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  1. Vitriolic Comments

    Forums tend to be the more passionate fans and that leads to polarised opinions on a lot of things. I've been involved in and monitored quite a few on a variety of topics and , as an outsider, my observation of the users on here is that , largely they are a pretty balanced bunch. There clearly is a hang up and debate around the previous manager which is odd in the sense that there is one thing pretty much guaranteed and that is that the manager will get sacked or move on at some its more important to look forward not back. I've seen some real poison on some forums and its not required , especially against players who are here to represent the club. Some signings will do well and others will disappoint...there isn't a manager in the world who gets them all right ...not one. But football fans are also very fickle and a team that can be lauded one week can easily be 'not good enough' the next...look at the Fylde reaction in March this year. I think I've realised that fans will react in very different ways and can change from one week to the're great, you're sh*t , you're great, you're sh*t, you're great, you're sh*t That's just football I guess , but at the end of the day its a forum for should never go beyond that where folk are getting abused because they have an opinion that might differ...  
  2. Good Luck England

    Concerned about McGuire .. looks nervous and distribution has been poor. England need an early goal and if they do they could get more. Lingard has missed quite a few quality chances 
  3. Just Keeps Getting Better

    Indeed I do ! It’s early days .. I’ll catch up 
  4. Just Keeps Getting Better

    Very true on all counts but his wages will go back into the pot I assume ? and if they are what you say then its about reinvesting well Like I say , knowing JF and how he operates ( and I'm not saying this with any inside knowledge), he will have each position scoped out. A couple of weeks or so until the players report back I assume?...... so interesting times ahead. Trust there is a plan !!  
  5. Just Keeps Getting Better

    JF will know the score better than anyone. He got zero time at Notts to build anything and he gets that chance now. Regardless , he knows its about results and the team that takes the pitch on day 1 will compete, I've no doubt about that. There is time until the season starts and I know he will have a plan ...the squad will be 'balanced' so I guess we all need to trust that he knows what he is doing.  
  6. Michael Collins

    Hate to sound like dads army but ....don't panic !
  7. Michael Collins

    Replied on another thread Erik....keep the faith
  8. Just Keeps Getting Better

    Erik , one player doesn't make a club. He's quality no doubt and I've only seen him once ! However, I would like to think that even if Collins stayed and got injured in game 1,  JF will have built a quality squad that could cope with it. Keep the faith
  9. Michael Collins

    Never ideal to lose quality like Collins but with players other commitments at this level then there are always things outwith your control. The priority now is the current squad and getting them bolstered and prepared
  10. Dayle Southwell

    Absolutely .. always happy to buy a beer 
  11. Dayle Southwell

    He’s a friend and someone who asks me to watch players , scout talent and gather information for him. Im only a small part of a bigger network which , hopefully , brings  some success .. time will tell     
  12. Dayle Southwell

    I’m about as biased as you will get when it comes to JF and I’ll admit that , however , this interview will give you a very small insight into the work this guy puts in. He will admit to being a limited footballer in his day  (who still played at the highest level) but as a manager he works harder than anyone I know whether it’s a kids team or Real Madrid he was working with. I’m genuinely excited to see him build his own squad and work with them. Nothing is guaranteed in football but if success is down to hard graft , attention to detail and professionalism then things are on the up at the shay 
  13. Spain v Portugal

    He said the blue strip wasn’t good for his eye colour .... other than that JF had him in the bag ......
  14. Signings so far?.

    2 on loan is the answer to that ...tried to shore up the defence with two Centre Halves (Gary McKenzie , Doncaster player at the time , now playing with St Mirren in the Scottish Premiership, Andrew Boyce on loan from Scunthorpe) and Jason Banton on a free from Wycombe . Notts had a really large squad and he was brought in during January so largely he had to go with the squad he inherited. This time , there is a huge difference in squad size and budget , however, he does get to shape it as he wants to, starting with a very small core of players
  15. Dayle Southwell

    Who knows where it’s recorded ? The main thing is that it is !