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  1. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Steady away half. Played some half decent stuff at times, we look no worse than them. Big second half to come though.
  2. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Just about to set off from Leeds.   IS IT STILL ON????? or likely to stay on?
  3. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    How much is it for 15 year olds to get into our ground?
  4. Today's matches

    Solihull have three games they could get something out of, so we could do with a win somewhere 

    They are also receiving 90 million which will help towards having the best pitch and facilities available  
  6. Gateshead Home..Your Team needs your backing

    We certainly could do with him now
  7. Back to Uncertainty

    Correct. I will state now that we are SAFE, of that I’m sure
  8. Town vs Fylde 30/03/2018

    If Denton’s not in favour with the new manager then he should knuckle down and get back into the side and play to a level that makes himself undroppable, not sulk because he’s not this managers favourite like he was the last.
  9. Gateshead Home..Your Team needs your backing

    Peniiket always gave his best, I for one will give the lad a good hand, sometimes came up short but DID score some crucial goals at crucial times, so can’t knock him
  10. Solihull Thread

    Is it because it would have been a shite match not worth watching and both teams will be relegated.
  11. Solihull Thread

    Am guessing McManus to play centre half? Is Toots injured?
  12. Solihull Thread

    Missing Toots? lost in action

    Agree totally, thought he may have given Denton more than last 10, to be fair Tomlinson didn’t half take his goal well, most players would have just put their boot through the ball, great finish

    The weather and the pitch ruined the game today. One point closer to safety, shite game didn’t really play well but got the job done, simple. Move on to the next game and leave Guiseley and their shed of a ground behind.  By the way the appointments at both Leeds and Bradford don’t seem to be going as well as ours lol. Leeds are still shite and Bradford are falling faster than a hookers clouts, Fullerton at least has turned us around, up The Shaymen.

    If it snows like it s meant to the game will definitely be off. Shame as a midweek re-arrangement will see a lot lesser crowd. The down side for us it will break up the momentum we are starting to build, winning is a very good habit to have, and when your winning all you want to do is play.