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  1. Audiobook: Shaymen 'till we die

  2. Audiobook: Shaymen 'till we die

  3. Audiobook: Shaymen 'till we die

  4. Audiobook: Shaymen 'till we die

    I'm also reading Johnny's 100 year bible out loud! About half an hour a chapter at present. Well worth it though 
  5. Well the rumours START

    Still injured! 
  6. Well the rumours START

    We've more chance of Scott Barlow and Michael Norton being our two up top than Stead coming. 
  7. Well the rumours START

    Yes and it's 99.99999% rubbish! 
  8. banners

    This however is on the Facebook group a vast majority of people use on Facebook. Think it has about 2k members? 
  9. banners

    Nothing on our page to do with or about the FLA. Careful when singling out specific pages 
  10. Audiobook: Shaymen 'till we die

    Here is the complete book. I will upload a new section everyday into this thread starting with the introduction by the one and only Jim Brown.   
  11. banners

    Not endorsed by myself or positively Shaymen.  Think my status from last night sums up my stance   
  12. Well the rumours START

    I might do just that  Ola, sign this guy. 
  13. Financial Crisis

    It seems opinion is divided on him 
  14. Financial Crisis

    Yeah unfortunately the sound does cut out nowt I can do