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  1. Boycott

    He’s stopped or blocked most things at the club, control freak!!
  2. Boycott

    No surprise there then 
  3. Unanimous

    Yeh seen some, but no where near enough for what he gets away with, club no better 10 years in!
  4. Unanimous

    Last point dead right, said before it’s bottomwirth who keeps getting these **** managers,and he gets away without any flack at all, he’s as guilty as anyone as to where this club is!!!! 
  5. Boycott

    Bottomwirthless had run his course ages ago, **** after **** appointments, no ambition, happy in conf north less outlay!!!
  6. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    In big big trouble then??? coz he is a clown!!!!
  7. Dave's interview

    Live in Halifax, home every night!! leave it with you now?
  8. Dave's interview

  9. Dave's interview

    Not been sacked from a football club yet, hope we meet up soon ?
  10. Dave's interview

    F-:k you little boy, go to bed!!
  11. Dave's interview

    Control freak, vile!!!
  12. Dave's interview

    One person holding this club back??
  13. Dave's interview

    Wrong again!! Know all, not mutual consent either, Doubt that he blocked the trophy going to a dying man, that had saved the club previously?? Go do some homework, then come back and post!       Otherwise, shut up.
  14. Dave's interview

    You really do need to get a grip,not sacked at Pv ( libelous) also never said ‘put money in his back pocket’, there your words, not mine,check my reply.and you also don’t know db, your just another k-:b on here!! Not allowing a trophy to go to a dying man, is not vile?
  15. Dave's interview

    He don’t bother me jg1,k/:b!!