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  1. Charity auction items 18th May

  2. 19/20 player rumours

    Well if this lad isn't happy to slash his wages to join his hometown club then he is an absolute traitor. Steer well clear.
  3. Kevin Roberts

    Unfortunately yes. At least I found my body starting to fail at that age and having young lads run rings round me!
  4. Kevin Roberts

    Age unfortunately. Fitness doesn't always mean sharpness. 
  5. Gregory

    Least he could do is buy a season ticket 
  6. Random image of the day

    Available in adults and kids sizes...   ...and also sizes to fit ten men! 
  7. Squad 2019/20

  8. Squad 2018/19

    A new title for this thread would be a start! 
  9. Season Tickets.

    Great start. Let's get the 12-17s boosted! 
  10. Who's going who's staying?

    Agree. We've abused enough strikers over the years who've gone on to score regularly at other clubs! 
  11. Playoffs

    Haha! Good one. I hope I'm still laughing then! 
  12. Playoffs

    Imagine being presented with that list 10 years ago! 
  13. Lee Gregory

    Reading that, I would generally like all us football fans start treating assists as being just as celebrated as goals. Would likely change the mindset of players to be more team-focused and less about the individual.  Not that I have any idea how many assists Gregory has for them. 
  14. Lee Gregory

    Fans forum, just like ours, the barometer of truth and sensibility! 
  15. Playoffs

    Alty beat Blyth on penalties after they scored late to make it 2-2 in normal time. Park Avenue lose 1-0 at Spennymoor.