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  1. Alarming

    We would do well to shift 800 tickets but I don’t think paying customers will increase. The offer is attractive to regular fans but won’t attract new fans willing to part with £199. First, they have to attend a few matches watching a winning team play attractive football and there is no sign of that happening. The on the gate price still remains at a whopping £20. There will be more kids on free tickets so around 1,500 Halifax fans at home games next season.
  2. Bromley match thread

    Another bore draw, but this time with goals and the game did lift a bit in the last 20 to be fair. King and Kossy very busy but we seem to huff and puff through games with little quality play meaning the Shay is like a morgue for home games. Bromley fans made more noise than us which tells us how drab our performances are at home.
  3. Another Announcement?

    The build-up hours before gives the impression it is big major news. Then, fans on here speculate about a new investor enabling the cut-price tickets, or a major sponsor pumping in money, so we all get excited and then it all falls flat. Next time we won’t go looking for the news and overlook the fact we’ve signed Messi ! But, yes, all initiatives are to be welcomed, and the biggest news in 10 years happened this week when DB took a financial risk and acted on the views of fans which will generate real enthusiasm in the club, alongside his uplifting interviews which will have massively increased his popularity amongst fans.    
  4. Another Announcement?

    The media team will lose effectiveness flagging up a major announcement as a chance to win season tickets (and let’s face it, they are aren’t worth much next season!!). Gimmicks like that turn readers away. 
  5. DB's Interview In't Courier

    Riders of Rohan is correct. This fantastic offer is good for the regulars/occasionals and as already stated on this thread 1,500 ticket holders would be great. But, on the gate admission is still a whopping £20 which will still deter new fans except for the Bradford City/Chorley games, especially if it’s a repeat of the mid table bore draws this season. But, with the kids tickets thrown in we can expect to average 1,800 up from the now 1,200 which is a 50% increase.
  6. Season Tickets

    The board have really pushed the boat out with this so well done and for that price the admission is now affordable. Two outstanding issues need resolving though, entertaining football has to be part of the manager’s responsibility because we can’t have a repeat of this season’s dire performances, and how will the board bridge the gap between income and expenditure? But again, well done with the pricing.
  7. Maidenhead today

    JG -  Why is it that we can’t get carried away when we win yet we can get carried away when we lose? Step back and look at the season as a whole.   OK, Garbage football for 90% of the time. Not worth paying to watch. Club losing thousands from fans staying away.    
  8. Maidenhead today

    Probably the most boring game I’ve seen in decades. We were bullied by a poor team yet kept pumping balls into the sky for 90 minutes with no hope of creating anything. I don’t think we won a corner and apart from a pass to their keeper from Edwards that was it. The club has to realise that to charge £20 means entertainment has to be provided and that hasn’t happened this season. Fans are quitting the club and season ticket sales will collapse so where we go from here I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if DB calls it a day now.
  9. Solihull Thread

    Am I missing something here? A good win, excellent first half, attacking, flair and a world class save from Johnson. The turning point for me was the sending off at half time. There is me thinking we will push on, attack and pepper their keeper with shots but none of it. We sat back too deep and booted aimless balls upfield. Yes, we got the result in the end but stopped entertaining the crowd in the second half.
  10. Poodles in for £10

    More silly offers from the club which will make no difference. Asking FC fans to fork out £80 for five games after the dross served up this season will generate no more than a handful of sales I bet. The half price offer to Hudds Town season ticket holders basically says “you watch man Utd, Liverpool etc for around a tenner -  come down to our level for the same price!” Just more tinkering from the board which will get them nowhere. Prices at FC Hx Town are far too high and not enough revenue is generated for National League, that is the problem for which we don’t have a solution and tinkering won’t fix it. 
  11. Game On

    After heavy rain/sleet today the rugby league game at the Shay is ON. The pitch will again be playable for football in the 21/22 season!
  12. latest offer

    OK, a positive effort to entice fans. The reality is, unfortunately, it will make little difference. Around 500 fans have thrown the towel in for this season. They have seen enough dross and are disenchanted with the club. They are being asked to stump up £80 today which works out at £16 per game - more expensive than other clubs in our league even with the discount! The team are now showing signs of improvement so perhaps some canny Yorkshiremen - and women - will sit out the next two home games and attend the last three at a cost of £60 thereby saving £40 !!
  13. Meeting with Mr B

    A big problem with the board is the constant dithering. They messed up buying the club and it seems every decision since has followed a similar pattern from organising vouchers to going full time. That has proved a half-hearted attempt and ended up as a model where players don’t get paid every week of the year which means we can’t attract genuine professionals. Who is going to switch clubs for lower wages and several weeks a year without pay . . . only those who have no alternative options which makes the manager’s job very difficult.
  14. Money

    The new loan signings have made a big difference and JF has shown what he can do with better quality players. The problem is that while we are able to recruit these players on loan we are unable to sign them permanently due to their wage demands. So, now the board have a dilemma: Invest in the club to progress, attract better players, bigger crowds and sponsorship - with the risk of losing their money; or maintain a shoestring budget making it impossible for the manager to progress the team and instead return to Conf North before too long.
  15. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Interesting. No doubt we have a top defence and now we might finish mid-table. Will that mean fans will forgive JF negativity and buy their season tickets in the hope the top end of the pitch gets sorted and it’s happy days next season?