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  1. Missed Out

    What do fans read into the chairman’s comments that the manager is working hard to bring in new players but had missed out on maybe 15 or 16? Does it mean he is going for league players who don’t want to drop to our level, the wages offered are too low, and will we end up with players out of their depth and a difficult season which will make the manager’s job extremely difficult and for which fans should give him sympathy.
  2. The club tweets about lack of signings

    We will have expressed interest in players and offered them wages considerably below the norm. So, you can’t blame them for holding back. Some will accept better offers elsewhere and those who are left will drop their wage aspirations and will have a choice of Conf North clubs or the Conf National with FC Hx on similar money.
  3. Shirt sponsor

    With our track record I wouldn’t be surprised if the sponsors are printed on the insides!
  4. 19/20 player rumours

    It’s not our style to recruit early when players have choices. The closer it gets to the season, players without clubs drop their wage demands and we then consider our options.
  5. Champions league big call

    What I don’t understand is the corner kick situation. Nowhere in the rules does it say you can man-handle opponents during corner kicks and not be penalised but referees just turn a blind eye - or they will hold up the corner to speak to players rather than blowing for a pen. Last night’s pen was debatable, perhaps two refs in ten would have given it so Liverpool had the luck. But, if the rules were enforced properly we would see five or six pens every game until players started respecting the rules.

    8,00 crowd very poor for promotion to the league. Town would have taken 15,000!
  7. £20k bonus

    Well done Eastleigh. We gain nothing financially from their fans, but now they have consigned Wrexham to another visit to the Shay next season we can look forward to £20k from their following. That should make up the shortfall in Rodney’s wages. Get him signed!
  8. Excuses started already

    He is a negative character is our Jamie. Instead of optimism at what lies ahead we have depression. You can see his teams reflect his personality - defensive, dour and lacking excitement.
  9. Draws

    We finished the season with the most draws, 20, and were the lowest scorers bar the relegated teams. There has been a lot of criticism over JF’s negative tactics with the team sitting back etc. If our dour Scottish manager was a glass half full guy instead of half empty and been a bit more adventurous with his tactics, 10 more goals to turn 10 draws into wins would have seen us finish sixth and in the play offs. Fine margins indeed, so with better recruitment and an acceptance by JF that he works in the entertainment business, next season could be promising.
  10. Alarming

    We would do well to shift 800 tickets but I don’t think paying customers will increase. The offer is attractive to regular fans but won’t attract new fans willing to part with £199. First, they have to attend a few matches watching a winning team play attractive football and there is no sign of that happening. The on the gate price still remains at a whopping £20. There will be more kids on free tickets so around 1,500 Halifax fans at home games next season.
  11. Bromley match thread

    Another bore draw, but this time with goals and the game did lift a bit in the last 20 to be fair. King and Kossy very busy but we seem to huff and puff through games with little quality play meaning the Shay is like a morgue for home games. Bromley fans made more noise than us which tells us how drab our performances are at home.
  12. Another Announcement?

    The build-up hours before gives the impression it is big major news. Then, fans on here speculate about a new investor enabling the cut-price tickets, or a major sponsor pumping in money, so we all get excited and then it all falls flat. Next time we won’t go looking for the news and overlook the fact we’ve signed Messi ! But, yes, all initiatives are to be welcomed, and the biggest news in 10 years happened this week when DB took a financial risk and acted on the views of fans which will generate real enthusiasm in the club, alongside his uplifting interviews which will have massively increased his popularity amongst fans.    
  13. Another Announcement?

    The media team will lose effectiveness flagging up a major announcement as a chance to win season tickets (and let’s face it, they are aren’t worth much next season!!). Gimmicks like that turn readers away. 
  14. DB's Interview In't Courier

    Riders of Rohan is correct. This fantastic offer is good for the regulars/occasionals and as already stated on this thread 1,500 ticket holders would be great. But, on the gate admission is still a whopping £20 which will still deter new fans except for the Bradford City/Chorley games, especially if it’s a repeat of the mid table bore draws this season. But, with the kids tickets thrown in we can expect to average 1,800 up from the now 1,200 which is a 50% increase.
  15. Season Tickets

    The board have really pushed the boat out with this so well done and for that price the admission is now affordable. Two outstanding issues need resolving though, entertaining football has to be part of the manager’s responsibility because we can’t have a repeat of this season’s dire performances, and how will the board bridge the gap between income and expenditure? But again, well done with the pricing.