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  1. Game off

    The Shay has it's own mini climate though. Plus not all the pitch gets sun etc. We all know this? Plus Ash didn' give us a report on his garden 
  2. Richard Marshall

  3. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    I should have known better but thought I'd sparked some kind of nostalgia trip that had gone over three pages! Tell you what is weird though is that despite me writing this nearly a year ago, most things have stayed the same?  
  4. Richard Marshall

    True we did. Got it in my head we kept him for part of the 2011/12 season. I was thinking of Aaron Hardy!
  5. Shaymen TV

    Other than after the Telford United home game last season Heath does talk a lot of sense in his interviews. He comes across as to the point and honest.
  6. Dartford 1-2 Town 14th Dec 2013

    It took this long for Town to win their first away game of the 13/14 seson. Yet people think Heath's rubbish!? ASPIN OUT
  7. Richard Marshall

    35 goals in 85 appearances for The Shaymen. 24 league goals. 19 in the Unibond Division One North. 5 in the Evostik Premier. 0 in the Blue Square North. 9 cup goals 4 in 7 games in the FA Cup 3 in 4 in the WRCC 2 in the Unibond President/League Cup
  8. Jason St.Juste.....

    Anyone else remember Chester away when The Saint played LB and was world class for that one match?
  9. Jason St.Juste.....

    Were they? Good for them both deserve a bit more time there. Know they were involved in our poor run but you could see why they came from a higher league in flashes. Batty's goal vs Eastleigh at the time I said if one of our players had that chance they'd have gone across goal rather than stick it near post. Clackstone - the movement to come over from a right back position across the defence and stop a Barrow attack was class.
  10. FCUM 7 years ago today

    Played them New Year's Day 2011. Lee Gregory's debut as a permanent signing :). Fully understand the point you were making though thank goodness we did get the match on! Still the highest non playoff or FA Cup home attendance since August 2008 - 4023.
  11. FCUM 7 years ago today

    I believe these last three videos were uploading by our very own ewalsh at the time
  12. FCUM 7 years ago today
  13. FCUM 7 years ago today
  14. FCUM 7 years ago today

    Still up there as one of the best away days the new club has had. 
  15. Salford City highlights

    Well I'm uploading FCUM away today as it's the 7 year anniversary? The club released two promotion dvds in 09/10 & 10/11. One had poor picture quality, the next season good picture and poor sound!  With Shaymen Player it was impossible to 'borrow' the videos in any capacity to upload for nostalgia.  Trust me, provided Town don't lose I have just about every video you can find online about Halifax Town