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  1. Well Done To The Lads

    Ive a hunch Kossy  will end up back at Stockport c .
  2. Another Announcement?

    Hyacinth  bucket.
  3. 2019/20 Season Tickets figures

    I’ve just bought one & I’ll be buying another next month for my granddaughter, up the shaymen.
  4. Season Tickets

    Fantastic  offer mr b , I’ll be buying one this week I was hoping ticket prices would come down to maybe £299 but for them to come down to £199 surely no true town fan can refuse to buy one at this price , THE MORE OF US TOWN FANS BUY A season ticket THE LESS CHANCE OF US SIGNING A LENIGAN AGAIN. happy days.
  5. 2019/20 Season Tickets figures

    How much was a season ticket for this season ?, I bought one but my fading memory fails me  ( 340?) .
  6. Maidenhead today

    Dire dire dire  one of the worst games of the season and that’s saying something I don’t think we had a shot if we did it must have been when I was asleep, the half time game between the kids was far more entertaining.
  7. Duku and Rodney

    I was talking to someone    I t k   this morning about Duku & Rodney , he says  that town want to keep them and that they are both willing to stay , so let’s hope there  clubs will let them.
  8. Solihull Thread

    I think so, not 100% sure though.
  9. Solihull Thread

    Will we see Hanson starting at fullback with sellars being out ? ,I’d like to see ducky at left back and Hanson at right back with brown & clark I think that would be our strongest back 4 ,  with Kosylo Berrett and king  in midfield and I’m with you  on Duku Rodney & Gandalf’s as the front 3  , 2-1 to the shaymen  att  1,455.
  10. Could be worse !

    I bet you've  got a spring in your step Scott? .

    Hey hoddie, you’ve sown the seed let’s do it I’d love that ,  fellow town fans that like a chat  meet in a pub and have a chin  wag what about it ??
  12. Kids tonight

    Who’s the guy smiling I don’t recognise him ??
  13. Kids tonight

    What spatt  ?.
  14. Kids tonight

    What a great idea and what a good turn out well done Halifax town, I’m looking forward to the 60- 70 age group can’t wait to get my boots on again.