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  1. Gareth Seddon's new ad

    Is walking like a **** part of his image? Or was that specially for the video?
  2. Dover and Morecambe match offer.

    Adult: https://www.fchtshop.com/match-bundle-ticket---adults-1350-p.asp 65+: https://www.fchtshop.com/match-bundle-ticket-65--over-1351-p.asp
  3. Live on TV....

    Don't Wimbledon usually get picked for TV?
  4. Tonight’s draw

    Our Board's nightmare draw - they'll have to be *nice* to supporters who have been elected by other supporters to run their club. Regards Kingsmeadow, it was Chelsea who kicked Kingstonian out after they bought the stadium from AFC Wimbledon.
  5. Best Game you ever saw !!

    Some of you showing your age now. I realise Town have had a history more full of downs than ups, but those occasional ups must remain so memorable thanks to how little they came along. I'd love to see Town back in the Football League just to see those times back. I'd much rather the club struggled in League Two than see us bobbling along at the top of Conference North. A memorable win over Huddersfield Town or a solid victory over Spennymoor United. No contest. 
  6. Lenighan leaving Town.

    That's the only thing you seem to deal in so I'll bow to your experience. 
  7. Lenighan leaving Town.

    David Cameron was in politics his entire life and was a definite fraud.
  8. The future of HTST

    Indeed it was the administrators. Acting on behalf of 'the consortium' one presumes, given the whole charade was orchestrated by them. Richard Harrison, don't know a lot about him if I'm honest, but I do recall he said at that meeting that the supporters would need such a lot of cash to even launch a club, that it simply wouldn't be possible. When asked how much cash, he took an age to think of an answer and then blurted out something ridiculous like £40k, said in such a manner as though he'd just betrayed the meaning of life! The fact that the Trust had sent more than £100k in the direction of the club and/or the administrator during the previous 12 months didn't seem to register with him. The BoD were still hesitating right to the death and only decided to push ahead when the Unibond issued a 4pm ultimatum (and they acted only in the last hour). People forget this, had they chosen that late stage to walk away, Plan B was all we were left with. 
  9. The future of HTST

    The absolute worst thing was being barred from doing any kind of sponsorship - the season before they/the club begged the Trust to sponsor match after match, with them being unable or unwilling to find anyone else. The Trust also kept paying the CVA payments at their request (at 5k per go). But, even though they themselves told the Evening Courier that it was now up to the supporters to re-launch the club (this, after they fubar'd with their second CVA plan), they still froze the Trust out for doing everything exactly as they asked. Bossomworth may come across as a decent bloke, but he's a two-faced, honourless **** for saying one thing and doing another, not just once either, and no-one will ever convince me otherwise. Like most folk with a fair wedge, I suppose.
  10. Lenighan leaving Town.

    Damage already done, both to Halifax Town and JF's career.
  11. Best Game you ever saw !!

    If only for the atmosphere, this one for me too, with Morecambe away a close second. Most away games that season were special.
  12. The future of HTST

    From the 2009 AGM report: Building a winning team is of course the job of the manager and I am sure everyone wishes Neil Aspin the best of luck. Success off the field is a responsibility shared by us all – from boardroom level down to the supporters on the terraces – and it is essential that we all unite as one. The clubs owners do continue to let themselves down badly in this regard. Their continued show of ignorance towards the Trust leaves a bitter taste not only in the mouths of those on the Society Board but also many of our members. We are not different from the other supporters of the club; we want exactly the same thing – success. Yet we continue to hit a brick wall when it comes to communicating with the clubs owners. Earlier in the summer we were told that our help in organising the Open Day was not welcome even though we had absolutely no interest in taking any share of the profits. Our four-figure sum offer for a page in the matchday was rejected and to top it off, we have been banned from doing any form of sponsorship with the club. It simply contradicts the owners’ continued appeal for everyone to work together. Inexcusably Mr Bosomworth has done his best to retain a divide which has existed from last summer by reneging on a number of promises and attempting to push the HTST out of sight, and out of mind. Whilst the Chairman and his fellow directors see no place for the Trust at FC Halifax Town, this is of course not their decision to make. The football club is an institution made up of the local community so whilst they may own, control and even dictate what happens to FC Halifax Town as a company, they do not and won’t ever be able to control FC Halifax Town as an institution. HTST will exist much longer than their ownership of the town’s football club. As an organisation we will continue to be vigilant and have the courage of our convictions to speak openly and frankly when we hold concerns over how the club is operating. I guess the BoD won after all?
  13. Interview

    My favourite ever TV memory - Comical Ali telling the cameras that the Iraqi army would not allow a single American troop onto Iraqi soil, just as a US tank rolls into shot from the left. You couldn't write better comedy. OT: If Fullarton is playing players out of position because he thinks they will - eventually - be better in those new positions, you can kind of understand that, but when form is so bad and we can't buy a win, you'd think he'd postpone this little side project just to get things back on track.
  14. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    The NHS is a good example of socialism in action, yet even now the Tories can't claim credit quick enough for continuing to support it.
  15. Best football

    Have they put anything in its place yet? My dad's old haunt when he was young, never drank there myself except one quiz match night when we had our arses handed to us.