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  1. 25/09/1999 Town 5-2 Carlisle

    Funny, despite the score-line I remember leaving this game thinking we didn't look like a team. Seemed to me that there was a definite split in the camp.
  2. Fans

    Well, obviously. #clueless
  3. Gateshead prices

    Surely they're priced according to the local cost of living? Think they long ago accepted they would be a Conference club at best. 
  4. Fans

    The Shay always used to be a great place for singing, at least while I've been a fan. Even in the dark days in the Conference, crowds as low as 400, we always had a group of willing singers. The we turned the Skircoat Stand into all seater to suit the Blue Frocks' Super League requirements, and the singers were dispersed.  Talking about the stadium being too big now, it was deliberately designed for this capacity to suit the Blue Frocks' Super League requirements.  Beginning to see a theme here? The people complaining about the lack of matchday atmosphere are probably the same people demanding we sing Kumbaya with the Frocks. Bringing them to the Shay killed this club on many levels, but we're supposed to forget all that and invite them to screw us over again.  And if you don't agree with that, you're a luddite. 
  5. HRLFC

    Let's all sing Kumbaya together before asking the gods to forgive our sins against the mighty Frocks.  They're not honour-less scumbags after all, they're just misunderstood. 
  6. HRLFC

    Me not wanting Halifax Town to waste any further energy or cash in a one-sided collaboration with the Frocks makes me a luddite? Do you even know what luddite means? I understand there are those of you who follow both clubs, good on you, but let's not try and pretend the rugby club are in any way deserving of anything other than scorn and disdain from those of us who have no affiliation towards them. I could go through the post point by point and say what complete pie in the sky thinking it really is. In an ideal world, maybe, but any world that includes the Frocks is far from ideal.
  7. HRLFC

    Hahaha no.
  8. 19/09/1998 Hull City 1-2 Halifax Town

    @Bubba is this the game where you almost killed me on the way home? 
  9. For Sale - Football Club

    Perhaps in retaliation for what went on the previous time we went to Keys' Park. I'm more and more sure that things went on, with the police looking for certain Town fans who ended up stowing away on the official coach to get out of there.
  10. For Sale - Football Club

    Me too, remember the walk from the nearby pub up to the ground was hard work after a few beers. And everyone in the pub's beer garden being attacked by bees or wasps or whatever the hell they were. Didn't some Town people end up arrested after the game as well?
  11. Relegation form

    This policy of yours is really brightening the forum up. Keep it up. Regards the discussion, nobody at the club should be passing confidential information to anyone if they want it to stay confidential. That's common sense. What purpose does it serve except to inflate the egos of the two people involved? If that information then ends up on a public forum, both are equally to blame.
  12. DB interview in't Worrier

    Blasphemer! I thought you said I was God.
  13. HRLFC

    There are at least 12 steps in organised football, 140 distinct leagues tied to the national league system with almost 500 divisions. a total of over 7,000 teams from over 5,000 different clubs, all of which have a theoretical chance of reaching the highest professional league and the possibility of representing their village, town or city on an international stage. Halifax Town is in the top 116 of those 5,000 clubs. Relatively speaking, we are a big club. How does rugby league in England compare? I cba to check, but as a sport struggling to get any recognition outside its traditional M62-corridor home, I'd suggest poorly. Probably less than 100 clubs I'd wager.  
  14. HRLFC

    I've told you before, I'm not your type, I'm not inflatable. Please tell your trousers to stop pointing, it's not polite.  I'm supposed to think of the feelings of all those genuine supporters who sat back and willed Tony Abbott to steal the Shay from under their own beloved club, who kneeled down to swallow his bullshit as all around were warning what would, what did, happen. The same supporters who wanted Halifax Town kicked out of their ancestral home they agreed to share with the Frocks. Who celebrated the club going bust?  Yeah, like that's ever going to happen. And Col, of course, Australians know about rugby league. They haven't killed it off there yet. 
  15. HRLFC

    Very few people outside the 1,500 who go down the Shay give a crap about rugby league or Halifax RLFC. In all the years my mom and dad ran a pub in Siddal, I don't ever recall a buzz being created about anything to do with the club. And we hosted Siddal RLFC teams for many years, using our changing room facilities whenever they had two teams playing home at the same time. Nobody except my dad and a customer called Ralph gave a flying crap about the Frocks, and my dad hadn't seen a live game since I was a kid. Rugby league is pretty big in Siddal, 1,000s of locals have played for the club with many retaining a keen interest in their success. But football is by far the more popular sport. I don't even remember a rugby league game being shown in the pub though I'm sure it happened. In contrast, I vividly remember some of the early Sky football games pulling in massive numbers of people - my dad used to run promotions, half-time quizzes, etc. Football was fantastic for our trade until the later years when everyone and their dog had a Sky subscription. This is the thing I don't understand - if people who love the sport so much that they used to get up early on a Sunday morning to play it, who used to travel 100s of miles for away games, risking serious injury that could jeopardise their livelihoods, if they don't give a **** about Halifax RLFC, why the hell should I be expected to, just because it carries the name of my home town?