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  1. Tonights games

    And some luck
  2. Full-Time

    BBC on Accrington: the second-smallest average attendance in the EFL, renting a 3G pitch to train on as they do not own their own training ground. We can do this!
  3. Selected from the Highlights.....

    That tactic must be backed up well in some theory by JF, but I'm also not keen. Although the Harvey threeway option was high risk. Also get the impression the balls relentlessly pumped up to Tommo on the wing are with the deliberate intention that he doesn't win them, but instead that we have a good chance of picking up the second ball.
  4. Sutton thread

    Hoof is still hoof - even when you use a quarterbacking sweeper keeper!
  5. Selected from the Highlights.....

    Yes much better last night. Put his body on the line and took a knock for it early on which the crowd seemed to appreciate. I like the look of his whipped deliveries too.
  6. Advice required

    Are we going full time???
  7. Selected from the Highlights.....

    I thought he might be reading...
  8. Selected from the Highlights.....

    Thomson obviously has skill and plenty potential, but it's the opportunities to make the highlights that he didn't take that irked some.
  9. Who would you keep from our current regular sqad

    Unless we sign all the Bradford U18 lads on loan...
  10. Offer

    Time for Spennymoor and Shaw Lane to roll out the half season ticket and really show our club up.
  11. Who would you keep from our current regular sqad

    I could make an argument for keeping virtually every player, but suspect JF will need to break a few eggs. Expecting a number of surprises.
  12. New Signing

    Think he waved an imaginary yellow.
  13. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    After this week, if we're safe, then Mr B should be treating the lads to a night out on the Riviera. If the FA are reading this then the lads deserve the night out regardless of results!
  14. Todays goals

  15. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Great finish. In danger of getting a second yellow now though...