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  1. What about the game

    A deserved win against all the odds. Lots of players playing through the pain, out of position and in a patched up manner, yet we more than deserved the 3 points. Some very petty stewarding by a jobsworth on the away gate in demanding all Town fans produce an away ticket before he would let them pass, even though several, quite cleary in Town tops, had got home tickets (entrance being right next to each other). Considering it was £2 more expensive to buy a home ticket it made no sense that anyone would buy a home one by mistake! After a few of our more ‘lively’ fans walked off into the home end I think the small braincells of the stewards finally worked out that having away fans in the wrong end wasnt wise and they eventually got ushered into the right area. It was almost a case of walking wounded for Town at the start of the game, yet we came out all guns blazing. A tiny bit more pace and Clarke could have put us up early doors. Right from the off we kept our composure and shape. Collins was directing, talking and coaxing every Town player through every bit of play, whilst also making clear and sharp passes. Waring had the ball at his feet several times, dragging their defence all over the place and linking up with Oliver and Hibbs very well. That midfield never stopped and must have covered every blade of grass. Reynolds for Aldershot annoyed the Town fans by going down like he had been shot several times in the first half and rightly got pelters of abuse for the rest of the half for it. The goal came from Aldershots keeper missing a clearance and Macca nipped in to tap home. The goal can be seen below In the second half Aldershot ramped up the pressure yet Halifax held firm. Moyo was targeted by their men as all the play went down his side but he kept his line and composure brilliantly, knocking the ball out when needed time and time again. A solid rock that simply answered everything Aldershot could throw at him. Next to him was Brown, equally impressive, but quite clearly struggling as he was holding his back after about an hour. He continued to throw everything he had at them however and helped to keep the Shots out. The only time we looked like conceeding was when a corner was taken and it went in direct like against Eastleigh the other week. Yet again Johnson flapped at it and was all at sea and yet again it looked to have beaten him and crossed the line, yet neither the ref or assistant gave it. We may have got away with one there. Other than that they had one more effort on goal, a shot charged down and blocked by Brown. Johnson did get a yellow for time wasting by the poor ref, even though Johnson was waiting for a sub to come on. Sums up the refs really. Hibbs got a yellow for a poor tackle (also gave us the highlight of slipping, yet taking the ball off a Shots player and passing it whilst on the floor in the first half however) and Brown was also booked which was very soft. Time and time again Oliver and Collins managed to steal the ball off the poor full backs of Aldershot and create problems going forward but we lacked having enough to get shots off - although Clarke did brillantly to shoot from near the half way line when it looked like he would lose possesion just to eat the clock down. Not sure what else to add. I cant agree with the twitter account giving MoM to Macca, as even though he was good, Moyo, Oliver and Waring were brilliant. Harsh though as Brown, Hibbs and Collins could also be worthy recipricents. For someone who hadnt played all season Collins engine looked superb. Fit as a butchers dog. 4 mins of injury time came and went and delight was clear on the exhausted players and management who enjoyed a good 5 mins of celebrations with each other and the fans. A great scene with both players and fans clapping and applauding the other. 100% blood guts and effort by a patched up squad. The goal was scruffy but we bloody deserved it. We were the better of the two teams and simply put the players gave everything. Had we lost the game I wouldnt have been able to criticise them as they simply didnt have anything left to give. A great 3 points, a great performance. 
  2. Boreham Wood Thread

    Well I honestly dont think Tranmere were that good. Granted, we were awful, but for some of the names and the expectation for success at Tranmere, they are really failing to achieve at the moment. I dont think squad size is our main problem, but I do think we have 3 or 4 players that simply aren’t good enough. With everyone fit we have a very good starting XI, but it quickly becomes a problem when we have someone missing.
  3. Tranmere today

    As to Denton with 4 tap ins from a yard out - A header against Bromley, which I doubt any of our other strikers would have got to, but being the big guy Denton did Another headed goal, where he runs onto the ball from Oliver's Free Kick, so hardly a tap in against Orient A superb knock down by Denton to start the move for this goal, finishing it into the top corner from the edge of the area against Fylde Probably the only "lucky" goal was the one against Dover, after their keeper makes a flap of it, yet it still counts. He still managed to find himself in the right place to head the ball in.    Not to mention another cracking header that was disallowed incorrectly here, another thats not a tap in I'm struggling to see a single "tap in from 1 yard out" from Denton there, although there are 3 good headers after he has made himself good space. However, lets not let facts get in the way of Greggs telling us Denton has only scored tap ins and doesn't do anything in front of goal. 
  4. Tranmere today

