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  1. He got his degree now so might concentrate fully on football 
  2. Available managers

    Micky Adam's 
  3. Jack Earing

    it doesn't sound very good at all, susposse the vultures will be circling to asset strip the players etc
  4. Jack Earing

    Wonder if they will fold JMC?  
  5. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    We have an England CPlayer who could step into the partnership with Browny if Clarke is promoted to Manager 
  6. Available managers

    Cheap option Dave Penny boom boom tshhhh
  7. Pitch now Foocked

     Best get on the phone to Tommy topsoil 
  8. Darlington game

    Can we not play there with the few players we have?
  9. Available managers

    I wouldn't mind him managing the team I support 
  10. Available managers

    Steve Bruce walked maybe JF off to Wednesday 
  11. Available managers

    Doesn't one of the shortlisted managers have to be from the black managers association so we could go for Paul ince or Wayne allison etc
  12. Available managers

    Bet we had a dozen apply already might be CM types but hey ho.
  13. Fullarton Gone!!

    Signed lenighan as a cheap quick easy option over a brew with his manager down the shay. That was his contacts extent.
  14. Fullarton Gone!!

    Get on the phone to Billy Barr.
  15. Fullarton Gone!!

    Thought bracewell dropped us in it but this is ridiculous