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  1. Flea AWOL

    We will miss Flea TV though. 
  2. Off the Radar

    I agree with you Archie, when we play  Aldershot next Saturday we will have played one game in three weeks and lost it. For a team out of form at scoring goals, Ossett was an ideal opportunity to get some much needed match practice and Fullarton blew it.
  3. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    Who would you rather have in charge. Fullarton and Hughes or Aspin and Collins ?.
  4. Ossett next Up...tonight

    If we had had more punch in attack and mid-field last night it might have been a different result.Where was Preston,Tomlinson and Odelusi who have not featured in the starting eleven recently.Whilst not denying Ossett their deserved victory, because we were wearing the away white strip with the regular players names on the back.The home fans and press for that matter are under the impression they have smashed a full time Halifax side. A bit of negative publicity for the club here, they need a good win on Saturday to restore confidence.
  5. Aspin getting the sack?

    Because of Aspins successful signings for our club. I would offer him a scouting role if he is interested. You never know he might unearth another gem or two, as well as watching the opposition for Fullarton. I'm not sure whether the two could work together though.     
  6. Mekhi Mcloed contract

    To me it does not matter what a player does in training, it is what he produces on match days that counts. He was never given the chance to really show us what he could do. If he has been disruptive then I can understand while he has gone. There are others in the squad who need the same treatment.   
  7. 25th January 1969 Stoke City 1-1 Halifax Town

    We could have won it, but Ian Lawther headed over the top of the bar from a great Tony Flower cross. Brilliant day out went on the special train too, one of our best ever away performances.
  8. Selby Town

    I would play a strong squad with the intention to score as many goals as possible, or will it turn out to be an embarrassment if we fail to score.     
  9. Barrow

    Awaydays does as he says, attends all away games. 
  10. Tony Flower

    Rember him putting in a cross away at Stoke City which Ian Lawther headed over the top of an open goal. R. I. P Tony. 
  11. Online/radio commentaries

    I am in Spain at the moment, but that was good to listen to, well done to all concerned. 
  12. Town Vs Braintree

    I think people are worrying too much about our keeper, he is one of the best we have had for a while. Yes he makes errors and also fabulous saves, but it is the rest of the players who need to get their act together and start winning football matches.
  13. Quigley signs!

    According to Wrexham forum,Quigley cannot head a ball, is injury prone, cannot last 90mins, not a team player and has tunnel vision. What have we signed? A goal scorer I hope. 
  14. Aspin getting the sack?

    Has anyone found it since he left us. I would have him back but without Nogan he needs someone better with him. 
  15. Harrogate NYD

    They have looked more likely to score than we have. It's not good enough Scot. Your wonderful manager is on very thin ice. He could be following Allan out of the door tonight.