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  1. Barrow

    I wonder about this. Have only seen one game this season so I'll defer to you and others who have been a lot more regularly, but isn't it possible that the team is set up too defensively, resulting in a solid-looking defensive effort but also resulting in a lack of shots on goal and general attacking threat? Moving towards a more attacking posture in search of points could also result in a worse defensive record too, with more players pushing forward and less supporting the defence? I dunno, just a thought.
  2. Barrow

    Then why start so bloody many?
  3. Lee Gregory

    Aye, only chance would be if a Premiership relegation candidate were desperate enough.
  4. Barrow

  5. Barrow

    He says in a post that is clearly copied/pasted from another application Did someone at the club email you with what to say?
  6. Moderators.

    The forum software hasn't changed so if this is new, or increasing in regularity, this points to it being a local issue with the browsers you use. The only way it can be related to how you connect to the internet is if your provider is caching the contents of forms you submit, which would be highly irregular and probably illegal. If, having posted a reply, there is immediately something in the reply box, this would appear to be an issue with your browser.  Usually, when the reply box is already populated with something it's because you started and then abandoned a reply within that thread. The forum software stores this in case you wish to return to it later.
  7. Barrow

    Steve received 3 points years ago when I was mod. It must have been accompanied by a severe thrashing if it's still being talked about. Jesus. The forum has since returned to its 'no rules' state that Gav prefers. As Gav is the one paying to keep the lights on, it's his call.
  8. Barrow

    Aimed at me I guess. I abhor bullies, which is precisely why I counter as much bullshit of yours as I cba with. You call someone a moron, then a couple of days later bleat like a 2 year old kid and claim it was they who called it you. You spent months last season going on about naff all else except how bad Heath was, yet now you refuse to hear a bad word against the current manager and demand 100% allegiance to the club/manager/miscellaneous wife beaters employed by the club, else we have to suffer your wrath/insults/pram wobbles. You are so tediously hypocritical that you've become amusing. You even claimed above that I had somehow let your identity out of the bag. I'd love to know how. Aaaaaaaannd pram wobble in 3, 2, 1...
  9. Barrow

    Here you go again, I've never once called you a wind-up merchant, but that's something you've thrown around at others, including me. Maybe you're schizophrenic but I don't see why that should be our problem. I commented on the thread because you tried to take the moral high ground which is ridiculous considering your behaviour towards other users over the last few weeks. You call people hypocrites but there's no bigger hypocrite here than you.
  10. Barrow

    What the **** do you mean by 'the likes of him'? You cheeky ****. Where did the pint thing come from in any case? Is this another wet dream of yours or did I arrange something the last time I was pissed? Bitter? I'm not bitter, you're just boring, uninteresting and clearly deluded. Perhaps it's time to add me to your ignore list like you supposedly did weeks ago?
  11. Barrow

  12. 18th Jan 1969 - Bradford City vs Halifax Town

    Using Wikipedia to 'prove' anything is a bit silly. The only time this should be attempted is if you need to win an argument with your better half, and you have a chance to sneakily edit the 'truth' into the article first.
  13. Barrow

    Who's stupid enough to make concealed digs at the BoD/Bossomworth? Besides, Chadders occasionally does use veiled digs at other users so someone jumping to that conclusion can be forgiven.
  14. Barrow

    A good point in isolation, local commentary made it sound like Town were on top.
  15. Online depression

    A light-hearted welcome for the incoming Chancellor, turned into political points by an inexperienced Osborne, with the British press loving it. The UK's been in debt since at least WWII, only three times has a British government overseen an annual surplus since the war, all of them Labour, and two of them with Gordon Brown as Chancellor. Labour spent heavily in its last couple of years bailing out the banks. Something the Tories supported in a Commons vote and are thus just as culpable for. Osborne later stated he would have gone further and spent more. I understand that Blair's Labour fell out of favour after the Iraq War, and Brown was a pillock for selling off the gold reserves, but that government did a lot right for the country, including bringing us into the modern world regards government treatment of minorities and the disabled, and they invested heavily in public services like the NHS (whose budget had near doubled under their watch). They also sorted out the Hillsborough debacle which is just unfolding before us right now. I will always criticise Blair's Labour for taking up the Tories' PFI initiative and abusing it, but the current lot have hardly shown any desire to reign in that hidden spending have they, they just don't call it PFI any more.