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  1. Boreham Wood

    I've lost count on how many he is on tbf! Think he may be 1 more card off a suspension but someone may be able to correct me on that one. 
  2. Boreham Wood

    Pretty much as you were from the weekend I think. Tommo looks to be the next in line for a return but probably going to be too soon for him for these two games. Hopefully the Sutton game could see him return. 
  3. Relegation form

    Gah, in that case just put me down for one day instead of two then. 
  4. Relegation form

    Can you sort us a staff discount?
  5. Boreham Wood

    Borehamwood are the worst team for treating our team and officials/media badly. I really would love to see our club return the same sort of tactics and basically give Boreham the absolute bare minimum required like they do to every other club.  Problem is when up against such a pathetic nothingness of a club the bare minimum is still probably way more than enough for the interest their tinpottery nothingness requires. 
  6. Relegation form

    Did it cover the cost of the Wembley suits?
  7. Staunton Red

    I dont mind it apart from the questions at times are so bloody stupid (and often seem to be London based questions). ’Underground Stations begining with the letters from the word London’  Or something equally as daft. When the aim is to find the most obscure answer having questions that are so heavily loaded in some teams favour due to location seems a tad stupid.
  8. Staunton Red

    If you say so 
  9. Staunton Red

    Roy Walker, Catchphrase 
  10. Staunton Red

    20 year ago it would have been a perfect tackle. Game has gone too soft. It shouldn’t even have been given as a foul.
  11. Dagenham Today’s game

    What I would question regarding running costs is why can't we *apparently* have a workable budget at FT, yet clubs like Solihull, Gateshead, Sutton, Eastleigh, Ebbsfleet, Boreham, Barrow and Bromley all are able to survive without having OTT investment ( I appreciate the likes of Gateshead and Eastleigh in the past have had substantial investment, whilst the likes of Salford, Fylde, Harrogate etc are doing that currently) on smaller incomes than us. The club needs to be run sensibly and prudently, however we also need to be an attractive prospect to watch with a vision and a goal. As owners the Directors get many perks with the role, however maybe one of the drawbacks needs to be that they need to be quicker to invest themselves when it is needed. I'm not saying they need to throw 500k at it or anything like that etc... but at the same time the current status quo of us living on the breadline is not going to see us get to where we all want to be.  At the current moment we are paying a fair bit more as fans than we were last year but have moved from being a big fish in the part time pond to one of the smallest fish in the full time pond and the drawbacks to this is that in many ways we are simply throwing good money after bad with no greater result. What is clear is that if we want to kick on we must be full time. However, we must also have the correct tools to do the job and currently it *appears* we don't have them on a financial front. 
  12. Dagenham Today’s game

    No he isnt. He doesn't play the most attractive football, however he is a very good football manager who manages to get the best out of the players he has, has brilliant personnel skills with said players and holds himself with more class and dignity than he was ever given from fans of this club. On top of this, if anyone ever bothered to take the time to talk to or get to know him, he is genuinely a really top and friendly person. Probably one of the nicest people I've ever come across. A man who in his 18 months here got us a promotion in his first year and was never shown any respect yet still gave his all. 
  13. 1-7

    Its a shocking result. Pretty certain that when we played Dagenham last season we were 3-0 down at HT - and one of our players (Danny Clarke) said that in the past 400+ games a Billy Heath team had only lost by more than 2 goals on 1 occasion. We scored in the second half to keep that stat growing...  
  14. Dagenham Today’s game

    Well one thing is for certain, you cant sack JF off the back of todays performace. Really positive intent from us today and prior to the red it was all us. We had Dagenham and Cheatbridge chasing shadows. They really only had one clear goal scoring chance, which they put away. The draw is more than deserved overall and if the ref was more competent who knows. Performance was on key today though and there is a lot of positves to take from it. If we set our stall out like that we will climb up the table as we always look better when we try play and cause the opposition problems instead of stopping them from causing them. Re the sub issue - the board went up 4 times for them during the half. The last time came with 10 seconds of injury time remaining, which was odd as they seemed to have the momentum and killed their own rhythm. I will have to take others words on if a player actually came on but the PA announced him as coming on, the board went up and the game stopped to allow the sub...
  15. Dagenham Today’s game

    Pretty certain they made 4 subs. Nunn sent off 90th min Munns subbed 94th