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  1. Anyone for pool

    My old pool team are looking for a new player or two for the Monday night pool league. Great bunch of lads, always had a great night, lots of laughs. If you don't take yourself too seriously and enjoy a drink and a bit of banter, like to visit different pubs and clubs, etc. swing by the Siddal Cricket Club on a Monday after 7.30 and introduce yourself. New season starts in a few weeks but call in before then.  You won't regret it
  2. Embarrassing England

    You don't know what the **** you're talking about Trev. The Spanish love the EU, there are EU flags everywhere - the EU basically rebuilt the country when it reverted to a monarchy and re-joined the civilised world. They were net beneficiaries of EU funds for many years and are very proud to have turned things around to become net contributors in recent times, helping other nations. The lack of youth employment in Spain is an issue, but they can - and do - travel across Europe to find work. There are loads in Halifax which probably annoys you. They've always done this have the Spanish, my wife's family came to Belgium legally back in the 70s, alongside a massive illegal Spanish migrant population. The Spanish have always travelled for work, only now they can it legally. Same as the British went across Europe in the 70s and 80s for work. The Greeks are more anti-German than anti-EU. The country is back from the brink of being a banana republic, it bullshitted its way into the Eurozone believing it was the promised land, bullshit and 'financial massaging' courtesy of a British firm btw, and then collapsed when it couldn't support it's corrupt and publicly-financed economy as the Euro grew in relative strength.
  3. Embarrassing England

    Oh? Has the EU annexed territories of 3 other countries since 1991? Sent unmarked troops into neighbouring countries and denied their existence? Forced a referendum, made up the result and then had the President laughingly admit everything in a TV interview? Has the EU fought covert wars and ripped up international treaties during the last 5 years? Ignored their international obligations as a permanent member of the UN Security Council by not accepting sanctions they themselves voted in favour of adopting? Perhaps its the widespread homophobia, summary executions and tolerated private militias that makes the EU so much like the Nazis? Maybe it's the state-sponsored Nazi-inspired propaganda machine you're thinking of? Or the intelligence-protected football hooligan gangs? The proxy wars being fought in at least 6 other nations? The lack of international humanitarian relief and a willingness to use private citizens as cannon fodder just to score points against the USA? Or maybe it's just the general lack of independence in the judiciary, elections authorities and police? That nasty EU. Naughty EU. Bad EU. Off to bed with no supper. And I don't know why you go on about me being on the 'gravy train' just because I live in Brussels. If you think my wife or myself is incapable of earning a living should the EU collapse and burn overnight, you are sadly mistaken.  
  4. Embarrassing England

    By that logic, Jews could never be accused of committing genocide. I think it's perfectly reasonable to accuse Russia of Nazi-like behaviour over the past couple of decades, and we - as in, our governments - keep turning a blind eye. Russia being awarded the honour of hosting a World Cup is ridiculous.
  5. Embarrassing England

    ****ing disgrace that the WC is being held in Nazi Russia and I for one won't be watching, guaranteed. Same goes for barbaric Qatar. England could win both of them and I wouldn't give a toss. Sooner we stop rewarding these backward places with prestige international tournaments the better.
  6. Civic Pride

    I never even mentioned LA. And to be fair, neither did I mention that Bradford had areas where the police don't go (though I suspect there are plenty areas where they don't attend solo, just as there are some areas in Halifax where the police don't go solo). It is true that my knowledge of Bradford city centre is a good 7-8 years out of date so it may have improved.
  7. Civic Pride

    I didn't say it was like LA. I said there were no go areas. I'm not certain but I think the advice originated from the police, there had been an incident with a colleague, someone I didn't know, outside the back entrance to the bus station - the one near the door to our work - and she'd been assaulted by people who knew they worked at the tax office. The tax office there was (and as far as I know, still is) anonymous, and you wouldn't guess there were 100s of civil servants working there.
  8. Civic Pride

    The town centre after about 7pm for one, certainly if you're alone. Worked there for years, and even though the bus station had bouncers and uniformed security on an evening, we were officially told to avoid it if at all possible - by the government (tax office)! If you dared venture into the centre on an evening, you had to dodge the pissed-up louts, the massive groups of Asian lads looking to force a deal on you, prostitutes propositioning you as you walked from bar to bar, etc. Real classy place is Bradford. I had colleagues who lived in Great Horton, Manningham and Clayton Heights, and all they ever did was trade horror stories about what went on in their area. I lived for years in Queensbury, supposedly one of the nicest parts of Bradford. The youth up there were more feral than anything I ever knew as a lad on Siddal. At one point there was a plague of hit and runs, drug rivalries spiralling out of control, leading to petrol bombs through pub windows, stabbings and all sorts. It always seemed like dusk changed Queensbury into a completely different place.
  9. Civic Pride

