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  1. Season Ticket

    We have had some great pre-seasons, pretty sure the season we got relegated we beat everyone and crap seasons. This pre-season everything has gone wrong, you never know out of adversity the players may just pull together and give us a great season, fingers crossed 
  2. Fullarton Gone!!

    It’s simple Heath did everything we asked of him and got us promoted from a league he knows very well, well done and thank you, the National league was probably a step to high for him. Fullarton came in did a good job saving us, but last year again a manager that got found out but did steady the ship, thank you, good bye. From reading all the social media sights it seems that the popular choice is Ronnie Moore but maybe because we think we can’t get someone like Keith Hill. What is starting to also look like is that DB wants out but probably can’t find a buyer, but it does look like he’s decided to not put any more of his own money in. Whichever manager it is now needs to push us on, we can not keep treading water in this division, eventually doing that we’ll end up getting relegated again then god knows what will happen.
  3. Available managers

    If the team is doing well and playing attacking football then the next manager doesn’t really need to interact with the fans that much, look at Leeds their manager can’t speak a word of English but because their doing ok and playing well their fans luv him.
  4. Available managers

    How about Alun Armstrong done great things with Blyth? Maybe would relish taking up the challenge of getting us back in the football league 
  5. Available managers

    Every manager since Aspin has split the crowd down the middle, we haven’t had a manager that has carried the full support from the Town fans since Aspin was winning things
  6. Fullarton Gone!!

    So JF has gone, well that’s 50% of the regulars happy. For me I was always undecided whether to stick or twist, what I do know is that unless your Chelsea no clubs really do that well by chopping and changing managers year after year. We need to get someone and try and stick by them for more than 3/6 months. It does puzzle me though as to actually who signed the players last week, JF or DB? Something has gone on between them DB obviously set out this season with the thought of JF being in charge and will this happen again with another manager, how many managers will operate if the BOD are buying and selling the players. What we can say is that this is hardly the best preparation for a season that’s a month away, things are not looking good at the Shay at the moment and things need to change quickly.
  7. Available managers

    Of the list Keith Hill I think would probably be the best, did wonders with Rochdale. A left field shout how about Kevin Nolan
  8. Stay tuned

    Just looked at some of the friendlies from yesterday and noticed that Rochdale played away in Faro (Algarve), how different things can be when your club is properly run, takes calculated risks and has some kind of ambition. DB that could have been us because Rochdale are no bigger a club than Halifax Town could and should be.......... PS, Accrington Stanley are entertaining Marseille next week and of course they are a much bigger club than Halifax Town.......,
  9. With all the post on here has anyone got any idea actually how many season tickets have been sold so far????
  10. Frickley Game Off

    Correct me if I’m wrong but last year we sold roughly 300/350 season tickets at around £350? This season roughly 600/700 at £200? Surly that’s about the same kind of income, the only difference is there will be more of an atmosphere. If we have the same kind of income as last year we should be able to sign players good enough for us to compete well enough in this league. Are we looking at the fact DB is looking for a way out and won’t sanction transfers? If this is right then you would think that JF would leave as why would you saddle yourself with a club that won’t buy players and is doomed to failure?? There’s a lot going on here that stinks but then we’re only the supporters why would anyone care about us and what we think (I’m being sarcastic). 
  11. Walk out music

    Should have been Fanfare to the common man by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
  12. Salford draw Leeds Utd

    So 1st round draw of the league cup and Salford get Leeds, that’s just paid for their promotion push last year. Just goes to show what can happen. What do they say speculate to accumulate......
  13. All done and dusted 2 season tickets and 2 kids as well, let’s hope for a bit better than last year 
  14. Coming over to Halifax today, is on line the only way to purchase our season tickets?????
  15. pre season friendlies

    The usual suspects at home for me Leeds Utd Sheff Wed Sheff Utd  Sunderland any of these 4 or preferably all will do nicely for the coffers, thank you