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  1. Shay Pitch

    I watch both the Shaymen and Fax at the Shay so will not be slagging off either club. A few weeks ago before the start of the Fax games I could not help but notice the amount of wear in the penalty box at the South Stand end. It would be easy to say that with big Sam in goals with two big centre backs JF's over defensive tactics may have resulted in increased wear in that area which is also often in shadow. BUT we have had a complete renewal of the pitch/ soil profile with additional intense 'herringbone' drainage below the surface. I know that it all drained to the 'bottom' corner at that end and presumably this wasn't working well so the drainage was redirected to use another outflow that was found at the other 'top' corner of the South end. Has anyone considered that the drainage beyond the pitch is probably the cause of the problem - maybe the pipework is not large enough or partially blocked en route causing water to back up resulting in continuous waterlogging of the playing surface; The Council need to do some investigations - some firms send cameras down drainage systems. Its ironic that most of the surface water from the top end of Halifax flows in the main sewer/ tunnel under Skircoat Road and sweeps past but close to the South stand. Maybe the water from the Shay cannot get into the main sewer if its full due to heavy rain falling in Norton Tower/ Pellon areas etc. Food for thought! Many will know from their TV screens that our Huddersfield neighbours are presently, despite the recent the rainfall, sharing a near perfect pitch. I saw games last weekend at other shared grounds at Hull's HCOM stadium and Bootham Crescent York - also in perfect condition. Some may say that the Huddersfield and Hull clubs have had more money spent on the pitches BUT York haven't!  Thankfully the supporters at those grounds don't blame the rugby league clubs which have more respect from their football neighbours!
  2. 900

    I can understand the love in for Jacob Hanson. On the face of it he looks a good footballer with some skill. He will make the easy tackle but unfortunately he is hopeless at defending in the box and a liability in defence. Have seen too many games and video replays when he has failed to mark up or position himself correctly often losing the man that scores against Town. Will have to work much harder and improve to be a better defender than Duckworth.  Maybe JF knows this, and Hunsworthhound's statistics prove the point.
  3. Will Bosomworth be making a move?

    Actually I was never a fan of Jim Brown but was grateful to Bob Walker for funding the supporters coach trips down to Exeter City a few years ago. You miss the point......You can have ambition and investment without bankrupting a club.  I am afraid that some of you are only looking forward to a Christmas derby with Brighouse Town (with respect) in future. Like many others I will not be there!
  4. Will Bosomworth be making a move?

    TJAshton, Martensite and Stasi Pants are so right and just sum up the way I am feeling. The deluded ones and the BOD's disciples will no doubt keep on saying that the club is in safe hands but they conveniently forget that this BOD killed off Halifax Town AFC ten years ago by letting it go into administration - with their financial clout they did not have to do so. Their handling of the matter proved a disaster for creditors, the club and its position within the football pyramid. The way they patronised the Supporters Trust and manoeuvred them out of the way was shameful. I started supporting the club in the late 1950's and have seen a lot of chairmen and BODs trying to prop up the club, and there may have been a few shady characters, but all had some ambition for the club. This BOD lack the same dynamism and only continue to regularly alienate supporters with their actions and lack of investment. After all its only a hobby for them at the supporters expense. I have started to vote with my feet by missing some home games. Its the only way this BOD will go elsewhere when they realise that they will eventually have to make up losses after droves have left the club. Some may say -'call yourself a supporter' but you know what.......I now think of the club not as  FC Halifax any more but as BOSOMWORTH & CO FC  which makes me feel less guilty about my loyalty to the club. 
  5. The Old Days Were The Best

    I recently came across my old Supporters Guide to Non League 2001 which featured the following clubs which actually made it to the Football League : Accrington Stanley, Burton Albion, Crawley Town, Doncaster Rovers, Forest Green Rovers, Morecambe, Newport County, Stevenage Borough and Yeovil Town. It made me think about all the football league teams that I have enjoyed watching play at the Shay since I started watching Town in 1959/60 compared to today's poor standard. It still amazes me that after playing league football at the Shay the following clubs also progressed to play in the First Division or later the Premier League : Aston Villa, Barnsley, Blackpool, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Bournemouth, Bradford City, Brighton, Bristol City, Burnley, Cardiff City, Carlisle, Charlton Athletic, Coventry City, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Hull City, Huddersfield Town, Luton Town, Millwall, Norwich City, Notts County, Oldham Ath.,Oxford United, Portsmouth, QPR, Reading, Southampton, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Swansea City, Swindon Town, Watford, Wigan Ath, Wimbledon, and Wolverhampton Wanderers. This was probably due to those clubs having a larger spectator base or being able to increase their support, applying financial clout and investment, ambition, decent stewardship, or simply the good fortune of having talented players and managers. All important factors leading to success! Some of us still dream about Town playing some of those teams in future BUT realistically we know its not going to happen - particularly with the present BOD who seem to be a clueless about those factors that bring success! 
  6. Fax

