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  1. Eastleigh match thread

    Its about points at this stage of the season. We got 1 more than any other below us yesterday.  If we keep doing that then we stay up.  8 times we have played Eastleigh now and we have never beaten them. A draw is a good result.
  2. Eastleigh Away

    Cheers. All good things have to come to an end though - and its just typical that having missed one game, another one is going to be missed so shortly after! The only plus is that both Eastleigh and Woking are horrible away days and its not a home game I've been forced to miss. I'm hoping these are the only two of the season I'm missing mind!
  3. Eastleigh Away

    Me and Chadders are cool and have been for nearly a year now. What's happened is in the past and we've both agreed to let it go and get on.
  4. Eastleigh match thread

    Don't let the Rugby lot know ffs, we will never see the back of them. 
  5. Eastleigh match thread

    I'm looking at it like this - We got a point today. Chester are below us and lost Hartlepool are below us and lost Guiseley are below everyone and lost Maidstone now fall below us   So no one below us who played today picked anything up, yet we did. A point better off against the relegation teams than we were before kick off with a round less of games to go. Happy days.
  6. Eastleigh Away

    It gets worse - I can't do Woking away now either! 460 competitive games in a row without missing, then 2 away games on the bounce I can't do  
  7. Eastleigh Away

    I’ve made the decision to give tomorrow a miss.  Poor forcast overnight, added to what is always a horrible welcome, zero communication online and a 4 hour each way trip has meant weighing up if it was worth the risk on a game that could well get the chop.  Had there been a clear indication of an inspection planned or a clear message that one wasnt needed then travel plans could have been ammended accordingly, but I don’t fancy a 7am start on what could be a wild goose chase. With another potential event Im interested in taking place tomorrow evening, the ‘smart’ decision has to be to go with the one that is local and 100% going to happen. Should the game go ahead it will be the first competative first team Town game I’ve missed since the 3-3 v Mossley in 2010. For those traveling I hope the game goes ahead. Part of me won’t mind if it does get postponed for a Tuesday later on that I can get to however!
  8. Trendyfax

    Because the only thing that tops off paying £45 to listen to some bland boring rubbish is to add some more three cord bland rubbish on top? 
  9. Trendyfax

    You’d have to pay me £45 to even consider listening to that bland shite.
  10. Hartlepool tonight

    I must be in the minority, as I feel he has been very poor since rejoining.  He needs a goal and one quick really. Hopefully if he gets one it might kick start something, but overall he isn't doing it for me. When he came on on Saturday he was playing out wide, yet we instantly lost all width in the team. Should have had that goal last night as it was onside, but other than that I'm struggling to remember a decent chance he has managed to create.  For someone who has been at a Championship club for a few years and was deemed by many here to be the answer to our problems, he has so far failed to deliver. 
  11. Jamie Jackson - that header!

    Braintree, the Snorlax of Football teams. I really do hope if we stay up they don't get promoted, as they are a horrible club to have to watch and its a horrible place to go to.
  12. Hartlepool tonight

    That explains it then. I thought he had picked up a yellow at the weekend and wondered if that meant he was suspended. 
  13. Hartlepool tonight

    Its Solihull who concern me. Their recent form has been superb with several wins and creditable draws against the so called better teams.
  14. Hartlepool tonight

    Tonight was simply a must win game. Not just because its been a while since we won a game, but also because it throws Pools in the mess with us too.  Big game on Saturday is Solihull v Guiseley - so todays win comes at the right time as it will stop us being in the bottom 4 by 5pm on Saturday if we lose. For the first time in ages I actually want chip shop to win a game.
  15. Harrogate go top

    Id love it if Salford messed it up again.