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  1. Today game aldershot

    I said the Barrow game was our Staylebridge Time for some people to look back at their posts  The Ashy twins thought it was a serious weak midfield Not when you have Clarke in there They have shown some fight today
  2. Big smile now

    A big well done to the team digging deep to get that result just goes to show they (unlike the moaners) they have not give up on the manager Billy Heath's blue and white army. One full season One promotion 29 points just need 21 more for consolidation In this league Look at the contracts at that point and push on from there Dont want to labour my points but we do need something from the BOD But for now pressure off let's just smile    
  3. Breaking news

    Yes and Wilder brought in Sheffield Utd juniors Aspin raided Harrogate Town its always gone on  not bothered who signed him  He is a shayman now  
  4. Gagged

    Oh dear i said in a previous post my only criticism is the lack of information coming from the club i also said the media team should be asking the probing questions still nothing - again we get 10 facts about Aldershot Away travel details (don't bother its cold 2 weeks off Christmas form is poor and why as fan would I get behind the team when the club won't get behind me as a fan) once again Media Team ask the right questions of the right people make them answer  For a bit of balance the courier has never been our supporters- nice headline no substance on why I will give you a clue you are supposed to be journalists follow up the headline ask why! Ask what the reason was! And if all else fails print this line "unfortunately no one at the club was available for comment " (why am I doing your job for you) Again being kind is it because both manager and players are now telling the truth on refs and the BOD can see a fine coming Do they not like the comments on finances  give us the answers please Yet again I am doing somebody's job for them if it's finances here are a few tips to get money in the club and keep it to use on moving forward 1   Get the discipline right and avoid the FA fine that should be winging you way for failing to control players 2   Get the crowd on your side (tell them what's happening (inform them) that will avoid the protests that are bound to follow and bring with them further fines 3 DO NOT SACK THE MANGER - IT WILL TAKE FURTHER MONEY OUT OF THE CLUB (that one will be popular please read the full post before just commenting on that statement) 4 You brought to the club a manager with a record of success- season one promotion - he has done his part of the bargain so far so now it's up to the club to BACK HIM -  Q Who can win a game without players  Ans Nobody This is the most important point Get players in the league position improves and people come through the turnstiles 5 if you are not going into the transfer market part company with the scout you brought in. You should know people don't buy a big BMW if they can't afford to put petrol in the tank - it's an expensive bit of kit just looking good sat on your drive Its like getting involved with a football club and I must say running it well enjoying the days when you bring through some top players and enjoy promotions the you just let it sit on the drive looking good - It's an expensive bit of kit What would the wife say either use it or get rid of it. - the choice is yours - but whilst you are deciding do us a favour because we are doing our bit paying at the turnstile - just tell us what you are thinking TIME FOR ACTION Saturday morning going up to 08:00 just time for s shower then off to Aldershot - will I every learn 
  5. Give The Boys A Break

    Spot on Archie T  i do think we over achieved last year  was it 4th place we got play off promotion from i think the BOD were gearing up for another season in the north and Billy and the boys came up trumps. it was always going to be a struggle up one league and part time loss of Kev Roberts & Jordan Sinnott was massive enter Billy's 2017/18 team with a start beyond all our expectations part time training, suspension, and injury list kicks in  Guess what we go on a bad run (SHOCK) the good news is we have 25 points another 24 will see us over the line it year two in this league where the real team building should start  its clear without disrespect to the players who are putting the effort and commitment in they are of North standard look at the teams we play they look  physical well drilled they can swat our players off  we have done well to be where we are Forget BH & BOD if you were in charge who would you realistically take into another National League season so i echo his words Get behind the team    
  6. Time for action

    In my post you will see very little criticism I just want to get behind the team if I was to be critical it would be the lack of information whilst I know we are committed to deals with Harvey's (the shop not the manager) and 10 uninteresting facts about Aldershot (or the next team to visit) that's fine, it's information I hear like - a player who has never made the first team moving on with the phrase "we wish them all the best at their new club" I don't see the relevance of I would like from the website some hard facts on injury situation, activity in the transfer market, even if it's just an enquiry about a player we could not land, at least it would show some commitment and interest - what are the media team doing? I'd go for a weekly slot with information from the board or ask the probing questions - not since the days of the courier prior to its fixation with rugby have we had any good flow of information. sitting back and waiting to hear something 10 minutes before kick off is not a true flow of information . in the absence of information people fill the void by making something up or you will get the a friend of a friend of the cleaner of George Mulhall's plumber who has heard we are signing a Coventry centre back. Come on media team it's not all about match day viedio get the board and manager to comment on the current situation and what action is in place - Time for Action  
  7. Time for action

    I am new in fact the only new face Middleton but I will be here longer than a loan spell new
  8. Time for action

    Wrong again i wish Flea and this Lanza guy would return  so you will let me get on with posting as the newbie I am
  9. Time for action

    What is wrong with you people I am a new poster Just accept it and move on    
  10. Time for action

    No problem with the moaners saying they don't think certain players are up to it because I feel the same way what I do not like is them on the players backs during the game. I sit near some fans who blame Josh Mac for everything  - presently in good form so the are quiet (unhappy but quite!) Its a wonder Denton ever gets of the ground with 3 defenders and circa 200 fans on his back Danny Clarke is not the most stylish player and looks awkward  but has more heart and effort and three are four of his teammates put together - lung busting runs to close space and stop back passes - he should get credit for the effort Tomlinson is another the crowd don't get behind covers more ground in a half than other manage in 2or 3 games And OMG if you come from North Ferriby or ever been through the place then support is none existant  The only ones that constantly get support from the crowd are Kossy, Morgan and Hibbs Yes they are very  exciting but whilst supporting them I do feel they fall into the can't pass won't pass category  Scott McManus is playing well at the moment however I do feel we have seen the best of him - but again scored at Wembley crowd favourite if Billy Heath was ever thinking of moving him on then the chants would be much louder
  11. Time for action

    That's what I said 93
  12. Time for action

    Waisting your time I am new spend more time getting behind the team whilst new I have be reading post for some time and I am taken aback at the number of posters who "sing when we're losing "
  13. Time for action

    Born to moan is wrong on two counts 1 I am a newbie if you have picked up my handwriting style you must have been my teacher so that makes you about 93 2 It not calm before the sack it's our away game at Staylbridge - we just need to get the injection we need to kick on Team to see off its suspensions some injury recoveries. A return of Duckworth and Riley, for those following the story so far they are players not a cricket scoring method. And as I keep saying sign a midfield - not a midfielder a midfield    
  14. Time for action

    Hope Duckworth will be the player we need in that position  we just need some good news on his recovery   
  15. Time for action

    Your spot on again my point on refs is I don't call them but our luck has been down on some of the decisions. Again right on discipline I would have sat Kossy down for a game or two at the start of the season I think it was four booking in five games (none for tackles all for his mouth) he was always going to be missing at some point. So you are correct on down to the manager would not happen under Aspin you got up from a poor tackle and got back into position, moaning at refs don't get you anywhere they never overturn decisions (hope big Sam has learnt from his dissent)  Also with you on the need for new blood but when you listen to BH interviews it's not down to him, for the first time he has said its financial - not his department - he also said like other managers he would love a bigger squad. Unfortunately we are in a bad place with a depleted team which brings me back to my original point of we all need to pull together for the sake of the players on the pitch. its clear you have seen it before so you know it will turn around its just frustrating watching below par performances when we have been used to better over recent seasons. Roberts, Vardy, Gregory days are a distant memory. I would put up with a replacement for Kevin Roberts and a midfield for Christmas