    The sort of ignorant and arrogant attitude that has probably helped steer this country towards Brexit, as there are so many up themselves idiots who think they are better than others and like to belittle and ridicule those that do work hard for very little, to the point that these working class people are having enough of these "better than you" Tarquins telling us how we are all thick racists and idiots and are now telling them where to go.  It always amazes me how many people are out of touch with the cost of living and priorities that others have. Whilst £18 isn't a huge amount of money to me, I also don't feel it is "value for money" for the level of football we are at (Not just our club to blame at this, as I feel pricing of football is a complete and utter disgrace at all levels, especially non league) and that for some that £18 would be a very decent chunk of money that they could spend elsewhere.  As fans of this club we often pay at least the going rate, if not above the going rate, for everything this club sells. Be it travel on the coaches, entry to the ground, food and drink, shirts, subscriptions to media etc... Everything is on the top end. Everything is squeezing that extra couple of quid where possible, so I can appreciate why some will grumble, or look to do other things at times which will be cheaper or more entertaining.  A prime example of this arrogance was the other year when we played Chorley in the FA Cup (with Bradford waiting in the wings). Tons of Town fans went to Chorley on the Saturday to see us stumble to a 0-0 draw, with the replay at the Shay a few days later, with entrance charged at £15. When several Town fans complained about the price, considering they had paid for travel and entrance for a poor performance in the original game, a direct quote from a relative of the Chairman was "Well if they don't want to pay it, they don't have to come" - says it all about the arrogance, that just because £15 to them is nothing, they think it is to everyone.  £18 to me isn't a massive sum of money. However, for a qualifying game in the FA Cup it is a huge sum of money for its value - even more so when its against two non league teams. Its relative to the value of other things you could do and other entertainment you can have. For those that have to pick and choose what games they do due to cost, then I really do feel for them when they pay for a game as shockingly bad as today, as I do know some that going to the game does cost them a fair part of their disposable income. To be mocking someone for that is down right disgusting. 
  5. Tranmere today

    Something worrying - Johnson has now been beaten 4 times at his near post (Twice v Ebbsfleet, last week at Borehamwood and today), two being direct free kicks in the past few games. Is this his achilles heel? 
  6. Boreham Wood Thread

    Problem is, if we had moved one of them up front, who would have covered at the back as we were down to the very bare bones there to the point that I'd argue the need for bodies there was greater than up front.
  7. Tranmere today

    Personally I was very disappointed with him and have been all season. Granted he hasn't played much and by no means has he been horrific, but when we signed him I did feel that potentially we had a player who would be in the first XI each week and be one of our main players and threats. On the flip he seems to be back up at the moment and struggling to leave a mark as a player. I don't want to be too harsh as I don't feel he has played an awful lot of football for us yet and until he gets a run of 4/5 games under his belt I'd like to fully reserve judgement.  Charles on the other hand - what on earth has happened to him? He looks the shadow of the player we had on loan last season - and in truth the back end of last year he was dipping in form. I get the feeling that the New Year can't come quick enough for us to end the loan at the moment. Someone who I felt at the start of the season would again be a great asset, but has sadly for me massively failed to hit it.
  8. Tranmere today

    It says it all when I am coming to AFC's defence, but you are the one that needs to bore off. Denton is very good at what he does and the stick he gets from quite a lot of idiots is unjust. Then again, you have said in the past you pick a player to boo each season, so that says more about you as a "fan" than anything else.
  9. Tranmere today

    That was, quite simply, a load of crap. Hard to find many positves from that.  Im glad that if we had to have that sort of game it was today rather than in the league, as quite simply it was an afternoon wasted and one to forget about.
  10. Team for Tranmere

    Makes you wonder, with everyone crying about "signing some men" if maybe the reason no one has come in this week could also be because of them becoming cup tied for their parent clubs... works both ways and I could see a few league clubs may be reluctant to let us take someone and cup tie them at their expense.
  11. No new signings ?.

    I'm quite happy to have this situation play out on Saturday in the cup to see if it can work.  I'd like us to have a good run in the FA Cup but I would rather win the league game in a couple of weeks if we could only win one of them. Trying something different on Saturday, through suspensions, may be a blessing in disguise, but then if it doesn't work, at least we will know for the league game.
  12. No new signings ?.

    Maybe what our players are getting paid is also relative to what others are getting paid locally by a few teams below that are throwing silly money around? Fylde, Salford and Harrogate are all paying out stupid wages (Salford for example DOUBLED what we offered Hogan in wages, then also took Maynard off Tranmere) with a whole host of other ‘bigger’ clubs in that league paying out similar to what we are. Do we try compete with the spending of the likes of Salford / Fylde or go a different route?
  13. No new signings ?.

    Rumour earlier in the week was that we were in for taking a player off Accrington on loan, so it looks like we are actively looking for players, but like others have said, they need to be the right ones and not brought in just for the sake of it.
  14. FA Cup Odds

    I wonder what odds on Josh Mc scoring are. He's due a goal for us.
  15. Civic Pride

    That's a pretty decent shirt tbf And the coat of arms is a lot better than our microsoft paint version of a club badge. Give me a bit of tradition any day.