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  1. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    monk Member   Members 1,138 3,755 posts   Posted 14 minutes ago · Report post If your that bothered Archie then have a look in your wife's wardrobe and try on that little sexy red number. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ What the effing hell you on about knobhead???
  2. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    monk Member   Members 1,137 3,753 posts   Posted 1 hour ago · Report post Football being a mainly male dominated sport , maybe the club are trying to attract more ladies , some just love to moan and pick the bones out of everything the club does . _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Its Bull crap!!!! What happened to all that equality bolax that's been shoved down our throats for years??? What about the rest of us??? I'm retired but dont draw a pension, so as you will guess I dont qualify for the concessions. I dont like standing in the South Stand so I opt to sit in the East Stand. Penalised at every junction, so much for 50yrs of loyalty eh??? And to all the people who bought shirts etc prior to Wembley, and I'm talking to the 8 thousand or so who could make it London but somehow cant find The Shay, have a long hard look at the back of it!!! The bit that says "Shayman Till I Die"??? You've obiously all keeled over!!! Mind you the same could be said of the players that come and go, S.T.I.D until they cant be bothered or get a better offer. Right!!! rant over.
  3. Match Offer Aldershot Confirmed

    Bolax to it!!!!! I've decided I aren't going. It's one kick in the nads after another. I'm gonna have a long think about the future and FCHT. Still hope they win thought.
  4. Banks of England

    R.I.P Gordon, the greatest England goalkeeper of all time. It's hard to imagine now but he continued to play with just one eye following a car crash!!! True legend!!
  5. Three wise monkeys

    This Is Jamie Fullertons History as a manager/coach This is an overview of the career of a manager. Compact Detailed   Club Appointed In charge until Days in charge Position Matches W D L Players used ø-Goals PPM  Halifax Town 17/18 (Feb 21, 2018)  expected 30.06.2019  356 Days Manager 45 11 21 13 38 0,82 : 1,02 1,20  Notts County 15/16 (Jan 10, 2016)  15/16 (Mar 19, 2016)  69 Days Manager 12 3 1 8 22 0,83 : 1,50 0,83  Nottingham U21 15/16 (Jul 3, 2015)  15/16 (Dec 31, 2015)  181 Days Manager - - - - - - : - -  Bolton U23 12/13 (Dec 11, 2012)  14/15 (Oct 1, 2014)  659 Days Manager 38 15 8 15 61 1,71 : 1,89 1,39  Palace U23 12/13 (Jul 16, 2012)  12/13 (Dec 10, 2012)  147 Days Manager 12 2 4 6 27 1,25 : 2,17 0,83 Why was he given the job in the first place???????
  6. Off the Radar

    greg45 Member   Members 878 4,534 posts   Posted 42 minutes ago · Report post It's a sad state of affairs if we now care about the West Riding Cup. Have things got that bad? ______________________________________________________________________________________ But that's exactly the point Greg45!!! What do you actually mean by "if we now care about the West Riding Cup"?? That's exactly where we are, we are a struggling 5th tier Professional Football Club who cant be bothered to send out a decent enough team to beat (no disrespect intended) Ossett. Every single game a team plays should be played with the intent of winning. I you dont then it is completely disrespectful. Not only to your opponents but to your fans and the history of the club. Im old enough to remember the days when (whether we like it or not) Leeds Unt were probably the best team in Europe, but they turned out their full starting 11 for every game. They played at the Shay on a Tuesday, Wembley on a Saturday and a European game the following Tuesday (ish)!!! If the WRC holds no sway with Town any more then dont enter. Like this Quote greg45 Member   Members 878 4,534 posts   Posted 42 minutes ago · Report post It's a sad state of affairs if we now care about the West Riding Cup. Have Like this Quote
  7. Off the Radar

    Riders of Rohan Member   Members 1,217 2,020 posts   Posted 1 minute ago · Report post And just imagine what this forum would be like if we had won at Ossett with the first team and then they lost at Chesterfield. Or even we lost a player through injury. No sorry. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are a Professional Football Club, every game is massively important. We dont have the luxury of picking and chosing. It was a game that we could and should have won. Perhaps if one or two more of the 1st teamers had turned out at Ossett then they might have faired better at Chesterfield. Like this Quote
  8. Off the Radar

    Riders of Rohan Member   Members 1,217 2,019 posts   Posted 1 minute ago · Report post Fair enough Archie, but the book The Complete History of the West Riding Cup will struggle to make the Booker prize. Don’t lose any sleep over it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Certainly wont RoR, but I'm really trying to make a bigger point!!!! 
  9. Off the Radar

    Shaytrev Long in the tooth   Members 2,148 6,598 posts   Posted 5 minutes ago (edited) · Report post We have to enter the Competition unless we pay a huge amount of money like Leeds, Huddersfield and Bradford City do. They can afford it, we cannot ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Based on that Shaytrev the least we should do is go and bloody win it??? Edited 4 minutes ago by Shaytrev
  10. Off the Radar

    One thing that I watched out for over the course of the last few days were comments relating to Tuesdays embarrassing loss to Ossett. Strangely there have been very few. And those that were posted took me by surprise. I was expecting more of a lambasting, but it seems that we are now not bothered about the West Riding Cup. I only raise this as an issue due to yesterdays shortcomings!!!! Frankly, we are supposedly a Professional Football Club. We were taken to pieces by a team who on paper are far inferior to us?? We are a struggling team desperately searching for any kind of goal scoring opportunities, we'd just had a Saturday off!! Why then did we not field a team not only capable of beating Ossett, but beating them convincingly. It was a chance to get our front men onto a pitch where theoretically they could have had some shooting and scoring practice. Remembering where the goal posts are, building their confidence. Most goal scorers will admit that confidence plays a huge part in their game, and the only real cure is scoring!!!!! It doesn't matter who against?? And before my attackers line up to rip this thread to shreds, remember this :- The history books only show results, not teams, and as a Professional Club playing against Ossett, 4 - 1 is nothing short of embarrassing. This is not meant to be a put down against Ossett, they are probably a decent team in their league, but if we cant be bothered against these teams then dont enter the competition. 
  11. Mick Kennedy

    That's really sad news!!! Really good player back in the day. R.I.P. Mick
  12. The Cortina Is Parked

    monk Member   Members 1,132 3,742 posts   Posted 16 minutes ago · Report post Samaritans  09875687554 ________________________________________________________________________________________ I just called them!!!! Turns out the guy on the other end of the line was a Huddersfield supporter and he I ended up counselling him????? 
  13. The Cortina Is Parked

    Well, despite the protestations of Mrs T, who wanted me to take here to Knitting Needles Are Us & B&Q, me and the trusty old Cortina ambled our way down to Chesterfield, endured 90 odd minutes of god only knows what it was, and we've just landed back in Gods own Country!!! This is very hard and extremely sad for me, but after 56yrs, I'm parking the Cortina permanently!!! I cant take it any more??? I've never felt so disenchanted with this club, and I say club as apposed to team - manager - board?? Take your pick. I've bloody had it. Not wasting any more money on them. I'm not wasting any more of my pension or my time. I'm sure I can find something else at this late stage in my life. FC HT!!!!!! Pay attention:- Your driving life long fans away. Right, I need to see the bus timetable, see what time buses run to Brighouse!!!!
  14. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    halifaxmark Member   Members 906 1,947 posts   Posted just now · Report post They haven't gone above us _________________________________________________________________ According to the BBC National table, they move onto 36 points we are 35 Like this Quote
  15. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    According to the BBC National table, they move onto 36 points we are 35