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  1. Sutton United vs Town 18/11/2017

    Sutton 1 - 2 Town  Denton  Macdonald  1345
  2. so

    I pay to watch Halifax and not the team Halifax are playing so i couldn't care how good they are or if they are part time. I want too see Halifax back in the football league. The only problem is it wont happen overnight 
  3. New Signing

    When Wilde has played at RB this season he has not looked out of place and has put in some rock solid performances. Macca and Wilde both deserve to be in the first 11 so i would start them both just have Wilde playing as a RB. Although Macca doesn't seem to be quite the same after his injury but hopefully that will come with playing games.  As for the players leaving id be suprised to see Denton and Macdonald Leave.
  4. Town vs Woking 11/11/2017

    Town 1 - 3 Woking Macca  1676
  5. Woking at Home..Heaths last stand?

    Spot on we will never get anywhere if thats the mentality we need to drill the mentality for success into the club or success will never happen.
  6. Tranmere vs Town 28/10/2017

    Tranmere 4 - 1 Town Denton  3546
  7. Town v Maidstone 24/10/2017

    Town 3-1 Maidstone  Waring  Kosylo  Oliver  1405
  8. Town v Torquay Utd

    Town 2-1 Torquay  Kosylo  Garner 1624
  9. Tranmere today

    How is it embarrassing because it Wouldn't happen anyway. People pay to get in yes but thats a fair bit to get in the shay especially if you live about 100 miles away and have kids to pay for aswell. Its not the fact we lost its how we lost if the was fight and determination was there then maybe LIFETIME supporters wouldn't be as pissed off with how the match turned out.
  10. Town vs Tranmere 14/10/2017

    Town 0- 2 Tranmere  2421
  11. Boreham Wood Thread

    No it isn't who was the last player to come through the youth team that has actually become a first team regular. I saw somewhere BPA fans wanted to keep Hibbs in the summer no way of telling how he good he is if he never plays. IMO Hibbs is/can be good enough but hes got to be playing football too improve as a player he is still quite young. And most of his best performances for us have been in this league.
  12. Boreham Wood vs Town 07/10/2017

    Boreham wood 1 - 2 Town Denton  Morgan  575
  13. Ebbsfleet vs Town 30/09/2017

    Ebbsfleet 0-1 Town  Denton 1289
  14. Town vs Bromley 23/09/2017

    Town 1-1 bromley  Matty Brown  1648