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  1. Braintree vs Town 04/08/2018

    Braintree 1-2 Town  King Mcleod 978
  2. Concerned - you bet !

     This would be my team If the trailist are signed.                                           Johnson     Duckworth     Staunton            Brown        Sellers                                            Maher    Kossy                King                      Preston        Mehki                                        Southwell                                                                                                               Subs: Rowley Odelusi Edwards Tomlinson  Hanley. (Clarke Hanson) Quite a strong bench . We are definitely light in defense and midfield . Maybe Hanley Can play in midfield .
  3. Macca Leaves

    Thank you and all the best for the future macca will always be a legend not just for the goal at Wembley. 
  4. U19's 2017/18

    Well that does not say much for other clubs youth teams but thats his opinion and thats ok. I disagree though. Also Liam Healy and Ousman Cham have been called to the first team all the best lads. 
  5. U19's 2017/18

    Top result well played it would be good to see some of them get first team football next season. 
  6. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Top win last night was nice football. All the players was quality last night Collins was just so good Kosylo looked back on form linked well with Mike and Hanley who really impressed me was quick and skillful looked a real threat going foward and stayed back at times when Macca went foward. Tomlinson and Hotte both put in solid performances too both worked hard. Other than Duckworths shot after a quality run from he played really well. Feel for Sam because it was one of the most lucky goals you will see and we didn't deserve to be loosing! Didn't really notice Brown and Maher which is good because it means we was attacking. We deserved the win. Roll on Saturday 
  7. Woking vs Town 10/03/2018

    Woking 0-1 Town  Kosylo  1836
  8. Niall Maher

    Agree he looks very comfortable on the ball playing out from the back with a good eye for a pass also looks like he can play at RB or CB which will be useful to the squad if he joins. Fullarton probably knows him from their time at Bolton.
  9. Town Vs Sutton 03/03/2018

    Town 1-0 Sutton Fondop  1648
  10. Macc Lads

    Fair post is that could easy be a none story. I agree with the point about them being quick to release a statement if that's the case. And who does? Scummers celebrating us going down was so infuriating! hopefully we will be secure on and off the pitch!.
  11. Macc Lads

    If we where to sign any macc player Scott Wilson?. Would be a top signing for us but if macc are looking too offload players bigger clubs will sure be looking at signing him as well. Also Koby Arthur would be good signing. Even Durrell compared to what we have in midfield. Its all just speculation for me though but they would the macc players I'd like us to have in our squad.   Like other posters say at least we live within our means and the BoD do deserve credit for this. But at the same time you got to spend some money to make some money.
  12. Heath’s gone!!!

    Thanks for last season billy but something had to change all the best.
  13. Bromley Vs Town 27/01/2018

    Bromley 1-2 Town  Kosylo-2 1327
  14. Maidenhead Match Thread

    You can't say that "There is nothing more embarrassing than that" according to people on here.
  15. Town v Maidenhead (FAT)

    Town 2 - 1 Maidenhead  Macca  Kosylo  948