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  1. Let’s get real!

    More likely that the two lads he was supposedly defending will each have a nice deposit of cash in their bank accounts to play with. Amazing how money lets the truth of matters dissipate???? Only my opinion, not pointing any fingers whatsoever!!!!!
  2. Lenighan signing

    He needs to be gone from this club today!!!! And definitely before Saturday!!  
  3. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    I wonder what the manager/Chairman's view would be if one or more of the squad players refused to play along side someone like this? I would never have worked with a lowlife like this and I certainly would never have employed someone like this. And that's not even anything to do with his lack of ability.
  4. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    The signing of this lad is abhorrent. There are certain things in life that can happen due to many circumstances, but being accused of rape and admitting to being there and videoing the proceedings is way beyond acceptable and should be to any right minded person. The fact that he was found Not Guilty of rape does not excuse his part in whatever went on. But to then go on and physically attack three women????? Some personality our club have chosen to bring in. I along with many others who have contributed to this thread will now have to seriously consider if I really want to be associated with this scum. I really dont want my hard earned money to pay the wages of this guy.  After 54yrs its looking like I might have to burn my scarf. And to be honest I'm not interested in any kind of humorous  replies to this comment. This is not a funny situation. 
  5. TV

    Oh Dear Me???????????????
  6. Town v Barrow 07/08/18

    Who would have thought this would be a top of the table clash?????????
  7. Braintree Thread

    I'm really undecided whether to go or not!!!! I'm like 90% of the people who've written on here over the last couple of weeks, we just dont know what to expect. Poor pre-season by anybodys standards whether you consider them important or not, loses to two lower league clubs does nothing to encourage the spirit. The info from the club has been virtually non existent, hence we have no idea of the squad or more importantly the team. Yet theres something inside me pulling me towards the A1 South for the start of another campaign. Come on Shaymen, wear that shirt with pride!!! All we really ask is 100% commitment and we'll back you all the way. Bollacks to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think I'll set off now????
  8. Jordan On The Move?

    Hey why not??? I liked him when he was here at the Shay and he was a consistently good player. Its a shame its not worked out for him at Chesterfield. I wonder if we are that club???
  9. Kosy

    There are always ways and means of making things happen if you have the ambition.    
  10. Kosy

    I think the Kosy issue has been done to death in all honesty. It was one of the main topics of speculation around last Christmas with talk of him moving to Brentford etc. I dont mean to be down on the lad because he is a very good exiting player!! When he's on form!! Sadly this hasn't been for quite some time, and in truth last season having made the step up from the Conference North he was no where near as effective as the previous season. Coupled with his injury I really dont think he is as good as we all think he once the rose tinted glasses come off. At National league level he was very quickly sussed out by better quality defenders, even at Conference North level opposition players very quickly found out how to rile him and knock him off his stride, hence his abysmal disciplinary record. At 26yrs old you would really assume that if he were good enough to be playing 1st / 2nd Division football he would have been picked up quite a while ago. All that said, I hope we can sort something out with him. Just to close on the subject, Michael Collins:- Completely different class as he showed game after game last season. Personally speaking, for me Town should have broke the bank to have kept him at the club as a player coach or even making him the manager with options to play, however it would have worked. 
  11. Kosy

    I will very quickly start by saying I'm a big Kosy fan!! However, as I've also pointed out previously, no one player is bigger than the club. It would appear that Kosy doesn't want to go full time pro otherwise he would have done so by now. I got shot down in a previous thread for pointing out that there are players out there that are very content playing lower league football who have very good well paid jobs and as such a fairly secure future. Kosy must surely fall into one of these categories?? We cant afford to carry luxuries like impact subs!! In my opinion he never looked the same after the long term injury he sustained last season and from what I've seen of him in his very limited pitch time this pre-season, I'm not convinced he is the player to be our 'saviour'. I would have thought it was fairly straight forward, from a business point of view, if he doesn't want to be part of a full time situation then move him on. If we lose out then so be it, we cant have the disruption. I would preferer him to stay but it has to be on the CLUBS terms.
  12. The New Season

    As I write this, we are currently 2 - 0 down at home to Boston FC, a club again from a lower league. Unfortunately I couldn't make todays game due to other commitments. However, later tonight I will follow this up and unless there is a dramatic change to what I'm reading and listening to then the writing is on the wall!!!!! It's going to be a long cold winter. I hope i'm pleasantly surprised but somehow I dont think I will be???
  13. coalville saturday

    Cant believe that you'd admit to that in public WB??
  14. coalville saturday

    Unfortunately I cant make the Coalville match on Saturday, I think I said previously that I was down there recently and it was the deadest place ever????? That said, I was there to see a band at a bar not to far from the football ground, The Victoria Bikers Bar, if you get a chance get round there. Scariest landlady ever and I've met a few over the years, but this lady is in a class of her own!! Im not sure but I think there is something going on this weekend as well with an outdoor live music event!! If you like One Direction or Little Mix dont bother going, I dont think it will be your thing but otherwise I'd pop round there.
  15. Salford splashing the cash again

    I do find it strange that a club gets ripped to shreds for spending money in pursuit of progress. Every club in the land uses whatever means they have at their disposal and Salford were fortunate enough to get the Class of 92, and I believe that those guys have a real genuine interest in the club, I dont think it's an ego thing. Hell they are jointly redeveloping chunks of Manchester. Local lads done good reinvesting in their community. Wish we had someone like that!!! In football in general ridiculous money is being thrown around, why should the Conference be any different??? If that money was available to Town we would be doing exactly the same thing. And on the evidence of what I've seen so far in our opening three games I'm sadly gonna predict a long hard winter. Apart from McLeod I haven't seen anything that tells me we are way off the mark, the mass exodus of players from last season would appear to be a poor decision. Hope I'm wrong, but on Saturday there was talk around where I was sat as to who would be manager at Christmas/New Year. P.S. If theres a Lottery Multi Millionaire out there looking for a hobby, wind your way down to the Shay tomorrow night!!!!!!!