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  1. Sack the idiot.

    Hahaha we’ve got to score to get 3points it’s not going to happen while J F is here.
  2. He’s Gone!

    Got excited when I saw the title of this thread,  TOOL.
  3. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    That was dire one of the worst games of football I’ve  seen at the shay in the 60 years I’ve been supporting the shaymen ,Evan bosmonworth left his seat early let’s hope he went to look fullartons  p45.  FULLARTON OUT NOW.
  4. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    I’m struggling to see where the goal - goals are coming from to win a game ,  maybe it’s our lucky day (we are due one )  a deflection or a own goal even a penalty , mr b get the guiillotine sharpened anything other than a win it’s got to be off with  his head.
  5. Away kit

    No 2 for great kit.

    R I. P   Big man.
  7. Ossett next Up...tonight

    Not for me , I just have a spring in my step.
  8. Chesterfield next up

    I’ll be going to this game with a spring in my step I hope I leave with one, as always I’m hoping for a win but it’s a game that’s got a draw written all over it , 
  9. Where are they now.

    Riders  of Roha great point , I recently went upstairs in the east stand  for the first time since the stand was built , ( for the free pie & peas ) I walked through  the corridor towards the  function room and all I could see was photos of the fecking egg chasers  it’s same with the supporters bar  downstairs, there’s  nothing anywhere in those  2 bars to to suggest that a football team might play or  have anything to do with the shay stadium, ,shamefull.
  10. Was it a penalty today?

    It looked a penalty all day long for me , where’s flee tv ?.
  11. Opponent spying.

    If they do will they learn anything ?.
  12. Town vs Solihull Moors 12/01/2019

    Town 0 Solihull 3 , 501
  13. Who exactly is Awaydays?

    The only night club I can recall in brighouse was  the phoenix (   early to mid 80s ) , what’s  now an Italian restaurant next artisan fire places , maybe it then became junction 25 .
  14. Who exactly is Awaydays?

    I used go there b t m , great place great music I vaguely remember Dave the rave too, it used to kick now and again  at the end of the night across the road on the stray great memories.
  15. Who exactly is Awaydays?

    He could have 3 eyes ?.