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  1. Mj85

    Missing a trick. A trip to FC is best complimented by post match Cloudwater sipping. More than makes up for the often disappointing football experience!
  2. Duku and Rodney

    Agreed. Dieseruvwe just looked a less effective version of Rodney. His record for a forward is awful too:
  3. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Funny season. And when I say funny, there really hasn't been an awful lot to smile about...but we'll probably end up with an 'ok' outcome. Something to build on. But my god, how we have arrived there. Not one to cherish. Fullarton has just about earned the right to build on this next season, despite coming back from the brink. And it really was/should have been the brink. That goal by Quigley at Maidenhead/Maidstone was THE turning point for him (JF). I've said it before and I'll say it again, season ticket sales are going to be one hell of a slog. Very interested to see what's being mooted next week. The reality is, much creativity and radical thinking will be required if we are to get big numbers. People on here wax lyrical about realistic expectations but whoever sold anything on 'realistic expectations'? If we are to get 750-1000 season tickets sold, other than the diehards who will stump up regardless, everyone else will need to feel like it's a decent figure being promoted for a decent prospect of promotion! Tough sell.
  4. Mj85

    And a galling result for FC United, drawing 3-3 against 10 man York after being 3-1 up. 5 point gap now and Guiseley have a game in hand. They certainly need to beat your lot on Saturday to have any chance!
  5. Duku and Rodney

    Without knowing what they're both costing us, I can't understand the logic in us not extending their loans, should the option be on the table. We've seen enough of the strikers contracted to us without the need for further judgement. As far as Fullarton is concerned (and Bosomworth), we need to keep the momentum going for the rest of the season as a platform for next. It's also a valid point that whatever we might save on the loanee's contributions by not extending, if we start to dry up again, it will knock numbers off the gate. Surely a worthwhile investment if on the table?
  6. On a lighter note.

  7. Did anyone spot this earlier?

    I think there's a time and a place for a striker in the type of Quigley in this league but as we've seen since results improved over the last month, you will struggle to score goals if you are relying on a 'big lad lacking pace' as the spearhead of your attack. Duku and Rodney have provided the template of what's required next season.
  8. Solihull Thread

    The two lads on loan up front have made the world of difference, both in terms of how we have expanded on our style of play as much as their individual contributions. We all know the defence has been fantastic this season but given that we aren't a side that keeps possession, it's imperative that we have pace to allow us to soak up pressure (blind?) and counter attack quickly with a ball over/around the opposition defence. You just can't do that effectively with Southwell/Edwards/Preston, which is why we had so many 0-0s! We might not be able to keep either of Duku or Rodney but what their signings should indicate for next season is that if we can retain our defensive structure and personnel, it's imperative that we recruit a couple of strikers with pace in the summer. I don't know if any side in this division have a midfield that play short passes and retain a lot of the ball. There isn't the quality or surfaces season-long to be able to do this. Look at Solihull. They are towards the top with big strong lads across the park and aim to get the ball forward quickly. It's pretty much the template for this league. Fullarton nicely got part one in place with a solid defensive foundation this season. If we can recruit the right type of attacking players in the summer to compliment this, we could have every chance of a top half side in place.
  9. Poodles in for £10

    Regardless of my own personal thoughts about the offer, for those other supporters that did utilise it, I'm glad it was a decent spectacle and we managed to pick up a great win.
  10. Poodles in for £10

    Why is it pathetic to question it? You might not agree with my opinion but I have provided justification for it. It could be deemed pathetic to shoot somebody's opinion down, just because it differs from your own.
  11. Poodles in for £10

    I am not what you refer to as 'people in this board', clearly, and so have not made the sentiments that you refer to. I am all for the board offering initiatives that see more of OUR supporters through the gates but when £20 is expensive for a lot of our fans (me included) to watch football at this level, it feels wrong to me that we are offering cut price tickets to every other Tom, Dick and Harry to come and watch us. This, whether it will get another 100 through the gates or not. Huddersfield and Bradford supporters already receive heavily subsidised tickets/season tickets to watch their own teams and so to offer them tickets at half price to watch us during a spare weekend when we have to find £20 every fortnight feels morally wrong to me. My opinion won't change because a few posters, who often like to appear holier than thou on here, want to shoot this down.
  12. Poodles in for £10

    Club have just announced Hudds fans get in for £10 with their season tickets this Sat. Have I missed the announcement where we get in for £10 too!?
  13. JF in the Courier. Delighted at the result!

    I'm not sure about the reference to "principles of play" over systems. Did we really go out with different principles against Barnet? Is that something the manager has suddenly realised needed to be instilled over the last one or two games!? If the manager tinkers with what is a winning system when we are at home again and on the ascendancy then it would likely indicate that the previous system was a design of circumstances. Unless of course, he decides to change his principles of play this weekend 
  14. Ya Wee F******G Dancer .

    The reality is, after the Aldershot game, JF could quite justifiably have been dismissed based on results alone. If the one goal swing had gone the other way at Maidstone, he probably would have done. That we went on to win at Eastleigh and win well against Barnet last night is fantastic and shows the fine margins involved in football. Perhaps the board deserve credit for showing some patience or perhaps it was down to financial considerations. Either way, we are where we are. What is absolutely vital now is that after getting through that horrible spell, we kick on and learn from the experience. We need to keep with this balance and we will score more goals, win more games and everyone is happy. If we don't build on this from now until the end of the season then we will be back to square one with apathy setting in amongst the supporters. You could feel it last night after the second goal went in. Everybody lifted. Massive end to the season now, more in terms of intent and developing the side than results alone. If we can continue to score goals whilst being solid at the back, it gives the fans hope and something to take into next season. If we regress back to our old ways, it could be an awful summer for the board and club as we'll really struggle to sell season tickets. Huge period now.
  15. Barnet

    Fantastic night and I can't remember the last time I enjoyed my football down the Shay as much. I was happy to stay and clap the team off at full time. You could see what a weight the performance lifted off everybody at the club, from the pitch to the stands. The balance of the side was great and we finally kicked on from just being the solid defensive unit that we've been for most of the season. It goes to show that Maher is adequate cover for the back four when your widemen work hard to support the fullbacks. Ferry and Hardy put their foot on the ball to add the quality (on an awful pitch) and Rodney offered pace and mobility to ease what had become a sole burden on Kosylo. We might have had an element of luck by being forced to bring in the new lads on loan, prompting a change in shape, but either way, that was the formula right there last night. It's always the nights where you're expecting a drab 0-0 on a cold Tuesday night that suprise!