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  1. Fan Brazilian here

    Accounting for monies spent and monies received from transfers over the last 5 seasons, City have spent in excess of £560m. But its not like Watford haven't spent, racking up a net spend of £115m over the same period.  This season's biggest net spenders were Chelsea at £133m, closely followed by Liverpool and..... Fulham, West Ham and Wolves. It takes much more than cash to win though of course it helps. But if clubs were ranked by how much they spent each season, City would have finished 6th bottom, Fulham would have qualified for the Champions League and Spurs would have been relegated. 
  2. Since 1993, 26 years, though feels a lot longer.
  3. pre season friendlies

    Ideally we should be looking to play clubs that have been promoted. This means - hopefully - that players and fans will be up for it and, in the case of fans, they travel in numbers. Higher league clubs at home and lower league clubs away.
  4. Budgets, misery and silence?

    I read that to mean that the playing budget is set, but if season ticket sales exceed expectations, then it may be increased.
  5. Budgets, misery and silence?

    I actually thought it was a quite positive interview. He understands - thankfully - that more season ticket sales doesn't necessarily translate into increased income unless some of them are sold to new supporters. I get the feeling that next season's budget is a gamble, and he knows it, but that he doesn't want to stress it too much because he's trying to remain positive, and also probably because the club has enough reserves to cope with the gamble failing. Outgoings are expected to be the same - no increase in budget/facilities/routine/etc. - but income is up in the air. In particular I like that the club has done several scenarios of how the season ticket offer plays out, and that clearly the worst case scenario didn't put them off giving it a go.
  6. Leeds

    Dirty Leeds, hope they miss out to the dodgiest of dodgy referee decision(s).
  7. Commercial activities at the shay

    Everything costs more to run in the public sector. It takes at least four people to authorise, source, order and accept delivery of a new biro.
  8. Commercial activities at the shay

    The annual loss is peanuts considering the value to the community. The clubs and other ancillary businesses bring employment and visitors to the town, which is a value often not considered by accountants, but even given that, what was the loss last year, about £40k? It's a lot of money don't get me wrong, but compared to the money wasted by the Council it's nothing. I'm convinced the Shay could be self-sufficient if the right people were running it. As for the club, I'm sure there are things they could do to earn extra cash on a matchday.
  9. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    Just managed to sit down and read this after picking it up last week. Just astonishing what Hanson did. What he and those soldiers faced is beyond our comprehension. Thanks for letting us know about this.
  10. Football & politics what a joke

    But most MPs don't ever get to interact with the PM outside of PMQs. Whether they use that time and opportunity to raise a serious issue or a smile is their prerogative, and a matter for their constituents imo. I watch PMQs most weeks and don't ever remember local MPs trying to do either.
  11. Thinking Back - Thanks

    A lot of Downsbroughs in Siddal, often wondered if they were related to the Town footballer.
  12. Football & politics what a joke

    I don't see a problem with it to be honest. It's a local MP talking about their constituency, which is one of the reasons we still have a constituency system rather than proportional representation. Talking about Fylde or Liverpool is the same thing for the relevant MPs. I watch many hours of BBC Parliament every week and the debates outside PMQs are, almost without exception, serious, sincere and without the frivolity you see during PMQs. I generally don't like MPs because many are self-serving careerist elites, but the day to day stuff proves that Parliament as an institution still works, or at least it would were it not for Brexit currently making it impotent.
  13. Notts

    Don't Notts hold some sort of football league record, like oldest league ground in continual use or something like that? Wonder who holds the record now? 
  14. The Shay & The council

    And you need to kiss my arse! Cheeky ****! In the two decades since they moved to the Shay, have they demonstrated any reason to trust them? If it comes to that, have the council?  You might be prepared to give the Frocks another chance but don't expect everyone to be so stupid. 
  15. The Shay & The council

    They should put town houses up on the west side,with an access road either underneath or behind. Plenty such developments here in Belgium built on land suitable for little else. I just don't see how shops or a hotel will work with so little parking nearby, unless it involves the bus garage land I suppose.