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  1. Rochdale Pitch

    I was listening to talk sport on Friday & im sure they said the new Rochdale pitch was costing £500,000 ( maybe  I miss heard )
  2. Faces at the match ?

     No I’m in Hawes.
  3. Board

     Cheapskate At least a trillion.
  4. Wrexham.

    Thanks for info don1864 .
  5. Wrexham.

    The info from scouse shayman says Away fans are in the upper tier of the Yale stand , roll on Saturday and an I’m sure an improved performance from the shaymen.
  6. Wrexham.

  7. Wrexham.

    I’ve not been to Wrexham before but going this Saturday does anyone know what it’s like for parking pubs ?.
  8. Wrexham ticket in advance - save £1

    Cheers don 1864 I’ll be purchasing a couple on line tomorrow.
  9. Would it be worth a try mr b. ?

    Yes I understand what your saying  forever a  shayman I too think it would  be better to do this when we are playing a better type of football hopefully this will come with our next manager but I know quite a few people that would come to the shay if it was cheaper I bet you  & many others on here do too , isn’t this how Bradford city grew there gates  to what they get now week in week out .
  10. Would it be worth a try mr b. ?

    I didn’t suggest we should pay £2 a game have you just got up from your Sunday lie in  
  11. Would it be worth a try mr b. ?

    Yesterday notts county charged fans £2 enterance and got a gate of around17,000 I know we wouldn’t attract that sort of gate but maybe it might be worth trying what do think ? I know that  £2 wouldn’t work for us but we have crowds  ( I know kids pay less  but it needs someone better than me at maths to work it out properly ) of 1500 @ £18 = £27000 if mr b were to charge  £10 we need a 2,700 gate which would = more spent in the programmes burgers etc etc but could achieve that sort of gate what do you think ? .
  12. Game off

    Yes I feel  for the   Dagenham fans as well  I was in  my regular haunt the 3 pigeons with about 15 of them they set off at 8 o’clock this morning  & they were gutted  the match was off they then decided to go the Harrogate town game . psst big Sam didn’t waste any time after the match was called off he was in the pigeons before 3. Ha.
  13. Who Will Be Our Next Manager?

    Good shout b t moan  I would take him  if we afford to.
  14. Mickey Bullock

    Dick in. in Blackpool anything to do with funny girls ?