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  1. One of the favourites to go down

    Stevo's Chairman with an interesting view on sustaining lower league prosperity:
  2. 19/20 player rumours

    Alex Brown is in the England C squad.
  3. Justin Edinburgh

    Terrible news. I can still see him when he was starting his career giving both barrels to Roy Keane in the Spuds. v. Forest FA Cup Final. 
  4. 75 Years on

    Excellent point. They’re all speaking English in Germany.
  5. Ryan Sellars article

    I liked him. The right age, good attitude and the ability to train on. I would have liked him to stay.
  6. Pre Season

    Well remembered, Viking! On reflection, I think you might be right. Was it Longford Town we played at Cliftonville? I vaguely remember getting to the ground to be told that there had been a change of opposition, and Longford Town rings a bell.
  7. Season Tickets.

    Mine was Bobby Davison.
  8. 19/20 player rumours

    I think you mean League 4.
  9. Random image of the day

    Boothe 85 #neverforget
  10. Cliff Moyo

    They will need a new ground.
  11. Fixtures fry-up

    I thought this was going to be Fullarton’s Fry-up, the new name for Billy’s Balti. Have we had Jamie’s Jalfrezi yet? I’ve lost track of food-related footballing puns.
  12. Next Season's Strips

    It’s only people (of what I assume to be) your age that qualify for wanker status. The kids are all right.
  13. Champions league big call

    Vertonghen then went on to ‘defend’ the second goal whilst doing what appeared to be the the Gay Gordon, raising his legs frantically with arms locked behind his back. One of the most annoying sights in modern football.
  14. Pre Season

    Maybe that’s the point: save on doctors’ fees.
  15. Pre Season

    Our pre-season week in Ireland in 2000 (?) was a blast: Cliftonville, Waterford and Kilkenny City. Beautiful country, clean air, pleasant drives and plenty of leisure time in-between.
  16. Borehamwood

    There’ll still be nobody in them.
  17. 19/20 player rumours

    Impressed with your knowledge of this player’s ability and potential.
  18. Gateshead

    Bury looking as if they are in trouble now.
  19. Jamie’s at the Wheel

    Terrible scansion in line 3. Rhyming also gone for a burton. Other than that, C- or 4 in new money. 
  20. 22/04/2019 Player of The Year Awards

    Different, more impersonal and expedient times. I think fewer and fewer people ‘feel part’ of anything any more, including jobbing footballers whose club-attachment seems essentially contract-driven and short-term. More broadly, the apparent deference evident in such popular affectations as badge-kissing and invocation of the heavens upon scoring a goal generally point up the absence of any actual deference to a club and the people who constitute it. Not that I can remember the last time I saw a Town player do that.
  21. Random image of the day

    Did we lose that 3-0? If so, I was there.
  22. Leeds

    Leeds have fallen apart again.
  23. pre season friendlies

    This is borne out by the loan in Aspin’s last year of David Brooks, CJ Hamilton and Julian Banton, who I thought looked the best of the trio at the time. Whatever happened to him? Hamilton now at Mansfield, Brooks a Wales international and a £10 million (?) signing by Bournemouth, of course.
  24. pre season friendlies

    There was also Gary ‘knife through butter’ Teale (will tear you apart) slicing through our defence at will.
  25. Random image of the day

    Neil Trotman, for me. Though that was the old club. D’oh!