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  1. Dover match thread

    I think Wilde has been great for us in the past year. He has more than taken the LB role and looked after it. A very solid and reliable player, so I have no qualms about him being in the team. With that said, it is my opinion that Macca is a way better footballer. Wilde is in the team on merit, but I feel eventually we have to play our best players and unluckily for Wilde, Macca trumps him there.  Its just a shame that neither are superb in another position because I could argue the case that both are too good to be sat on the bench, but ultimately one has to.  I do fear that Heath may stick with Wilde as he trusts him more (as he knows his capabilities having played under him for years) and due to the feeling that if he does give Macca the starting role back it may be seen by some as an admission that Wilde, being one of Heath's signings, isn't as good as players that the previous regime had. A stupid reason really, but knowing how stupid some of our fans are I wouldn't put it past some trying to claim it proves Heath was wrong to bring in Wilde if this happened.
  2. Welcome to the Shay

    Well Pre-match she was gesturing to me and another poster on here for our attention, breaking our convo to tell us not to stand on the Yellow Step. The kicker? Neither of us were on the yellow step, as we were a good few feet past in the middle, but walked down the stand via the steps to see what she wanted! Clueless.
  3. Dover match thread

    Not arguing with that in the slightest. Kosy would be one of the first on the team sheet (Behind Johnson and Garner) as he actually is willing to create things and make stuff happen. With that said, he was awful today. He tried, but everything he did was simply frustrating as it was the wrong option and didn't work. 
  4. Dover match thread

    What!?! I really do like Kosylo and the fact that he is willing to take the game by the scruff and try make things happen, but he was shocking today. Everything he tried simply didn't come off. Every pass he made seemed to be either over hit or under hit. Many passes were to the wrong man, or were simply not made as he ran into a blind ally, lost the ball by trying to do too much, or made a poor attempt at a shot.  His petulance also needs to be reigned in a lot as he is going to talk himself into trouble again and again.  We need more players like him to take risks and to try create things, so not knocking him. He is a shining light in what is often negative football, so I can forgive him for trying to do something and failing. Tonight however, he simply didn't have a good game. He tried, but it simply didn't come off for him.
  5. Dover match thread

    Awful first 45 mins, although we got better as the game went on. The second half was a hell of a marked improvement, however it was still not good enough. Charles has been dire since returning, so I'd like to see Morgan given a chance in place of him now. Worst player on the pitch was Kosylo, who's passing was dreadful, very poor decision making and his shooting even worse. To lose the game in the last minute is sickening, as it was so hard to get back into the game. We didn't see it out and its not acceptable really. Dover outclassed us throughout and that naivety at the end is so frustrating.  I'm frustrated at how negative our play is for the most part, although as a unit we are often strong. I do think we have enough players with attacking flair to actually play a bit more adventurous - especially at home - and I think it has to be asked when are we going to actually try to take control and dominate a bit of play. Lets dictate the tempo for a bit. In my opinion we now need to go to Solihull and get a win, just to give us a boost. The only major plus is I am hearing that Jordon Sinnott will soon be returning to us on loan until January.   
  6. Dover match thread

    Goal on my Twitter
  7. Welcome to the Shay

    I see the Scottish Pitbull in the South Stand is up to her usual tricks shouting at people to get off the yellow steps - as they are walking up the steps in the stand! Clueless
  8. Scott Hogan

    A cracking manager for us, however I feel the sacking was probably justified. Following him up with Kelly however....  Six years plus with us, which in management is a very good run. 
  9. Come on Town

    I'm not too upset from our start of the season. I'd like us to chalk up a win and a few goals soon, but I'm not overly worried. I think we were by far the better of the two sides today and at times in the first half we looked really good without being able to find that killer ball to unlock a shot on goal etc... From todays game I feel we are a way better team than Chester - and I expect Chester will be more than safe by the end of the season.  Biggest surprise for me was how old and how crap Ross Hannah looked. I was a bit upset when he went back to them instead of us but on todays showing it looks like he is way off the standard needed. A real shock as I would have had him down as a serious threat. So a defensive horror and a dodgy pen in the opening game (Against the only side with a 100% win record left, who hit Guiseley for 6 today) aside, defensivly we look a very very good unit.  I think we just need to get that midfield ticking a little bit and we might be good to go.  No disrespect to Wilde as he has been solid for us for the past year but for me its time Macca got his starting spot back. Wilde is a cracking player, but Macca is different level. I think we also need to be getting Lynch involved more (not sure if he isnt 100% or if its Heath tinkering) and also getting Morgan more game time.   We have the players in my opinion, but I feel we are probably being a tad too conservative and we can probably push and dictate the play and tempo a bit more than we are doing. Two away games where we are unbeaten (with 2 more points in these respective games than in the year we went down), plus a opening defeat to the early pace setters. It could be better, but its hardly press the panic buttons and throw the baby out with the bath water time either. We need to be picking something up from Dover on Tuesday at The Shay and then away to Solihul just to give us a bit of early season wiggle room, but its not been as awful a start as some of the Outer's would have you believe. If we are still goalless after next Saturday I will be worried. After three games, its fine.
  10. Are we All Of To Chester?

    Not sure of the name of it, but coming into Chester on the main road there is a cracking pub that does an amazing carvery for a cracking price. Plenty of decent beers available too. I'm sure someone on here will be able to name the place as the last time we played Chester there were loads of Town fans stopping there pre match for food.
  11. Welcome to the Shay

    I always found Mike Murray, whilst being a stickler for the rules and a bit OTT with them at time, to be very reasonable, sensible and approachable on the whole. Smallman however is a complete and utter idiot. He is way out of his depth and there will be a major incident under his control as basically he is that incompetent I am surprised he manages to dress himself. 
  12. Time to sort this mess out, get your brains out

    Gazza had the right attitude when it came to what Norway (and its people) should do.
  13. Barrow Match Thread

    I heard some rubbish the other day along the lines of we aren't allowed to release our own footage (The Shaymen TV match recordings) on a weekend until BT Sport have aired their highlight packages. Considering its looking like it will be late on Monday nights that BT air the highlight programme that means those that have paid the fee for this exclusive content won't get it until its been shown on National TV (Its the same footage, just with the logos taken off, with more extended highlights at times) and probably not until Tuesday's. Seems a bit backwards really. I appreciate BT have the rights to broadcasting, but to be stopping the club from releasing their own recordings before its been aired on TV seems to defeat the purpose of having the subscription for many. 
  14. Post match messageboard

    I'd imagine if thats the case then Heath is probably the best candidate for the job.  I can't imagine that he had much to spend at North Ferriby whilst the manager there (even considering the interest from the Hull City guys) and managed to do pretty well.  It's also interesting to see how big our current squad has got - to the point that we have 5 or 6 players sitting in the stands most games, something we didn't have under Aspin - where several times we didn't even fill the bench! Even with several loans coming into the club, we very rarely had over 20 players at a time under Aspin. If our budget has been slashed or tightened I would assume the first thing we would see is the squad size going from around 21/22 down to around 18/19 and we would be pushing into the loan market more. Unless I'm missing something Charles is our only loan player at the moment. 
  15. Time to sort this mess out, get your brains out

    Didn't we post the highest average attendance since reforming (and for a good ten years prior to that) last season? And the 2000+ opener against Aldershot, with roughly 1800 Home fans - isn't that a lot more than the openers we had with Aspin as manager? Just pointing a few facts out here.