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  1. If you think ShaymenTV is bad...

    I could name another
  2. 25/09/1999 Town 5-2 Carlisle

    Aye he did :-/
  3. 25/09/1999 Town 5-2 Carlisle

    I couldn't either! 
  4. If you think ShaymenTV is bad...

    The Hartlepool Highlights are good though
  5. Shaymen TV Hartlepool Highlights

    Best so far this season! Attempts to zoom in and slow down the Brown incident, no intent there. Looks worse due to Hartlepool 10 rolling head in hands from missing into 'I felt contact must act as if dead' routine. 
  6. Gateshead prices

    I'd sooner have a ST down the Shay than pay £10 into a **** for viewing Gateshead ground. 
  7. Town vs Fylde 25/09/2018

    Halifax 2-1 Fylde  Preston and Lenighan  Att - 1287
  8. If you think ShaymenTV is bad...

    The graphics and introduction of different angles on the goals are very welcome but the other footage isn't quite as crisp and clear. Sort out the audio as it sounds like it's been funnelled through tin foil at present.  Get people involved in some way who have media and journalism degrees etc. and a passion for the club. 
  9. Credit to The Shaymen

    Maybe Shaymen TV highlights? I've not seen them yet (don't have as much enthusiasm to watch when we've lost!) 
  10. Fylde Tuesday

    It's tomorrow the match Col :-/
  11. Credit to The Shaymen

    Would have been interesting to see how a BH team got on Saturday and down to 9. Think it would have been roughly the same in all honesty. We probably wouldn't have scored a consolation and maybe conceded one more and lost 0-3. He'd have left Denton up top and probably would have subbed Kossy before he was sent off (but that defeats my own 9 man argument haha!) for someone like Hotte.  Whilst the football was poor, we were stubborn under Heath. 
  12. Credit to The Shaymen

  13. Credit to The Shaymen

    Ah yeah correct! it should have been Edwards for Maher then. Despite my post singling him out the other week I'm desperate for him to just click.  On the flip if Kossy had been taken off Fullarton would have got slated for taking off 'a match winner while the game was still finely poised' by some. 
  14. HRLFC

    I'm sure Trev was clear which team got 32 JMC!