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  1. V.A.R Part 2 - Penalties

    Scotland Lassies crashed out of the World Cup Last Night to a late penalty that meant they could only draw 3 - 3 with Argentina, having lead 3 - 0 they really only have themselves to blame!! However, it was again a debatable issue. The penalty itself was give by V.A.R after the referee waved play on, looking at the replays of the tackle and the slowed down footage, I would on balance say it was a penalty, I tend to go on direction of the ball, and it doesn't look as if the Scots defender gets contact on the ball otherwise it would have take a different direction. Just my opinion!!! The penalty itself was decent but the Scots keeper pulled off an excellent double save, saving the penalty kick and then diving in where only goalkeepers dare to go, head first at the feet of the in rushing Argentine. So far so good!!!!!! But then it was decided that the keeper moved off her line early??? But watch the slowed down footage, she only moves as the strikers foot makes contact with the ball, well that's how it seems to me and I've watched it several times now. My opinion is the keeper was in her rights to move when she did??? Either way the powers that be ruled that the kick be retaken and the Argie scored. So then, Question??? Would they have made Argentina take the penalty again if she had scored first time???? By the letter of the law she would have had to, I think I'd be correct in saying so!!! This may become very relevant in our own league matches sooner than we think, goalkeepers could start to use this new ruling to their advantage. Step off the line, force a couple of retakes therefore affecting the takers nerves???? If the powers that be are going to insist on the positioning and stance of the keeper then surely they have to go back to the old penalty ruling for the striker, no stuttering runs or feigning the kick, one run up (optional) and one clean strike of the ball. It has to be equal for the striker and the keeper!!! All this stuttering scenario was brought into the game by the foreigners who clearly dont seem to understand the penalty rules (controversial).
  2. Lionesses v Japan

    Last 16 Erik
  3. Lionesses v Japan

    England win but Scotland blow it!!!!! 3 - 0 up on 70 mins and then concede 3 late goals, one of which was a retaken penalty due to the keeper moving off the line????? Well done Lionesses
  4. Lionesses v Japan

    Lionesses go 2 - 0 up on 82 mins, well deserved
  5. Lionesses v Japan

    Japanese keeper has made 4 outstanding saves that's kept them in the game!!! Mind you England keeper pulled off an outstanding save in the 1st half
  6. Lionesses v Japan

    Scots Lasses just gone 2 - 0 up 4 mins into 2nd half
  7. Walk out music

    My vote for the walk out is still Fanfare For The Common Man by ELP.    Not bothered about celebration music, the roar of the crowd is enough for me, wakes me up in the East Stand?????
  8. Lionesses v Japan

    Scottish girls just gone 1 - 0 up against Argentina.
  9. Lionesses v Japan

    Japanese keeper just made 2 excellent saves!!!!
  10. Lionesses v Japan

    Great start from the girls, take the lead on 15 mins:- England 1 - 0 Japan
  11. V.A.R

    I bet Brazil are really loving V.A.R now!!! 3 goals chalked off by the "eye in the sky" in a Copa America game earlier today??? The mighty Brazil held 0 - 0 by Venezuela, so does this mean that all those years of the "superb" Brazilians actually got away with murder (not literally)??? How is the world of football going to change with this new found level playing field.
  12. V.A.R

    If it has to be used, could it be like the Basketball "time out" scenario where you are limited to how many calls can be made per team??? I think that's correct.
  13. Edwards

    Would it not be possible, just for the sake of those fretting their backsides off, for the club to just say "We have signed 5 players (speculative figure) but we cannot name them at this time". Job done????
  14. Half Time Entertainment

    Shouldn't be to hard to round up some entertainment cos theres quite a few clowns write on here???? (oooooooooooooooooo)
  15. Penalties

    In the ladies World Cup Match last night between France & Nigeria, there was the controversial penalty retake decision which ultimately lead to my V.A.R. thread (rant)!!! To which I might add there have been some really good responses, thank you!!! Anyways, I was reading a BBC Sport news item earlier regarding the game and it contained the following paragraph which I have copied and pasted, it explains the new ruling on penalty taking and the goalkeepers positioning:- I cant remember when it became legal in the game for a player to "stutter" his run up, but surely this is going to make it impossible for a keeper to stand still as it were???? Have a read and see what you think!!!!!   Football law changes came into effect on 1 June, with one of them saying this: The goalkeeper must have at least part of one foot on/in line with the goal line when the kick is taken; cannot stand behind the line. By way of added explanation, lawmakers the International Football Association Board added this explanation: Goalkeepers are not permitted to stand in front of or behind the line. Allowing the goalkeeper to have only one foot touching the goal line (or, if jumping, in line with the goal line) when the penalty kick is taken is a more practical approach as it is easier to identify if both feet are not on the line. As the kicker can 'stutter' in the run, it is reasonable that the goalkeeper can take one step in anticipation of the kick.