    13 years in Britain-loving Malta if I'm not mistaken! Which has to be the single-most boring country I've ever been to - and that's saying something given I live in Belgium! Incidentally, the EU flag is everywhere in Malta because the EU has diverted cohesion funds to hundreds of projects on the islands, including the few major roads which were previously left to crumble due to lack of money. The rest of the road system remains that way, allowing people to experience what driving through the aftermath of a war zone must be like. Without net contributors like the UK, France and the handful of others, Malta would still be trapped in the 50s. In fact, to the naked eye, it appears most of it still is.
  10. Civic Pride

    They will argue that funding for capital projects comes from a different budget, but that's basically saying "sorry, that figure's in a different Excel column." It can't be beyond the realms of possibility to spend capital funding on more pressing local concerns. People will say I'm a socialist for suggesting that the Tory hobby of privatising absolutely everything is just plain wrong, but I believe introducing profit margins at every level of service provision goes a long way to explaining why services are being cut across the board due to unaffordability. Add in central funding cuts and it's a thoroughly toxic situation where even a well-run council would struggle, never mind a badly run one like Calderdale. It's okay saying that private companies drive down costs, of course they do, by paying less (meaning less money going to local economy), providing less service, and where it remains available, a far worse service. The end result is often an indirect increase in burden on other public services.
  11. resignations

    Didn't Steele act as Co Sec and sit on the board? On face value it seems a reasonable appointment, though I view legal people with more suspicion than 12-year old girls with moustaches.
  12. Civic Pride

    Perhaps so, but would the UK government spend that cash where it's been allocated by the EU? Liverpool? Hull? Manchester? Halifax? Etc. Doubtful, they never did previously.
  13. Civic Pride

    All this talk about the Piece Hall now being something unique for Halifax to be proud of, I'm pretty sure it was unique before they threw £20m at it. That insane amount of cash was only necessarily injected because successive councils have failed to provide the funding to maintain it over the years. It has been criminally neglected over the last couple of decades especially, during which time many of the current shower of shite (=councillors) were in situ. When I was a kid the Piece Hall was a tourist attraction, a centre of arts, and home to a thriving traditional market and lots of unique businesses. It's pretty amazing that we're celebrating the return of all this for the bargain price of £20m. And while I'm at it, Halifax is and likely always will be a **** hole. There are areas of Calderdale where I wouldn't wish to see a strange dog loose on an evening, and the town centre itself is an abomination. There are some great areas and some not-to-be-missed sights, but it is a typical run-down former mill town that's been ignored by government for far too long. There are generations of local people lost to squalor and poverty who have no idea of the world beyond their local bus route. Sure, this environment has bred some pretty fantastic people, but the town is also home to more than its fair share of skanks, criminals and dipshits who wouldn't look out of place in Royston Vasey. Take a good look at Bradford, with its no-go areas, '20s-style depravation and costly town-centre open sewer, because that's exactly where Halifax is headed. And the more the council wastes on vanity projects and on correcting their own mistakes, the faster it'll happen. What's the latest? Purpose built council offices - Northgate House - declared unfit for purpose. Yet somehow the council has fortuitously stumbled upon the fact that they're absolutely perfect for a place of higher education. Now, either the council is lying - surely not - or this is one hell of a coincidence after what seems like 20-odd consecutive years of news reports about the council wanting to shift themselves from the building. Rather than 'make do' as we Yorkshirefolk are supposedly famous for, the council will prefer to spend a few million pounds of local peoples' hard-earned to build yet more purpose-built offices. After having spent a small fortune on reports, consultants and god knows what over the years trying to convince everyone that Northgate House simply won't do. And a couple of council employees will be rewarded handsomely for their career-spanning efforts to swap one set of offices for another, while schools around the district plead poverty and local roads are left in their worst state since pre-Roman times. And people will still vote for the self-important councillors who claim to be public-serving volunteers while somehow making a living from nothing but expenses payments.
  14. resignations

    Except most Town fans are banned from the Frocks forum.
  15. resignations

    (1) A genuine conservative party might be a good start. The Tories are conservative in name only, self-serving the lot of them. (2) Nobody. The Shay was built by football fans and it'll be there long after the Frocks frock off.