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  1. Kidderminster Harriers 0-2 The Champions

    66/1. Incredible. Still beggars belief that the club managed to **** everything up within days/weeks.

    Makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Hanson's second goal was probably my favourite memory of that season. The joy and relief that came pouring out of everyone at the Skircoat had to be seen to be believed. And who remembered it was snowing that day? Not me for sure.

    The brass neck of Mulhall bringing Hanson on for Stoneman... what a good do!
  4. 21/03/98 THE RUSHDEN GAME

    I remember being charged 8 quid something for 2 bottles of Bud at the bar under the terrace at half time. Losing 4-0 just added insult to injury!
  5. 21/03/98 THE RUSHDEN GAME

    Gotta love Jack Haymer, "he was that quick to blow his whistle for a free kick against Town, he went and pulled a muscle." What a guy.  Absolutely battered Rushden and the scoreline flattered them. Still, they arsed us 4-0 down in Irthlingborough (spelling?) so honours even I suppose.  Great times, will never be repeated. Even if Halifax Town go on and win the Champions League, it'll not match 97/98 for those lucky enough to have witnessed it. 

    I could make a fortune selling razor blades to some of you lot. Judging a guy solely on a 3 wins in 12 managerial career is a joke given the circumstances those games were played under. This is the trouble with Halifax Town, too many fans who just to like to bitch and moan no matter what. They could have appointed Alex Ferguson and some wouldn't have been happy with his success rate in the Champions League.
  7. I suspect you're all using Microsoft Edge which changed how the text cursor responds to various key combinations in a recent update. It happened last year also and was corrected after a few weeks.
  8. Manager Appointment

    Not sure Trev could do any worse. From top of the league to relegation scrap in 3 months. Hell, even I could have achieved that.
  9. Here's what we're up against!

    First of all, how does whoever produced this video have any idea what any player is paid? They quote 'the same source' which suggests they're relying on an agent, who can't possibly know what all Conference players are paid, or otherwise someone at the FA and/or Conference who's breaking Data Protection laws. Secondly, did Town pay the highest wages in 97/98? Did Leicester last year? No, of course not. Having the highest wage bill doesn't mean you have the best players nor the best chance to succeed. Stop making excuses.
  10. Halifax Town FC 2003/2008 CVAs

    Yes, I forgot about Darlington. Almost a carbon copy of Town. However, the rest of your post goes on to prove how things are only going to get tougher for clubs like Halifax who refuse to speculate even a little.
  11. Coronation Street

    Which makes £45k what exactly? How about the £900 or so he promised to pay the Trust for legal fees incurred on his behalf? Did that ever happen? Deep pockets, short arms I suppose. I notice that the 2008 club's final accounts show third party contributions of around £130k - far short of the £400k some keep claiming. Of this, £34k was specifically promised to fund the appeal against expulsion from the Conference, and £90k ended up being spent on fees and costs relating to the administration, which the consortium themselves were responsible for. Suddenly their contributions to the old club don't seem so generous do they?
  12. Halifax Town FC 2003/2008 CVAs

    How many Conference clubs have gone to the wall since Halifax Town? None. In a decade. To my knowledge, only Slough Town went tits up in recent times (1998 I think). That's two clubs in two decades. How many decades do you propose it will take before things will even out? For the record, O'Hara wasn't side-lined by the consortium - he was the administrator in 2003 and was involved in 2008 only insofar as dealing with the 2003 CVA. Begbies Traynor were appointed administrators in March 2008, and liquidators in March 2009. Nobody else was ever involved in the 2008 period of administration.
  13. Halifax Town FC 2003/2008 CVAs

    Other than the FA Trophy final, which was more of an excuse to meet up with old mates than anything, I haven't been to a Town game since 2011 or thereabouts. I haven't had a season ticket since 2008-09. I haven't lived in the UK for years. That's why I don't comment on managers, players or tactics. Well I do on very rare occasions when I happen to catch a game on the radio or TV. 
  14. Coronation Street

    By the way, Jim Brown was a successful businessman. As was Geoff Ralph. Bob Walker was richer than the current BoD. Look at the mess they all made. Being rich, being self made, is no guarantee of anything. If that's all you care about when considering someone's suitability, consider that the BoD will not be the richest or most successful people in the stadium on a matchday. 
  15. Halifax Town FC 2003/2008 CVAs

    Evidence of what? As Gavin already pointed out, the documents (most of them anyway) are available on the Companies House website.