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  1. What’s the score ?

    I’m not a billy hater   I hope he turns it around But he can’t be to far away from the exit door up the shaymen .
  2. What’s the score ?

    What are your predictions for towns game tonight I’m going for 2-2 ,if we get a draw & a win on Saturday billy is safe if we lose tonight & Saturday it’s bye bye billy bye bye,up the shaymen.
  3. Dominic Marie/Adam Morning.....

    I’ll sleep well tonight.
  4. Team vs Sutton

    Yes injured & out for the Hartlepool game I hear.
  5. Sutton Saturday

    Hi amber. What’s it like for parking at gander green lane thanks in advance.
  6. Sutton Saturday

    The way we are playing not many    you will be lucky to see 120 disgruntled   shaymen .
  7. Liam King

    Yes players to come but let’s hope with a bit more quality, Dixon lynch & king out  spend the money that it cost for those 3 wages on 2 better players with more quality.
  8. Bradford City - three years ago

    Good day great atmosphere it’s just a shame that Steve Williams & Scott Boden couldn’t put those chances away & didn’t we have some good players up the shaymen.
  9. Josh Clackstone

    And cold  chips & I think mayo-s  already had is.
  10. Josh Clackstone

    Does billy know  that the m62 goes west as well as east ? ,  seriously it’s good to see that we are trying to strengthen & we do need a right fullback until duckworth comes back Mayo not quite good enough for this league roll on Saturday up the shaymen.
  11. Where is he statto ?.

    Haha you could well be right.
  12. Where is he statto ?.

    There’s no sign of the new signing is it just a rumour ? Does anyone know anything ?  Up the shaymen
  13. Lynch to Southport

    Tipical town (bosmomworth) one in one out = Lynch out Hobbs in up the shaymen
  14. FCHT doppelgangers

    Big babs  x2 what a women  that picture takes me back a bit  ha.
  15. Ossett on saturday