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  1. Maidenhead Match Thread

    When we have got the ball we’ve got it down knocked it about abit and wait for it.......... actually played some football
  2. Maidenhead Match Thread

    Hobbs missed a sitter should be 2-0 great Town move tho
  3. Maidenhead Match Thread

    1-0 Kossy good goal 
  4. Maidenhead Match Thread

    Can’t stand behind the goal today, not good watching from this stand. If everyone makes a big effort to get down they’ll have to open behind the sticks.
  5. Maidenhead Details

    Agree but, winning breads winning. When you start winning suddenly the players don’t feel tied, the things they try on the field come off, things just go your way. When your winning keep winning don’t  just throw a game away and lose, winning is a nice habit to get into, so let’s go and win and see where it takes us.
  6. Maidenhead Details

    There are four worse sides in this league than us, and Hartlepool might not even make the end of the season. Big win today, keeps confidence high, winning runs are good things to be on, and if we’re going to finish mid tableish, we might as well try get another day at Wembley. Footballs about winning trophies so let’s try win another.
  7. On the basis of one out one in....

    Wonder if we could temp Daniel McGuire, apparently just signed up to a new big agent. If he’s got more ambition now than Blyth, maybe we could be a good stepping stone for him
  8. Macclesfield.

    Then who? 
  9. Macclesfield.

    So we sack Heath?  Who replaces him? changing managers at Torquay and Guiseley hasn’t worked for them, seem to recall it didn’t go great for us 2 years ago either. so get rid of Heath for who? Because we need a plan.
  10. The Hamster

    Live in Wakefield, but will have to try get a trip in sure the wife won’t mind shopping!!!!!!!!
  11. Macclesfield.

    Shocking penalty 
  12. Macclesfield.

    0-3 this could be 6 or 7 if we’re not careful.
  13. Macclesfield.

    Team news anyone?
  14. The Hamster

    We are much much better than we’ve been for a long time to be fair, that doesn’t explain why fans moan constantly about not being able to get things they want. PS the poor lass in there needs a heater.
  15. The Hamster

    This sums up how our club is currently run. Just walked into the club shop, what a dump. I asked the lady bless her if we had any beach towels? No they won’t let me order any even though I could easily have sold 30/40 more. Correct me if I’m wrong but we have no training ground at present. Before we think about once again being football league these are things that desperately need sorting. Merchandise is a big part of every clubs income and yet our fans complain repeatable about not being able to get things, our badge should be on anything and everything that sells, like most other clubs. We need to get the basics done first before going up.