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  1. 19/20 player rumours

    Can’t imagine Oliver would be leaving Morecambe? Born in Sheffield though decent record and same stature as Maynard.
  2. 19/20 player rumours

    An old head up front would not be an issue for me. Probably not going to get 90 minutes every week, but he’s played at every level of the game and scored goals. His performance against Chelsea for Bradford in the cup was one of his best.
  3. James Hardy

    I disagree his performances significantly improved the side at a key time. Might have only been a month but his drive from midfield and his passing was what had been lacking. When you look at the likes of Mezzi and hazard you should realise that height is no limitation to how good a player can be and how far they can go in the game.   Someone said Vardy wasn’t any good as a footballer , but Neil Aspin thought differently.  
  4. Kevin Roberts

    I would have him back if Duckworth doesn’t sign on. But Hanson is the future RB. Just needs to work on his strength in defence otherwise a great prospect.
  5. Bolton

    If Rodney is under contract and likely to be a bench sitter then our best option would be for a season long loan with a proportion of his wages paid by us. If as has happened with Johnson he enjoys it at the club, when it comes to the end of his Salford contract it makes signing him far easier.
  6. Clarke

    Great news. Really good work getting both Johnson and Clarke signed up so quickly.
  7. Bolton

    Yeah and that’s how it all starts. Over extend for one, who has the same agent as another player and then they ask for increased wages. And so on and so on.
  8. 19/20 player rumours

    Colby Bishop Leamington ? 21 goals in National North only 22.
  9. Thinking Back

    Over the years we’ve had some great keepers Phil Whitehead, Lee Bracey, Terry Gennoe, Jonathan Gould, ... to name but a few. Sam is up there.   Favourite players include Big Wayne, Geoff Horsfield, Jamie Paterson, Rick Holden, Steve Norris, Kieran O Regan, Kev Hulme, Craig Fleming, Jamie Vardy and Lee Gregory.
  10. Players Relased

    Dissapointed that Tomlinson was released, however he was not the same player when he returned from injury. Phenominal at the start of the season, but imagine the injury situation was too much of a risk.
  11. Johnson !!!!!

    Johnson signing is brilliant. Well done JF . Brilliant season and such a popular keeper. Here's to him smashing our appearence record and getting 20+ clean sheets for the next two seasons.
  12. Areas you'd improve for Next season??

    We need a left back we need a central midfielder  we need 2/3 strikers shopping list would include rodney (season loan or purchase) hardy ( season loan or purchase) duku (season loan or purchase) MFT (if available) and we need to be scouting the leagues below because the crop he pulled from his league u21s wasn’t good enough. Tried and tested in the hard no mercy lower leagues would be better.
  13. Title Race Could End Tonight

    One of the few sides Halifax have never played in a league or cup match (or a friendly either for that matter). I’m correct aren’t I Shaymus?
  14. Today’s game Hartlepool

  15. Retained list for next season

    Lee Gregory signed for us. I’m talking exclusively about loan signings. I can only think of Dave Longhurst 6 goals in 12 games being as productive as Rodney.