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  1. Managers contracts

    This is the worrying point for me. We have gone from being Part Time last season to Full Time this season and if you were to pick 5 players in this squad that you would say are the better ones they would probably be - Sam Johnson Matty Brown Matty Kosylo Ben Tomlinson Jacob Hanson. One of those 5 isn't our player, the other 4 were here before the manager. Our most creative and threatening player is still Kossy.  When we now have a team of full time professionals and a manager who has had a summer to recruit HIS players - and a manager we are told leaves no stone unturned and is on top of everything - the question to ask is, with a huge increase at the gate, is this team giving us value for money on last years? We are, I must point out, still in an acceptable position in the table, however, what creativity, flair or assets has this manager brought to the team?
  2. Managers contracts

    To a degree yes, but if we look at the managers appointed under this board - Jim Vince - Nothing on his CV to prove he was up to the task, although there were enough skeletons out there to say what a problem he was with Witton. Neil Aspin - Nothing on his CV to prove he was up to the task, however did get us back to the National, then was dismissed the first poor start to a season he had. Darren Kelly - Even less on his CV than nothing to prove he was up to the task and probably takes the record for worst Halifax manager EVER. Horrific from start to finish. Jim Harvey - Experienced at the level however probably a few years past his best. Took us down however oversaw a Wembley win.  Billy Heath - First one to have a CV worthy to justify the job. Got us a promotion, then went on a very bad run to be dismissed. Whilst getting us promoted, which is a success, we lost a lot of things like the scouting network and the football on offer wasn't the most entertaining. Jamie Fullarton - Nothing on his CV to prove he is up to the task. Kept us up but tactically looks poor, appears to have appalling man management and hardly anyone having departed the club has anything good to say about him.    I'd say Aspin was a good call and he did a superb job for us. Heath was also decent in getting us the promotion. The rest? Struggling. The common denominator there seems to be nothing of note to back up managerial ability, bar Heath really, if you consider that Harvey's time was almost like a different era due to how the scope of football quickly changes. The only one that had the CV to back it up, Heath, got us promoted at the first time of asking - yet it was like pulling teeth.   
  3. Passionless

    The one thing that I think is inexcusable is the lack of effort.  Theres a few in this side I don't feel are up to it, however as long as you see the effort for the most part you can excuse it a bit. Take Cliff Moyo. Not a very good footballer if we are being perfectly honest, but he would give you everything. He would put a shift in, work his bollocks off and knuckle down and take on any task that was asked of him. He would do it with a smile on his face and would always give his best. He often came up short but I simply can not knock him one bit as he was a team player, did his best and deserved the support.  I don't want to sound like I am banging the same drum all the time but compare someone like Moyo to the likes of Odelusi and its disgusting. To not even try is simply not acceptable. 
  4. Managers contracts

    No argument on that one. I can't recall who I had the convo with before Heath was signed as manager, but whoever it was we were both in agreement that maybe recruiting the manager should be a task given to someone else rather than Bossomworth.  It does feel like Mr B has more than once been pulled into a spiel by a manager and has let someone talk their way into the hot seat. Someone with more football savvy knowledge would hopefully be more inclined to look at actual past records rather than spin and words.
  5. Managers contracts

    Have you forgotten the relegation he got? With 6 games, 3 games and with 45 mins to go we were out of danger and fell back into it. Harvey had the chance to bring a couple of extra players in to get us over the line and declined saying he was happy with what he had. What he had wasn't good enough. 
  6. FA Cup Draw

    Lets hope for a big juicy carrot of a tie. It will hopefully help get a few extra bums on seats on Tuesday and hopefully fire the players up to notch it to at least a 2 out of 10 on the effort scale.  Draw someone naff like Slough or Torquay away and I can see this team simply not bothering. Again. 
  7. Dayle Southwell

    Theres something about Southwell that makes me think in the system you propose he will do well. A hell of a lot better than the current system anyway. On a strike front I think a Southwell/Preston duo is the only realistic partnership I could see working.  Might sound daft but since these superb tactical insights from JF are falling short, instead of reverting to doing the same thing each game, change it. Hell, even go back to playing 4-4-2, its so out of fashion now we will probably be the only ones using that formation, but if we can't do something more complicated, stick to the bloody basics - because at the moment we aren't even doing that. 
  8. Dayle Southwell

    The Odelusi saga is one of the strangest I can recall. From his very first appearance in Pre-Season he has looked awful and if anything he now looks to be getting worse over time rather than better. It's one of the most puzzling things that he keeps getting selected when we have the likes of King and McLeod on the bench who both, on their very limited playing time, look to be a lot better. I can't have been the only one to think McLeod was one of our better players in Pre-season and looked a good back up to Kossy. He's played less than 15 mins competitive football to my knowledge. I just don't understand it.  To make things even more odd we now have players playing out of position all over the team. I do agree that it is way too soon to be calling for the managers head yet however these calls are doing nothing to help keep those with the knifes out from sharpening them. If JF does end up getting the bullet in the next month or so then he only needs to look back at these odd team selections and his over reliance on players who have consistently failed to deliver in a system clearly not working to being a key factor as to why he is out of a job.
  9. Reece Styche

    I assumed it was common knowledge.
  10. Reece Styche

    Could be right, I know we have at least one house under use atm. 
  11. Reece Styche

    I think we have paid several fees for a few of the current players. Sellars for 10k being one off the top of my head. The other ‘cost’ for us I believe this year has also come from relocation costs which I understand the club have paid out for.
  12. Reece Styche

    3 in 7 against National League teams this season - can you name a town striker on our books that can match or better that? By no means is Denton a world beater but he is, in my opinion, better than what has replaced him. Well actually, play Southwell in his actual position and he isnt, but you get what I mean.
  13. Reece Styche

    Well they did recieve 75k from the sale of a striker our current manager released at the end of the season for not being good enough. 
  14. Lenighan

    Signed for two months with an option of a third. We are into the third month so its logical to assume that the contract has been extended for the third month, as Chesterfield was supposed to be the last game if it was not extended. Apparently. 
  15. James Berrett

    He’s ours, sadly.