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  1. Michael Collins

    Yes they did let’s hope the rest are a bit quicker then we might have a team for the 4th of aug ha, I think your right with mike charming leaving it might have slowed things down for a couple of weeks.
  2. Michael Collins

    Lets hope jf get a move on then come the end of June .
  3. Michael Collins

    I don’t know   But let’s hope your right , but like dj said the clock is ticking and things are moving a bit on the slow side.
  4. Michael Collins

    NO  I’m with you Dj    Things seem to be moving slowly Is j f struggling to attract players to the shay ?  Only 3 new faces so far .
  5. Michael Collins

    That is one massive loss to us.
  6. Good Luck England

    As a proud Englishman c’mon England, & I agree with all of the above.
  7. Signings so far?.

    Yes I agree  about more experience players needed (we’ll never win anything with kids Hansen ha)  we could do with another old head like calling.
  8. Signings so far?.

    What do you think about our signings so far ? . I’m excited about samni  odelusi, Daryl Southwell looked a good player I’ve seen him play twice   & ive a mate who supports the chip shop boys he thinks  he’ll be a very good player in the right team. As for the other 2 I haven’t a clue but I trust  J F  & the excitement in me is starting to build  I’ve ordered my season ticket roll on next season up the shaymen.
  9. Still waiting

    I’m like you nick a little  inpatient it’s like waiting for Christmas when your a Kid.cant wait to open my presents & see who we’ve signed .
  10. Coalville ???? Macca!!!!!!

    Only ment as Tongue in cheek, I for one  will be buying one.
  11. Coalville ???? Macca!!!!!!

    Yes mr b never misses a chance to empty our pockets.
  12. Now what macc.

    John asked left Macclesfield to become the new boss of Shrewsbury town.
  13. Franny Firth

    R I P franny , I remember him well. Some decent players above and a old mate of mine that went far to early Tony  Geidmintis who died in the early 90s at only 43 R I P Tony.
  14. Poodles

  15. Salford

    Batley variety club ?