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  1. Fylde Tuesday

    Yes and there forum is in meltdown ,let’s hope mad dog doesn’t get the sack before they  play us.
  2. Crowds at home

     I agree with your crowd forecast  Saturday was our highest crowd of the season and I’ll be very surprised if tonight is not our lowest crowd of the season so far. Also a very quite night in the stands up the shaymen.
  3. Collins

    Your most probably right and another tough game on Tuesday.
  4. Collins

    I agree with you on that , I was totally baffled as to why Edwards stayed on he had a stinker of a game. 
  5. Ben Tomlinson

    Yes gutted for the lad, I spoke to him at half time  he said he’s waiting to go in for a opp & will be out for 10 months.
  6. Orient at Home

    Im gutted too got a wedding at 3 o’clock  ( I rather be at the shay )  but I’ll be taking a peak  at the updates as often as possible , up the shaymen   C’MON 2-1 town .
  7. Orient at Home

    What a player he was one of my favourites from that era, what division were Orient in when he played for them ? My memory fails me.
  8. Do we not like green ?

    Is he colour blind ?
  9. Salford Match thread

    Bang on there shaytrev he was by far the worse player on the pitch tonight and I’m totally mystified as  to why it took j f so long to sub him and what must king be thinking losing his place to a player who was totally out of his depth.
  10. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Is it his brother Harry ?
  11. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Fake news
  12. Maidstone thread

    Mr b I think .
  13. Maidstone thread

    There seemed to more there today than Tuesday  , others around me thought the same.
  14. Sponsorship

    We could arrange a shaymen bucket at both those venues just for  you WB.
  15. Sponsorship

    I know other football supporters clubs have done this sort of thing in the past  & as you say maybe Our could too.