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  1. Kevin Roberts

    Gutted gutted flipping gutted cant believe robbo's gone mr reliable mr consistent 7 -8 out of 10 every game it will take some doing to find a replacement  as good as him good luck Robby I wish him well.
  2. The latest ?.

    If your right & we have 900+ when instalment plan is included I think that would be great but if they are already  included  in the 600 I don't think that is to good.
  3. The latest ?.

    I'm a little disappointed if 600 is accurate  I thought we might have sold around 800  & I can't  see us selling too many more before the  season starts , with a ticket  working  out at just over  £10 it's a no brainer to me if your going to attend  enough  games  I expect  town to average  around 1600 this coming season  so that would mean around a 1000  town fans paying  on the day & I would have thought  a good number of  them would attend enough  games  for a season ticket to pay , up the shaymen. 
  4. The latest ?.

    What the latest  on season  ticket  sales  anyone know  ?  I thought  club was going to  keep us  the supporters informed  I haven't heard  anything  for a while  on this,     up the shaymen. 
  5. Marc Roberts.

    Marc Roberts signs for Birmingham city another ex shayman doing good . He's come a fair way since his Buxton days good luck to him. Up the shaymen.
  6. Season tickets. & signings.

    It could mean blanket scouting for us.
  7. Season tickets. & signings.

    I don't think we do maybe mr b & billy  are doing the job themselves.
  8. Season tickets & signings

     Does anyone know how many season tickets we've sold so far ? &  any news on possible signings c'mon. Mr b & billy get ya fingers out a couple of good singings = more season ticket sales up the shaymen.
  9. Season tickets. & signings.

     Anyone know how many we have sold so far ? & a lack of new signings ( only 3 so far) won't help ticket sales ,   so c'mon mr b & billy get ya fingers out  a couple of good signings = more season ticket sales. Up the shaymen.
  10. New website

    Whoops wrong thread ha.
  11. New website

    Maca can wear what he wants for me   He once took me to heaven (22/5/16) I hope he can do the same for his new wife good look maca psst I must say them pants are very gay looking ,up the shaymen.
  12. New website

  13. I'm bored are you ? .

    I agree very poor especially when they went down to ten men, 
  14. I'm bored are you ? .

    I've heard of them but they don't look to good I think it could be 3-1 maybe 4-1  to the French lads
  15. I'm bored are you ? .

    It's so boring without my weekly fix of watching the mighty shaymen  not much chatter about any possible signings & not to much on this forum  c'mon England v frogs.  Up the shaymen.