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  1. pre season friendlies

    The usual suspects at home for me Leeds Utd Sheff Wed Sheff Utd  Sunderland any of these 4 or preferably all will do nicely for the coffers, thank you
  2. Leeds

    Totally agree, a strong Leeds Utd in the top division gives clubs like ours the opportunity to loan better players from a local side.
  3. New Home Kit 19/20

    Yep we’ll nice, both kits will be getting purchased, let’s hope more do that and get a bit of coin in for the club
  4. Poor crowd, poor manager

    On the bright side Salford lost again hahaha 
  5. Today’s game: Havant

    Two teams that will park the bus and try not to lose with no desire to attack 0-0 bore fest to come, drink drink drink
  6. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    That’s me done for the season, took a lot to motivate myself to attend today. I’ve seen some shite over the years here, promotions and relegations and I’ve never not wanted to come, but now it’s time to recharge my batteries and wait for JF to go and get ready for next season. The thing that worries me is if/when JF goes the same clown that keeps putting mangers in place that last only a year will be the man who’ll pick the next manager, god help us. A club going nowhere with no prospects, that’s what Bosmanworth has reduced us to. I don’t expect promotion every year but a bit of entertainment might not go a miss.
  7. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    I need beer and loads of it.... Fuk driving, if it continues like this can see an early exit to the boozer.
  8. James Hardy

    Do we need another midfielder? Nope, do we need a striker that realises the ball goes between them white things with a net hanging on them? Yep, enough said 
  9. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    First time in 15 or so years I’ve struggled to motivate myself to get on a train or in the car to come today, think it will be a dour 0-0 draw and not expecting much more than that, hopefully I’m wrong. Lose today and the club will suffer in so many ways on and off the pitch with the fans as per usual suffering most. Prove me and the faithful wrong JF, attack from the off, take the game to them, have a proper go and win for fuks sakes. 0-0 dreaming of a 3-0 win, C’MON TOWN 
  10. Message to JF

    He’s not going to get the sack MrB won’t sack him, come what may we are stuck with him till the end of the season, whether that ends up or down.
  11. Oops Mr Fullarton

    Wimbledon 4-2 West Ham Now that is a massive gulf in class but the result wouldn’t suggest that, enough said 
  12. Salford at home today

    It would be like The Shaymen to win today, typical Town
  13. Salford at home today

    Would have started Ferry and Tomlinson and had a go myself, but there you go. If we go behind I think we’ll struggle, maybe can hang on for a 0-0, hoping we’ll win though. Whatever the score don’t think this is going to be pretty.
  14. Solihull Replay

    Season over in January, this is going to be a long hard slog to the end of the season, hopefully mid-table mediocrity beckons.   
  15. Braintree

    I seem to remember a few years ago when we were battling relegation we became difficult to beat, trying everything to nick a victory while trying to make sure we didn’t lose.  We are picking points up steadily rather than spectacularly, the performances are not great I know, but the fear of being dragged into a relegation battle is weighing high at the moment and it’s showing.  Mid-table mediocrity is what most fans would have expected this year although hoping for more. Hopefully the performances pick up as the new players settle in and mid-table is secured, time will tell. The manager is going nowhere, Mr B and the board won’t be getting rid that is clear to see for everyone, so why we’re all moaning about it is just waisting everyone’s time and effort.  Having said all that as fans we have a right to complain when we are dished up rubbish, but the criticism could and probably should be constructive rather than nasty