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  1. Goals goals goals (mid 2000s)

    Every goal we score this season is "the goal of the game!"
  2. 1998/99 Card Collection

    I'm one of (relatively) many that was hooked as a young lad during the Conference winning season. Is it any wonder we are predisposed to discontent with any contemporary squad and manager having suckled on THAT teat!
  3. Hanson signs!

    He's come on so far with us so quickly since last season. So I'm not surprised City fans don't rate him. Keep up the rapid progress and we'll have a valuable player on our hands. 
  4. Braintree

  5. Formation

    Suspect not far off if you swap Preston for Maher.
  6. Quigley signs!

  7. Jacob Hanson

    Prefers potatoes 
  8. Quigley signs!

    If any player was born to sign contracts then it has to be squigley. 
  9. Time Wasting in football.

    I would just play 60 minutes ball in play. No need for time wasting then. TV companies probably would hate it. 
  10. Keep this one quiet.

    I wouldn't take him #nevergoback
  11. Salford

    The Nuneaton bit is a real taint on his character 
  12. OWNA

    The concept was flawed from the start. After the initial cash injection they should've planned to live within their means (I know we can't preach on this). Instead they asked for repeated subscriptions which was always going to see a fall in numbers as the novelty wore off. 
  13. Salford

    Anyone know if MFT is injured at the moment or just out of favour? 
  14. Sutton United Saturday.

    Just to lighten the mood, when Sutton made a sub yesterday - 23 replacing 19 - the numbers on the electronic board (2319), when reflected on the dugout glass, clear as day read PIES. Nice to see a sense of humour from that lot. 
  15. 2 For £30

    All gets used to pay for the bloody Piece Hall!