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  1. Leeds

    Whatever rivalries there may be with others clubs, it's not a deluded one. It's very real. And f***ing nasty at times, both ways. 
  2. Tranmere Rovers.

    Can't help thinking that it's all a bit contrived. That he did it because he knew the picture would be all over social media. Probably one eye on a job in the 'media' as a 'character' when he's done reffing. It'll be part of his intro when he's a on a 'Soccer Sofa' (™ Half Man Half Biscuit)
  3. Bolton

    Dagenham & Redbridge too I'd have thought. 
  4. North/South playoffs

    Both opening penalties missed!
  5. North/South playoffs

    Penalties for Chorley v Spennymoor....
  6. Salford City

    I know I've mentioned it a few times, but the Chairman said they couldn't afford £1600 p/wk for Conor Wilkinson when Town were offered him on loan from Gillingham. I don't know what Rodney is paid at Salford but it gives an idea of the wages the club could, or maybe more importantly, couldn't afford.  Goals will have to come from somewhere next year.
  7. Brighouse Town

    Bedford Town lost too. Is that it for Brighouse even if they win?
  8. Brighouse Town

    Sutton lost after extra-time. 
  9. Brighouse Town

    Did I read right that they could win the playoffs but still not go up because of some 'points per game' ratio? Saw a thread on Twitter suggesting that was the case in a number of divisions. Will probably go down.
  10. Rodney

    Probably posted this before but the at the recent meeting with fans, the Chairman said they'd been offered Connor Wilkinson on loan from Gillingham at the start of the season but the £1600 p/wk was too much. Not sure what Rodney commands but I suspect he's in similar territory. Suggestion is that Wilkinson's on between £3-4k p/wk at Dagenham now. It'd be a shame if efforts couldn't be made to keep Rodney as he's a class act and will score a stack of goals. 
  11. Young lad assaulted at the shay..

    Five of them came up the tunnel in the second half. Four escorted round the ground (slowly). One was so s***faced they eventually took him back out. 
  12. Town Vs Wrexham

    What was going on behind the South Stand in the first half? Never seen stewards move so fast..
  13. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Part of the difficulty is the lack of accurate and quick distribution from the back. The centre halves are very good and Staunton does a great job in front of them. But I'm losing count of how many times Town will win possession in their final third and then punt the ball aimlessly into the opposition half. Skarz has been awful in the last few weeks when it comes to passing from defence. Hanson will get forward but often finds himself stranded up the pitch as a result. Brown actually had a better game on friday and played a couple of quality long balls but, in general, it just isn't good enough. King plays his best when he gets the ball early and doesn't have the time to overthink stuff.  They're far too cautious when in possession in the opposition's final third. The ball will go out wide and rather than a quick cross, we get triangles for four or five passes, allowing the other team to get players back and mark up in the box. I don't know whether it's a lack of confidence or something that's being coached but it's hugely frustrating to watch. There's not enough movement. Hartlepool seemed to have people moving and looking for space particularly in the second half.  After a lively first ten minutes or so for Hartlepool, Town looked like they had the beating of them but played so cautiously they let the home team take control.  Decent trip out for me and the eldest despite the result. Bloke behind the goal was comedy gold with his 'interesting' observations on their keeper.....
  14. Leyton Orient match.

    Not sure what they'll be on. At the 'meet the chairman' evening, he told us that they'd been offered Connor Wilkinson on loan at the start of the season, but that the wages would be £1600 p/wk. The club couldn't afford that. He'd heard that he was on £3-4000 p/wk at Dagenham! 
  15. Leyton Orient match.

    Undoubtedly a fair result but a sense of disappointment at the end. Not sure where the ref found 5 minutes of extra time. A great team performance. Staunton was immense at times. Couple of amazing blocks late on. Hanson came up with one too.and looked much more composed in the second half. Great persistence from Duku for his goal and Rodney's was a gem.  Still think Orient are the best team in the division. Decent crowd too.