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  1. Half Time Entertainment

    I remember the name hot ice but can’t shed any more light on them, (brain freeze ) I can also remember that there was a long running show at Blackpool pleasure beach called hot ice , I haven’t been there for years it could still be running for all I know .
  2. Away shirts

    Can they play football we might need them .
  3. Halifax Gala..

    Correct Steve , we’ve really got to make this season ticket offer work so it can be repeated next season and behond.
  4. Justin Edinburgh

    Sad sad news RIP  Justin my condolences to his family and all orient fans.
  5. Aldershot Gateshead & notts c.

    Aldershot fc to stay in the national League at Gatesheads expense who are to play in the nln next Season, notts county in trouble too hmrc start proceedings against them next week and some of there fan fans will they could be wound up , great for aldershot but I feel for Gateshead.
  6. 19/20 player rumours

    I think it’s devonte  REDMOND Wrexham fans are hoping they might sign from Salford. According to a Wrexham fan I know..
  7. 19/20 player rumours

    His mate Scott the jock.
  8. 19/20 player rumours

    + Scott.
  9. York City

    Have you seen the prices for adults in the main stand a whopping £380 , there could be trouble ahead .
  10. York City

    I’ve only seen it  on the news and it didn’t look great , ( plastic) .
  11. York City

    There move to the new ground at monks cross has been delayed but for how long I don’t no, 
  12. York City

    Wow for a league below,  looks like they are stumping up for the  new ground, can’t see them selling many season tickets at that price.
  13. Duckworth

    Good news, now for a box to box midfielder  who can gerrit forad.
  14. Rodney

    Wrexham supporters think they are signing devote redmond.
  15. James Hardy

    Yes I think I’d rather a extra outfield player than a no 2 keeper, but you can guarantee big Sam would get himself injured if We didn’t have a number 2.