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  1. Town 5-1 Morecambe

    Don't think he scored that season. Think Jack Haymer mentions it in commentary when he hits the bar in one of the matches I've uploaded previously 
  2. Town 5-1 Morecambe

    It was earlier in the season? Think it was the Leek game and Hulme diving headed over off the rebound 

    As soon as Tomlinson received the ball I knew he was gonna score. Great composed finish too
  4. Town 5-1 Morecambe

    Think it may have made Football Focus but not sure about Sky? Of course we were on Look North though 
  5. Summer Recruitment

    I agree. Fullarton has said on many occasions that he has watched Town from the stands. I think he may have said he's even seen us 5 or 6 times in person just this season? He'll  have an idea of what Wilde and Mcdonald bring to the side. 
  6. Town 5-1 Morecambe

    Manager for Morecambe that day was this guy. Love you Jim!   
  7. Town 5-1 Morecambe

    Sorry this should have come yesterday! But it wast after this match I started to truly believe that The Shaymen would win the league

    Always suitable Get it on deck Town and forrad! 

    Get it on the deck and we'll murder these. 34, 40 and 5 at the back are absolute basic 

    Mine is fine. A small dusting of snow.   
  11. Stalybridge away October 1993

    I'm trying to limit myself to only posting vids from the 97/98 season but this one was too good to not share! Interviews with Rathbone and Gypsy Boy Shaun Constable included. My thanks go to Andy Stafford on the forum who has shared his extensive back catalogue of priceless Town videos with me from over the years  
  12. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Denton to start Saturday ONLY because of Fondop-Talom not being able to play. A Hanley corner onto his head (rest of the game I agree hell be behind our attacks) but hell bag off his corners 
  13. Saturdays Highlights

    Ah right I didn't get any notifications to say they were up
  14. Cliff Moyo

    Another international The Shaymen van boast has played for them