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  1. F.A. Cup

    Have to say I was apprehensive when it became clear Hanson would be first choice, but he has more than proved me wrong. He's young, he's fresh, a little naive at times, but full of potential. Also pleased to see JF try something different and play him further forward on Saturday. 
  2. F.A. Cup

    Just put it out for a corner instead
  3. Halifax Town and The Shay 1954

    Nice to see Scott Metcalfe getting some swazz on that corner. Good effort lad. 
  4. Music

    Hang on a minute... Do I smell an opportunity here to save on the PRS license fee??? 
  5. Music

    Reminds me of some of Keane's early stuff. 
  6. Top Flight

    No point being boom and bust. Just pick one or the other. 
  7. 28th September 2013 Halifax vs Chester

    Two centre mids who were set up initially to protect the back 4, but also had the ability to drive the team forwards. Good, balanced side was that. 
  8. The Answer

    Fine, provided the club returns the fiver to me when adult attendance is increased in a few years with all the new supporters hooked at an early age. Not sure that DB really needs me as a lender though.
  9. Crowds at home

    DB will be licking his lips at the prospect of East Stand only. 
  10. Route One Show this week

    A newly formed duo of Dave and Chuckle could easily see us through the dark times of Brexit.
  11. Hartlepool

    Absolutely looks like he loses balance, jumps over the lad, and if he catches him it must be accidental.
  12. Relegation form

    Mr B also considering a total media ban and gagging orders for fans so it isn't revealed which way Dayle Southwell puts his penos.
  13. Do we need a new striker and midfielder(s) ?

    I heard JF punched Jason Jarrett on the Megabus to Glasgow. Somewhere near Tebay services.
  14. Is it time to sack the green away kit

    It's all about... the confidence! 
  15. Reality Check