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  1. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    Not convinced on that at all.  JF seems to have a vision on how he wants to play and the way he wants players to play. I really struggle on a playing POV to see how Lenighan fits into a JF system.  Going fully on just football alone, I have seen him play I think 6 times now and I'd say with no hyperbole he has been comfortably the worst player on the pitch in 5 of those games. That includes Tuesday's game, the Chester game and the friendly against and with kids at Mossley. Reading other clubs fans reviews of him as a footballer it appears that this view is echoed a lot by them. It feels like he has been very lucky in captaining the Leeds academy and has been able to use that to his advantage to get in at other clubs. I am told that he came in for stick at Guiseley last year for continued poor performance - in a team that was woeful all season. This then led to another incident with one of their fans, but again, I want to keep it just on footballing ability alone. From Tuesday's game there has only been two people that have come out to praise his performance. Bizarrely one of them was JF, whilst the other one is the clueless fool from the paper who isn't known for his accuracy. Pretty much EVERYONE who has seen him play and are commenting on his performances have said they are not up to standard. I don't want him at the club but if he plays tomorrow I hope he has a storming game - as him being **** for us on the pitch does not help us. We want to be winning games and that is what is important. I fear this has however turned into the Simon Lenighan show for a bit now and many will be on both sides to "score points" if he plays well or if he bombs. For the record, if he plays I want him to be superb and do something that gets us the points - but even if he does it does not change how I feel about him or what I think about him. 
  2. Can we get a boycott going?

    Oh I will be going, but I will be making sure they get nothing more than my entrance money. Last year they were that horrible they tried to take half a bottle of water off me that I was drinking on the way into the ground. The reason being that it could have acid in it and I could be planning an attack. When I pointed out I had just took a drink from it (which they had seen), if it had acid in it I would be in serious trouble, they still said they couldn't take the risk!
  3. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    The Gibbet isnt in working order. The ‘blade’ on it is a fake
  4. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    The clubs statement changes nothing as far as I am concerned. Im not happy.
  5. Let’s get real!

    I fully agree. Look at the posts on this forum since he joined. The feel good factor of the first week and all that good work has been lost. However, a toxic environment will not help us to get performances to improve or moral up.  I understand peoples frustrations and dont like what has happened. However, I dont wish to make it hard for the other players at this club who do deserve our support and backing.
  6. Let’s get real!

    Im not happy with the signing, however tomorrow I am not wanting any fan action that could damage or go against supporting the team in getting a result on the pitch.  I feel my view has been put across so not going over that again, but I feel when the game is in progress our job as fans is to push the team and spur them on to victory.  My concern is that any protest could disrupt our team and that is something Id like to avoid.
  7. Next Saturday (25th) we travel to Boreham Wood, a club that is notorious for treating visiting clubs staff, players and officials really badly. They are the only club in the league that pretty much demand the entire media team pay to get in, but also then CHARGE our club to film and use the footage. As such, in previous years there has been small attempts at a boycott of food, drink, 50/50 tickets, programmes etc in the ground. Its worked on a small scale, but since their stance seems to have not changed, is it time to get the word out a bit more? It would be good if we could get every away fan next week to agree to not buy anything in the ground and basically only give over the entrance money. All that club cares about is trying to take every penny they can from others, whilst being as unwelcoming as possible. If money is what they care about, lets hit them where it hurts. 
  8. Lenighan's contract

    See, to me that makes me question - Did SL get his name cleared due to being innocent, or due to incompetance and malfeasance? Theres a massive difference and a mistrial due to someone cocking up, is that something to ‘celebrate’? Whilst not accusing, again I will point out that the conviction rate on rape trials is around 5%. Do you honestly believe 19 out of 20 accused are wrongly accused? Add in the alledged (as you cant say its true without full facts) police incompetance, consider SL’s actions AFTER this trial. It seems you are happy to say he has done nothing wrong due to legally being cleared, as those are facts, yet also at the same time you will take the word of someone who is related to the accused (thus its reasonable to assume is bias) to be fact to support your argument too. Or his problem causing at other clubs since. He has had more than one chance. He has been involved in two very serious incidents and several ‘minor’ ones (fighting with fans etc), On the flip, his ACTIONS have shown no sign of change. He is not deserving of another chance but if he was then he would have to show he has earnt peoples trust. To date that hasnt happened. He is, although moot to this argument, also a ****ing **** footballer.  
  9. FC Halifax v Dagenham Match Thread

    Henceforth be known as Player number 16. 
  10. Halifax ref quits

    Im not accusing him. No one knows why he may have stepped down. Do you have any leads?
  11. Any new signings expected by Saturday?

    Harry Freedman?
  12. From the Highlights vs Salford.....

    What I will say is for all the money Salford have spent, at the moment they look way off the pace to be a championship winning side. Maybe with time they will click, but the likes of Luton, Barnet and Lincoln when they won it were far superior to what they put up on Tuesday. Got that away day out of the way nice and early anyway and even though it ended in a defeat on paper its only by one goal. If they do gel then they could soon start putting 4/5 past most teams.
  13. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    And equally some are not satisifed. I think my opinions on this signing, from both a footballing and non footballing pov have been made clear so for the interests of what is best for the club I am not going to comment further on this player.  I hope no one sees that as me being happy with the entire situation however.
  14. Lenighan's contract

    Thou shall not insult ones imaginary friend. 
  15. Lenighan's contract

    And the person responsable for giving us humans, money and technology?