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  1. Free match highlights??

    The Vimeo channel where our highlights are has 73 subscribers 
  2. Free match highlights??

    Just watch the other clubs when they upload our matches 100% got your POV though mate. Brighouse gave us what three/four angles on goals and it was a moderately inexpensive way of doing so. It'd just be editing it in at the right points in the main footage x
  3. Free match highlights??

    The highlights aren't too bad but every year a new crop have to 'learn their trade'. You'll always get bland run of the the mill questions from the media team because they're not there to kick over rocks. 
  4. Free match highlights??

    Bit quiet atm because it's preseason but once the season gets going they'll be something almost daily 
  5. Free match highlights??

    This is the best channel on YouTube for everything Halifax Town
  6. Foxtrot 1

  7. Sponsor’s evening

    The Jewish Owl 
  8. light Hearted Brain teaser..........

    Alan Waddle, Jimmy Case and Jonathan Gould? 
  9. Diarra from Barrow

    Has signed for Dover 
  10. MACCA - THE MOVIE (2018)

    You're welcome the full film is uploaded to Facebook too 
  11. Mike fondom talom

    When the likes of Airbus etc qualify for Europe it always makes me laugh - we could beat the likes of them. Be interesting to see how far we'd go in the early rounds of the Europa League.
  12. Absolutely Choked

    Wrexham (in the 2014/15 QF) but the point stands The start unfortunately of the end of Lord Aspin's reign when he fielded at team of players like David Mellor. Where even is he these days!? 
  13. Absolutely Choked

    Here in the end memories of this WC will be Kane tearing the net out various times and Maguire's header vs Sweden etc but this is the best chance we'll e er get of winning the World Cup. We could do France over one game (cos it's one game ;)) 
  14. Absolutely Choked

    Happy with the Semi Final? Hell Yeah!  Losing to Croatia rather the usual Germany, Brazil, France etc? No