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  1. Main site

    Gah, think I might take a break myself for a few weeks. This wont be my last post, however, I think a break for a while until we get back to more football related matters isnt the worst idea. Too many posters taking too many topics off topic and into wars wity very little actual football talk.  I shall be back, not as soon as JGN1, but for now, I’m having a break from posting on here. No drama.
  2. Main site

    See you tomorrow? 
  3. Pie and Peas

    Not as much as John Helm. 
  4. King

    Oh the things I could reveal!  
  5. King

    Its more factual than a good call  
  6. Main site

    I think one of them has already drank too much....
  7. Quigley signs!

    1 less than Southwell. 1 more than Clarke.  Odd that many thought MFT was the sort of player we were missing. 
  8. Main site

    I'd say as fans of teams that don't win things routinely, we do it because we love the club, the place and the sport. It is however, 100% entertainment.  We make an active choice to do something we want to do in our down time. It is not a forced decision. No one is holding a gun to our head saying "you must go to the Shay". No one is being forced to hand over £20 a game etc...  If you don't buy food (or have anyone else buy it for you), eventually you will die. If you don't pay your rent, eventually you will be homeless. If you don't have a job, eventually you will be penniless (in theory). Doing non of those things is entertaining, it is a necessity to survive.  Watching a game of football however will give you a range of emotions from anger to joy. It is entertainment, both good and bad. It is something that even though we profess we would never turn our back on, we actually could very easily without any serious negative impact on our lives.  Watching Liverpool v Man City tonight, as a fan of neither team, is my preferred way to spend the evening to working etc... No one is forcing me to watch the game, but I'm going to catch parts of it, simply because, well it could be entertaining....
  9. Main site

    Odd that. I will also be keeping an eye on that game.  Unlike, for example, watching the latest sales figures for British Gas. 
  10. Main site

    So if Football isn't an entertainment industry, what exactly is it? It is certainly not a necessity that is needed by anyone. 
  11. Main site

    Erm, it actually is. We watch football because its something we enjoy and get emotionally invested in. It is not a necessity that needs to be paid, like gas, electric, rent etc... We can easily survive without ever watching a football game on TV, or without going to another game live. Watching, be it on TV, or in the ground is a choice. A lot like watching Coronation Street, or train spotting, or doing an art course in your free time. You get enjoyment out of it, so you do it, - however if the price to do this gets too high that you don't think you are getting value, or it becomes boring, you stop doing it... For example, I like watching films. Cineworld do an unlimited card that allows you to watch as many films as you want each month for £15. I can get 20+ hours of entertainment for that money each month and watch EVERY new film on the day it comes out at the cinema. Or, I can spend the same to get three quarters of a game at The Shay.... Both are giving me entertainment and are part of my "down time". If I see a crap movie I can easily dismiss it due to the fact that I can go watch another straight after and the laws of averages over the month will say I will watch more that I enjoy than I dont. I see a crap Town performance, well its the same price for the next game.... The difference between football and other industries is that as fans we get deeply invested in it emotionally. These emotions then boil over when things aren't going well, or when they are going very well. Especially in this country footballers are rewarded fantastically for playing, not just in wages, but also in celebrity status in many ways. The plaudits when things are going well are endless with some even ending up with OBE's, Knighthoods etc... Football clubs may well be run as businesses, but to claim the sport is not an entertainment industry is pure bollocks. Bad clubs look at fans as customers. Good clubs look at fans as fans. We need to make sure we balance the books, but if all we are to the owners is a cash cow to squeeze then its time to pack up. As fans we pay very good money to watch and support the team. Whilst I don't agree with some of the level of abuse players get, I fully respect peoples right to air those views. Unless it becomes violent or libellous against the players, well honestly, they get the money and plaudits for when it goes well....
  12. Quigley signs!

    Or Kosylo's. 
  13. Main site

    Without wanting to sound harsh, yeah, that is a terrible article. That bad, the only reason I knew I wasn't reading the Couriers site was the lack of pop ups asking me to take a survey. 
  14. Transfers

    Poor Bernard. 
  15. Time Wasting in football.

    Yet the ball is only "in play" for around 18-20 mins in any one half, so if we were being truly correct in applying stoppages each half would have around 25 mins injury time each half and then probably injury time for that injury time etc.... Instead we add on a hypothetical 30 seconds per sub, regardless of if it takes 10 seconds or 2 minutes to make said sub. A ball can be punted to the top of an empty stand and we could wait 50 seconds for it to be returned yet that doesn't get added on. Its a very sloppy way of doing things yet its one that seems to be just accepted as is.