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  1. Farsley

    I'll be there with my daughter
  2. Gus Mafuta

    I don't know that he was a target, just that some had mentioned him as a player that was moving on and that they'd like to see sign. 
  3. Gus Mafuta

    Signed for Hartlepool. 
  4. Walk out music

    Walk out - 9th Wonder 'World Turns' (for no other reason than it's arguably the greatest hip hop beat ever made and no f***er will ever accuse FCHT of copying their club if they play it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMS5PgJxlOc Goal Celebration - Bogshed 'Packed Lunch To School' (the idea of playing goal music is no more daft than this song. Perfect) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZo4BMYzp5g
  5. Potential Signings ?

    McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt....
  6. Jamie’s at the Wheel

    East Stand makes no sound, And the council own the ground, Fax ruin the pitch with their tries And the club gets no brass from the pies..... Club end up getting f*** all Cos they're not The Piece Hall.....    
  7. Josh Macdonald

    He's contracted isn't he? Seem to remember the chairman saying they did give him a contract for next year.
  8. Leeds

    Whatever rivalries there may be with others clubs, it's not a deluded one. It's very real. And f***ing nasty at times, both ways. 
  9. Tranmere Rovers.

    Can't help thinking that it's all a bit contrived. That he did it because he knew the picture would be all over social media. Probably one eye on a job in the 'media' as a 'character' when he's done reffing. It'll be part of his intro when he's a on a 'Soccer Sofa' (™ Half Man Half Biscuit)
  10. Bolton

    Dagenham & Redbridge too I'd have thought. 
  11. North/South playoffs

    Both opening penalties missed!
  12. North/South playoffs

    Penalties for Chorley v Spennymoor....
  13. Salford City

    I know I've mentioned it a few times, but the Chairman said they couldn't afford £1600 p/wk for Conor Wilkinson when Town were offered him on loan from Gillingham. I don't know what Rodney is paid at Salford but it gives an idea of the wages the club could, or maybe more importantly, couldn't afford.  Goals will have to come from somewhere next year.
  14. Brighouse Town

    Bedford Town lost too. Is that it for Brighouse even if they win?
  15. Brighouse Town

    Sutton lost after extra-time.