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  1. Poodles in for £10

    No way of checking whether cards are for this season neither 
  2. Shay Pitch

    Them hybrid pitches aren't cheap neither, but would stop the need to dig up every year. 
  3. Barnet (A)

    If they're with the wife and not wearing team colours, that option is available 
  4. The pitch

    Heaviest round the footy goalmouth by the South Stand 
  5. Poor crowd, poor manager

    Full time a failed experiment. The absolute worst of the worse FT mercenaries to choose from.    As a manager I suppose you can only use the methodical approach. 
  6. Todays Game - Eastleigh

    Sack him now
  7. Maidstone thread

      Unaffordable/no value for money to the masses when there is booze, final score, Hudds & Bradford live & Leeds on the TV. 
  8. Maidstone - no repeat of this!

    Keepers get lucky through cliques. Not much difference in keepers skill levels throughout the leagues. 
  9. Braintree Thread

    The team haven't even settled, and they're 2 from 2. And he comfortably kept us up with another manager's team. He'll do well. 
  10. 5/4 Braintree win

    Well, the bookies are up to scratch this year. Not much value really on a Home Win. 
  11. This season vs 97/98

    Now of course. I admire Accrington for digging in there on similar parallels to Halifax as a Town & fan base. 
  12. Fullarton Out!

    It's bound to be a slow start with all the trialists playing. It's been left too late to assemble a team. It seems the club is still part-time with most aspects of running a club. He's unsackable though, in his first season. So let's hope for the best. He comfortably got us out of the mire. With Billy Heaths players, and loan players admitedly. Pre-season is all about getting to assemble a team. So we shall see. My personal prediction is hope for survival.