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  1. Nathan Clarke applies for job.

    The issue with player managers is they can’t see what is happening from their position on the pitch. Its too hard to expect someone to play their game but also pick up on what everyone is doing or not doing. Having a good assistant is good, but ultimately the player becomes secondary to the manager. Can we afford to lose the rock that was Clarke last season? Maybe we can with Staunton? Time will tell.
  2. Josh On The Way Back

    My favourite player. I hope Josh can play a full season. If so he will win every award because he is a fantastic player.
  3. Season Ticket

    My only concern is what prompted JF to leave what was the straw that broke the camels back. Was it his failing to bring players in that just got to him, was it the Shay pitch or other factors that mean it may be difficult for a new manager. The vibe since departure is good, plenty of fan engagement with good articles what all want to read. I hope DB makes the right appointment this time. I would hope that we could keep   Clarke playing ( maybe a player /asst manager role) however if he performs on interview then I would not be unhappy if appointed player manager. However he will need an experienced man with him. I find it strange JF making mention of the bulk of the transfer funds being available for the new manager. There is a dig there for someone or a big failing on his part. I am genuinely excited with the players we have managed to retain. I like what I’ve read about the signings so far. We just need some flair , confidence and expression on the pitch now JF has gone. The defence have proved their ability last season. If the rumoured trialists are who we think they are then Nolan and Ben? Certainly fit the bill. Get them signed. Overall despite the initial shock and concern over timings I am confident for the new season. Sometimes when it’s all hands to the pump from the start it has a galvanising effect which boosts the players and their work ethic on the pitch. Very much hope so.
  4. Fullarton Gone!!

    Well you go on holiday, miss the forum for a few days and all hell breaks loose. What the F#@k is going on? For JF to walk there has to be some serious concerning issues at the club. The man is new to management with a year left on his contract. Its either too much BOD interference or restriction Or The accumilation of player snubs, diy training facilities and the final straw being the doncaster friendly debacle.  The club is a complete laughing stock. Its about time the BOD started communicating with the fans and telling us some facts. Wont be spending any money on a season ticket at this rate.   Shambles, shambles , shambles
  5. Farsley

    Are you the real Ian Juryeff ?
  6. 12th July Season Ticket Counter update

    Still got to get mine. Will be doing so when back from hols.
  7. Jack Earing

    Good article. Unlikely to be waffle as the guy clearly had a genuine liking for Earing and was bemoaning his lack of opportunity. Im glad we have a two footed player, hopefully he will follow previous two footed greats in Jamie Paterson and Jamie Vardy.
  8. Who owns HTFC - part 2

    Football is becoming more and more difficult to professionally compete in. Where clubs saturate the available support (like in West Yorkshire) we will always struggle. Premiership wages, agents and unrealistic wages being paid by “hobby” clubs just undermine honest endeavours by DB and the BoD. Why should the club be held to ransom? This was always what was going to happen with the transition from PT to FT. From being able to choose from the best PT players we are now looking amongst the dregs of what is left in the FT pool.   There are substantial numbers of players who drop out of football and securing players should never be an issue at this stage in the season. Young players with an appetite to succeed. Mixed with the odd experienced head.   My concern is for the future. If you look at the level of teenage support it is dreadful. If they are anything like my teenagers all they are interested in is social media and their image. Even getting them to play sport is difficult enough never mind watch live sport.  
  9. Macclesfield

    So when certain people are advocating spending stupid sums of money they need to think about the consequences. Did Macclesfield over extend? Who knows? However great it was for the supporters going up, I would far rather I had a club that was being run within budget and had a future rather than the worry unpaid wages and winding up petitions cause.
  10. Walk out music

    What a great idea. Email the club.
  11. Pre Season Training... new faces

    Spot on. There are hundreds of players available. Unfortunately the majority have agents and as a result we must negotiate. Plenty of time. Depends on the player I would imagine and the manager wanting to have a look at some before signing.
  12. Season Ticket Counter - 28th June

    Not got mine yet. Just due to work commitments and holidays. Will be though and many like me.
  13. Boring

    Source for this? Wrexham signed the other Devante REDMOND. They also went the league above for JJ Hooper.  He is down the pecking order at Salford. The lad wants to play football and he enjoyed his stint at the Shay and his influence on events.
  14. Walk out music

    Walk out : Queen - we will rock you   goal : Shaymen of HT (our song)
  15. The club tweets about lack of signings

    Everyone welcomes debate on here. But some of us just like to put a positive spin on things as they currently are. Usually the ones who have endured the proper sh!te times when players were signed so they could give the manager a lift to work (drink drive ban) . When kit was printed on material that thin it tore after its first use, when sponsors were manufactured from directors other business deals and the club was (oh yes) massively in debt. We will never be a massive moneybags club, but we have a nice stadium, a great conferencing suite, good bars at the ground and value for money season tickets. The football is honest and we have a growing number of kids attending matches. We have a board who have provided stability, a shrewd business sense and run the club within a budget that the longevity of the club can afford.   Think back, how long ago was it when kits weren’t available until mid season, season ticket prices weren’t known until now and the club reported nothing until training started again. It seems whatever improvements the club make, there is always something else to moan about. We have a lot to be happy and thankful for.