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  1. Performances against the top teams

    So, another season finishes. Certainly been a roller coaster. 1 more point would have seen us finish 12th I believe (Leyton Orient cough cough!) Frustrating to have been so unable to score through the middle third of the year, however the stand out for me has been the statistics against the top teams. Of the promoted and play-off place finishers we only lost 2 out of 14 games. Winning 5 and drawing 7. That is a sign of a good defence and an ability to compete with teams who don't sit back and try to defend. It also shows a lack of fear and surely a sense of belief in the squad. The team should be congratulated on that. Let's hope we can push on from that base to progress further for a second season with a full-time squad.
  2. AFC Fylde vs Town 27/04/2019

  3. Another Announcement?

    He wouldn't know me from Adam, but my earliest memories of the Shay are him and his mate (forgotten his name) collecting with buckets outside the ground. Probably very late 70s. I still see him at games and always think of him as THE definition of loyal fan.
  4. Another Announcement?

    Is Kit on this forum?
  5. Shay photo found in family album from 1982

    Goodness knows how you can remember weather details after 32 years! At first I was confused by the seemingly hot weather and short sleeves. I wondered if it might be the end of the 1981-82 season but I distinctly remembered getting the England shirt (along with an England scarf that I still have) during the World Cup. So that ruled that out. The shadows are quite long though for 3pm which suggests autumn.
  6. My Mum and Dad brought some old photo albums round last night and this beauty was amongst it. That's me in the England shirt. I remember getting it for the World Cup in '82 and also being distraught when it got nicked at school on one of the first days I took it in for PE. The other lads are my brother's school mates and we only ever took a group like that for birthday parties. His birthday is the beginning of September. That squarely dates the photo at September 1982. The internet suggests it must have been one of the home games against Mansfield or Aldershot. Hope you like it. Some nice detail of the old Hunger Hill 'terraces', the old floodlight base and the speedway track in the background.
  7. Barnet

    Bloke next to us in the Three Pigeons before the game stood up from his pint and said "Right, lets go and see this 3-0 win then".
  8. The usual band of idiots

    Some young c**t on the front row was screaming abuse at the linesman with his middle finger raised for 5 minutes after a standard 'close call' offside. Was with his dad too. Must be proud of his lad. Thick tw*ts the pair of them.
  9. Chesterfield Tickets

    Will try to buy online. Anyone know where you go to pick up pre-ordered tickets. It just says you'll avoid queuing at the ticket office if you buy online. Do you print out a ticket at home or something? Once again I have to come here for info like this. As usual the FCHT website about it sheds no light and the CFC website is even more vague.
  10. Kiwomya, my Lord

    Do I remember him scoring a goal at Gateshead away one Christmas on a pitch that resembled an ice rink? Most of the players were playing in trainers. Sure that was him. The skinny legs comment jogged my memory.
  11. Best ever FC Halifax Town game

    How about that Chasetown game where we were 0-1 down in the 84th minute. Vardy scored a hatrick and it ended up a 3-2 win. Mental.
  12. Gareth Seddon's new ad

    I loved the bit on the Salford City documentary where he said something along the lines of "My wife's the cheese expert. I think it just tastes like sick on toast". No wonder it all went tits up if that was the best he could do with an opportunity for free advertising.
  13. 6th October 2015 - the one Kelly won

    Only game I attended in the Kelly era. I didn't know what everyone was complaining about
  14. Relegation form

    I noticed this morning that since the Salford game we've only played one team in the bottom half of the league (which we won) and have played 7 of the top 9 in that time. An eminently winnable run of games coming up too (8 out of next 9 are against teams currently in the bottom half. I predict the tide is about to turn!
  15. Halifax town v man united 1990

    Saw the Home leg before I went off to Manchester University and the Away leg in my first week there. I wasn't missing the Shaymen at Old Trafford for an outside chance of copping off at a Fresher's Disco. Jamie Paterson out-jumping Gary Pallister to head a ball is one of my lasting memories of the OT game. That and laughing at Man Utd fans who were mocking us when we lost. A 2-1 final score said more about them than it did about us, but they just didn't seem to have any shame that they'd essentially struggled past a soon to be conference team. Probably why I have no sympathy for their fans now the glory days are past despite having a soft spot for the club.