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  1. Dover

    Well you're the biggest know it all on here. You tell me! 
  2. Dover

    I have Skarz on 3?
  3. Dover

    Absolute nonsense ruling I suppose two in the same round is kind of understandable but this is pure bullshit 
  4. Dover

    One in each round Chadders? 
  5. Dover

    Get him told Rick! Have you ever met AFC in the flesh? Stuck up isn't the word! 
  6. Danny Hattersley

    Ah I think Shayman Oli may be right then cos other than the one I mention which was also on plate Hatters let only scored 2 others and they were in the WRCC DJ
  7. Danny Hattersley

    Wrexham at home. Marc Robert's has just been sent off and they'd scored from the resulting free kick. We kick off and the Hat got the goal straight back!   
  8. Danny Hattersley

    All that can be said about The Hat is that Harvey suddenly started picking him and he almost kept us up! He'd of been afforded a kind of cult status if he did! 
  9. Live on TV....

    Kossy's goal was worth keeping from the footage though
  10. Gareth Seddon's new ad

    I don't knows more embarrassing, the fact we paid him 10k a week in the Blue Square North or this gym as he's done. Fair play to him though!   
  11. Live on TV....

    My only thought on this is that they've picked it is that Wimbledon are former winners?  I'm not grumbling but again it caps away support at no more than 2-300 but we'll get extra dosh from BT. 
  12. 25 years ago today - West Brom at home

  13. 25 years ago today - West Brom at home

    One more little clip as Craven asked if I'd send him it. Here is his goal line clearance right on the stroke of half time   
  14. Danny Hattersley

    Gonna beat Norwegian Viking to this nugget of transfer news  From an obscure team in Australia to Rushden United on the Isle of Man 
  15. 15/11/2008 Town 3-1 Chorley

    Tony Barras