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  1. Passionless

    Luke Member   Members 217 2,894 posts   Posted 51 minutes ago · Report post Most people know my opinion of Fullarton, but just because he isn’t shouting or bawling doesn’t mean he isn’t passionate. Surprisingly, on the UEFA Pro Licence it is advised to manage in this way. Discounting the above point, judging by his interviews the players are carrying out his instructions (rightly or wrongly). So why would be be shouting and bawling? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Luke, nobodys saying shouting or bawling, but show us something!!!! Something that gives us a clue as to your frame of mind. Gareth Southgate is one of the calmest people around when it comes to managing but even he gets angry and throws the odd gesticulation from time to time. Surely when bad decisions go against your team you would think that he would show something, that in turn would be seen by the players who would know they at least have him on their side.
  2. Passionless

    I was watching todays game when it dawned on me!!!!! There isn't an ounce of passion within our squad. Without Brown on the pitch there doesn't appear to be a clear leader, I couldn't here one of our players shouting at team 'mates' trying to get them going. A town fan sat within earshot was saying that when the Town players got off the team bus they were heads down, looking very downbeat. On the pitch, Kosylo & Lenighan were at loggerheads mouthing off at each other, Odelusi took to arguing with the crowd behind the goal when he took Umbridge over comments they obviously made when he completely tinned out of a challenge in their goalmouth when he was presented with a goal scoring opportunity.. Not good signs of a harmonious camp. But most worrying of all was the complete lack of any kind of reaction from Fullerton. I watched him quite closely and there was nothing!!! He stood rigid, arms folded, nothing being shouted from the touchline. Passionless. To those who criticised some of last seasons lads, I'll say this:- I'd rather have Danny Clarke any day,not the greatest or prettiest footballer we've ever seen, but he had passion, he was proud to wear the shirt. I cant think of anyone today!!!
  3. Warrington on Saturday

    andrich Member   Members 193 1,408 posts Location: East Riding   Posted 3 hours ago · Report post Sorry, no, I can’t motivate myself to come over from the East Riding, because of all the negative reports from folks on here.  I was only correcting your clear error in reporting a shot on target that hit the bar. Sorry if it struck a nerve. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yes you hit a nerve!!!!! If you cant 'motivate' yourself to travel over from the East Riding then dont sit in your educational facility and 'correct my clear error'??? You pompous ass!!!! I was bloody there, and it was a bloody shot on target that had one of those prima donna premier lot hit, Lineker and his pals would be cooing over. So yes, it was a shot on target. If you want to criticise then get your arse to the games. I'm really not in a good mood, but I'll be there on Tuesday win or lose, so that gives me the right to tell It as I saw it. TheNorwegianViking likes this Like this Quote
  4. Warrington on Saturday

    andrich Member   Members 191 1,406 posts Location: East Riding   Posted 12 minutes ago · Report post Hitting the bar is NOT on target! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dont be a ****!!! I'm not really in the mood for infantile comments this evening!!!!! You know exactly what I meant, It was the only worthwhile attempt other than the goal in the first half. I presume you were there????
  5. Warrington on Saturday

    The display from FCHT today was diabolical!! We went 1 - 0 up within 4 minutes and then they conspired to let Warrington completely outplay them for the next 70 mins. The only other worthwhile effort on target was Southwells free kick that hit the bar. Odelusi & Lenighan were a  disgrace. Lenighan was directly responsible for their second goal. Only when King came on did we seem to get a grip. To be fair, when Edwards came on he did seem to bring slightly more threat up front but not enough. I think he reason Southwell went off was due to injury, he was limping slightly and in the pre match warm up the physio was working on his foot/ankle. Kosy took his goal well but as per usual managed to get himself booked, petulance at its foremost. Today Warrington were very very good and if they had won we could have no complaints, they were a credit to their club and the shirt they were wearing, cant say the same for Town. They need to dig very deep now for Tuesday and redeem themselves.  Only other thing I would add is, if Fullerton thinks Lenighan & Odelusi are better than players sat on the bench, not saying much I know, but I propose he is clueless!!!!!!!!
  6. Lenighan

    Would you invite someone into your workplace knowing that you would spend every waking moment wondering when they were going to take your job??? I dont think so!! When we had Collins on board that was the time to have got him signed up with the offer of management etc. At this point he will not return to the Shay.
  7. Warrington on Saturday

             I cant wait to get there, I want to see an all out attacking Town, take the game to them, let them worry about us!!!! Hopefully Browny will be fit.                                                                                 Johnson                                                        Duckworth Clarke Brown  Sellars                                              Odelusie               Staunton               McCleod                                                                                                                                                         Kosylo (Captain)                                                      Preston                            Southwell                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Subs, Edwards, Berret Scars, Leneghan Rowley, Hanson King                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  8. My New FA Cup

    Why is it stupid TJ??? What the recurring them on most of these threads seems to be is lack of funds and the spreading of a bit more of the wealth, well, what better way to do it?? Lets just see what some of these teams are made of. Obviously a lot of the lower clubs would opt to play a home tie at a bigger ground i.e. Brighouse might go to Huddersfield, or opt to play the tie at the oppositions ground, but just think of the money these ties would generate for the lower clubs?? It's survival, it's new facilities, players, the list is endless. And dont forget, a lot of these teams have played several games already just to reach that 1st Round Proper!!!! It's about time they were rewarded. To many of these competitions are steeped in a history that harks back to a different era, and whereas I like my history, I think there are things that need shaking up massively and I'm not saying my proposal is perfect by any means, but something needs to change to generate a more even playing field for the minnows.
  9. My New FA Cup

