? So if nothing was posted on here then how could I possibly ‘gloss over’ it  ?? As far as ‘credibility’ is concerned .., im not in the slightest bit interested in whether you think I’m credible Flea .. I’ve seen some fans sending some pretty distasteful stuff to each other on here (not necessarily you) so if a few don’t like what I post or don’t like me then that’s life .. they can block my posts or simply ignore me.  6/7 months and I think the club has moved forward ....but is miles away from where it could be ... but regardless of whether you like it or not .. I won’t just join in some of the criticism just for the sake of it ...or to get credibility.  I like your posts and I think your match summaries are excellent and I enjoy reading them but I’ll continue posting what I post and you can choose to read it ..  or not     
  8. Relegation form

    No awaydays .. you’ve been consistently negative from the start .... 
  9. Relegation form

    It’s not that I’m refusing to accept criticism , far from it .. I’m trying to give some balance to what I see as a bit of an overreaction 11 games in .. where have I blown smoke ? When have I painted that picture ? Show me the post where I’ve said he’s perfect Flea? You won’t find one  in terms of the bench from this season to last I’d say there are more attacking options available on the bench than the squad that finished last ? Is that a fair assessment or is that blowing smoke ??  So in answer to your question .. no ...JF hasn’t made a substitution that has affected a game as far as I can see .. in your book that makes him ‘tactically very very poor’  ?   You can have a look back and find that post for me Flea? The one where I said he was perfect ?  
  10. Relegation form

    Depends what you want them to be a ‘cut above’.. if you mean a cut above last years players then you’ve even said yourself that in general they are individually. If you want them to be cut above the other players in the league then that largely comes down to who you can attract .. but  after 11 games they are a ‘cut above’ 11 teams in the league. so they’re playing better football but Heath would get more out of them despite  being awful football to watch when he was there ?? What ? Would they just hoof it better?....that’s bizarre logic  So if you make a sub and it doesn’t win or change a game that’s a failure in your book? Every sub has to have an impact or it’s deemed a failure ? Is that not a bit of an extreme view ?  This is football and it always amazes me the instant reaction to defeat regardless of anything up to that point .. in this case .. bring back Billy , he’d get more out of them.  August ? Managers great ..  2 weeks later ? Managers failing and he should take the blame ... welcome to football   
  11. Relegation form

    So why did the fans say Heath played ‘hoofball’ then ? 
  12. Relegation form

    Well informed ? You said they’d have 4 points after 5 games ...... thats not well informed ..  that’s negative 
  13. Relegation form

    Away days .. I absolutely respect your opinion but you have been mentioning the word relegation since pre season .. that isn’t just ‘informed’ that’s inherintly negative  I don’t support a club team (various reasons) but as a Scotland fan I’m well aware what it means to have zero expectation and accept that we’re s**t. You clearly watch every game and it’s your right to comment as you see fit .. I’m merely pointing out that there are 11 teams below town .. the manager won manager of the month and yet you are still talking about relegation form? I just worry that you’ll never be content I think you need to understand where the club are competing in terms of finance against other teams and realise that actually they are punching well above their weight .. or maybe you do  im not for one second saying not to be critical ..  but you do seem overly negative .. just an observation   
  14. Relegation form

    Awaydays .. basic maths aside .. what about the ‘form’ of the 11 teams below Town? Is everyone getting relegated ?  
  15. Maidenhead

    Not sure how I’ve managed to get a job as a spin doctor ? ..... listened to that all today and sounded like a very out of character performance. The team have always been in games but first half sounded like total one way traffic and a very bad day at the office today  It happens .... really disappointing though