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  1. New Signing

    We were interested in Middleton while he was at Doncaster as well, seems like Heath has wanted him for a while now. 
  2. Maidstone Thread

    No Johnson? 
  3. George Waring

    When him and Denton play up front together it will be immense.
  4. Boreham Wood Thread

    We actually play as a team, shouldn't be too difficult without him but he's been very good this season.
  5. Boreham Wood Thread

    He wasn't even getting that much stick this season up until today, bizarre.  
  6. Boreham Wood Thread

    Denton red card
  7. Boreham Wood Thread

    I'm presuming it's a 442 with McManus and Kozzy on the wings
  8. Embarrassing England

    Sterling is immense when playing under Guardiola, shows a lot about Southgate when he ruins Sterling's form every international break. 
  9. MOM

    http://www.theshaymen.net/ipb/index.php?/topic/18334-retained-list/ still wish we released Kozzy and MacDonald?
  10. Bromley Thread

    Updated Stats for the season. Top Goalscorers Tom Denton 5 Matty Kosylo 5 Adam Morgan 3 Matty Brown 2 Top Assist Makers Connor Oliver 4 Josh MacDonald 2 Kosylo 2 Hotte 2 Denton 1 Johnson 1 Morgan (Won a penalty)  
  11. Midfield

    Oliver has 4 assists this season. While he might be frustrating at times, there's no doubt he can put in a very good delivery .
  12. Dagenham match thread

    I'm fairly sure these are updated statistics for the season so far. Top Goalscorers Tom Denton 4 Matty Kosylo 4 Adam Morgan 3 Matty Brown 2 Top Assist Makers Connor Oliver 4 Josh MacDonald 2 Denton 1 Kosylo 1 Hotte 1 Johnson 1 Morgan (Won a penalty)  
  13. Orient v Town match day thread.

    has anyone taken note of all assist makers from this season?
  14. Orient v Town match day thread.

    Heath is clueless and out of his depth...
  15. Heath sailing into uncharted waters

    I've been very impressed with MacDonald recently, I'd be surprised if Charles got a look in for the rest of his loan spell.