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  1. Solihull Replay

    Season over in January, this is going to be a long hard slog to the end of the season, hopefully mid-table mediocrity beckons.   
  2. Braintree

    I seem to remember a few years ago when we were battling relegation we became difficult to beat, trying everything to nick a victory while trying to make sure we didn’t lose.  We are picking points up steadily rather than spectacularly, the performances are not great I know, but the fear of being dragged into a relegation battle is weighing high at the moment and it’s showing.  Mid-table mediocrity is what most fans would have expected this year although hoping for more. Hopefully the performances pick up as the new players settle in and mid-table is secured, time will tell. The manager is going nowhere, Mr B and the board won’t be getting rid that is clear to see for everyone, so why we’re all moaning about it is just waisting everyone’s time and effort.  Having said all that as fans we have a right to complain when we are dished up rubbish, but the criticism could and probably should be constructive rather than nasty
  3. Hanson signs!

    Hanson is the kind of signing we should be making, excellent player, could play in a higher league. Bradford’s loss is our gain, well done Town.
  4. Over used football phrases

    Let’s take each game as it comes 
  5. Matty Brown

    His penalty against Salford will live long in the memory 
  6. Harrogate Away

    No where near, sorry with the feeling of a lot of supporters I think many are staying away at the Shay, so travelling to Harrogate May be a trip to far for some. On the bright side their current form in the last 5/6 games isn’t much better than ours so you never know. Would be happy with a draw but would love to sneak a win.
  7. Has Fullerton gone yet?

    Did the job required for a league he knows very well, National was a step to far, Heath is to the National North what Warnock is to the Championship 
  8. Has Fullerton gone yet?

    Fine margins indeed, but when did a player ever get sacked for a club getting relegated? were i will agree however is that he should maybe have been given a chance the following season. 
  9. Has Fullerton gone yet?

    If you dont ask you dont get. Maybe its worth investing what money we have in a experienced manager. if we go for someone doing a good job at another club then we,ll have to pay some kind of compo to get them out of their current club, Brown is unemployed and maybe proving something with us may be right up his street. 
  10. Has Fullerton gone yet?

    Someone else mentioned Phil Brown, that may work, hes got the experience thats for sure, and may well get more of a chance with all the supporters as he has history with the club. The experiment with up and coming managers isnt working for us it seems so maybe an experienced head may be what we need. How many will say Bower after what he has done at BPA though.
  11. Has Fullerton gone yet?

    Unfortunately footballs full of ifs and buts. If we had won at Leicester then Wilder would have taken us back into the football league, if Aspin had won at Cambridge we may have won at Wembley and gone up, but unfortunately neither happened. Whats done is done we should never look back but keep going forward, trouble is as i said with whom in charge.
  12. Has Fullerton gone yet?

    Correct he did, however the fact was that although he did a remarkable job getting us into the position we were on the last game of the season, all he had to do was win 1 game and we stayed up....... he lost and we went down and history will say Jim Harvey took Halifax Town down.
  13. What is Needed?

    So we need what the vast majority of clubs struggling need in every league up and down the country..... A striker who can consistently put the ball in the back of the net. These players cost and usually cost more than all the other players for a reason, can we afford this? probably not, and if we could find someone would they not be tempted somewhere else for more money.
  14. Has Fullerton gone yet?

    Im neither JF in or out, but would like to now as nobody has said who we get to replace him should he be sacked, and please nobody say Jim Harvey hes had his chance.
  15. FA Trophy Dates

    Mid-table league finish and another win at Wembley, sounds good to me