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  1. Denton

    I expect a few more to follow. Its not pretty but it works, so who can blame them.
  2. Josh Kay

    Same could be said about Sinnott. Pretty much been told he can leave Chesterfield, yet we seem to have several on here that would welcome him back. 
  3. Cliff Moyo

    Moyo seemed a nice enough lad, but the fact that he has an agent to me shows how mad the game has become. His "natural level" in all truth is probably below the Conference National. He's a North/South player at best, yet he has an agent - and won't be the only one at that level, where probably most will have them now. Its bloody madness.
  4. banners

    The irony of the liberal left being aggressive and insulting in their replies in here, whilst trying to take the moral high ground of being caring and "better than you" should not be lost on anyone. It should also be noted that the thread starter here is the one that turned this into politics and is the only person to have descended into insults and actual bigotry in his replies.  I don't agree with Trev's political stance, however I respect his right to his views and opinions and he does manage to put across some valid arguments, albeit not ones that I feel personally would justify my vote for any party that leans further to the right.  For as much as I find those with far right leanings (Note I am not saying anyone here has them) to be bigoted in their views and sometimes struggling with tunnel vision when certain topics come up, the same can be said for the leftists - and in this thread its been very clear that a couple of posters here who are on the more liberal side have shown what hypocrites they are in their responses. The same sort of wet lettuces that would have Corbyn down as the saviour of this country whilst ignoring all his terrorist sympathising bullshit or ideals of scrapping trident.
  5. banners

    Happens when you have trolls like chrisbo who can't argue a point without throwing insults out.  Whilst I don't agree with Shaytrev's stance at least he can actually put forward an argument in an adult and intellectual manner.
  6. World Cup.

    I've no problem with Kane leading the line, but I hope he isn't on corners and free kicks like in the Euro's. 
  7. Macca

    What was the reason for the ban? It's not something I personally would have had done, but I can't see what the issue is with it.   
  8. Busy Billy

    Pretty much this. Heath did a job for us the first year he was here, as did the players he brought in. Now, both Heath and several of those players have moved on. If they all end up at Alfreton then so what, good luck to them. History shows that in the North Heath and those players work well and achieve results, so why would they not get back together for a third time? If you know something works and gets the required results, why would you not take advantage of that?
  9. banners

    And how much say did we have in this said Immigration Act? I did not write, vote for or support any Immigration Acts (several of which were passed before I was even born), so why should I feel like I should be sorry or feel shame for its contents.  History is ripe with horrible things like Slavery and "The White Man" ruling unfairly over others. However, what this is is history - it should be made sure that it never is repeated, but to expect people to now apologise for past behaviour which they were not personally liable for is not correct either.  I'm very clear in my stance that people should be judged on their own merits and that everyone should be treated equally. Sadly we can't correct the wrongs of yesteryear by now making it easier for others to get certain jobs or roles due to their colour, gender or ability/disability etc... as positive discrimination, is and will still, punish others for things that they had no control over. We can't promote people as being equal and having the same rights, then give people preferential treatment.  A gay person, a black person, a disabled person, a transgender person etc should have EXACTLY THE SAME rights and chances as any other person. No more, no less. Its that simple. Past history should not be forgotten but should not be used to elevate or demote others in a pecking order. People need to stop being **** basically and treat each other with respect and act in a manner they would like to be treated. I will give every single person the same fair crack of the whip, regardless of who they are, where they come from or what they look like, but disagree that having things in place like the Rooney Rule is fair or right. The best people for a job should be the best qualified candidates for it, not those that tick a box so its seen as being politically correct.  And unlike some, I don't need to resort to insults in making a reply. 
  10. banners

    Yet we can be victims of positive discrimination and just need to suck it up. Whilst not ignoring the plights of others, the working able bodied white male is screwed over for being such just as much as any other minority. A society of white lawyers for example would be shut down in seconds.
  11. Coalville ???? Macca!!!!!!

    I fully 100% respect Macca's decision. He has quite clearly thought about what is best for himself and his family and not what is best for his wallet. He is way better than Coalville and could easily walk into any Conference North and most Conference Prem sides, so this shows this move is not motivated by anything other than travel and family life.  I'd just love us to have one last "cross paths" so we can give him the send off he deserves. 
  12. Semi Full Time?

    I'd be interested to know how much people think full time clubs train compared to say what our model will be. I would imagine that the top clubs would probably have more intense training and possibly an extra session or two, along with all the nutritionist stuff that comes with it, which we will lack, but other than that, I think we will be on a par with most lower league and non league teams with our training set up under this "model" The difference this gives us this year is if we have a Sat-Tue-Thur-Sat run of games again, with the league putting us in the arse end of England in that run, we may have a better chance of not blowing out of our arses by the 4th game, as the recovery time from games will be helped by lads not going back to work. We also have the advantage now of being able to go over what happened on a Saturday against a team we may be replaying in a cup the following Tuesday - something we haven't been able to do since reforming, but something that both Lincoln and Eastleigh were able to do to tweek their teams to beat us in replays. To me we are now a full time team. We arent a part time full time one, or a semi full one. 
  13. banners

    Exactly. It should be fair game to mock and ridicule people due to their religious and political views (Note, this is mock and ridicule, and not exclude, attack or hurt). The protection offered for religious views is sickening really. Race, a lot with gender, disabilities, sexuality etc... however is something people don't have control over, so thus shouldn't be mocked. 
  14. banners

    Shame really, as if we had less religious bigots the world would truly be a better place.