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  1. The game tonight: Maidstone

    How did JF react to the goal?  We will probably stay up now with JF - one of only six managers in the league to have a “Manager of the Month” award! But, can the problems be resolved for next season with DB and JF in charge? I don’t think many will be confident and many fans won’t be forking out for another season ticket.
  2. The game tonight: Maidstone

    At least Maidstone fans are charged 25% less for attending their home games than Town fans are. Our board are killing the club and they must know now they can’t progress it on a shoestring. It seems they want that fourth relegation spot and maybe Johnson, Kossy, King, will be sold to balance the books after this season’s “overspend” and the club handed back to the fans with a clean slate like the board always said they would when it was time for them to quit.
  3. The game tonight: Maidstone

    No penalties given. Two strikers off. That’s the excuses sorted then, if we lose.
  4. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Is it a sub keeper or outfield player for them?
  5. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Maidstone lost 7 of last 10. Only one win at home all season. Got to be a Town win . . .
  6. Mekhi Mcloed contract

    That’s our best forward gone. Like Kossy but with discipline.  Not the mutual agreement we usually hear. Terminated sounds like a sacking.
  7. Town vs Salford City 26/01/2019

    Town 1 Salford 4 (unfortunately, bad feeling about this one) 1,692 (369 Salford)
  8. Ask Away................

    With all the negative flak flying around it seems the board have said “You go out there and explain yourself and calm things down.” It also seems there is not going to be a managerial change anytime soon.
  9. Quigley

    Will he come good between now and the end of the season? If he doesn’t that will hit our chances of returning to winning ways. He has not been out injured, but fair enough he might not be match fit. But, that doesn’t stop him competing for balls and for a tall striker he is the worse player in the air I have seen. He says he is proven at this level, but he isn’t. He scored a few goals at Wrexham over less than half a season and that side would be better suited to support strikers than JF’s tactics so far this season. On a more positive note, if Tomlinson and Macdonald were back playing they would bring the best out of the front players and then I would be confident of avoiding relegation.
  10. Junior Season Tickets

    They should but they won’t. FC Hx Town is a club that charges for pre-season open days and since formation has always charged fans excessively. In the early days admission was often more than double other clubs when there was no need for that to be the case. Our gate receipts dwarfed our competitors. The board isn’t bothered about the long term future and the need to attract new support as their hobby is a short term interest.
  11. Reduced prices

    Decent reduction on the £20 but Halifax fans have had enough of being ripped off, kept in the dark, and subjected to terrible football. They are staying away this weekend, even at £12 it will be a three figure crowd. I know of several season ticket holders giving it a miss and pay-on-the-gate fans are dwindling by the week.
  12. Braintree

    Terrible performance. Never got out of second gear against a very poor side which should have taken all three points. Fullarton is proving he can’t manage and we must be relegation contenders with two wins in 20-plus games.
  13. Town v Braintree 5/1/19

    Town 5 - 0. Southwell 3, Quigley, Clarke. Att 1,290.
  14. Part season ticket

    This season has been a turn-off not a turn-on so I can’t see many fans taking up this offer just after an expensive Christmas. Most are prepared to miss games to save money. Something needs doing though to attract fans. We were nowhere near the top 10 national league attendances on New Year’s Day. A parltry 1,400 home fans on a bank holiday tells you something is very wrong with the running of the club.
  15. Braintree

    Tomorrow is the day we finally trounce a team. 5-0.