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  1. Denton

    Lee Power? The Clarke brothers?
  2. Online Courier

  3. Online Courier

    You're a little obsessed with me aren't you? I'm in England in April, if I get chance I'll pop down to Elland and buy a shed or two from you.
  4. Online Courier

    The Courier website loads shite from over 60 sources, at least half of which contains JavaScript or other run on load code. This is what's slowing everything down. Time to put it on permanent hiatus.
  5. Online Courier

    I keep my PC reasonably up-to-date and yet it always struggles to deal with the online Courier website. I tried to visit again today after a long self-imposed break and the same thing happened. I took a look at the source code and, well, have a look yourself. If you're using Microsoft Edge on a PC or a laptop, right-click on any blank area of this website and you'll see that each page pulls data and code from about 4 different sources. Most websites use about 10 to 15 sources. Now, with the debug window open, load the Evening Courier website. The list will be so full of sources that it won't even fit on your screen. What the hell are they playing at? How many people are they sharing my data with?
  6. Solihull Thread

    A good result but a season to forget. I don't think many would have complained about being midtable this season, but was it really necessary to have a couple of excellent months either side of possibly the bleakest 5-month period in the club's history? I hope JF has what it takes to keep this form going through to the end of the season and entice back some of the support he's lost recently. Contrary to what I expected he's earned his right to another season at the helm, and I doubt anyone's as surprised as I am. I'm still not convinced all of this season's issues were down to finances and it remains to be seen whether the loan signings have simply masked JF's earlier deficiencies. For Town's sake I hope not.
  7. Unanimous

    He might yet prove me wrong and if Halifax Town is the beneficiary, I hope he does. But I stand by everything I've said, the guy looked as clueless as any manager we've seen down the Shay over the years, and for long - LONG - periods too. We could all offer our blind unwavering support to every manager employed by the club, but that would be a bit boring wouldn't it? Not to mention a bit 1984-ish.
  8. Solihull Thread

    This is the where someone points out we have six loan players in the squad or something... Oh... 
  9. Poodles in for £10

    I don't understand why this offer seems so controversial. I also think it's a bit of a pointless offer in the grand scheme of things, but if it brings in a few hundred quid then great. The club has recently been very active with Calderdale youth which is exactly where it needs to concentrate its offers. In future I think the club needs a plan ahead of the season rather than doing things on an ad hoc basis. Buy both home and away shirts and get half price entry to our opening game. Buy a season ticket, both shirts and a commemorative mug, and get a second season ticket for a 25% off. Attend all our FA Cup and FA Trophy games, get a £20 discount on next season's season ticket. Attend every home game in November, bring a friend for free to our New Year's Day game. "Bring a parent day" - for every kid who attends, an adult gets in for half price. Make a thing of games staged on or around Hallowe'en, Yorkshire Day, Christmas, Easter, etc. If the club's doing badly like this season, such initiatives might help keep crowds a little higher than they would otherwise be, and if the club's doing well then they might actually help bring in a whole new crowd of supporters. It doesn't take a marketing genius to figure out where the dips usually are in a season, and to canvass the kind of offers other clubs push out to hold up and reward their support. It just takes a bit of time and effort. In cash terms, done sensibly, a season of planned offers/events can surely result in a net gain and perhaps even a few more long-term supporters.
  10. Shay Pitch

    Kumbaya my lord.
  11. Poodles in for £10

    Copying comments from social media, they're going to win the Pulitzer prize.
  12. Shay Pitch

    Ah there's a cut-off where debt suddenly doesn't matter? Funny how you don't apply that observation when talking about Town's historical debts. Sheer hypocrisy. Are you JGN1 in disguise?
  13. Macclesfield avoid winding up order

    Let's not even try then.... let's embrace permanent mediocrity like your rugby friends. I mean, why bother gunning for promotion if it opens up the possibility of relegation the following season? Better to be safe and simply tootle along wasting everyone's time fighting for mid-table obscurity. 
  14. Emley

    I never understood the whole Emley-Wakefield thing. How can a village side still be that village's team if they're playing 10 miles away. It would be like a team in Bradford being called Siddal FC.
  15. Shay Pitch

    Once upon a time there was an ambitious young rugby club, playing on a scrap of a ground in Exley, nothing more than a mud bath near to a one-time zoo. Club officials realised that in order to progress, they needed a much better ground to call home. They approached the council about using a former rubbish tip on the edge of town, a much more suitable location for a club with aspirations of representing the town in the Football League. The council agreed generous terms for the first few years, and club officials, players and supporters set about converting the place into a home to be proud of. For the next 77 years they remained the sole, faithful tenants. Apart from a short period in the 1980s, the club always paid its rent and fulfilled all related obligations such as paying rates, etc. In fact, the plucky rugby club showed their ambition by not only maintaining the facilities but by improving them whenever finances allowed. It wasn't particularly glamourous but it was home nonetheless, built by the club and paid for by the club. In 1997 circumstances presented themselves which would allow the rugby club to convert the Shay into a truly modern stadium. At the same time, the town's local football club, struggling under a heavy weight of hidden debt, saw an opportunity to solve all their problems. They petitioned the rugby club with a request to share the Shay, a controversial proposal given they had earlier refused to countenance allowing the rugby club to share their ancestral home, but they sweetened the deal by agreeing to help pay for the redevelopment of the stadium. Within a few weeks they had not only convinced rugby club officials to share their home, but also to be braver and bolder with their plans for the stadium, pushing against the boundaries of what both could collectively afford. The football club moved in, immediately changed the wallpaper and gave the stadium a new name. The rugby club tutted but concentrated on the redevelopment, keeping a careful log of what the football club would need to repay. Alas, when it came time to pay their share, the football club simply turned their pockets inside out and shrugged their shoulders. There was no cash. No promised pot of gold. There was, however, a giant comedy cheque which they used to pretend to pay, and happily the local newspaper obligingly took a picture to help make the local community believe the lie. The rugby club began to struggle to keep up with the mounting redevelopment costs and works eventually ground to a halt, but not before - in desperation - club officials had made some stupid decisions, cutting corners and choosing completely inappropriate contractors so that work could continue. It was a sad state of affairs that ultimately contributed to the club going bust. The football club wasted no time in telling the world that they alone would save the Shay. Within a few years, with the rugby club having reinvented itself against all odds, the football club decided to stop paying rent, inventing spurious excuse after spurious excuse to justify their actions. They used this mountain of debt as a bargaining chip when a southern spiv decided to try and buy the stadium from the council. Luckily - and thankfully - supporters of the rugby club spotted the rouse and managed to put a stop to it. Many supporters of the football club realise how badly their club had behaved since moving to the rugby club's ground in 1998. Many more think the sun shines out of the football club's arse, and that supporters of the rugby club are unreasonable for not wanting to hold hands and sing kumbaya. The football club sold their ancestral home and then tried to take the rugby club's from under them. They are a disgraceful nest of thieving, unscrupulous bastards. Wait. Stupid autocorrect. Swap the clubs around.