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  1. Director Resignation

    Me too, Welling in 93 or something. My first five years saw Town playing against Runcorn, Bamber Bridge and a whole host of shite clubs. And we weren't even winning. A 'good' thing about restarting is that you're playing against village teams and actually, in theory at least, soundly beating them. I don't advocate going bust, it just doesn't hold the fear that it used to. Got the t-shirt already.
  2. Director Resignation

    Conjecture but you may be right. I actually think there couldn't be anything worse than planning to bob along at this level. That's not what football is supposed to be about. Look what happened in the 80s with Town constantly struggling to keep off the foot of the table. People lose interest. And once lost, it's not always easy to bring as supporter back.
  3. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    Probably Gav if he's taken to wearing lashes.
  4. Director Resignation

    You're right they didn't splurge and that's definitely an improvement on previous BoDs. But an argument could be made that they could have used it better in an attempt to get at the Football League's riches (extra £1m+ guaranteed every season, not to be sniffed at) - that the cash had instead been spread so thinly across so many years that it didn't have much of any impact at all. The last BoD struggled to manage the situation left by the BoD before them, and they the one before them, etc. When you spend your first day fighting a fire it's difficult to sit down and really plan for the future. This BoD couldn't stomach that kind of fight and engineered themselves a new beginning - yet seem to be headed into the same kind of battle nonetheless. I'm afraid that does say something about competence, or lack of. I suspect this BoD will jump ship before having to make such difficult decisions. The bottom line is that the windfalls from the cup games, TV appearances and transfers have allowed this BoD to keep the club going with a larger budget than they otherwise would have been able to. Had that cash not been there, we may still be in the Conference North. Or worse. We have no way to know. One thing's for sure, if this BoD is only capable of funding a mid-table/relegation battle position in the Conference National, pending any further windfalls which might make things a little easier, I'm not sure we have all that much to lose by bringing a cowboy in, that's all I'm saying. We've seen the club die and yet here we still are at 'our level'.
  5. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    Resign Bubba. I've just about had enough of you.
  6. Director Resignation

    We are back where we were when this BoD took over - in more ways than one. It would seem they've hit the same ceiling, and the windfalls earned over the last decade are helping to disguise what would otherwise be a loss-making annual budget. This cash will run out eventually. Those windfalls aside, I'm not sure I see much more economic competence than previous BoDs have shown. They even managed to make a loss in the pub leagues. Previous Directors had to choose between the club folding or not paying the bills. This BoD has the cushion of those cup, TV and transfer windfalls but the time will soon come when they'll have a similar choice to make. Or, more likely, they'll walk before that's necessary. The only other options are to cut our cloth accordingly or find more money from somewhere. I still think this BoD have criminally neglected many important income-generating streams over the years. The club shop, the Trust, the centenary, the FA Trophy final, etc. Then their continuing failure to entice the next generation of supporters down, something that's finally changed this last couple of seasons. Previous BoDs have made serious errors of judgement, the biggest in recent times being the agreement to push for a bigger redevelopment than was necessary for the sake of Fax. But so have this BoD and some of those errors are about to come home to roost I feel.   Difficult decisions lie ahead.
  7. Director Resignation

    Worst case is having to start again in Northern Premier North? To hear some people talk, the last decade has been a magical almost mythical time to be a Town fan. Given the club is apparently headed for rockier times, would repeating it really be so bad? I'm not arguing for the sake of it, just trying to draw a conclusion. 
  8. Rubbish Thread - Are There Any normal

    Did Trev upload his booty call pics again?
  9. Director Resignation

    I both agree and disagree. I don't think the BoD have any right to expect anything other than a transactional arrangement as you outline, because that's what they sought and engendered. However, as we've discussed many times over the years, the relationship between supporter and football club should be more than that, and it's actually pretty sad that - for many - that kind of relationship doesn't exist at the moment. And, I'd like to point out, private businesses like Sainsbury's do spend their own money to improve their position. Whether that's from loans, share issues or new/direct investment from the owners, not all of a business's (grammar?) income comes directly from its customers.
  10. Still interviewing today

    Ikea meatballs are the tastiest and easiest way to get your daily intake of horseshit, that's for sure.
  11. Director Resignation

    They wanted to run the club? What you're saying is that it's perfectly reasonable for them to expect to spend our money, but not reasonable for us to expect them to spend their own? The supporters supply the money and the BoD make the decisions. Fair enough if you think that's equitable or in some way necessary, but suggesting the BoD spend some of their own money isn't as unethical or as extraordinary as you sound.
  12. Director Resignation

    They're spending ours, no?
  13. Director Resignation

    I suspect he's put a fair bit more in than the accounts show. In sponsorship alone he must be at six figures easily. 
  14. Still interviewing today

  15. Still interviewing today

    Hey if you of a better place to discuss problems in the bedroom, I'd love to hear it.