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  1. Maidenhead Match Thread

    You can't say that "There is nothing more embarrassing than that" according to people on here.
  2. Town v Maidenhead (FAT)

    Town 2 - 1 Maidenhead  Macca  Kosylo  948
  3. On the basis of one out one in....

    I would rather we had peniket than tomlinson better player imo.
  4. Maidenhead United vs Town 06/01/18

    Maidenhead 3 - 1 Town  Waring  1019  
  5. Town v Macclesfield 1.1.18

    Town 3 - 2 Macclesfield  Denton   Collins  Moyo  1908
  6. Josh MacDonald

    Didnt he sign a 3 year contract some time last season not sure but i think i read that on here could be wrong. If not we need him to sign a new deal soon!.
  7. Selling Kosylo would be madness

    While he probably would want to leave if a bid comes in i dont think he would refuse to play for us like Tuton did.
  8. His last game in charge

    Would like to him back at the club one day in one role or another i know he wasnt here long but he definitely made a difference for the better when he was here. Is he manager or assistant at Spenymoor they are having good season so far.
  9. David Bosomworth.

    Hopefully Kosylo doesn't go till the end of the season atleast but there probably is intrest from Brentford as they sold Jota to Birmingham City a player who Kossys playing style is the same as. I can definitely see why brentford would be intrested in kossy he is a like for like with a player that they are missing. Either way Matty will be in the football league before town are.
  10. Town vs Barrow 02/12/2017

    Town 2-0 Barrow   Kosylo  Morgan 1505
  11. Town v Eastleigh 25/11/2017

    Town 3-2 Eastleigh  Denton x2 Morgan  1599
  12. Hartlepool v Town

    Hartlepool 0-1 Town  Garner   3372
  13. Sutton United vs Town 18/11/2017

    Sutton 1 - 2 Town  Denton  Macdonald  1345
  14. so

    I pay to watch Halifax and not the team Halifax are playing so i couldn't care how good they are or if they are part time. I want too see Halifax back in the football league. The only problem is it wont happen overnight 
  15. New Signing

    When Wilde has played at RB this season he has not looked out of place and has put in some rock solid performances. Macca and Wilde both deserve to be in the first 11 so i would start them both just have Wilde playing as a RB. Although Macca doesn't seem to be quite the same after his injury but hopefully that will come with playing games.  As for the players leaving id be suprised to see Denton and Macdonald Leave.