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  1. North Ferriby

    At Sandal BMW I think the Clubman is nicknamed the 'Helli'.
  2. Colwyn Bay

    Don't forget Chester. 
  3. Colwyn Bay

    I love that the Welsh Rugby Union Premier League has a team called 'Cross Keys'. Pub leagues! 
  4. Howard Gayle

    As opposed to Howard from the Halifax.
  5. JF in the Courier. Delighted at the result!

    Well that's fine when you know you're 7th. 
  6. Meeting with Mr B

    I pointed out in a thread a while back that we've only had 3 strikers hit 15+ goals over the past 15 seasons we've played at this level, so one every 5 years on average.  I get the optimism from fans talking about hoping for 15/20 goal strikers, but this is pretty naive from DB. 20 goals between a front two would seem more realistic. 
  7. Fylde fc

    FC Blackpool of Fylde here we come! 
  8. Our magnificent defence!

    Quite telling that the back 5 on Tuesday were numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  9. 7th March 2009

    Never quite managed to get one over on them. Until they imploded that is. 
  10. Barnet

    Would like to have seen Quigley's one on one and the penalty, but appreciate three goals takes up a lot of space on the reel.  Cool finish from 'The Duke' - you heard it here first. 
  11. Barnet

    442 diamond now are we? I know it's pretty fluid going forwards, notably with Rodney helping down the right. 
  12. Barnet

    Halifax Town 2 (TWO) Barnet 0
  13. Barnet

    Would be good if Browny could nobble Giuliano Grazioli early on. Then we can consolidate from there. 
  14. its funny who you meet on a flight ?

    I've heard he gets on the same bus as Jason Jarrett. 
  15. Watford v Leicester

    Take both off for me. Then chuck the ball in and call a scramble.