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  1. New Year's Day 1998

    New Year's Day and the new stand construction hadn't even been started. Crazy when you think about it. Yeah, I know the north stand turned out to be a sloppy job, but even completing a crap job of that size in this day and age so quickly is amazing. As I recall Gateshead played quite well in both games against us, and still went on to be relegated. Drawing 2:2 up at the International Stadium before Christmas, in and amongst a run of comparatively poor form, caused quite a few jitters. I think this 2:0 win calmed a few nerves, as scrappy as it was.
  2. Town 4-0 Stevenage

    Wow, I used to love that amber kit but it looks terrible here!
  3. Halifax Town 3-1 Yeovil Town

    Great memories, I think this result was the one that actually allowed people to dare to dream. Top of the league coming from a goal down as well. I don't think the atmosphere in the Skircoat during 97/98 will ever be surpassed at the Shay.
  4. The Hamster

    Says who? Accounts for this season aren't due for ages yet, and with abridged accounts it's impossible to drill down into the detail in any case.
  5. The 97/98 season

    Jim Brown once offered to buy me a drink at a preseason friendly against Ripon. How I didn't burst into flames I'll never know. 
  6. The 97/98 season

    Again, despite all that he did or did not do, it wasn't him that closed the book on 97 years of history.
  7. The Hamster

    What are you trying to say? That if you're not a fan of the current board of directors that must mean you're a fan of Jim Brown? 
  8. The 97/98 season

    To what end? I'm not disagreeing with your statement that most people were anti-Brown. 
  9. The 97/98 season

    A fine achievement, in my opinion not worth closing the book on the former club. It was created by people from Halifax who went on to turn a council tip into a football stadium. It was kept afloat by generations of businessmen and supporters from Halifax. Almost a century of time, effort and money yet deemed unworthy by people who didn't even want the fans to know who they were. 
  10. The 97/98 season

    As it happens, I received quite a few anonymous messages and even a couple of menacing phone calls when ShaymenOnline headed the campaign to get Brown out of the club, all in support of Brown. And we ended up with Bob Walker who was only marginally better, though nice enough on a personal level. Incidentally,  I received a few calls about Bobby Ham when I was involved with the whole Plan B thing too, mostly telling me how important it was to keep him away from the club. Turns out the sky didn't fall after all. 
  11. The 97/98 season

    My memory is hazy but I don't think he was the CEO, at least not officially. I seen to recall everyone involved was connected to him in some way, though.
  12. The Hamster

    Are the current BoD not fans? 
  13. The 97/98 season

    I'm not going into it again. History is written by the victors, after all. A decade on having secured a clean slate, and only a trestle table and a FA Trophy win to show for it. Plenty people liked Jim Brown, particularly some of those who worked with him down the Shay. 
  14. The 97/98 season

    The legacy issues were not insurmountable despite what some people would have you believe. Jim Brown was like Marmite, people either hated him or loved him, and I hated him. But even he didn't allow the club to die. 
  15. The 97/98 season

    Proper football, fantastic atmospheres and occasions, players who wore their hearts on their sleeves, unbelievable times, brought so many old fans back to the club and many new ones along with them, with everyone pulling in the same direction on and off the pitch. People say a fan-run club won't work at Halifax, and sadly I agree now, but it could have worked and 97/98 is proof - the board were all fans. The video was great, Pinfield and Jack Haymer (RIP). What a belting season. I'd love to go back and re-live it. As Icke's Lizard said, what a time to be alive. It might only have been the Conference but it was a club re-born after everything that had gone on. The current BoD pished it all away when they swung the axe, to borrow a phrase from another thread, and no amount of promotion-winning campaigns from tin-pot leagues will ever surpass what Mulhall, O'Regan, Stockwell and everyone else achieved. It was up there with what Leicester did in my opinion, it was certainly as unexpected. Lest we forget, the Shay gained two new sets of terracing as well.