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  1. Scored very tidily for us at Bristol Rovers.
  2. Admittedly, on the field, things were atrophying until the loan signings came in towards the end of the season - I sometimes wonder whether the continued fielding of Lenighan was an unsubtle response by Fullarton to not being allowed to bring anyone else in on a bigger budget - but if he succeeded in developing the team ethos and dragging the creaking training infrastructure up by the ankles so that the next managerial appointment might reap the Mulhall effect, then, for as long as Pete Wild kicks on with his inheritance, as a transitional appointment, Fullarton’s reign might end up being viewed historically to have worked out.
  3. Yes, and he was only talked out of going there at the last minute.
  4. Additionally, the positive team morale and much-improved club infrastructure inherited would make it much easier for the new manager to hit the ground running. Hardly a disaster. More a completed exercise in seeing the club through a transition to a more secure, stable and professional footing. He has departed without acrimony, leaving a sound platform upon which Pete Wild now has the opportunity to build. I’d call that a success, in the grand scheme of things.
  5. He praises the work ethic and attitude in the dressing room, suggesting it's not the sort of thing you expect to find when a manager has just walked out. He also speaks highly of the training facilities. No little credit would seem due to Jamie Fullarton on both these counts.
  6. The village idiot's village idiot, Ian Holloway, is busy trying to backpedal over his splenetic outpouring on Monday in which he conflated the new handball rule enforced by VAR with the EU 'telling us what to do'. He went on to add, ' I hope we get out of the Brexit because it's what people voted for.' Lovely stuff.
  7. September 10 at Taunton. Come on Yorkshire!
  8. He’s somehow managed to produce a son, so ejection and ejaculation are twin elements of his limited repertoire.
  9. Mark Shaw has been a thorn in the side of the club for far too long. The attention-seeking manchild has been ejected from Aldershot, Orient and Dagenham this year, to add to multiple examples of previous form. It’s time he was given a banning order.
  10. Their centre-backs 15 and 16 were very good, too.
  11. Body language looked suspect as soon as they emerged from the tunnel. An oddly sullen and reticent performance all round so far. Utterly lacking in confidence for some reason. Inexplicable from this angle.
  12. Friends of mine have gone to live and work in Spain and France over the years for the same reason.
  13. Particularly when Gary Neville was brought up in Bury. Not Salford.
  14. Thank you for the time and effort spent in restoring this, and enabling the interim board.
  15. Very tasteful. You won’t be calling in at Hooters, then?
  16. Me, too. Prity Vacant as Home Secretary, and Gavin Williamson as Education Secretary, to name but two!
  17. He’s not a safer option, he’s a naughty boy.
  18. A bit of a nostalgia trip for you, T.?
  19. Went to Oldham when they beat West Ham 6-0 on a freezing night in the late 80s in the League Cup semi-final first leg. A contingent of a very large West Ham following put all the bulbs out on the scoreboard by throwing coins at it, and most had left by the hour mark.
  20. They lost their friendly against Notlob this weekend.
  21. Playing Oldham next Tuesday in a pre-season friendly. Might add fuel to the Pete Wild rumour. Then again, could be coincidence.
  22. Orient away was pretty good again. I also enjoyed Braintree and Maidstone away, for what it’s worth. I felt we were utterly predictable under Heath, too, but in a more lumpen, less considered way.
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