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  1. 9 August - deadline for windfall?

    None of the big clubs would want Vardy anymore, this is as good as it gets for Vardy.
  2. Bolton match thread

    There’s no point in bringing in players just for the sake of it, they need to be what we need and what we want.
  3. Bolton match thread

    Have Bolton brought many supporters?
  4. 3,000 season tickets

    Chadders can see your point still wouldn’t say no to Bill Gates though lol
  5. 3,000 season tickets

    You wouldn’t want a billionaire owner to come in and take us forward, I would think most fans would want that, no?
  6. 3,000 season tickets

    I agree with you about needing a better, ritcher owner every club would want that but surly consessions should be aimed at the under 20s as they are going to be the lifeblood of this club long after we’ve gone and they need to be enticed into the club. Surly giving consessions to the richest section of society OAPs, shouldn’t come before the young, sorry for me consessions should be about attracting new young supporters to the club and doing everything to keep them.  
  7. Fixtures Out Today

    How does that work then, away first and last game of the season, shite
  8. England v Hamlet

    Sack Heath !!!!!!!
  9. July 7th

    Columbia will just be playing their last 90 minutes of the World Cup by then, just another stepping stone towards Englands inevitable victory in the World Cup. 
  10. Definitive list of clubs in national league next year?

    Gateshead must play Hartlepool 
  11. Definitive list of clubs in national league next year?

    Christmas/New Year double header has got to be with either Harrogate, Chesterfield or Salford surely 
  12. Still waiting

    Everyones on their jollies at the moment, and with the World Cup starting everyones attentions will be elsewhere no matter what level of football your at. I only expect toherea trickle of news on signings over the next 3/4 weeks, then everything will kick in for a major 2 week rush.
  13. England's World Cup run 2018

    What Southgate realises ie that you don’t need to have the greatest players to have the greatest team.England look in good nick, we have plan A, we look like wemay even have a plan B which is good, and against the better sides who pin us in who better to come of the bench play on the shoulder of the last man than Vardy. The one thing this English team has more than anything is pace and 2/3 players that know how to finish, think we’ve a real chance this time.
  14. England's World Cup run 2018

    Simple this one. Our time is now, we are England   Champions all the way
  15. Still waiting

    Next week nick. Seem to remember a lot of next weeks over the years.