    I also forgot to add in that perhaps there could be some kind of 'seeding'. It happens in most other sports in one way or another. Golf - Tennis I'm particularly thinking of when I used to play squash, if you were drawn in a knock out competition against someone much better than you then you were given an advantage (so called) where the better player had to basically start from points down. That deficit could be anything determined by how good the opposition was. When I was a very new player many years ago, I drew the clubs No1 in the first round of a club competition. This being the case and he being an exceptionally good player, he started at minus 8 and me on plus 4!!! I didn't score a point and he didn't break sweat!! However, you get the jist?? How entertaining would this make the tournament??? P.S. I did get a lot better at squash and did eventually go on to beat the England No1. But that's a whole different story.
  10. My New FA Cup

    With thoughts of the FA Cup now firmly fixed in our minds and the dream of the possible tie against one of the big boys, It brings me back to my age old issue with the cup!!! Why the hell do the big guns get a free pass into the 3rd round?????? In my New FA Cup all the qualified teams should go into the hat together, lets give all the lower league teams a fair bite of the financial cherry/cake/gateau/pork pie?? Whatever!!! Can you imagine some of the games that this could throw up?? The Prima Donnas wittering that they cant possibly play on a surface that has mud on it, or changing rooms that dont have space age sleeping pods so they can grab a quick kip at half time??? It would be bloody fantastic. But!!!! And here comes the big but (there has to be one):- The clubs, particularly the big boys would have to register a maximum of lets say 18 players into the competition. So, they would have to make a decision, do they go with their star players or do they go with the seconds??? Because as things stand we know that if Town drew Man U - Liverpool - Man City etc there would be hardly any if any at all of the big names and that to me is not only disrespectful, but it robs the fans of getting to see those players for possibly the only time. But it also means that if the big guns do progress through the rounds and reach the final, they cant then leave out the players that have got them there and bring in the glitter balls (if they can get them out of their pods). I think this would also give us all a very good indication as to where the big clubs place the FA Cup in they're order of importance. It once held sway as the second most important competition in English Football. I dont think that's the case any more. And here's the really big plus!! We might even make it into Europe. Of course this is just my dream of a semi level playing field and it's obviously just my own opinion but once again I will invite the usual culprits to savage it, so, let the hounds go lads???
  11. Warrington on Saturday

    Come on guys!!! Lets start getting positive here. I genuinely believe that we will win on Saturday. It wont be easy, there are no easy games in football any more and that goes for any level of the game. Turn up thinking your gonna win and be it at your own peril so to speak. Yes!! We will win, scrappy or not, put it behind us and hope for a decent draw in the next round where the same rules will apply. Go win the game and move on!!! At this moment in time it's about getting through games!! Turning corners, well perhaps that's for another time. We are not playing well and we haven't won in 9 games now but by the same token we haven't lost 9 games either. We are just about mid table (ish) so we know things need to change up but I dont think we need to press the panic button just yet. That may change on Saturday but I dont think so. If this comes back to bite me then I'll streak across the pitch again at the next home game, but this time I'll remember to pre order my taxi to be waiting in the car park and I wont have to run all the way to Georges Square this time. 
  12. Spain v England

    Whats wrong with celebrating scoring a goal????? Once you leave a club then you've moved on and when you score you celebrate!!! Happy days. Lets not forget:-  1:- Equalising goal when it looked like his team were about to lose 2:- Against a manager who didn't rate him 3:- His first goal for his new club Good lad Dents, I'd have taken me clothes off and run across the pitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Mj85

    Totally agree Flea!!! And I also read recently that the worlds top leagues (European) are having pressure applied to agree to play x amount of top league game in foreign countries. Mainly America I think. Obviously this pressure is being applied by the TV companies involved. We all know who they are. 
  14. Mj85

    Yes Hoddie, business is business!! Im not having a go at any particular player, if an offers on the table then they are going to take it, we all would. My issue really revolves around how none of the wealth is put back into game which is why I admire the '92' lads. Im no Man U fan but I will doff my cap and crash me fags to those guys for what they are doing. If a handful of others did something similar with lower league teams the game would be a lot healthier.
  15. Mj85

    There is no logic to the vast amounts of money being bandied about in the upper echelons of football. Talking in terms of a player receiving the best part of a £1 million quid a week to kick a ball around is just ludicrous!!! Yes they are skillfull and fast and talented blah blah blah, but it is ludicrous. And dont forget, the £750k that Hazard would command is basic wage after tax, then theres all the bonuses, goals scored, goal assists, playing the full 90 mins etc etc. Then theres the endorsements which will be in the hundreds of millions over his career. And he's just one player!!!!! I read a very interesting article about Alexsis Sanchez the other week. Since he signed for Manchester Unt back in January he's pocketed something like £17 million, he's not guaranteed to get a game, he's scored something like 4 goals and made about 4 assists. How can this kind of financial stupidity be sustainable?? The only way it may possibly come to a head is when one of the major clubs goes bankrupt and ceases to exist. The rest would have to sit up and take notice. It will happen one day. And how much of the vast amounts of money that these players earn goes back into our economy?? I would concede that they probably unknow to us put money into charitable trusts etc, but lets not forget that they will claim tax relief on that!!!  There is lots of grief given out on this site regarding the situation at Salford, but what I really admire about their situation is that it's backed by the class of 92 (and some other billionaire), but I love the way those guys have done something for their local community, they haven't taken their wealth abroad as many others do, wouldn't it be great to see some of these other highly paid sports guys do something similar.