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  1. Carlisle match

    Johnson, Moyo, mcManus, Morgan, Brown, Garner, Kosylo, Hotte, Tomlinson, Oliver, MacDonald   Subs: Dixon, Nicholson, Riley, Lynch, King, Denton, Charles, Wilde, Hibbs, Barrows, Basic
  2. Dion Charles

    On the bench for the Carlisle game  
  3. Carlisle match

  4. Carlisle match

  5. Kevin Roberts

    The replacement doesn't exist at the moment 
  6. Kevin Roberts

    I'm sure Martin Bishop will force his way into the team.
  7. Kevin Roberts

    I doubt we'll even sign a replacement 
  8. Kevin Roberts

  9. Kevin Roberts

    what about your rumoured Roberts replacement?
  10. Kevin Roberts

    Or Bohan Dixon
  11. Kevin Roberts

    probably doesn't exist
  12. Rochdale

    FC Halifax Town have announced the signing of Ben Tomlinson ahead of the friendly against Rochdale this evening.
  13. Jake Hibbs

    The team were getting results without Morgan in the team, it certainly wasn't Heath trying to bully him by excluding him from the starting XI. 
  14. Alfreton

    1-0 Alfreton 
  15. Alfreton

    " Play stopped as Sam Johnson goes to ground with ball at other side of pitch "