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  1. Retained list for next season

    Greggs Member   Members 873 3,421 posts   Posted 51 minutes ago · Report post Depends really. Johnson is out of contract in the summer. Who knows if he wants to stay or move on, if he does Rowley could step rignt in __________________________________________________________________________________________ That's fair enough Greggs, but we dont need two keepers as such!!! Like this Quote
  2. Retained list for next season

    I just cant help thinking it's a bit of a luxury really?? Absolutely nothing against Rowley, but why would you want to sit in the dug out week in week out?? I thought as a pro he would want to be out there playing. Short career and all that!!! From what I've seen of him he looks pretty decent. But his wage could be spent elsewhere.
  3. Shay photo found in family album from 1982

    Mansfield was a Friday night a 0-0 draw ,Does anyone remember Mansfield fans trying to get into the Skircoat End and copper grabbed hold of a Mansfield hooligans and handcuffed him to a Floodlight pylon and then Town fans started giving him kicking while copper went chasing after Mansfield hooligans. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ By hell!!!!!! The good old days eh??????    
  4. Wayne Hennessey did not know what Nazi salute was

    Lest we forget, our very own Prince Harry dressed in an SS Uniform for a fancy dress party and was seen giving a Nazi salute. He apparently didn't know he was doing anything wrong either???
  5. Retained list for next season

    I think I'm right in saying that there was at least one club in our league this season who didn't have a second string keeper, when the No1 went off injured he was replaced with an outfield player, very old school, but most teams will have a player capable of taking over between the sticks!!! And I thought, or so I've been told, at this 5th tier level we can bring in loanee's at any given time????
  6. Retained list for next season

    I think if Town can retain the core of the defence and King & Berrett there will be a good basis to build on. I think we all agree that real main failing this season has been lack of goals so therefore it says that we have to go all out in search of some quality up front. Edwards has to go, Odalusi and for me Southwell. I know some out there think he could make a decent striker, but I'm sorry, for me I would disagree. I have put forward his stats previously and allowing for his injury, I still haven't changed my opinion. No harm to him and I would thank him for his efforts and let him go. Kosy will be gone anyway, I think he has wanted to go for ages, his body language has been very telling of late, much as I do like the lad and he brings a bit of excitement when he decides to get involved, he doesn't want to be here so let him go. Sadly, Duku & Rodney will go, but they have shown that there are lads out there who frighten defences to death and more importantly score goals!!!! One other change I would make squad wise, and I've touched on this previously, I wouldn't have a second goalkeeper!!!! Radical maybe, but based on our last couple of seasons we are paying a wage that could be used elsewhere. Should anything happen to Johnson (or whoever our keeper maybe) it would not be an issue to bring someone in on loan???? P.S. Keep Josh MacDonald. Hopefully a fully fit Josh is our other exiting player, with a central striker to aim at he gives us some pace and crossing ability. Him and Hanson could reap havoc down the right side!!!!
  7. Hartlepool Game

    I'm kind of undecided as to whether to make the trip up to Hartlepool on Friday!!! Had Town won on Saturday I would most probably have been a definite?? But, and I'm not having a go at the lads, well not in a really bad way!!!! But it was pretty crap really. I wrote in a previous thread that I thought we could definitely win 3 out of the last 4 games, and the Bromley game was included in my 3??? By total contrast the 2 - 2 draw at Orient was almost the result of the season, the 2 - 2 draw with Bromley was poor. I actually thought they were the better team and deserved at least the draw. But to lead twice and throw it away yet again beggars belief!!!! Lessons not learned. And when the club is trying to promote itself then the team need to do better on the pitch. It was definitely two teams with nothing to play for and I think I'm right in saying that the Hartlepool game will be the same, albeit theres always been that bit of needle between us and them??? So all in all is it worth firing up the Cortina and begging some petrol money off Mrs T, one good thing is that If I do go then it will only cost me £9 to get in as they're concessions are for over 60's and not 65!!! Anyway, if you r going, then keep your eyes peeled for a Mark 1 Ford Cortina billowing bluey grey smoke out of the exhaust and give me a blast on the horn as you pass me!!! But keep your windows shut or wear a mask?????
  8. Leyton Orient match.

    Wilder Bollox WB 40   Members 3,619 17,152 posts   Posted yesterday at 12:00 PM · Report post Salford could probably walk the league with Beesley and Rodney up front but that's football  _____________________________________________________________________________________________ I note from watching Town lately that Rodney & Kosy link very well, so, with that in mind I'm gonna put a tenner on them leading the line for a certain Manchester based team who play in Red who are not Man Unt???? or FC Unt of Man or any other Manchester based club who play in Red other than S----D!!!!
  9. Well Done To The Lads

    Blueblood Member   Members 111 427 posts   Posted just now · Report post Ive a hunch Kossy  will end up back at Stockport c . _____________________________________________________________________________________________ They dont play in Red Blueblood Like this Quote
  10. Well Done To The Lads

    Nick Member   Members 893 1,581 posts Location: Whitchurch in Hampshire and Oslo   Posted 12 minutes ago · Report post Chorley....  he won’t be at Salford especially if they are premoted .. serious squad upgrading will happen  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'd be prepared to take money off ya on that one Nick!!!!!!!!
  11. Well Done To The Lads

    Just watched the action from Saturday on the Shaymen Player. Looked good, real threat on the counter attack!! My only comment would be (sorry)!! Kosys decision making on three occasions probably cost us. It's that clinical edge that just needs to sharpened. No doubting that Duku & Rodney are a real handful and if you have guys like them in your team then you've always got a chance. Sadly, Kosy wont be here next season, he'll be playing somewhere in and around Manchester!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Well Done To The Lads

    Somebody wrote in one of the threads on Saturday that it appeared the referee was determined to let Orient get something from the game!!!! And that was before half time??
  13. Well Done To The Lads

    I just wanted to throw in a big "Well Done" to all the lads for Saturdays result. I listened to it on the live commentary and it was nail biting stuff!!! Hell, if we could have just held on for that last 30 seconds it would have been the result of the season. Mind you, it was after last seasons 3 - 0 win at Orient that our season went pear shaped???? I remember going down to Dagenham on the Saturday and we were 2 - 0 down before you could blink!!! Eventually losing 3 - 1, so perhaps not winning on Saturday might not be a bad thing. But it was a great determined gritty performance on Saturday playing on the counter attack to great effect. We now have 4 games left and I genuinely believe that 3 of those games are winnable, so if the boys can raise themselves to the task, which we know they can, then we could finish the season on a really good high??? Come on Town.
  14. Leyton Orient match.

    Picking up way to many yellows!!! Money on kosy getting sent off????? Bloody hell 2 - 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ****, 2 - 1 Come on Town
  15. Leyton Orient Tomorrow

    Good luck tomorrow Town!! I wish I could be there but somethings gone wrong with the Cortina and Mrs T wont give me any bus fare!! It's a shame cos I feel a win coming on. Bring home the points boys.