    A fair and strong response. For the record poor ground conditions were also discovered in the north stand with additional costs associated with supporting the steel framework (not the concrete terracing). My main point has always been that, irrespective of the 'sins' of either club (agree that most committed by Fax), The Council provided monies to complete the Shay Stadium as we know it, on the basis that both clubs would occupied the Shay - to the benefit of both clubs and their supporters, and the Council with potential rental income (granted it was an optimistic view with regard to Fax!). 
  7. Fax

    For your information the initial redevelopment proposals were happily agreed by both boards of directors at the same meeting with Council representatives. Proposals for the East stand etc were costed and budgeted for. Unfortunately the company delivering the construction, for their own reasons, decided to deviate from normal contract procedure, 'shafting' many subcontractors at the time. This and their inexperience coupled with the fact that poor ground conditions were discovered in the north stand resulted in the money running out. The Council eventually bailed out the redevelopment which both clubs should be grateful for and which has led to their present position.  Fair comment about Tony ****wit Abbot and co....... which I am sure many Fax supporters actually agree with you! Time to get real...both clubs are here to stay at the Shay. Maybe if you ask Fax they could sponsor you on an anger management course - it may help to soften the blow!
  8. Fax

    Whatever anyone thinks about the sale of Thrum Hall and Fax coming to the Shay it should be stated that the shared stadium arrangement was the main mover in getting the Council to provide additional monies and attracting any grants to complete the East Stand and other parts of the ground. Granted that Fax's mismanagement and lack of finances following the sale of TH meant no direct contribution to the Shay, but only survival for the club, but even in that situation their presence was a catalyst for an improved Shay for the benefit of both clubs. If Fax had not come to the Shay, I do not think that FC Halifax Town would be playing in the present league. The only cover and seating would have been on the Skircoat side with the opposite side a derelict site and eyesore with no prospect of anyone coming up with the monies to complete the job. The scenario of a stadium in decline would probably not have attracted decent players, more spectators, commercial sponsorship, televised matches, England C internationals or the RL World Cup etc. Town, in my opinion would probably still be playing in the lower leagues. Hard to swallow for some, but in hindsight FC Halifax and their supporters should be grateful to Halifax RL. and vice versa - so lets all move on and try to enjoy any success and achievements by both clubs.  
  9. Fax

    I agree...... and having supported both clubs for the last 55 years I would like to think that I am not bias. Has anyone thought that it was the other way around - with the football club's trustworthiness under suspicion? I know for a fact (sorry I cannot disclose my source) of certain shady malpractice by a representative of Halifax Town FC when dealing with Fax not long after they arrived during the rebuilding of the Shay, enough to say its no surprise that the Rugby club mistrusted and treated Town at an arms length! This may help to explain things about the relationship between the clubs over the years. Unfortunately the BOD of FC Halifax, through no fault of their own, received some of this fallout. Trustworthiness works both ways and I cannot help but feel that the present boards of directors at both clubs, at last, are gaining mutual respect and that their future relationship at club and board room level looks healthier and will grow to prosper for the benefit of the clubs, fans, the Shay, Council and the town of Halifax. I know that this will be difficult to swallow by certain individuals but recent posts indicate that times are changing with many fans of either club  wanting the other to do well. I have never liked some using the term - 'the Squatters' but those who still want to use the term, think carefully before sounding daft ! With Halifax AFC going out of existence 10 years ago, Fax have actually been tenants at the Shay longer than FC Halifax Town!  Onwards and upwards for both clubs.
  10. 3,000 season tickets

    As a over 65 year old I have not purchased a season ticket this season: why bother! I know that I will miss the odd match and it is easily done if you have a week on holiday when Town play 2 matches during a week. For those under 65 ( including the BOD) please get your calculators out and you will work out that OAP's only get 3 matches free. Unless OAP,s are going to attend every home match, many others will have the last laugh because it will be cheaper to pay through the gate. BOD your 'ageism' discrimination will probably backfire on you!