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  1. Harvey and Collins

    Brought him in too late to save us, but he nearly did. Didn't we win at Wembley? All he had to do was win his last game against a team with nothing to play for and he blew it, result we got relegated and Harvey took us down. I’ll always be grateful for Wembley though, so thank you for that. Add to this Harvey’s done nothing of note since leaving us, so why would we want him back 
  2. Aldershot

    As things stand we’re 13 Pts off top spot (were I never expected us to finish), 6pts off the play offs and 9 Pts off relegation battle. This season is becoming Groundhog day, our season is falling apart, fans are becoming disgruntled, and we are in October and the season is nearly over for us, this is going to be a long long winter 
  3. Darren Kelly

    Yep, Darren Kelly and football knowledge makes me chuckle everytime, that has cheated me up this morning.
  4. Darren Kelly

    I don’t t think he does to be fair, if I’m honest I think the dogs got as much idea
  5. Kids for a Quid (Chesterfield game)

    We’re ignored by everyone!!!!!!
  6. Kids for a Quid (Chesterfield game)

    Were lol
  7. Only way they’ll make it to the football league is if we get promoted so NO they ain’t good enough and will still be national league players next year.
  8. Bromley - match thread

    Let’s compare ourselves to a club with a similar fanbase, smaller ground, and not much more money to spend than what we have??? Accrington Stanley, they are now 8th in League one competing with clubs like Sunderland, Portsmouth, Charlton and Bradford, makes you think why can’t we achieve similar things? There’s got to be an answer why.
  9. Bromley - match thread

    The big concern for me is how long before Mr B releases that we are no better off FT than we were PT and takes us quickly back to PT.
  10. Bromley - match thread

    Groundhog Day, this season is starting to resemble last season, we are now as close to the top as we are relegation and bit by bit falling away from the play offs, when does this become a crisis, and when does a crisis become a relegation battle. Everyone blames money but you can build a good team without money, not every club that’s done well in this league has had loads of cash to spend, things need to improve and simple blaming one player as some are is pointless, we’re not great all over the park at the moment and for me JF needs to get the team working quickly or crisis and relegation battle could very quickly become regular words we are using.
  11. 12 Months On

    This season is looking a lot like last season, steady start with a brief flirtation with the top of the league, let’s hope from here to Xmas changes track. Can here thecsreams now Heath out.... oops that was last season 
  12. Fans

    We have a hard core of 1200/1500 after that it’s floating fans and unfortunately it’s expensive and the bigger clubs around us are priced better than we are. Let’s be honest football fans are fickle, and will come if we’re winning and at the top of the league of which we are neither 
  13. HRLFC

    Flea I wish all the disappointment that will be coming on Sunday. I will be there in the away end cheering on the Rhinos for what i hope will be an utter inhalation. On the brightside over here they are saying Leeds are expecting to bring between 5 and 7 thousand over. Payday that we at FCHT could do with
  14. Music

    Easy one this, Fanfare to the common man Emerson, Lake and Palmer
  15. Harrogate Town

    Are Harrogate definitely not allowed promotion with that pitch?