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  1. Solihull Replay

    Aye sounds like ref is having a mare
  2. Braintree

    Can't belive obsolete is still part of the squad. 
  3. Why it takes time to build a team

    Didn't local band HX2 have a song called blind panic
  4. Why it takes time to build a team

    And Wembley in May 
  5. Sutton United Saturday.

    Shameful and embarrassing 
  6. Barrow FA Trophy

    Obsolete starting mmmmm
  7. J.F. does he ever go to watch players?

    We can always ask Lee what his other midfielder is like at Clitheroe and maybe the striker 
  8. Today's Game

    Some woeful finishing during warm up hope they got the out their system 
  9. Ebbsfleet

    no comms ???
  10. A street near you.

    Lest we forget RIP. 
  11. Dan Holman

    Bet a nice new beamer would make the drive more enjoyable 
  12. Lenighan leaving Town.

    Maybe Lee can recommend his other midfield player at Clitheroe over a cosy Brew. 
  13. Warrington on Saturday

    Dont he know we can have 7 subs even though he don't use em
  14. Super Geoffrey Horsfield

    Just read this story what a top bloke 
  15. Fan names

    Old friend called me it one day and it stuck.