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  1. 19/20 player rumours

    Find it interesting that we are playing Salford pre season, does this mean we may be taking a player or two on loan? or even permanently 
  2. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    just read the comments by Hughes on today's game, what a load of rubbish, he has not got a clue, we are going down with these two idiots in charge
  3. Wanted

    Dont see anything wrong with that myself, can you send the details to DB for consideration?
  4. Town Vs Aldershot.

    Yes thats the guy, do you think he is a long lost uncle of JF?
  5. Town Vs Aldershot.

    As a fellow scot once said "Were doomed, doomed  i say" Mr Mannering
  6. Town Vs Aldershot.

    Dont know about us being the 12th man, i think its about 14 we need
  7. Aspin getting the sack?

    I have confidence in the current manager, the last few games , with players returning from injury and working towards match fitness, will, i believe will get us a midtable finish and the potential for a better season next year when i feel we will be one of the teams to beat and put in a strong challenge for a playoff place.
  8. Anymore signings ?

    I have a feeling we are going on a good run starting on Saturday, the potential is there with the team and we need is to get that win and we will fly up the league, get behind the team tomorrow they need our support, lets all be positive and cheer the team on
  9. Barrow

    a decent performance today, we are improving and i am confident that we will score a goal before the seasons finished !!
  10. Mourinho

    Could be a good signing for us if he becomes available, 
  11. Boreham Wood

    Sounds like a good game plan, have you told the manager;
  12. Funeral

    Well the old ones are still the best
  13. Dover

  14. Interview

    In my view the next 2 games are critical to the future of both manager and club, failure to perform in these games and we will see a further reduction in support, reduced crowds, increasing financial pressure and less funds to bring players in I have supported the club for over 50 years and had many times when the club in a mess but i have always supported the club, manager and players, (even in the darkest days), i currently am finding it difficult to motivate myself to go to the Shay to see more poor quality football being served up but as a season ticket holder i do go and hope that i will see improvement in the quality of commitment, endeavor and skill but think i am living in hope. But we will and indeed are doing losing the less committed supporters and who can blame them, at £20 a go you want to see at least some decent football  My plea to the board is, sort it out before its too late, there's not much time left