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  1. Pep Out!

    Only signs his chums from the Costa Brava. Cast a net wider Pep!
  2. On the basis of one out one in....

    More massive than Tom Denton?
  3. Info re Macclesfield game Tomorrow

    3 degrees out. We're in the sweet spot luckily.
  4. Kosylo

    ME too
  5. Kosylo

    Maybe there's a few quid in an appearance fee for the lad.
  6. Denton, Mcmanus, Clarke and MacDonald Goals.

    Think Hibbs, Clarke had the shot cleared from behind the line.
  7. Chester

    Goals for each of "the front four".
  8. Chester

    Sure could do with a fifth for a good cushion.
  9. FA Trophy

    It was ok earlier on, but then when it got warmer the top layer of good ice melted and uncovered a lower layer of bad ice. I think that's about it. Just unlucky with the timing unfortunately - not a lot you can do.
  10. FA Trophy

    Agree on player safety being the priority, but let's not compare going to work as a builder with a contact sport. Luckily we have sprinklers to negate the rock hard summer pitches. Used to amaze me how quickly refs in amateur football would call a game off for a frozen pitch, but wouldn't bat an eyelid at a near concrete summer baked pitch!
  11. FA Trophy

    The Shay pitch has a sweet spot at around 3-4 degrees. Hopefully we can keep it in that window till May.
  12. FA Trophy

    May well have been the right decision, but just really unfortunate timing. Only we can get a game called off with temperatures rising into double figures!!!
  13. Jason St.Juste.....

    About 22 degrees overnight here in Yorkshire too.
  14. Barrow

    11/10? 110%? I'd settle for a solid 7/10 and a 1-0 win.
  15. FA trophy

    Macc at home?