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  1. Online Courier

    When Victor Meldrew is banging out a joke or two you know times are hard on the forum!!! 
  2. Random image of the day

    Today's random image is from the 28th February 1975 - Crystal Palace vs Halifax Town. A game Town drew 1-1 at Selhurst Park.   
  3. Solihull Thread

    Sorry Erik can't get rid of the box!  Here's the challenge from their player. Someone posted the still on Twitter, red every day of the week   
  4. Random image of the day

    Today's random image is from the 27th July 2015. Warming up before a pre season friendly vs BPA is Elliott Whitehouse & Hamza Bencherif.   
  5. Josh Macdonald

    Yeah I think so? Didn't we sign him on a 2/3 year deal this pre-season? 
  6. Fax on Sky

  7. Solihull Thread

    He is! 
  8. Full time today

    You're not ambious enough! But what a turnaround since we brought in two pacey strikers 

    Matty Brown and Nathan Clarke not current Town legends with possibly Sammy Johnson too? @FCHT15 Josh Mac could be, Hanson could be even Duckworth could be?  Duku/Rodney certainly will if they sign next season and carry on in the same vein (we won't sign either). 
  10. Josh Macdonald

    Yep also saw the same tweet his physio social media accounts have only just put this video out though 
  11. Josh Macdonald

    Doing a bit more physio work   
  12. Random image of the day

    Today's random image is from the 8th December 2001. An full page Evening Courier advert in the Town programme vs then top of the 3rd division Stoke City. A 1-1 draw for the 4th division strugglers.   
  13. Did anyone spot this earlier?

    No he fell over!