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  1. Director Resignation

    Me being one of them Hoddie. I started when we were getting 5-600 vs Slough/Bromsgrove of this world in a 'stadium' that was falling apart. 
  2. The time 'The Hat' unleashed a thunderbastard

    I opened this expecting it to be a link to his goal! Haha well played! 
  3. The time 'The Hat' unleashed a thunderbastard

    Yes I believe so DJ. Well remembered mate
  4. The time 'The Hat' unleashed a thunderbastard

    Small!  Faaaar awaaay!  Small!  Faaaar away!  *shakes head* OH FORGET IT!!! 
  5. Aspin

    Re. All the talk about Vardy - completely agree. A risk we could take due to being at a massively unrealistic level for the club.  We won 5-0 at Brighouse that pre-season with his counterpart Nathan Taylor grabbing 4. Whatever happened to him?  If it didn't work out for young talent at the time, we could just slip them through the backdoor. None other than S. Hogan have gone onto a better level since Town departures.
  6. Aspin

    Heres the full article that can be zoomed in easier to read. Total speculation with Aspin at the end basically saying 'not heard anything'. Make the front page I suppose?   
  7. Tobi Sho-Silva Interview  
  8. The time 'The Hat' unleashed a thunderbastard

    From my recollection it had been a poor match ignited by this late Hat strike! I think @Flea may have captured a hastily recorded video of it? 
  9. So starts 10 years since Town won the Unibond Division One North title. 
  10. Today in 2015 away at Bradford Park Avenue. A strike I'm sure anyone who witnessed it will never forget!   

  12. Who would want to take over our club?

    As far as I'm aware they were a major piece in the puzzle, along with Jim Brown & family as to why the FC is now at the front and not the end of the title Halifax Town. 
  13. Available managers

    Neither does Marcus Bignott. Great when he slapped Kingsley James in the face The other year when we thrashed them 4-0

    A dour Scotsman whose granny was his Granddad. Did make us hard to beat though (at the expense of attacking)! 

    Great news the future of the social media side of the club looks very bright!