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  1. Selby Town

    I'm sure we've had a player sent off in this competition in the past and it did count in league games?  Feel it was in a game in the Wilder years 
  2. Selby Town

  3. Selby Town

    Out to avenge the 4-2 defeat suffered in the same tournament are Town
  4. Barrow

    A few crucial players have also been injured in Tomlinson and Macdonald even the likes of Skarz and losing Staunton early on. King put for what 5 weeks as soon as Jamie started giving him a run in the team.  Don't for one second feel we'd be 17th had at the very least Tomlinson not had this long layoff
  5. Selby Town

    Does anyone know who scored? 
  6. Lee Gregory

    Funkster would you DM me. I think I sent you another one yesterday but must have not have come through properly? 
  7. Josh Macdonald in physio

    Christian Lee!?  Still awaiting his comeback from injury. 
  8. Barrow

    No Jim Brown 100% signed off with it!  Scanning all my old programmes from that Era so I'd know
  9. Barrow

    As it stands Wrighty, exactly the same point total of 34, one place lower in 17th compared to 16th last Jan 
  10. 1998/99 Card Collection

    Card 14 - Mark Sertori 
  11. Barrow

    30th January it was announced that Heath had vacated. 10 days and 2 more ganes before then (Selby tomorrow is one) 
  12. 1998/99 Card Collection

    Yeah I'm surprised that when recalling one of the most popular Town players of the more modern times everyone forgets or leaves out the fact he played with no arms. 
  13. Barrow

    He got you mixed up with Steve Lanzarote. But all the spats people are having on here is getting so tiresome! 
  14. 18th Jan 1969 - Bradford City vs Halifax Town

    Ah he beat me to it then! Was gonna ask you to go all Mission Impossible! 
  15. 18th Jan 1969 - Bradford City vs Halifax Town

    Have you seen my pm DJ?