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  1. Connah's Quay

    Isn't that him in that picture with a Kilmarnock shirt on? 
  2. Shuddersfield's new kit

    Would be interested to know how much of those taxes are swallowed up in dealing with gambling related social issues. 
  3. Season Ticket

    Ronnie's ring-sting
  4. Trialists

    What's her career win % as a manager?
  5. Pitch now Foocked

    This is what happens when he goes away. Never again! 
  6. Donny Tuesday at home

    Mostly lower non league where it seems common. Costs less to open the gates I guess. 
  7. Colorizing Old Photos

    In September 1949, Holly Park hosted the first match in the UK to be played under "permanent" floodlights, a friendly against a Nigerian XI (the first Nigerian side to tour the UK). The match was covered for BBC Overseas Service (now World Service) by Kenneth Wolstenholme, who would later earn fame for his commentary on the World Cup final of 1966.[3] The final score was 2–2, with the official attendance 13,007. It was said that one of the remarkable things about this game was that the Nigerian team played in bare feet. The writer of this comment has no proof of this, other than it was an anecdotal story that was told to him as a child, it was not racist but rather a tale of immense respect for the Nigerian players.
  8. Colorizing Old Photos

    Quite possibly. I remember there being something remarkable at South Liverpool - will have a dig!
  9. Colorizing Old Photos

    First ever floodlit game was at South Liverpool if I remember correctly. 
  10. Colorizing Old Photos

    Image released by a rogue physio? 
  11. Another one it's like Christmas

    Someone get on the phone to Frickley. Tell Maltby Main to stand down. And get those sprinklers going. 
  12. Signing

  13. Signing

    DB's cunning plan. Worth thinking about opening a shop for that alone. 
  14. Signing

    Would probably only fit once though... Oluwatobi Fabian Shobowale Akintunde "Tobi" Sho-Silva Give me an "O"!
  15. OMG....sign a player...

    New signing! Welcome to the club... BILLY BOOKCASE!